Word: AAAA

The word AAAA has appeared in at least 78 clues on different crosswords.

1.5-volt battery
Actors' and artists' union: Slang.
Battery for laser pointers
Battery for small devices
"Battery found, in a way, in eight puzzle answers"
Battery that's 8.3 millimeters in diameter
Bitty battery designation
Computer stylus battery
Custom shoe specification
Diminutive battery size
Duracell size
"E96, to Energizer"
Excellent report card marks
Extremely narrow shoe marking
"Extremely narrow, as a shoe"
"Fonzi's report card, so he says?"
Good report card
Good student's report card quartet
Great report card
Great report card column
Great report card marks
High marks?
High rating
Honor roller's report card
Honor student's grades?
Laser pointer battery
"Laser pointer battery (or, the sound of my screams as I attempted to find an actual word that would fit here)"
Laser pointer battery size
Laser-pointer battery
Letters on a perfect report card
Lineup on a fine report card
Narrow battery
Narrow shoe designation
Narrow shoe size
Narrow shoe size.
Narrow shoe specification
Narrow shoe width
Nice report card
Olympian's org.
Penlight battery
Penlight battery size
Perfect report card
Perfect report card foursome
Quadruply small battery
Rare shoe specification
Report card quartet.
Report-card quartet
Response to a ghost sighting?
Shoe size
Shoe width
Shoe width.
Skinny pump designation
Slender shoe description
Small battery
Small battery designation
Small battery size
Small battery type
"Small, thin battery type"
Super-narrow foot size
Super-narrow shoe
Super-narrow size
Tiny battery
Tiny battery size
Tiny power source
Very narrow
Very narrow shoe designation
Very narrow shoe size
Very narrow shoe width
Very small battery
Very thin battery
Very thin battery size
Wee battery
Laser pointer battery
Tiny battery size
Tiny battery
Extremely narrow, as a shoe
Diminutive battery size