October 1st 2016, Washington Post

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1953 Pulitzer winner William
Adjective on some milk cartons
Air balls don't touch them
Attendant at an entrance
Black or beaux follower
Blew away
Blunt-tipped weapon
Cambridge tutors
Car's current provider
Cause for a plumber's call
City area for short
Cockleshells gardener of rhyme
Derides slangily
Double play's twosome
Drift like smoke
Duchess of Cambridge familiarly
Elbow gently
Eldest of the Durbeyfield daughters
"Every dog has its day" et al.
Exploitative lending
Get out of sight
Gets wind of
"Give it a shot!"
Grants leave to
Greek who performed surgery on gladiators
Gucci rival
Hairstyle for Disco Stu
Hardly any
Has a hero
"Ignore what was just mentioned"
Immunity symbol on "Survivor"
Indigenous animals
Insults savagely with "into"
Itemization abbreviation
Its square is also its cube
Jack's portrayer on "30 Rock"
Jared of "Dallas Buyers Club"
Latin phrase meaning "eternal electrical unit"?
Lean but vigorous
M to Einstein
Make a misstep
Make like a nomad
Materials in pockets and seams
Multigenerational agricultural family?
Object looped on a cowboy's saddle
Operating system developed at Bell Labs
Org. with air marshals
Oscar night autos
People who relocated from the Netherlands to North Dakota's most populous city?
Persian poet Khayyám
Polish as a performance
Possible reply to "Can you speak any Middle Eastern languages Juan?"
Quit running
Raised as livestock
Relish tray tidbit
Response to a compliment at times
Reunion crowd
Set as a price
Shares quarters
Sidekick in Santiago
Sign of impending doom perhaps
Skip over
Some have panhandles
Stunned sensation
Takes to the altar
"The deed is done!"
"The Soup ___" (cranky "Seinfeld" restaurateur)
They raise dough
"... to give her poor dog ___"
TV horse played by Bamboo Harvester
Voted down
Westerns veteran Wallach
"Which came first?" debate option
Without speaking