Word: ABE

The word ABE has appeared in at least 817 clues on different crosswords.

"""Eat, drink ___ merry"""
"""Fish"" star Vigoda"
"""Guys and Dolls"" librettist Burrrows"
"""Guys and Dolls"" writer Burrows"
"""Homefront"" character"
"""Honest ___"""
"""Honest ___"" (President Lincoln)"
"""Honest ___"" (president Lincoln)"
"""Honest ___."""
"""Honest"" Lincoln"
"""Honest"" President"
"""Honest"" ___"
"""Honest"" fellow"
"""Honest"" guy"
"""Honest"" man"
"""Honest"" moniker"
"""Honest"" name"
"""Honest"" nickname"
"""Honest"" one"
"""Honest"" politician"
"""Honest"" president"
"""Honest"" president Lincoln"
"""Honest"" president's nickname"
"""Honest"" presidential nickname"
"""Honest"" prez"
"""How to Succeed in Business..."" co-writer Burrows"
"""How to Succeed in Business..."" playwright Burrows"
"""Kangaroo Notebook"" novelist Kobo ___"
"""O Captain..."" subject"
"""Silk Stockings"" collaborator Burrows"
"""Simpsons"" grandpa"
"""The Rail Splitter"""
"""The Rail-Splitter"""
"""The Simpsons"" grampa"
"""The Simpsons"" grandpa"
"""The Woman in the Dunes"" author"
"""The Woman in the Dunes"" novelist"
"""You know I got rhymes like ___ Vigoda"" (Beastie Boys line)"
"""___ Lincoln in Illinois"""
"""___ Lincoln in Illinois"" (1940 biopic)"
$100 : Ben :: $5 : ___
$5 bill
"$5 bill, in slang"
"$5 bill, informally"
"$5 bill, slangily"
"$5 bill, so to speak"
'60s White House name
'60s prez
'Fish' actor Vigoda
'Fish' star Vigoda
'Honest' Lincoln
'Honest' guy
'Honest' president
'Honest' prez
'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' librettist Burrows
'O Captain...' subject
'___ Lincoln in Illinois'
...and his father
"16th President, familiarly"
16th U.S. President
16th president familiarly
16th president's nickname
"16th president, familiarly"
16th prez
1809-65 guy
1858 debater
1860's White House name
1860s White House nickname
1860s guy
1860s nickname
1860s political nickname
1860s presidential nickname
1860s prez
1950s-'60s kickoff return champ Woodson
1960s Supreme Court justice Fortas
1960s justice Fortas
19th-century presidential nickname
2000s Japanese P.M.
2012 Best Actor-winning role for Daniel
2012 role for Daniel
2nd Ave Deli founder Lebewohl
6-foot-4 pres.
A Lincoln
A Lincoln.
A U.S. president
A Warner Bros. brother
A. Lincoln.
Actor Vigoda
Actor Vigoda who is dead
Actor Vigoda who turned 94 this year despite being reported dead as early as 1982
An animated Simpson
An honest man
An honest man?
Andrew came after him
Andrew succeeded him
Andy's predecessor
Anti-Defamation League director Foxman
Author Kobo of Japan
B'way Burrows
Bandleader Lyman
Bart Simpson's grampa
Bart Simpson's grandfather
Bart Simpson's grandpa
Bart and Lisa's grandpa
Bart's dad's dad
Bart's grampa
Bart's granddad
Bart's grandfather
Bart's grandpa
Basketball's Saperstein
Beame or Burrows
Beame or Fortas
Beame or Vigoda
Bearded President
Bearded pres.
"Bearded president, affectionately"
Bearded prez
"Bearded prez, informally"
Bespectacled Simpson
Broadway director Burrows
"Broadway writer, Burrows"
Broadway's Burrows
Burrows in the field of entertainment
Burrows of Broadway
Burrows of N.Y.C.
Burrows of the theater
Burrows on Broadway
Burrows or Beame
Burrows or Fortas
Burrows or Lincoln
Burrows or Saperstein
Burrows or Simpson
Burrows or Vigoda
Burrows who wrote for Broadway
Caen cleric
Cent gent
Chem. suffix
Chicago cop Lieberman in Stuart M. Kaminsky novels
Chicago sausage king Froman impersonated by Ferris Bueller
Civil War VIP
Civil War nickname
Civil War prez
Coin fella
Copper head?
