Word: ADA

The word ADA has appeared in at least 712 clues on different crosswords.

"""... sole daughter of my house and heart"": Lord Byron"
"""Bleak House"" character."
"""Bleak House"" girl"
"""Bleak House"" girl."
"""Bleak House"" heroine"
"""Bleak House"" lass"
"""Children of her type contrive the purest philosophies"" Nabokov girl"
"""Cold Mountain"" heroine"
"""Give Kids A Smile"" grp."
"""Give Kids A Smile"" org."
"""Law & Order"" job title, for short"
"""Law & Order"" role, for short"
"""The Piano"" heroine"
"""Tobacco Road"" character"
"""Tobacco Road"" wife"
"""___ from Decatur"""
"""___ or Ardor: A Family Chronicle"" (1969 Nabokov novel)"
"""___ or Ardor: A Family Chronicle"" (Nabokov title)"
'Bleak House' ward ___ Clare
'Cold Mountain'
'Lolita' shelf-partner
'The Piano' pianist
'Tobacco Road' wife
1961 Dean Martin film
1961 Susan Hayward film
1969 Nabokov novel
1969 Nabokov work
1969 Vladimir Nabokov novel
"1969 literary heroine who says ""I like the words damozel, eglantine, elegant. I love when you kiss my elongated white hand"""
19th-century actress Rehan
A memorable Rehan
A.E.S. backers
Abbr. on Crest
Abbr. on a Close-Up box
Abbr. on a Crest box
Abbr. on a Tom's of Maine tube
Abbr. on a toothpaste box
Abbr. on a toothpaste tube
Abbr. on toothpaste
Abbr. on toothpaste boxes
Abbr. on tubes of toothpaste
Actress Rehan
Actress Rehan.
Aim approvers: Abbr.
Anticavity org.
Aquafresh tube letters
Architecture critic Huxtable
Architecture critic ___ Louise Huxtable
Author Huxtable
Author Tarbell
Bleak House girl
Boise's county
Boise's county.
Bridge builder's grp.
"Bridge builders' body, briefly"
Bridge building grp.
Bridge expert's org.?
Bridge gp.?
Bridge maintenance org.
"Byron's ""calculating"" daughter"
Byron's daughter
Byron's daughter Lovelace
Byron's mathematician daughter
Canine care gp.?
Canine care grp.?
Canine grp.?
Canine org.
Canine-fixer's org.
Cap-and-crown org.?
Cavity filler's org.
Cavity fillers' org.
Cavity-fighting org.
Cavity-filler's grp.
Central Oklahoma city
Central Oklahoma town
"Character in ""Bleak House."""
Charlemagne's sister
City SE of Oklahoma City
City SE of Oklahoma City.
City SSE of Enid
City SSW of Tulsa
City about an hour from Oklahoma City
City in Okla.
City in Okla. or Minn.
City in Oklahoma
City in Oklahoma.
City in central Oklahoma
City in the Sooner State
"City in which Grisham's ""The Innocent Man"" is set"
City south of Tulsa
City southeast of Oklahoma City
City southwest of Tulsa
"Clare of ""Bleak House"""
Colgate box letters
Colgate tube letters
Colgate-endorsing org.
College town of Ohio or Oklahoma
Computer language
Computer language developed by the U.S. Department of Defense
Computer language named after the Countess of Lovelace
Computer language named for Lord Byron's daughter
Computer language named for a mathematician
Computer language named for the Countess of Lovelace
Computer language similar to Pascal
Computer pioneer Lovelace
"Computer pioneer Lovelace (woo-hoo, women in tech!)"
Computer programmer Lovelace
Computer programming language
Computer programming pioneer Lovelace
Computer-programming language
Computing pioneer Lovelace
"Courtroom second, briefly"
Cousin of Fortran
Crest letters
Crest letters?
Critic Huxtable
Critic ___ Louise Huxtable
Critic___ Louise Huxtable
Crown-makers org.
D.D.S. grp.
D.D.S.'s group
DDS org.
DDS's group
DDS. group
DMD.s group
DOD computer language named after Lady Lovelace
Decay-fighting org.
Dental org.
Dentist's group
Dentist's grp.
Dentist's org.
