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LA Times August 20 2018
"__ a Sin": Pet Shop Boys hit
Airer of old quiz show reruns, for short
All people, with "the"
Animal house
Anne Brontë, to Emily
Anne who teamed with Stiller
AP competitor
Birth control activist Margaret
Bounce off the wall
Boutonniere site
Chopped cabbage sides
Chowder bit
Coif for the prom
Consider to be
Coop layer
__-di-dah: pretentious
Doodle on the guitar
Every cloud's silver feature?
False statements
Fashion's Versace
Fills (someone) in about the latest developments
Flat to change, in Chelsea
Florida, mostly
Get a guffaw from
Get up
Go limp
Hawaiian root
He broke Ruth's home run record
Heavenly bear
Hollywood pre-award speculation
Huge hit
Ironic exclamation before an unsurprising announcement
Jazz music fan
Lexicographer's love
"Lil'" rapper
Michelob diet beer
"... mighty __ has struck out"
Mine, in Metz
Moe or Curly, e.g.
Muffin spread
NCO below sgt.
Not kidding
One of many in TV's "The Americans"
Online chats, briefly
Online site for making a will
Opposite of SSW
Pointy-hatted garden figures
Pooh-poohs, with "at"
Pre-Kentucky Derby postings
Rainbow flag letters
Running free
San Antonio mission
Some fridges
Sports stadium
Starbucks tea brand
Stuns in an arrest
Suffix with violin
Summer weather word
System of connected PCs
Thin spaghetti
Total up (to)
Tree with needles
Unit of resistance
Wagner work
Wards (off)
Way in the woods
Weizman of Israel
Wooden shoe