"Costar of Hal, Max, Ron, and Jack on '70s TV"
D.C. guy of the 1860s
Daisy Mae's son
"Daniel Day-Lewis title character, familiarly"
Deadpan Vigoda
Early 1900's British great ___ Mitchell
Early English golfer Mitchell
Elizabeth: Cameron :: Akihito: ___
Emancipation Proclamation first name
Emancipation nickname
Epitome of honesty
Ex-Justice Fortas
Face featured on a fin
Face on Mt. Rushmore
Face on a fin
Face on a fiver
Famed railsplitter
Familiar face to a cashier?
Familiar fellow on a penny
"Famous American, for short."
Famous February nickname
Father of Tad.
Featherweight Attell
Featherweight boxer Attell
Feb. honoree
Fi(rst) v(ictim of his own broth)er
Figure on a fin
Figure on a fiver
Figure to the right of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Fin face
Fin figure
First Japanese prime minister born after WWII
First Republican prez
First name at Gettysburg
"First name in ""The Lonesome Train"""
First name in 1858 debates
First name in honesty
First prez to sport a beard
Five simoleons
"Five-dollar bill, in slang"
Fiver face
Fiver figure
Former Apple mayor Beame
Former Big Apple mayor Beame
Former Connecticut Sen. Ribicoff
Former Connecticut senator Ribicoff
Former Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___
Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
Former Justice Fortas
Former Justice Fortas (3)
Former NYC mayor Beame
Former New York City mayor Beame
Former New York mayor Beame
Former Supreme Court Justice Fortas
Former Supreme Court justice Fortas
Former justice Fortas
Fortas of SCOTUS
Fortas of the Supreme Court
Fortas on the bench
Fortas or Beame
Fortas or Burrows
Fortas or Ribicoff
Fortas or Vigoda
"Fortas, for one"
Foxman of the ADL
Fukuda's predecessor as Japan's P.M.
Fukuda's predecessor as prime minister of Japan
Fuzz-faced prez
Gent on a cent
Gettysburg addresser
Gettysburg nickname
Globetrotters founder Saperstein
"God's interlocutor, in Dylan's ""Highway 61 Revisited"""
Golfer Mitchell whose image is on the Ryder Cup
Gotham mayor Beame
Gracie Mansion name
"Gracie Mansion predecessor of Ed, Dave, Rudy, and Mike"
Grampa Simpson
Grampa Simpson's first name
"Grandfather of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie"
"Grandfather of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson"
Grandma Simpson
Grandpa Simpson
"Grandpa Simpson on ""The Simpsons"""
"Grandpa Simpson's first name, briefly"
"Grandpa on ""The Simpsons"""
Gut feeling
Guy known for his honesty
Guy on Barney Miller
Guy on a five
HEW Sec'y Ribicoff.
Half a sawbuck
Hannibal's prez
Harlem Globetrotters founder Saperstein
Harlem Globetrotters founder Sapperstein
Harlem Globetrotters organizer Saperstein
Harlem Globetrotters' creator Saperstein
Harlem Globetrotters' promoter Saperstein
He beat G. McClellan
He begat Homer
He debated Stephen in 1858
He debated with Stephen in 1858
"He played Sal in ""The Godfather"""
"He played Tessio in ""The Godfather"""
He preceded Andy
He used to be a president
He was honest
He wooed Mary Todd.
He's next to Teddy on Mount Rushmore
He's next to Teddy on Rushmore
He's on the penny
He's to the right of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Head of lettuce?
Hero of Robert Sherwood play.
Hero of Sherwood play.
His bill has 1/20th the value of Ben's
His face is on a five
Hitman Reles
Homer Simpson's dad
Homer Simpson's father
Homer's animated dad
Homer's dad
Homer's father
"Homer's father on ""The Simpsons"""
"Homer's father, on ""The Simpsons"""
Homer's pop
Honest --
Honest ---
Honest Lincoln
Honest President?
Honest ___
Honest ___ (Lincoln)
Honest ___ (presidential moniker)
Honest ___ (presidential nickname)
Honest ___ Lincoln
Honest ___ Yokum (Abner's boy)
Honest ___.
Honest fellow
Honest fellow?
Honest follower
Honest guy
Honest guy?
Honest log cabin fellow
Honest man
Honest man?
Honest name
Honest one
Honest politician
Honest pres.
Honest president
Honest prez
Humorist Burrows
Ill-fated playgoer
Indie band ___ Vigoda
Jack : half-dollar : : ___ : penny
James's follower
Japan's prime minister
Japan's prime minister since 2012
Japan's prime minister since December 2012
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___
Japanese P.M. before Fukuda
Japanese PM Shinzo ___
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo who resigned in 2007
Japanese novelist Kobo
Japanese novelist Kobo ___
Japanese novelist ___Kobo
"Japanese novelist and dramatist Kobo (author of ""Woman in the Dunes"")"
Japanese prime minister Shinzo ___
Japanese prime minister since 2012
Japanese prime minister who met with Obama on April 28
Jazz clarinetist Most
John V.'s successor
Judge Fortas
Jurist Fortas
Justice Fortas
Justice Fortas.