Dentists' gp.
Dentists' org.
Dickens character.
Dickens girl.
Dickens heroine
Down-in-the-mouth org.?
Driller's gp.
Driller's gp.?
Driller's org.
Driller's org.?
Drillers org.?
Drillers' gp.
Drillers' grp.
Drillers' org.
Drillers' org.?
Drilling grp.
Early computer lang.
English mathematician Lovelace
Extractors' org.
Feminine name.
Feminist hero/computer programmer Lovelace
Fillers' org.
First computer language used for embedded systems
Flossing advocacy gp.
Flossing advocacy grp.
Flossing-endorsing org.
Fluoride-pushing org.
Girl's name
"Girl's name meaning ""beauty."""
Girl's name meaning beauty.
Girl's name meaning noble.
Girl's name.
Give Kids a Smile org.
Governor of Guam
Gp. concerned with fluoride safety
Gp. for fillers and drillers
Grp. Concerned with crowns and plates
Grp. concerned with canine health
Grp. concerned with drilling
Grp. who runs the site mouthhealthy.org
Grp. with a lot of pull?
Grp. with pull?
"Helen Hayes role in ""Airport"""
"Heroine in ""The Piano"""
"Heroine of ""The Piano"""
High-level computer language
"Holly Hunter in ""The Piano"""
Holly Hunter role
"Holly's role in ""The Piano"""
Home of Ohio Northern U.
Home to Ohio Northern University
"Hunter's role in ""The Piano"""
Huxtable or Rehan
Huxtable the Pulitzer winner
Idaho county
Idaho's most populous county
Initials in toothcare
Initials on a toothpaste box
Initials on some toothpaste tubes
Initials on toothpaste
Inits. on a toothpaste box
Inits. on a toothpaste tube
Its members employ hygienists: Abbr.
Jeeter's wife
Language based on Pascal
"Lead role in ""The Piano"""
Legislation that protects people with impairments: Abbr.
Lengthiest Nabokov novel
Lengthy Nabokov novel
Letters in canine care
Letters on a Crest tube
Letters on a Tom's of Maine box
Letters on a toothpaste tube
Letters on many tubes of toothpaste
Letters on some mouthrinses
Letters on some mouthwash
Letters on some tubes
Letters on toothpaste boxes
Letters on toothpaste tubes
Leverson or Huxtable
Liberal D.C. group
Liberal grp. on Capitol Hill
Listerine bottle abbr.
Listerine-bottle abbr.
Literary title character from the planet Antiterra
Literary title character with a palindromic name
Locale of Ohio Northern University
Lord Byron's daughter
Lord Byron's daughter Lovelace
Louise Huxtable
Lovelace of computer lore
Lovelace of early computing
"Lovelace who was called ""The Enchantress of Numbers"""
"Many a ""Law & Order"" character, for short"
Mathematician Byron
Mathematician Lovelace
Michigan city that's hosting the Foremost Insurance Championship
Minnesota city
"Miss Claire of ""Bleak House."""
"Miss Clare of ""Bleak House"""
"Miss Clare of ""Bleak House."""
Miss Rehan
Molar mender's org.
Most populous Idaho county
Most populous county of Idaho
MouthHealthy.org grp.
MouthHealthy.org org.
Mouthwash bottle abbr.
Ms Comstock
Ms. Huxtable or Rehan
Ms. Rehan
Nabakov novel
Nabobkov novel
Nabokov book
Nabokov character
Nabokov girl
Nabokov heroine
Nabokov novel
Nabokov novel set on Antiterra
Nabokov opus
Nabokov title
Nabokov title character
Nabokov title heroine
Nabokov tome
Nabokov work
Nabokov's longest novel
Nabokov's longest work
Nabokovian woman
"Name meaning ""beauty."""
Neilson or Leverson
"Nicole in ""Cold Mountain"""
"Nicole's ""Cold Mountain"" role"
"Nicole's role in ""Cold Mountain"""
Novel by Nabokov
Novelist Leverson
OK city
Occlusion seminar sponsor
Odontologist's org.
Ohio Northern University city
Ohio Northern University locale
Ohio Northern University town
Ohio Northern University's city
Ohio Northern University's home
Ohio campus town
Ohio college locale
Ohio college town
Ohio university town
Oil city in Oklahoma
Oil city of Oklahoma.
