The word ADELE has appeared in at least 379 clues on different crosswords.

"""19"" and ""21"" singer"
"""19"" singer"
"""21"" and ""19"" singer"
"""21"" artist"
"""21"" singer"
"""Chasing Pavements"" Grammy winner"
"""Chasing Pavements"" singer"
"""Die Fledermaus"" chambermaid"
"""Die Fledermaus"" character."
"""Die Fledermaus"" coloratura"
"""Die Fledermaus"" maid"
"""Die Fledermaus"" soubrette"
"""Fascinating Aida"" performer Anderson"
"""Fledermaus"" maid"
"""Fledermaus"" maid."
"""Hello"" singer"
"""Jane Eyre"" child"
"""Jane Eyre"" girl"
"""Jane Eyre"" girl ___ Varens"
"""Rolling in the Deep"" singer"
"""Rolling in the Deep"" singer, 2010"
"""Rumour Has It"" singer"
"""Set Fire to the Rain"" singer"
"""Skyfall"" chanteuse"
"""Skyfall"" singer"
"""Skyfall"" songstress"
"""Skyfall"" vocalist"
"""Someone Like You"" singer"
"""Someone Like You"" singer, 2011"
"""Someone Like You"" vocalist"
"""The Story of -- H"""
"""The Story of ___ H"""
"""The Story of ___ H"" (1975 film)"
"""The Story of ___ H"" (1975 movie)"
"""The Story of ___ H"": 1975 Truffaut film"
"""The Story of ___ H."""
"""The Story of ___ H.,"" 1975 film"
"""The Story of___H"""
"""Turning Tables"" singer"
"""When We Were Young"" singer"
'21' singer
'Die Fledermaus' maid
'Hello' singer of 2015
'Rolling in the Deep' singer
'Skyfall' singer
'Someone Like You' singer
'The Story of -- H.' (1975 film)
'The Story of ___ H'
'The Story of ___ H' (1975 Fran
2008 Best New Artist Grammy winner
2009 Best New Artist (Grammys)
2009 Grammy winner for Best New Artist
2009 Grammy-winning vocalist
2012 Album of the Year artist
40's-50's actress___Mara
A dancing Astaire
A take-out girl
AP Entertainer of the Year for 2012
An Astaire
An Astaire.
"Astaire of ""Funny Face"""
Astaire of Broadway
Astaire of dance
Astaire or Jergens
Astaire partner
Astaire sibling
Astaire sister
Astaire with a skirt
Astaire with steps
Astaire's dancing sister
Astaire's partner then.
Astaire's sister
B films actress Jergens
Best New Artist Grammy winner of 2008
Best New Artist Grammy winner of 2009
Best New Artist at the 2009 Grammy Awards
Big name in pop music
Big sister and dance partner of Fred Astaire
Billboard Artist of the Year for 2011 and 2012
Billboard's Artist of the Year for 2011
Billboard's Artist of the Year for 2011 and 2012
"British ""19"" singer"
British pop mononym
British pop singer
British pop star
"British singer with ""Someone Like You"""
"British singer with the age-related albums ""19"" and ""21"""
British singer with the albums '19' and '21'
British singing sensation
British singing star
British superstar singer
Canadian novelist Wiseman
Dance partner for Fred
Dancer Astaire
Dancer Fred's dancing sister
Dancer Fred's sister
Dancer with Fred
Dancing Astaire
Dancing Fred's sister
Dancing sister of a famous dancer
Della's cousin
Designer Simpson
Die Fledermaus chambermaid
Die Fledermaus coloratura
Die Fledermaus role
Distaff Astaire
Dress designer Simpson
English singer whose last name is Adkins
Fashion designer Simpson
Fashion designer Varens
Fashion maven Simpson
Fashion's Simpson
Fashionable Simpson
"Feminine name meaning ""noble"""
Feminine name.
First female singer to have three different singles in Billboard's Top 10 at one time
First name in dance
Fred Astaire's dancing sister
Fred Astaire's sis
Fred Astaire's sister
Fred s sister
Fred s vaudeville partner
"Fred's ""Funny Face"" costar on Broadway"
"Fred's Broadway ""Funny Face"" partner"
Fred's co-dancer
Fred's dance partner
Fred's dancing partner
Fred's dancing sister
Fred's early dance partner
Fred's early dancing partner
Fred's early partner
Fred's familial partner
Fred's first dance partner
Fred's first dancing partner
Fred's first partner
Fred's light-footed sister
Fred's one-time dancing partner
Fred's onstage partner
Fred's partner
Fred's pre-Hollywood dancing partner
Fred's sis
Fred's sister
Fred's sister and dance partner
Fred's sister.
Fred's vaudeville partner
French girl's name.
Gallic name.
Ginger's predecessor
Girl's name
Girl's name.