"Kobo ___, Japanese novelist-playwright"
Ky.-born prez
Late actor Vigoda (for real)
Li'l Abner's boy
Li'l Abner's son
Lincoln found in the center of the four longest answers
Lincoln moniker
Lincoln nickname
Lincoln or Burrows
Lincoln or Fortas
Lincoln or Vigoda
Lincoln who some scholars suggest might have been gay
Lincoln who was president during the Civil War
Lincoln's nickname
Lincoln's sobriquet
"Lincoln, casually"
"Lincoln, familiarly"
"Lincoln, informally"
"Lincoln, the Rail-Splitter"
"Lincoln, to friends"
Lincolnesque nickname
Lisa Simpson's grandpa
Lisa Simpson's paternal grandfather
Lisa's grandpa
Log cabin President
Log cabin boy.
Log cabin name.
Log cabin president
Log-splitting name
Lyman or Lincoln
Lyndon's Supreme Court appointee before Thurgood
Maggie Simpson's grandpa
Maggie's grandpa
Male sobriquet.
Man from Illinois
Man of Gotham
Man on a five
Man on the penny
Man's nickname
Man's nickname.
Marge Simpson's father-in-law
Marge's father-in-law
"Marge's father-in-law on ""The Simpsons"""
Mary Todd's beau
Mary Todd's guy
Mary Todd's hubby
Mary Todd's husband
"Mary Todd's husband, casually"
Mary Todd's love
Mary Todd's man
Mary's mate
Mayor Beame
Mayor before Ed
Mayor between John and Ed
Model of honesty
Moniker for a Lincoln
Moniker of one on Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore carving nickname
"Mount Rushmore figure, familiarly"
Mount Rushmore guy
"Mount Rushmore man, honest!"
Mount Rushmore moniker
"Mount Rushmore nickname, honest!"
Mount Rushmore pres.
Mount Rushmore prez
Mr. Beame
Mr. Fortas
Mr. Lincoln
"Mr. Lincoln, for short"
"Mr. Lincoln, informally"
Mt. Rushmore moniker
Mt. Rushmore neighbor of Teddy
Name associated with fins
Name associated with honesty
"Name that's one syllable in English, two syllables in Japanese"
Nancy Hanks' son.
Nancy Hanks's boy
Nancy's boy
Nancy's son
"Neighbor of Teddy, on Mount Rushmore"
New York City mayor before Ed
New York real estate magnate Hirschfeld
Nickname associated with honesty
Nickname for Union V.I.P.
Nickname of a president.
"Nickname of the man (born 2/12/1809) who gave the address at 18A, issued the 28A/45A, was the first elected president of the 60A Party, and whose name can be found in this puzzle's main diagonal"
Nineteenth-century presidential nickname
Notable 1860s nickname
Noted backwoods candidate.
Noted nickname.
Noted presidential nickname
Novelist Kobo
Novelist Kobo ___
Old White House moniker
Old White House nickname
Old ___ (Civil War eagle mascot)
Old ___ (Civil War eagle)
Old featherweight champion Attell
One associated with honesty
One of Gutzon's rock faces
One of Gutzon’s rock faces
One of the Warner Bros. brothers
One of the Yokums
One of the brothers of Warner Bros.
One-time Bears coach Gibron
Onetime White House nickname
Opera about the life of Lincoln
"Pacific Rim prefix for ""nomics"""
Pappy Yokum's grandson
"Peggy's boyfriend on ""Mad Men"""
Penny face
Penny figure
Penny name
Penny person
Penny picture
Penny portrait
Penny pres.
Penny president
Penny prez
Penny profile
Penny's impression
Phiz on a five
Playwright Burrows
Poker player Mosseri
Poker-faced Vigoda
Political reporter Greenwald
Pres. Lincoln
Pres. Lincoln's nickname
Pres. nickname
President Lincoln
President Lincoln's nickname
"President Lincoln, affectionately"
"President Lincoln, familiarly"
"President Lincoln, for short"
President between James and Andrew
President between James and Andrew (m)
"President in a stovepipe hat, familiarly"
President on a penny
President on the penny
"President who was ""honest"""
President's nickname
Presidential first name
Presidential name
Presidential nickname
Presidential nickname.