Okla. city
Oklahoma City neighbor
Oklahoma birthplace of Oral Roberts
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma city near Oral Roberts's birthplace
Oklahoma city.
Oklahoma county seat
Oklahoma county seat.
Oklahoma oil city.
Oklahoma oil town
Oklahoma town
Operator of MouthHealthy.org
Oral health org.
Oral surgeon's org.
Oral-B recommender
Oral-health advocate
Oral-health org.
Org. A.E.S. belonged to
Org. cited on some tubes
Org. concerned with bridges
Org. concerned with bridges and canals
Org. concerned with canine health
Org. concerned with caps and crowns
Org. concerned with crowns
Org. concerned with decay
Org. concerned with oral health
Org. concerned with tooth care
Org. fighting decay
Org. for a periodontist
Org. for bridge builders
Org. for bridge builders?
Org. for cavity fillers
Org. for cavity fixers
Org. for dentists
Org. for drillers
Org. for drillers and fillers
Org. for drillers?
Org. for drillmasters?
Org. for fillers and drillers
Org. for periodontists
Org. for smiley faces?
Org. for some drillers
Org. for some extractors
Org. for those looking down in the mouth?
Org. for tooth doctors
Org. for tooth drillers
Org. founded by H.H.H.
Org. listed a toothpaste box
Org. mentioned on toothpaste boxes
Org. mentioned on tubes of toothpaste
Org. named on toothpaste tubes
Org. on a Tom's of Maine tube
Org. on a box of Crest
Org. on a toothpaste box
Org. on a toothpaste tube
Org. on many tubes of toothpaste
Org. on toothpaste boxes
Org. on toothpaste tubes
Org. one hopes has approved one's toothpaste
Org. promoting water fluoridization
Org. quoted on some toothpaste tubes
Org. quoted on toothpaste tubes
Org. recommending brushing
Org. recommending flossing
Org. recommending regular checkups
Org. that approves Aim
Org. that approves toothpastes
Org. that backed A.E.S.
Org. that drills
Org. that encourages flossing
Org. that endorses toothpaste
Org. that knows its roots?
Org. that promotes smiley faces
Org. that promotes sugarless gum
Org. that puts its seal on Listerine
Org. that rates members of Cong.
Org. that rates members of Congress on their liberalism
Org. that recommends flossing
Org. that supports water fluoridation
Org. whose logo appears on toothpaste tubes
Org. whose members look down in the mouth?
Org. whose name appears on many tubes of toothpaste
Org. with a Seal of Acceptance
Org. with a lot of pull
"Org. with an annual ""Step Out"" walking fundraiser"
Org. with an oral fixation?
Org. with crowning achievements?
Org. with members who perform cosmetic procedures
Org. with pull
Org. working on bridges
Orthodontist's gp.
Orthodontist's grp.
Orthodontist's org.
Orthodontists' org.
"Oscar-winning role for Holly in ""The Piano"""
Palindromic Nabokov novel
Palindromic Nabokov title
Palindromic Oklahoma city
Palindromic Oklahoma town
Palindromic Sooner city
Palindromic city
Palindromic city in Oklahoma
Palindromic computer language
Palindromic female name
Palindromic feminine name
Palindromic girl
Palindromic girl's name
"Palindromic heroine of ""The Piano"""
Palindromic lady
Palindromic name
"Palindromic seat of Pontotoc County, Okla."
Palindromic woman
Palindromic woman's name
Pascal-based language
Periodontist's gp.
Periodontist's gr.
Periodontist's grp.
Periodontist's org.
Periodontists' org.
Pioneering programmer Lovelace
Polit. group.
Political group.
Political group: Abbr.
Political org.
Pontotoc Oklahoma county seat
Pontotoc county seat
Pro-canine org.?
Pro-flossing org.
Pro-fluoridation org.
Programming language akin to Pascal
Programming language based on Pascal
Programming language developed by the Department of Defense
Programming language developed for the Department of Defense
Programming language named after a female computer science pioneer
Programming language named for Lord Byron's daughter
Programming language named for the first programmer
Programming language similar to Pascal
Programming pioneer Lovelace
Programming pioneer ___ Lovelace
"Prosecutor's title, perhaps"
Prosecutorial deputy (abbr.)
