Word: ABEL

The word ABEL has appeared in at least 604 clues on different crosswords.

"""18 Days"" band Saving ___"
"""A keeper of sheep"""
"""A keeper of sheep"" in Genesis"
"""Addicted"" band Saving ___"
"""Am I my brother's keeper?"" brother"
"""Bad Lieutenant"" director Ferrara"
"""Body Snatchers"" director Ferrara"
"""Cain and ___ at Work: How to Overcome Office Politics..."""
"""China Girl"" director Ferrara"
"""Drowning (Face Down)"" Saving ___"
"""Fear City"" director Ferrara"
"""Genesis"" brother"
"""Genesis"" name"
"""Genesis"" shepherd"
"""Genesis"" victim"
"""Great Expectations"" convict Magwitch"
"""Green Mansions"" character."
"""Green Mansions"" hero"
"""Green Mansions"" hero."
"""Green Mansions"" man"
"""Green Mansions"" narrator."
"""J'Accuse"" director Gance"
"""Kane and ___"" (Archer novel)"
"""Kane and ___"" (Jeffrey Archer novel)"
"""Kane and ___,"" Jeffrey Archer novel"
"""King of New York"" director Ferrara"
"""Mr. Skeffington"" actor Walter"
"""Napoleon"" director Gance"
"""Righteous"" man mentioned in Matthew"
'Green Mansions' narrator
'J'accuse' director Gance
'The Third Man'
*First family member
...and its homonym
1960's-70's steelworkers' chief
2D's son
A brother of Seth
A co-inventor of cordite
A labor leader
A son of Adam
"A, in code"
Actor Walter
Actor Walter.
Adam and Eve's second son
Adam's middle son
Adam's offspring
Adam's second
Adam's second son
Adam's second.
Adam's son
Adam's son.
Adept 'Genesis' man?
An early man
An older brother of Seth
Ancient victim
"Anthony Perkins, in ""Green Mansions"""
Arne oratorio
Bible victim
"Biblical ""keeper of sheep"""
Biblical brother
Biblical character
Biblical flock tender
Biblical fratricide victim
Biblical homicide
Biblical homicide victim
Biblical keeper of sheep.
Biblical middle child
Biblical murder victim
Biblical name
Biblical name.
Biblical second son
Biblical shepherd
Biblical shepherd.
Biblical son
Biblical twin
Biblical victim
Biblical victim.
Boy in the first family
Brother from way back
"Brother in ""Am I my brother's keeper?"""
Brother of Cain
Brother of Cain and Seth
Brother of Seth
"Brother referred to in ""Am I my brother's keeper?"""
Brutalized Biblical brother
Cain and --
Cain and ___
Cain defeated him
Cain killed him
Cain killer
Cain slew him
Cain's bane
Cain's big brother
Cain's brother
Cain's close kin
Cain's kin
Cain's next younger brother
Cain's sib
Cain's sibling
Cain's victim
Cain-slain shepherd
Classic fratricide figure
Co-inventor of cordite
Competent-sounding name?
Dickens's Magwitch
Director Ferrara
Director Gance
Dutch explorer Tasman
Dutch navigator Tasman
Dutch navigator Tasman.
Dutch sailor-explorer Tasman
Earliest victim
Early Biblical victim
Early Genesis brother
Early Genesis victim
Early brother.
Early crime victim
Early earthling
Early fatality
Early felony target
Early fratricide victim
Early man
Early murder victim
Early shepherd
Early sibling rivalry victim
Early victim
Eden fatality
Eden resident
Edenic victim
Elie of newscasting fame
English inventor of cordite
Enoch's uncle
Eponym of an annual Norwegian math prize
Eric IV's killer
Eve's boy
Eve's second
Eve's second son
Eve's second-born
Eve's son
Ex-steelworkers chief
Exchanged for Powers in 1962
Explorer Tasman
Explorer Tasman of Tasmania fame
Explorer Tasman.
"Explorer ___ Tasman, who mapped much of Australia"
"F. A. ___, English chemist"
Famed fratricide victim
Famous brother
Famous fratricide victim
Famous murder victim
Famously unkept brother
Favored biblical brother
Favored brother
"Figure described as ""a keeper of sheep"""
First Biblical casualty
First Family member
First Genesis victim
First brother
First casually
First casualty
First down?
First family member
First family name
First family's fourth
First family's son
First farmer.
First fatality
First felony victim
First fratricide victim
First herdsman
First homicide victim
First human to die
First human to die in the Bible
"First human to die, according to the Bible"
First lady's son
First martyr
"First martyr, according to Matthew"
"First martyr, per Matthew"
First murder victim
First murderee
First person to die
First person to die in the Bible
First second son
First sheepkeeper
First shepherd
First shepherd in the Bible
First shepherd.
First to go?
"First to say ""Oh, brother!""?"
First victim
First victim of fratricide
First victim of sibling rivalry
First-family fellow
First-family member
Flock tender in Genesis
Former Steelworkers head I. W.
