Word: AAS

The word AAS has appeared in at least 143 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ in apple"""
-- in 'Adam'
-- in 'alpha'
-- in 'apple'
"Batteries for a CD player, maybe"
Batteries for a wireless mouse
Batteries for children's toys
Batteries for digital cameras
Batteries for many a remote control
Batteries for mice
Batteries for remotes
"Batteries for remotes, perhaps"
Battery buys
Battery types
Bitty batteries
Bond ratings
Camera batteries
Cells in some mice
Common batteries
"Common juice sources, for short"
Common power sources
Community coll. credentials
Community college degs.
Cong. aides
Contents of an Energizer Industrial 24-pack
Digital camera inserts
Eveready products
Game Boy batteries
Hawaiian lavas
Hood's handle
Junior coll. degrees
Little power sources
Mime's 'Initialsakes'
More than half of all batteries sold
Mouse batteries
Narrow shoe widths
Off. helpers
Pair powering an RC
Pencil-sharpener batteries
Penlight batteries
Portable CD player inserts
Rayovac products
Rechargeable batteries
Recovery grps.
Remote batteries
"Remote batteries, often"
"Remote batteries, perhaps"
Remote cells?
Remote control batteries
"Remote inserts, maybe"
Remote pair?
Remote power sources
Remote-control batteries
Sciences Acad.
Scientific group.
Shoe widths
Small batteries
Small cells
Small juice sources?
Small power sources
Small-size batteries
Smallish batteries
"Smallish batteries, and a hint to how the answers to starred clues are formed"
Smallish cells
"Smoke detector batteries, often"
Some Duracell products
Some Duracells
Some Walkman batteries
Some batteries
Some battery selections
Some clock batteries
Some flashlight batteries
Some in recovery: Abbr.
Some rechargeables
Some remote batteries
Some remote power sources
Some small batteries
Some small power supplies
Some toy batteries
"Sources of remote power, e.g."
Standard batteries
Std. batteries
Support grps.
TV-remote batteries
They're often found in mice
Thin batteries
Thin-but-not-that-thin batteries
Toy power sources
Two-year degrees
Two-year degs.
Two-yr. degrees
Two-yr. humanities degrees
Walkman batteries
Walkman pair
Wireless keyboard inserts
Wireless mouse batteries
Writers' changes: Abbr.
"___ in ""Able"""
"___ in ""Adam"""
"___ in ""Athletics"""
"___ in ""aardvark"""
"___ in ""able"""
"___ in ""amber"""
"___ in ""apple"""
"___ in ""apple"": 2 wds."
___ in Able
___ in apple
"___in ""apple"""
___vogel: vulture
Remote cells
Little batteries
Small cells
___ in "apple"
Small batteries
Sources of remote power
Batteries in mice
Toy inserts usually not included
Batteries for a remote, say
Small batteries
Batteries in mice
Small batteries
Small batteries
Some clock batteries
Remote batteries, often
Batteries in optical mice
Small batteries
Remote batteries
Some batteries
Some little batteries
Small batteries
Smallish batteries
Small batteries
Some batteries
Small batteries
Small batteries
Small batteries
Batteries for digital cameras
Small batteries
Remote batteries
Small batteries
Some small batteries
Remote fillers
Certain batteries