Word: ABA

The word ABA has appeared in at least 620 clues on different crosswords.

"""Avenue Q"" song, ""What Do You Do with ___ in English?"""
"""Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice"" org."
"""Defending liberty, pursuing justice"" org."
"""Law News Now"" journal publisher: Abbr."
"""Semi-Pro"" org."
"""The ___ Daba Honeymoon"""
"""The___Daba Honeymoon"""
"""What Do You Do With ___ in English?"" (""Avenue Q"" song)"
"""___ Daba Honeymoon"""
'70s hoop gp.
'The -- Daba Honeymoon' ('14 song)
'The ___ Daba Honeymoon ('14 song)'
'The ___ Daba Honeymoon'
1960s-'70s pro hoops league
"1960s-70s hoops league, for short"
1960s-70s pro hoops league
1967-76 sports org.
Advocate's gp.
Advocates' org.
Ally McBeal's org.
Apparel for Arafat
Arab attire.
Arab cloak
Arab garb
Arab garment
Arab garment.
Arab outer garment
Arab overgarment
Arab robe
Arab robe.
Arab wear
Arab's cloak
Arab's coat.
Arab's garb
Arab's garb.
Arab's garment
Arab's garment.
Arab's outer garment
Arab's robe
Arab's robe.
Arab's toga
Arab's wear
Arabian cloak
Arabian cloak.
Arabian cloth.
Arabian garment
Arabian garment.
Arabian outerwear
Arabic robe
Arafat covering
"Asimov's ""Murder at the ___"""
Att.'s group
Attorney's gp.
Attorney's grp.
Attorney's org.
Attorney.s org.
Attorneys' gp.
Attorneys' org.
Atty's assn.
Atty's. grp.
Atty. assn.
Atty. group
Atty. grp.
Atty. org.
Atty. resume letters
Atty.'s assn.
Atty.'s governing body
Atty.'s gp.
Atty.'s group
Atty.'s grp.
Atty.'s org.
Atty.'s organization
Attys.' gp.
Attys.' group
Attys.' org
Attys.' org.
"Award on (but not for) ""Mad Men"""
Banker s org.
Bankers group: Abbr.
Bankers' group.
Bar org.
Basketball or legal court grp.
Basketball org.
Basketball org. defunct since 1976
Bedouin garment
Bedouin garment.
Bedouin robe
Bedouin's cloak
Bedouin's robe
Booksellers' group
Brief-writer's org.
Bunch of attys.
Burnoose material.
Bygone hoops org.
Camel fabric
Camel hair coat
Camel hair fabric
Camel hair garment
Camel's hair fabric
Camel's hair fabric.
Camel's hair robe
Camel's-hair cloak
Camel's-hair cloth
Camel's-hair fabric
Camel's-hair fabric.
Camel's-hair garment
Camel's-hair robe.
Camel-hair coat
Camel-hair fabric
Camel-hair fabric.
Cameleer's robe
Camelhair coat
Camels hair fabric
Case studier's org.
Case worker's org.?
Case workers' org.
Caseworker's assn.?
Cloak for an Arab
Coarse fabric
Coat for a Berber
Counselor's org.
Counselors' org.
Counsels' org.
Court gp.
Court grp.
Court inits.
Court org.
"Court org., in two ways"
"Court org., or a former court org."
"Court org., or court org."
Covering on the Sahara
Current or former court org.
D.A.'s group
DA's org.
DAs' org.
Dave DeBusschere was its last commissioner: Abbr.
Defenders' org.
Defense gp.?
Defense org.?
Defunct basketball org. with a colorful ball
Defunct cage gp.
Defunct hoops gp.
Defunct hoops org.
"Defunct hoops org. with a red, white and blue ball"
Defunct org. with a red-white-and-blue ball
"Defunct sports league that used a red, white and blue ball: Abbr."
Defunct sports org. since '76
Defunct sports org. since 1976
Defunct sports org. that included the Kentucky Colonels and the San Diego Conquistadors
Denver Nuggets' orig. league
Desert coat
Desert coat.
Desert garb.
