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LA Times December 10 2018
*2016 film wrongly announced as Best Picture
*Atmospheric wind that aids an eastbound U.S. flight
Barley brew
Battleship initials
Be dressed in
Beachgoer's color
Blows like the Big Bad Wolf
*Boston tax protest of 1773
Bucolic setting
Cain raiser
"Cats" monogram
City bond, briefly
"Cold Case Files" airer
Cousin of a snowfinch
Dickens' Heep
Doorstep welcomer
End of many a riddle
F equivalent, in music
__ Fáil: Irish coronation stone
*Failed, as a business
Fed chasing Capone
Fishing sticks
Florida's __ Center
For example
Former Russian despots
Fr. holy women
__ Gay: WWII bomber
"Good grief!"
Grow older
Gulf Coast Florida city
Hide-hair link
Holy Roman VIP: Abbr.
Hook's right hand
Hostess snack
In the past
Japan's largest active volcano
Joseph of ice cream fame
Jouster's ride
Kate of "Steve Jobs"
Lacto-__ vegetarian
Lessen, as pain
Lights that darken
Like red-line traffic, on Google Maps
Look after
Lukewarm reviews?
Mazda sports car
Most common skin condition in the U.S.
Nabisco cookie with a pastry jacket
Net profit, and what the answers to starred clues have
*Nominal leader
"Over the Rainbow" composer Harold
Peacock tail feature
Pelican St. city
Pension law acronym
PFC's address
Pound's 100, in England
Regarding, on memos
Scrape or scratch
Scribble (down)
Seminoles' sch.
Singer Warwick
Soccer great Mia
Sound from a tabby
SSW opposite
Strains to lift
Succeeded big-time
Suit to __
Tally again
Tells it to the judge
The Lindy, e.g.
The "M" in LEM
Totally full
Turkish chief
Wee hr.