Prosecutorial underling: Abbr.
Pulitzer winner Huxtable
Pulitzer winner Louise Huxtable
Pulitzer winner ___ Louise Huxtable
Pulitzer-winner Louise Huxtable
Pulitzer-winning critic ___ Louise Huxtable
Rehan of IRELAND
Rehan of the early stage
Rehan of the stage
Rehan or Huxtable
"Richard's love in ""Bleak House"""
"Role for Nicole in ""Cold Mountain"""
"Ruby's friend in ""Cold Mountain"""
Seat of Oklahoma's Pontotoc County
"Seat of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma"
She's a district attorney
"Simon & Garfunkel's ""I ___ Rock"""
Site of East Central Oklahoma State University
Site of Ohio Northern U.
Site of the Chickasaw Nation's headquarters
Sooner State city
Sooner State town
Source of Toothflix DVDs
Sponsor of the Give Kids a Smile program
Start of a Vladimir Nabokov novel
Susan Hayward film
Susan Hayward film: 1961
This org. has a lot of pull
Titular Nabokov woman
Tooth care gp.
Tooth care grp.
Tooth care org.
Tooth decay-fighting org.
Tooth docs' org.
Tooth doctor's gp.
Tooth doctor's grp.
Tooth doctor's org.
Tooth doctors' org.
Tooth dr.'s org.
Tooth fillers' grp.
Tooth org.
Tooth pros' org.
Tooth pullers' grp.
Tooth pullers' org.
Tooth tender's org.
Tooth treaters' org.
Tooth-care org.
Tooth-care pros' org.
Tooth-doctor's org.
Tooth-puller's org.
Toothbrush-endorsing org.
Toothpaste abbr.
Toothpaste approval org.
"Toothpaste approvers, for short"
Toothpaste approvers: Abbr.
Toothpaste box abbr.
Toothpaste box inits.
Toothpaste box letters
Toothpaste box ltrs.
Toothpaste box org.
Toothpaste endorser
Toothpaste endorser (abbr.)
Toothpaste letters
Toothpaste raters' org.
"Toothpaste recommenders, at times (abbr.)"
Toothpaste tube abbr.
Toothpaste tube initials
Toothpaste tube inits.
Toothpaste tube letters
Toothpaste tube ltrs.
Toothpaste tube org.
Toothpaste tube palindrome
Toothpaste- endorsing gp.
Toothpaste-approving grp.
Toothpaste-approving org.
Toothpaste-certifying org.
Toothpaste-endorsing gp.
Toothpaste-endorsing grp.
Toothpaste-endorsing org.
Toothpaste-evaluating org.
Toothpaste-recommending org.
Toothpaste-tube abbr.
Toothpullers' grp.
Toothy gp.?
Toothy group
Toothy grp.?
Town that's home to Ohio Northern University
Tube inits.
Vladimir Nabokov character
Vladimir Nabokov novel
Wife and frequent subject of artist Alex Katz
"Woman's name, either way you look at it"
Writer Huxtable
Writer ___ Louise Huxtable
Writer___Louise Huxtable
___ Accepted (phrase on many CVS boxes)
___ Accepted (toothpaste phrase)
"___ Lovelace (mathematician called the ""first programmer"")"
"___ Lovelace, computer pioneer"
"___ Lovelace, computer programming pioneer"
"___ Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron and the first computer programmer"
___ Lovelace: Lord Byron's daughter
___ Rehan.
"___ Wong (""Resident Evil"" spy)"
"___, Mich. (site of the Foremost Insurance Championship)"
mouthhealthy.org org.
Org concerned with securing crows
Abbr. on a toothpaste box
Oklahoma city
Toothpaste-endorsing gp.
Crest package letters
Oklahoma city
Lead prosecutor's second chair (abbr.)
Palindromic Idaho county
Nabokov novel
Org. on toothpaste tubes
Oral health org.
Toothpaste box letters
Aim-endorsing org
Idaho county
Nabokov novel
Nabokov's longest novel
Prosecutor's aide, for short
Mouthguards course offerer
Oklahoma city
Nabokov novel
Org. endorsing toothpaste
"Give Kids a Smile" org.