Prez #16
Prez Lincoln
Prez associated with honesty
Prez between Jim and Andy
Prez during the Civil War
Prez married to Mary
Prez on a copper
Prez on a fin
Prez on a five
Prez on a fiver
Prez on a penny
"Prez on a penny who's ""pinched"" in four answers here"
Prez on the five
Prez on the penny
Prez portrayed by Phil Hartman
Profile on a penny
Profiled penny prez
Pulitzer winner Burrows
Puzzle theme which appears nine more times in the grid
Quotable Simpson
Rail Splitter's moniker
Rail-splitter's nickname
Real estate magnate Hirschfeld who often wore crossword puzzle ties
Ribicoff or Beame
Ribicoff or Burrows
Role for Richard Boone.
Rushmore carving
"Rushmore carving, familiarly"
Rushmore face
Rushmore figure
Rushmore figure to Teddy's left
"Rushmore figure, informally"
Rushmore guy
Rushmore honoree
"Rushmore honoree, for short"
Rushmore moniker
Rushmore prez
Sacked out
Sandburg hero.
Saperstein of Harlem Globetrotters fame
Saperstein of basketball
Saperstein of the Basketball Hall of Fame
Saperstein of the Globetrotters
Saperstein or Lincoln
"Sausage king Froman in ""Ferris Bueller's Day Off"""
Senator Ribicoff.
Sherwood hero.
Shinzo ___ (Japanese prime minister)
"Shinzo ___, Japanese P.M."
Simpson in the Springfield Retirement Castle
"Simpson who said: ""Grass today is sharper than when I was a boy"""
Sitcom actor Vigoda
Sitcom veteran Vigoda
"Sixteenth U.S. president, familiarly"
Sixteenth prez
Sobriquet of the honest
Son of Nancy Hanks
Springfield sobriquet
Stephen's 1858 debater
"Stephen's adversary, in debates"
"Subject of Whitman's ""This Dust Was Once the Man"""
Successor to Koizumi as prime minister of Japan
Supreme Court Justice Fortas
Supreme Court justice Fortas
Symbol of honesty
Tad Lincoln's dad
Tad's Presidential dad
Tad's dad
Tad's dad in the White House
Tad's father.
Tad's presidential dad
Tall man with a beard.
"Tall president, for short"
Tall prez
"Tall prez, for short"
Teddy's Mount Rushmore neighbor
Teddy's Mt. Rushmore neighbor
Teddy's neighbor on Mount Rushmore
"The Great Emancipator, familiarly"
The Rail Splitter
The Rail Splitter.
The Simpson kids' grandpa
The fin man
The fin man?
The oldest Simpson
The oldest animated Simpson
The one on a five
Tony winner Burrows
Trotters boss Saperstein
US presidential nickname
Ulysses's C.I.C.
Veteran actor Vigoda
Vigoda in a Snickers commercial
"Vigoda of ""Barney Miller"""
"Vigoda of ""Fish"""
"Vigoda of ""Good Burger"""
"Vigoda of ""The Godfather"""
Vigoda of 'Barney Miller'
Vigoda of 'Fish'
Vigoda of Barney Miller
Vigoda of Fish
Vigoda of TV
Vigoda of sitcoms
Vigoda of {Fish}
Vigoda on videos
Vigoda or Burrows
Vigoda or Fortas
Vigoda or Lincoln
Vigoda or Saperstein
Vigoda who has outlived all of the original Ramones
"Vigoda who makes frequent ""Conan"" appearances"
Vigoda who's still alive
"Vigoda, who was tackled in a 2010 Super Bowl ad for Snickers"
Visage on a fiver
Wartime pres.
Wartime prez
Washington Wizards owner Pollin
"Whig-turned-Republican, familiarly"
White House moniker
"White House name, honest"
White House nickname
"White House nickname, 1861."
"White House nickname, honest"
"White House nickname, once"
White House nickname.
"Will's rabbit brother in Matt Groening's ""Life in Hell"" strip"
Woodson of the '50s and '60s 49ers
Writer Burrows
___ Froman (Ferris Bueller impersonation)
"___ Froman, sausage king of Chicago"
"___ Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago (alter ego in ""Ferris Bueller's Day Off"")"
"___ Lyman & His California Orchestra, popular 1920s-'40s band"
___Books (online bookstore)
Prez on Mount Rushmore
Bart's animated granddad
He's next to Teddy on Mount Rushmore
He's next to Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Face on a fin
Face on a fin
Honest guy on a penny
Japanese prime minister
Presidential nickname
"Honest" president
Neighbor of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Vigoda of 'The Godfather'
Broadway's Burrows
Homer's dad
Mr. Lincoln, briefly
Playwright Burrows
Bart Simpson's grandfather
Teddy's neighbor on Mount Rushmore
Jurist Fortas
Copper head?