Desert garment
Desert robe
Desert robe.
Desert wear
Dr. J once played for them
Dr. J once played in it
Dr. J played in it
Dr. J used to play in it
Dr. J's employer for five years
Dr. J's first hoops league
Dr. J's first league
Dr. J's first league: Abbr.
Dr. J's first pro league
Dr. J's former grp.
Dr. J's former league
"Dr. J's league, once"
"Dr. J's league, once, for short"
"Dr. J's league, originally"
Dr. J's old league
Dr. J's old league: Abbr.
Dr. J's old org.
Dr. J's one-time league
"Dr. J's org., early on"
"Dr. J's org., once"
"Dr. J.'s league, once"
Early NBA rival
Esq. group
Ethics-policing grp.
F. Lee Bailey org.
F. Lee Bailey's org.
Fabric of camel's hair.
Fabric of goat's hair.
Fabric of the Near East.
Fabric woven from goat hair
Felted goat's hair fabric
First home for the San Antonio Spurs: Abbr.
Former NBA rival
Former hoop gp.
Former hoops league
Former org. of the Pacers and the Spurs
Fund for Justice and Education org.
Garb for Ibn Saud.
Garb for a Bedouin
Garb like a caftan
Garment for a Yemenite
Garment of camelhair
Gloria Allred's org.
Goat fabric
Goat's-hair fabric
Goat's-hair fabric.
Goat-hair garment
Gp. concerned with defense
Gp. concerned with defense?
Gp. dealing with cases
"Gp. for laywers, or for Dr. J"
Gp. for people with suits
Grisham's gp.
Group an atty. gen. might address
Group of attys.
Grp of lawyers
Grp. concerned with defense
Grp. concerned with precedents
Grp. dealing with cases
Grp. for a defensive person?
Grp. for counselors
Grp. making case studies?
Grp. of defenders
Grp. of justices
Grp. of lawyers
Grp. of mouthpieces
Grp. of objectors?
Grp. that might defend you
Grp. that rates Supreme Court nominees
Grp. with suits and cases
Hair fabric
Hoop group of old (Abbr.)
Hoops league of old
Hoops org.
Hoops org. that included the Kentucky Colonels
Host of an annual convention attended by publishers: Abbr.
"In an alt. universe, its motto might be ""Represent, yo"""
"Isaac Asimov mystery ""Murder at the ___"""
"Isaac Asimov's ""Murder at the ___"""
"It had red, white, and blue balls"
It has many lawyers
It keeps rain off Arabian
It once competed with the NBA
It sets standards for attys.
J.D.'s org.
JD's org.
Jidda garb
Johnnie Cochran's org.
Judge Judy's org.
Judge's org.
Judges' org.
Judicial org.
Judicial ratings grp.
Jurisprudence org.
Jurist's org.
Jurists' gp.
Jurists' org.
Justices' gp.
Justices' org.
Kentucky Colonels' org.
"Kentucky Colonels, Indiana Pacers et al."
LL. B.'s org.
LLB's org.
Law gp.
Law group: Abbr.
Law grp.
Law org.
Law school accrediting org.
"Law school accreditor, for short"
Law school standards-setting org.
Law school-sanctioning org.
Law-abiding org.
Lawer's org. <-- -->
Lawyer's gp.
Lawyer's grp.
Lawyer's org.
Lawyerly grp.
Lawyerly letters
Lawyers assn.
Lawyers belong to it (Abbr.)
Lawyers gp.
Lawyers org.
Lawyers' gp.
Lawyers' group: Abbr.
Lawyers' grp.
Lawyers' league
Lawyers' league: abbr.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' organization: Abbr.
LawyersÂ' org.
Laywers' org.
League Dr. J started in
League of legal eagles (Abbr.)
League of legal eagles (abbr.)
League where Dr. J's pro career began
"League with a red, white and blue ball"
League with the Spirits of St. Louis: Abbr.
Legal authority?: abbr.
Legal eagle's org.
Legal eagles' league: abbr.
Legal eagles' org.
Legal gp.
Legal gr.
Legal grp.