Fluoride-promoting org.
Oklahoma city
Nabokov novel
Oklahoma city
Programming pioneer Lovelace
Palindromic Oklahoma city
Org. mentioned on tubes of toothpaste
Nabokov title heroine
Cavity filler's org.
Nabokov novel
Holly's role in "The Piano"
Govt. lawyer
Oral health org.
''Give Kids a Smile'' org
Computing pioneer Lovelace
Mouth Healthy org.
Colgate-endorsing org.
Mouth rinse bottle abbr.
Toothpaste-endorsing org.
Toothpaste-endorsing org.
Org. on mouthwash bottles
Nabokov novel
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma city
Nabokov novel
Nabokov novel
Proprietor of MouthHealthy.org
Oral health org.
Oral health org.
Nabokov novel
Critic Louise Huxtable
Critic Louise Huxtable
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma city
Purveyor of the Toothflix app
Org. supporting flossing
Toothpaste tube letters
Oral health org.
Orthodontist's org.
Oklahoma city
Crown-installing org.
Palindromic Nabokov title
Oklahoma city
Garden party?
Canine-care org.
Nabokov novel
Oral health org.
Toothpaste box abbr.
Org. on a toothpaste box
Oklahoma city
Oral hygiene org.
Nabokov novel
Toothpaste box letters
Oral Pathologist app seller
___Mackenzie (celebrated lady golfer)
Abbreviation on a toothpaste tube
Oklahoma city
Sooner State city
Computer language named for a female mathematician
Orthodontists' org.
Org. for oral surgeons
Abbr. on a tube
Tooth care org.
Oral health org.
Nabokov novel
Law regarding access for the handicapped, for short
Nabokov novel
City south of Seminole, Okla.
Toothpaste-approving org.
Oklahoma city
Nabokov novel
Oklahoma city
Fluoride-touting org.
Golfer Mackenzie
Nabokov novel
Toothpaste-approving org.
Oral health org.
Nabokov novel
Toothpaste-box letters
Computing pioneer Lovelace
Oklahoma city
Org. for cavity fillers
Org. producing flossing videos
Crown installer's org.
Iconic lady golfer Mackenzie
Tooth pros' org.
Dudley the Dinosaur's org.
____ MacKenzie ( legendary lady golfer)
Org. supporting flossing
Nabokov novel
Toothpaste-pushing org.
Nabokov book
Nabokov novel
Oklahoma city
Toothpaste tube org.
Org. encouraging flossing
Law with bldg. requirements
Oklahoma city
Nabokov novel
Source of oral-exam assistance
Whimsical alternative to "voila!"
Oral health org.
Programming language named for the first programmer
Lovelace of early computing
Org. for dentists
Nabokov novel
Anticavity org.
Org. with oral reports?
Nabokov novel
Palindromic girl's name
Oklahoma city
Org. on a toothpaste tube
Programming pioneer Lovelace
Nabokov heroine
Nabokov's longest novel
Abbreviation on a toothpaste box
Org. promoting fluoridation
MouthHealthy.org initials
Nabokov novel
Flossing advocate: Abbr.
Oklahoma city
Org. for drillers and fillers
Oral health org.end
Oklahoma city
Palindromic Nabokov novel
Nabokov opus
Org. encouraging flossing
Cavity-fighting org.
Org. that promotes flossing
Oklahoma city
Nabokov novel
MouthHealthy.org professional group (Abbr.)
City in Oklahoma
Oklahoma city
Tooth doctor's org.
Tooth-care pros' org.
Nabokov novel
Crown installer's org.
Org. on boxes of toothpaste
Nabokov title
Initials on a toothpaste tube
Nabokov novel
Mouthwash-endorsing org.
Orthodontists' org.
Org. with the 'Give Kids a Smile' initiative
Toothpaste-endorsing group (Abbr.)
Junior prosecutor: Abbr.
Lovelace of computing fame
Pioneering programmer Lovelace
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma city
Oklahoma city
Mouthwash endorsing org.
Org. for tooth drillers
Girl's name
Toothpaste box org.