Former United Steelworkers head I. W. ___
Former labor leader
Former steelworkers' union chief
Former union leader
Fourth person
Fourth person?
Fratricidal victim
Fratricide victim
French film pioneer Gance
Garden dweller
Garden party?
Genesis boy
Genesis brother
Genesis casualty
Genesis character
Genesis fatality
Genesis figure
Genesis figure.
Genesis gent
Genesis murder victim
Genesis name
Genesis name.
Genesis notable
Genesis sheep sacrificer
Genesis sheperd
Genesis shepherd
Genesis sibling
Genesis son
Genesis victim
German virtuoso Karl
Handyman's name?
He assassinated Eric IV
"He had righteous blood, per Matthew 23:35"
"He was ""a keeper of sheep"""
"He was adept, it's said"
He was slain by Cain
He was slain by someone whose name rhymes with 'slain'
"Hero of ""Green Mansions."""
Hero of 'Green Mansions.'
His brother was no keeper
His mother raised Cain
"His mother raised Cain, too"
His parents raised Cain
Hockey Hall of Famer Sid
Hockey MVP of 1949
Hudson hero.
I. W. of labor
I. W. or Walter
I.W. of USWA fame
I.W. of labor
Ill-fated Biblical brother
Ill-fated biblical brother
Ill-fated brother
Ill-fated shepherd
Ill-fated sibling rival
Ill-fated son of Adam
Initial murder victim
Initial victim
Inventor of cordite
Inventor of cordite.
J.accuse director Gance
Kane and ___ : Jeffrey Archer novel
Killed by Cain
Killer of Eric IV
Labor leader
Labor leader I. W.
Labor leader I. W. ___
Labor leader I. W.___
Labor leader I.W.
Leadoff hitter in the baseball rulebook example for batting out of turn
Literary fratricide victim
Longtime Steelworkers chief
Lugosi becomes the third man
"Magwitch in ""Great Expectations"""
"Magwitch of ""Great Expectations"""
Magwitch of Great Expectations
Man of the second generation.
Man's name
"Man's name meaning ""breath."""
"Man's name meaning ""vanity."""
Man's name.
Mariner Tasman
Mathematician Niels Henrik
Mathematician Niels Henrik ___
Mathematician who proved the impossibility of solving the quintic equation
Member of the first family
Member of the first family?
"Mr. Magwitch of ""Great Expectations"""
Murder victim
Murder victim in Genesis
Murder victim in Genesis 4:8
Murdered shepherd
Murdered son of Adam
Mythical murderee
Name in Genesis.
"Name meaning ""breath."""
Name meaning 'breath.'
Navigator Tasman
Navigator Tasman.
Newsman Elie
Norse mathematician Niels Fredrik ___
Noted No. 2 son
Noted fratricide victim
Noted shepherd
Noted sibling rivalry victim
Noted slain shepherd
Number two son
Object of Cain's mutiny
Offerer of lambs to God
"Offerer of lambs, in Genesis"
Old Testament shepherd
Old actor Walter
Old union leader I. W. ___
One in the first family
One of Adam's boys
One of Adam's sons
One of Eve's boys
One of Eve's sons
One of Seth's brothers
One of Seth's siblings
One raised with Cain
One slain by Cain
Onetime labor chief
Onetime labor chief I. W.
Onetime labor chief I.W.
Original shepherd
"Paul Rudd's uncredited ""Year One"" role"
Person after the third person?
Preferred sacrificer
Prize awarded to mathematicians
Prize in math
Prototypical victim
R&B artist Tesfaye better known as The Weeknd
Red Wings great Sid
Red Wings legend Sid
"Rima's ""Green Mansions"" beloved"
Rudolph or Walter
Scriptural victim
Seaman/explorer Tasman
Second generation member
Second issue?
Second major figure in the Bible alphabetically
Second of Eve
Second son
Second son of Adam
Second son of the first man
Second son.
Seth's Biblical brother
Seth's brother
Seth's brother.
Seth's older brother
Shepherd in Genesis.
Shepherd of Genesis
Shepherd of old
Shepherd of the Bible
Shepherd slain by a farmer
Shepherd who sounded competent
Slain shepherd
Slain shepherd of Scripture
Slain sibling in the Bible
Slayer of Eric IV
Son of Adam
Son of Adam and Eve
Son of Eve
Son of Eve.
Son to Adam
Soviet spy Rudolf
Spy Rudolf
Spy exchanged for Powers
Spy exchanged for Powers in 1962
Spy in a 1962 exchange
Spy of post
Steel-union boss I.W.
Steelworker's leader.
"Steelworkers president, 1965-1977"
Steelworkers' boss
Steelworkers' head
Steelworkers' leader
Steelworkers' leader.
Steinbeck character.
Steinbeck hero.
Subject of a Genesis question
"Taffy ___, hockey great"
Target of Cain's mutiny?
"The ""first martyr"""
The Bible's first victim
"The brother in ""Am I my brother's keeper?"""
The first martyr
"The first martyr, in Islam"
The first shepherd
The first shepherd in the Bible
The first shepherd.