Grandpa Simpson
Civil War nickname
Cent gent?
Face on a fiver
Jurist Fortas
Teddy's Mount Rushmore neighbor
1861-65 prez
Pres. Lincoln
Japanese prime minister
Presidential nickname
Lincoln nickname
President known for honesty
Copper head?
Lincoln, informally
Honest ___ (presidential moniker)
Prime minister who helped his country land the 2020 Summer Olympics
Prez on a five
Honest ____ Lincoln
Presidential nickname
President Lincoln, informally
Rushmore nickname
Mr. Lincoln's first name, casually
Name associated with honesty
Wartime prez
Honest ____ Lincoln
Lincoln nickname
Fiver face
Bart's grandpa
Half a ten-spot
Lincoln nickname
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___
Actor Vigoda
Actor Vigoda
Name associated with honesty
Jurist Fortas
He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally
Presidential nickname
Homer's dad
Actor Vigoda
Copper head?
Lincoln's nickname
Lincoln's nickname
Lincoln nickname
Lincoln nickname
Lincoln's nickname
Lincoln's nickname
Copper head?
Copper head?
Honest politician
Honest politician
Japan's prime minister
Copper head?
Copper head?
Copper head?
Pres. Lincoln
Pres. Lincoln
Copper head?
President Lincoln, informally
Prime minister who met with Trump in February
Homer's father
Lincoln, informally
A Mount Rushmore neighbor of Teddy
2000s Japanese P.M
The fin man?
Presidential nickname
Presidential nickname
Bart's grandpa
Lincoln nickname
Homer Simpson's dad
Prez Lincoln
Japanese prime minister since 2012
Jurist Fortas
Emancipation Proclamation prez
Writer Burrows
White House nickname
Copper head?
Springfield presidential library nickname
Half a Hamilton
"Honest" guy
Tad's dad
. . . Frank, Jimmy, __, Sir Veto, . . .
Japanese prime minister
Japanese prime minister Shinzo
Prez on pennies
Toon grandfather of Bart
Half a sawbuck
Japanese PM who met with Trump
Onetime White House nickname
Homer's pop
Face on a fiver
Honest ____ Lincoln
Presidential nickname
Presidential nickname
Lincoln's nickname
''Honest'' prez
Penny prez
Prez Lincoln
Neighbor of Teddy on Mount Rushmore
Prez in a stovepipe hat
Homer's dad
Homer's dad
Lincoln's nickname
Mr. Lincoln, familiarly
Lincoln nickname
Honest politician
Lincoln nickname
Homer's dad
Jurist Fortas
Mount Rushmore face, informally
White House nickname
Tad's dad
Grandpa Simpson
Copper head?
Japanese prime minister Shinzo
"Honest" president
Honest politician
Honest ___
Pres. Lincoln
First name in honesty
#16, familiarly
Lincoln, informally
$5 bill, slangily
Presidential nickname
Honest ____ Lincoln
''Simpsons'' grandpa
Penny prez
Burrows who wrote "Guys and Dolls"
Tad Lincoln's dad
$5 bill, slangily
Lincoln nickname
Honest ____ Lincoln
Actor Vigoda
Wartime prez
Homer's dad
Lincoln nickname
''Honest'' prez
Prime minister in Tokyo
Copper head?
Prime minister appointed by Akihito
Penny prez
Saperstein who founded the Harlem Globetrotters
Presidential nickname
Prime minister residing in the Kantei
Nickname of the president born the same day as Darwin
Old White House nickname
Japanese P.M. Shinzo ___
Honest politician
Lincoln's nickname
Japan's prime minister
White House nickname
White House nickname
Prime minister from the Jiyu Minshuto party
Japan's prime minister
Lincoln nickname
Japanese prime minister
Justice Fortas
TV's Vigoda
Presidential nickname
Shinzo —, prime minister of Japan since 2012
Copper head?
Mug on a fin
Presidential nickname
Old White House nickname
Rushmore face
Pres. Lincoln
Japan's prime minister
Teddy's Rushmore neighbor
Penny prez
Grandpa Simpson
Presidential nickname
Holding a CD, he'd be perfectly in order
Grandpa Simpson
Grandpa Simpson
Grandpa Simpson
Penny prez
Honest politician
Homer's pop