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LA Times November 23 2017
1983 Mr. T comedy
'70s-'80s Pakistani leader
Actor LaBeouf
Actress Davis
ADHD treatment
Aesop's "The __ in the Lion's Skin"
Anne Rice character
"As I Lay Dying" father
Be short with
Business card number
Cardiff natives
Compressed data ... and what the ends of the answers to starred clues form?
Critical care ctrs.
D-Day transport
December has two big ones
Destroys, as a 40-Down
Detergent measure
Driving need
End piece?
Equipment not used in "Unplugged" albums
Eye of el tigre
Flight connection word
Florida horse-breeding city
Game with cards
Gracie and Woody
Hint of remorse
Just making, with "out"
Keep in office
Key letter
Large body of eau
Like Crayola's Laser Lemon or Shocking Pink
Long narrative
"Luck __ Lady": "Guys and Dolls" song
Many spam messages
Marsh grasses
Menu heading
Metal precioso de El Dorado
*Net profit or loss
Newsroom VIPs
Oberon's queen
On fire
"__ our letters do not well agree": Brutus
*Passionate kiss
*Password, essentially
Pelvic bones
Put __ act
Puts in order
Ranchero's rope
Reliable income source
Result of a hung jury, often
Ritzy Twin Cities suburb
Run a tab, say
Schubert's "The __ King"
Stained glass setting
Starting squad
Strikes down
Stuffing in stuffed shells
*Take for a spin
They're often run on weekends
Time long past
Title of honor
Untouched by time
Wall St. purchase
Work on the docks