The first to die
The fourth person
The good brother
The good son
The second son
The third man
The third man.
The third man?
Third Genesis male
Third male
Third man
Third man in Genesis
Third man in Genesis.
Third man?
Third person masculine?
U.S. labor leader
Uncle of Enoch
Uncle of Enos
Uncle that Enoch never knew
Unfortunate shepherd
United Steelworkers leader I. W. ___
Variety's Green
Variety's Green.
Victim in Eden
Victim in Genesis
Victim of Cain
Victim of Genesis
Victim of Murder 1
Victim of a sibling rivalry
Victim of a tiller
Victim of murder one
Victim of sibling rivalry
Victim of the first fratricide
Victim of the first sibling rivalry
Victim one of murder one
W. H. Hudson hero
W. H. Hudson hero.
Walter of Hollywood
Walter of films
Walter of screen fame
Walter of stage
Walter or I. W.
Whom Cain had slain
"___ Magwitch (Pip's benefactor in ""Great Expectations"")"
___ Prize (annual mathematics award)
___ Prize (mathematician's honor)
"___ Prize, annual international award for mathematics"
___ Tesfaye (singer who goes by The Weeknd)
___ Upshur (U.S. Secretary of State under John Tyler)
"___-mehola, Elisha's birthplace: I Kings"
Genesis son
Brother of Cain
Genesis victim
Boy in the first family
Son of 15 Across
Genesis victim
"Genesis ""keeper of sheep"""
Cain mutiny victim?
Tasman who discovered Tasmania
Big brother’s victim once
Scriptural shepherd
Genesis son
Son of Eve
Ancient ''keeper of sheep''
Cain's brother
Adam's second son
Eve's second son
Sid ____ ( iconic Red Wing)
Ferrara who directed 'Bad Lieutenant,' 1992
Explorer Tasman
Brother of Cain
Cain's brother
First victim
Genesis man with a murderous brother
Filmmaker Ferrara
First murder victim
Victim of murder one
Biblical character murdered by his brother Cain
First murder victim
Brother in Genesis
First victim
Cain's brother
Competent-sounding biblical character
Cain's victim
Scriptural shepherd
Cain's victim
Son of Adam %26 Eve
Victimized brother in Genesis
Cain's brother
___ Tesfaye a.k.a. R&B's the Weeknd
Cain's victim
Melville hockey legend
Brother of Cain
Ill-fated brother in Genesis
Genesis 4 name
Genesis brother
Biblical brother
Genesis fratricide victim
Brother of Cain
Biblical figure
Cain's brother sounds competent
Genesis shepherd
Shepherd in Genesis
Slain shepherd
Victim in Genesis
Victim of Cain
Brother of Cain
Fourth person
Second son
Explorer Tasman
Ill-fated brother
Ill-fated brother
Biblical "keeper of sheep"
Second child
Cain's brother
Brother of Cain
Genesis 4 name
First victim
First victim
Victimized Genesis brother
Cain's brother
Cain's brother
Biblical shepherd
Second child
Ill-fated brother in Genesis
23 Across' second son
Murdered son of Adam
Adam's family member
Cain's brother
First victim
Explorer Tasman
Early shepherd
Genesis brother
Cain's brother
Biblical man sounds competent
Member of the first family
Victim of Cain
Casualty in Genesis
First victim
Brother of Cain
Biblical shepherd
First victim
Eve's second child
Genesis shepherd
First victim
First biblical victim
Offerer of "the firstlings of his flock"
Adam's second son
Brother of Cain
''__ kept flocks . . .'': Genesis
Tasman for whom Tasmania is named
Brother of Cain
Abraham Lincoln, initially, was killed by his brother
Biblical character murdered by brother Cain
Explorer Tasman
Cain's victim
Brother of Cain
First Biblical casualty
Brother of Cain
"Keeper of sheep" in Genesis
Brother of Cain
Eve's second son
Genesis shepherd
Slain shepherd
Explorer Tasman
Struck down, he gave a bit of a bellow
Early shepherd
Cain's brother
Biblical figure sounds competent
Biblical brother
Second son
Cain's victim
First victim
Biblical murder victim
Victim in Genesis
Slain brother
First homicide victim
Biblical figure sounds competent
Genesis shepherd
"Bridge of Spies" spy Rudolf __
Genesis victim
Dutch explorer Tasman
Genesis victim
Genesis 4 arrival
Cain's brother
First to die
Brother of Cain
Eve's second
Doomed shepherd
Third man
President after James B murdered second son!
Brother of Cain
Labor leader I.W.
Fourth person
Biblical homicide victim
Genesis shepherd
Cain's brother
Second son
First murder victim
Victim of the first fratricide
Genesis victim
Genesis 4 figure
Shepherd in Genesis
Uncle of 23-Across
Eve's boy
Cain & ...
Cain's brother
Genesis brother
Brother of Cain
Victim in Genesis
One of the first men to have a unit
Son of 77-Down
Cain's brother