Legal grp. founded in 1878
Legal org.
Legal soc.
Legal stds. maintainer
Legal-eagle org.
Letters of attorney?
Litigator's group
Litigator's org.
Litigators' grp.
Litigators' league: abbr.
Litigators' org.
Loose-fitting garment worn by Arabs
Magical opening
Mason's org.
Matlock org.
Matlock's org.
Mideastern fabric
"Must, in modern lingo"
"NBA competitor, once"
"NBA rival, for a time"
NLRB Update sponsor
Near East fabric.
Nets' ex-league
Nigerian city
Oakland Oaks' org.
Old N.Y. Nets league
Old NBA rival
Old cager's org. with a colorful ball
Old cagers' org.
Old court org.
Old dribbling org.
Old grp. of dribblers
Old hoops gp.
Old hoops grp.
Old hoops org.
Old sports org. using colorful balls
"Old sports org. with a red, white and blue ball"
Old sports org. with a red-white-and-blue ball
Old sports org. with the Virginia Squires
Omani robe
One-time hoop gp.
Onetime hoop gp.
Onetime hoop grp.
Onetime hoop org.
"Org. Ally McBeal would belong to, were she real"
Org. concerned with defense
Org. concerned with suits
Org. for Belli
Org. for Ben Matlock
Org. for Cochran
Org. for Court TV commentators
Org. for D.A.'s
Org. for DAs
Org. for Johnnie Cochran
Org. for L.L.B.'s
Org. for McBeal
Org. for Perry Mason
Org. for Rehnquist
Org. for a D.A.
Org. for advocates
Org. for arguers
Org. for arguers?
Org. for attorneys
Org. for attys.
Org. for both Bill and Hillary Clinton
Org. for cagers
Org. for court figures
Org. for those who represent
Org. in a 1976 sports merger
Org. many lawyers belong to
Org. of attorneys
Org. originating the three-point shot
"Org. parodied in Will Ferrell's ""Semi-Pro"""
Org. popular with authors
Org. sponsoring a literary fair
Org. that accredits law schools
Org. that included the Kentucky Colonels
Org. that lobbies for lawyers
Org. that provides law school accreditation
Org. that publishes Probate & Property
Org. that ranks judicial nominees
Org. that sets law school standards
Org. that the Indiana Pacers once belonged to
Org. the Attorney General might address
Org. the Utah Stars belonged to
Org. whose annual convention many authors attend
Org. whose president-elect backs a moratorium on capital punishment
"Org. with a red, white and blue ball"
"Org. with a red, white, and blue ball"
"Org. with red, white and blue balls, once"
Org. with suits and cases
"Org. with the motto ""Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice"""
Organization of lawyers (Abbr.)
Organization of lawyers: abbr.
Organization the A.G. might address
Oriental fabric.
Part of a terza rima rhyme scheme
Perry Mason's org.
Practice grp.?
Practicing grp.
Pro basketball league no more
Professional org. since 1878
Publishing grp.
Pugilists' org.
Relative of a caftan.
Reno's grp?
Rhyme scheme
Saharan garb
Saharan garment
Saudi garment
Sheik's garment
Sheik's robe
Silver Gavel Award org.
Simple rhyme scheme
Sleeveless Arab garment
Sleeveless robe
Sports group: Abbr.
Sports league that used a red-white-and-blue ball: Abbr.
Sports org. from 1967-1976
Sports org. in a 1976 merger
Sports org. of 1967-76
Sports org. whose first champ was the Pittsburgh Pipers
"Sports org. with a red, white, and blue ball"
Spurs' old org.
Suit makers' org.?
Suit-making gp.?
Suit-making grp.?
Taft became its president after his term as U.S. president
Terza rima rhyme scheme
The N.Y. Nets were its last champion
The NY Nets were its final champions
The New York Nets were its last champs: Abbr.
"The Oakland Oaks' league, for short"
Tri-colored ball league
Trial org.
Tricolored ball league
Tyler Hinman's alma mater: Abbr.
Utah Stars' org.
What attys. join
Where Dr. J first operated professionally
Where Dr. J's pro career began
Where Dr. J's pro career began: Abbr.
