Word: ABCS

The word ABCS has appeared in at least 281 clues on different crosswords.

"""Now I know my ___"""
"""Now I know my ___"": line in a tots' song"
"""Now I know my ___..."""
"""Sesame Street"" basics"
"""Sesame Street"" learning"
"""Sesame Street"" lesson"
"""Sesame Street"" lessons"
"""Sesame Street"" recital"
"""Sesame Street"" rudiments"
"""Sesame Street"" skills"
"""Sesame Street"" study"
"""Sesame Street"" subject"
"""Sesame Street"" teaching"
"""Sesame Street"" teachings"
'Sesame Street' drill
'Sesame Street' subject
'Sesame Street'
5-year-old's recitation
A little knowledge.
Alpha-Bits bits
Alphabet studies
Basic building blocks
Basic facts
Basic info
Basic instructions
Basic knowledge
"Basic knowledge, with ""the"""
Basic learning
Basic learning topics
Basic lesson
Basic lesson topic
Basic lessons
Basic preschool learnings
Basic principles
Basic principles.
Basic skills
Basic steps
Basic stuff
Basic teachings
Basic things
Basics for Dick and Jane
Basics of education
Basics to learn
Basics training?
Beginner's pointers.
Beginner's subject.
Beginner's topics
Beginning of learning
Block letters.
Block letters?
Brass tacks
Building blocks
Child's recitation
Classroom basics
Down-to-earth stuff
Drill subject in elementary education
Early education
Early instruction
Early learning
Early lesson
Early lessons
Early teachings
Easy stuff
Educational basics
Educational foundation
Elementary education
Elementary facts
Elementary lesson
Elementary lessons
Elementary recitation
Elementary school basics
Elementary school group?
Elementary studies
Elementary stuff
Elementary teachings
First grade basics
First grade lesson
First grade lessons
First grade material.
First grade subject.
First lessons
First principals.
First principles
First principles.
First stuff to learn
First things learned
First things.
First-grade basics
First-grade instruction
First-grade subject
First-grade subject.
First-grader's lesson
Five-year-old's recitation
Foundational skills
Fundamental knowledge
Good topics to start with
Grade school basics
Grade school fundamentals
Grade-school basics
Grammar-school topic
How-to basics
How-to stuff
Initial education?
Initial lessons?
Introductory material
Introductory text
It's kiddie stuff
Kid stuff
"Kid stuff, literally"
Kid stuff?
Kid's recitation
Kiddie education
Kindergarten basics
Kindergarten books.
Kindergarten building blocks
Kindergarten course
Kindergarten education
Kindergarten instruction
Kindergarten learning
Kindergarten lesson
Kindergarten lessons
Kindergarten recitation
Kindergarten study
Kindergarten stuff
Kindergarten subj.
Kindergarten subject
Kindergarten topic
Kindergartener's hurdle
Kindergartner's recitation
Kindergartners learn them
Kindergartners recite them
Language rudiments
Learning letters
Learning of a sort.
"Lesson sung to the tune of ""Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"""
Lessons for the young
Lessons for the youth
Lessons for tots
Lessons learned early
Letters for Dick and Jane
Letters for little ones.
Nuts and bolts
"Nuts and bolts, so to speak"
Pre-K basics
Pre-K lessons
Pre-primer fundamentals
Pre-school lesson
Preschool basics
Preschool lesson
Preschool lessons
Preschool subject
Preschool teaching
Preschooler's instruction
Prima principia.
Primer basics
Primer material
Primer subject
Reading forerunner
Relative of the Three R's.
"Remedial knowledge, metonymically"
Rudimentary education
Rudimentary learning
Rudimentary principles
Rudimentary run
Rudiments of reading
School basics
School subject.
Sesame St. topic
Sesame Street subject
Simple skills
Simple studies
Simple stuff
Simplest elements.
Some remedial work
"Spelling, reading, and writing"
Starter kit?
Stuff learned first
The alphabet.
The basics
"The basics, as it were"
"The basics, as the Jackson 5 might put it"
The simple basics
They may be taught with a song
They're easy as 1-2-3
They're elementary
They're not advanced studies
Things to learn first
Tot's recital
Tot's recitation
Tot's studies
Tot's subject
Tots' basics
Tyro's basics
What kindergartners learn
What tots are taught
Youthful challenge
Z is the last of them
First-grader’s lesson
Runs in preschool
Metaphorical ropes
Elementary lessons
Elementary lessons
Simple stuff
Kindergarten recital
"Sesame Street" basics
First-grade basics
School basics
Kindergarten basics
Grade-school basics
Basic lesson
Grade-school basics
Grade-school basics
Grade-school basics
Things to learn first
Grade-school basics
Grade-school basics
Elementary learning
Things to learn first
Grade-school basics
Rudimentary principles
Things learned first
The basics
Grade school basics
Reading basics
Things kindergartners learn
Grade school basics
Simple skills
Kindergarten learning
Pre-K lesson
Elementary lessons
Kindergarten basics
Early lessons
Kindergarten basics
Kid stuff
Preschooler's basics
Some kindergarten instruction
Things learned in 'The Alphabet Song'
Beginning reader's lesson
First lessons
Pre-K recitation
Building blocks for tots
First things to learn
Kindergarten basics
School basics
Tots' basics
Primer material
Tot's basics
Nuts and bolts of a subject
Beginning reader's basics
The alphabet, in preschool