Whom the A.G. addresses
Whom the A.G. might address
Whom the AG might address
World's largest voluntary professional gp.
Yemeni garment
___ Journal (legal periodical)
Lawyer’s org.
Lawyers' org
Atty. grp.
Org. for counselors
Lawyer's org.
Lawyers' org.
Attorneys' org.
Lawyers' org.
Esq. group
Atty.'s org.
Counselors' org.
Court inits
Old hoops org.
Attorneys' org.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyer's org.
Organization for lawyers
Atty.'s org
Atty's. group
Court org. or old court org.
University city in Abia, southern Nigeria
Old NBA rival
Attorney's org.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' gp.
Defunct sports league with a colorful ball
Dr. J's first pro league
Arabic outer garment
NBA competitor, once
Place to bowl
Free org. for law students
Lawyers' org.
Law grp.
Law grp.
Org. concerned with briefs
Org. concerned with briefs
Lawyer's org.
Lawyer's org.
Lawyers' org.
Governing org. for lawyers
Attorneys' org.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' gp.
Case workers' org.?
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.
Dr. J's org., once
Bygone hoops grp.
One-time hoop gp.
Org. concerned with 16-Across
Arab overgarment
Old NBA competitor
Lawyers' gp.
Former NBA competitor
It has a How Courts Work web page
Attorneys' org.
"Defending Liberty, Pursuing Justice" org.
Org. for case workers
Court org.
Legal eagle's org.
"___ Daba Honeymoon"
Legal org.
Defunct sports org.
Lawyers' gp.
Lawyers' gp.
Legal org.
Defunct NBA rival
Attorney's org.
Grp. with many objectors?
Old hoops gp.
Lawyers' gp.
Court org
Old hoops org.
Atty.'s group
Court org.
Old hoops grp.
Chicago-based law org.
Simple rhyme scheme
Attorneys' org.
Org. for suit pressers?
Lawyers' grp.
Old NBA rival
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.end
Old hoops org.
Professional org. since 1878
Desert garment
Camel's-hair fabric
Camel's-hair fabric
Grp. concerned with defense
Group for attorneys: Abbr.
Sleeveless garment
Attorneys' org.
Lawyers belong to it
Lawyer's group (abr.)
Arab cloak
Arabian cloak
Sleeveless garment
Grp. dealing with cases
Camel's-hair fabric
Court group
Legal gp.
Law school accrediting org. (Abbr.)
Sleeveless cloak
Attorney's group
Lawyers' organization: Abbr.
Lawyer's org.
Desert garment
Lawyer's gp.
Defunct NBA rival
Grp. of objectors?
Desert garment
Arab outer garment
Attorneys' org.
Sleeveless garment
Old sports org. with the Kentucky Colonels
Fabric woven from goat hair
Desert garment
Grp. featuring objectors?
Desert garment
Desert garment
Defunct NBA rival
''Law Practice Magazine'' publisher
Legal org.
Camel's-hair fabric
Dr. J's first league
Camel's-hair fabric
Bygone court org. -- or current court org
Sleeveless garment
Dr. J's first pro league
Sleeveless garment
Lawyers' org.
Attorney's org.
Gp. for Matlock
Litigators' grp.
Org. of defenders
Lawyers' org.
Sleeveless garment
Attorneys' group: Abbr.
League that used a red, white and blue ball, for short
Org. for attorneys
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.
Dr. J's first pro league
Sleeveless garment
What briefs are delivered in, in brief
Lawyers' org.
Grp. concerned with defense
Attorneys' org.
Lawyers' org.
Sleeveless garment
Dr. J's first pro league
Lawyers' org.
Arab robe
Lawyers' org.
Lawyers' org.
Camel's-hair fabric
Attorneys' grp.
Lawyers' gp.
Camel's-hair fabric
Lawyers' org.
Professional organization for attorneys (Abbr.)
Route to becoming an English teacher?
"The ___ Daba Honeymoon"
Org. rating jurists
Camel's-hair fabric
Org. with many judges and counselors (Abbr.)