"Grammy winner for ""21"""
"Grammy winner for 2011's ""Someone Like You"""
"Grammy-winning ""Chasing Pavements"" Brit"
"Grammy-winning ""Cold Shoulder"" Brit"
"Grammy-winning ""Hometown Glory"" Brit"
Grammy-winning British vocalist
"Gustav Klimt's ""Portrait of ___ Bloch-Bauer I"""
"H, e.g., in the literary world"
High-heeled Astaire
Jane Eyre's charge
Jane Eyre's charge ___ Varens
Jane Eyre's pupil
Jane Eyre's student
Jergens of old film
Jergens or Astaire
"Maid in ""Die Fledermaus"""
Maid in Die Fledermaus
"Mononymous ""Rumour Has It"" singer"
Mononymous singer whose surname is Adkins
Mr. Rochester's ward
Mr. Rochester's ward.
Mrs. Stephen A. Douglas.
Ms. Astaire
"Musician whose collaboration with Wiz Khalifa for his album ""Blacc Hollywood"" was scrapped"
NW Australian island
"Name meaning ""noble"""
Noted Astaire
Nutrition author Davis
One Astaire
One of Fred's dance partners
One of Fred's dancing partner
One of Fred's dancing partners
One of the Astaires
One of the Astaires.
One of the dancing Astaires
"One-named ""Someone Like You"" singer"
One-named British pop singer
One-named pop star
One-named singer
One-named singer (whose last name is Adkins)
"One-named singer of ""Rolling in the Deep"""
"One-named singer of ""Skyfall"""
One-named singer of 'Someone Like You'
"One-named singer with ""19"" and ""21"""
One-named singer with the 2008 Grammy for Best New Artist
"One-named singer with the 2010 hit ""Rolling in the Deep"""
"One-named singer with the albums ""19"" and ""21"""
One-named singing star with the surname Adkins
Operatic maid
"Oscar winner for ""Skyfall"""
"Oscar-winning ""Skyfall"" singer"
Oscar-winning 'Skyfall' singer
Partner of Fred
Pop megastar with the last name Adkins
Pop singer who released '19' and '21'
Popular singing star
Predecessor of Ginger
Relative of Delia.
"Role in ""Die Fledermaus."""
Role in 'Die Fledermaus.'
"Role in Strauss's ""Die Fledermaus"""
Romance novelist Ashworth
Romance writer Ashworth
Sainte-___ (Laurentian resort town)
She did a Bond song
She has a mark to get rid of
She preceded Ginger
"She recorded the album ""21"""
"She released ""21"" in 2011"
"She released the albums ""19"" and ""21"""
She went six-for-six at the Grammys
Simpson of fashion
Simpson or Astaire
"Singer of ""Skyfall"""
"Singer of ""Skyfall,"" 2012 Oscar winner for Best Original Song"
Singer of numbered albums
"Singer of the 2011 #1 hit ""Someone Like You"""
Singer of the 2012 Bond film theme
Singer who has named all her albums after her age when she wrote them
Singer who rarely uses her last name of Adkins
Singer who was awarded an M.B.E. in 2013
Singer whose surname is Adkins
Singer with the 2011 album '21'
"Singer with the 2015 album ""25"""
"Singer with the 7x platinum single ""Rolling in the Deep"""
"Singer with the albums ""19"" and ""21"""
"Singer with the hit albums ""19"" and ""21"""
Singer with the most-recent diamond-selling album
"Singer with the multiplatinum albums ""19"" and ""21"""
Sister and dance partner of Fred Astaire
Sister of Fred
Sister of Fred Astaire
Six-Grammy winner in 2012
"Soulful ""Right as Rain"" Brit"
The dancing sister
"Topped almost every chart with ""21"""
Truffant subject
"Truffaut's ""The Story of ___ H:"
Vaudeville dancer Astaire
Victor Hugo's wife
Wife or daughter of Victor Hugo
Winner of six 2011 Grammys
Winner of six Grammys in 2012
"___ Hugo, 1975 Isabelle Adjani role based on a real-life story"
"___ Varens, in ""Jane Eyre"""
"""Rolling in the Deep"" chanteuse"
One-named singer
“Hello” singer
British pop sensation
She recorded the album "21"
“Hello” singer
‘Someone Like You’ singer
‘Hello’ artist
“Someone Like You” singer
Fred's dancing sister
Singer with the albums "19," "21" and "25"
One-named singer with 10 Grammys
'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' singer
"Rolling in the Deep" singer
'Skyfall' singer
Best New Artist winner at the 2009 Grammys
"Skyfall" singer
"Skyfall" singer
2008 Best New Artist Grammy winner
"Hello" singer
"Hello" singer
Young adult fiction writer Griffin
"Chasing Pavements" singer
"Hello" singer
British singer-songwriter who won six prizes at the 2012 Grammy Awards
"Hello" singer
"Hello" singer
One-named "Skyfall" singer
Her "Hello" was a big hit
2016 Billboard Top Artist
Loss via default
One-named singer who won the 2016 Album of the Year
Two-time Billboard Top Artist awardee
Two-time Billboard Top Artist awardee
"Hello" singer
"Hello" singer
"Hello" Grammy winner
"Hello" singer
London-born singing star
'Hello' singer, 2015
Singer who won five 2016 Grammys
Porter perhaps carries case for divine woman
British singer-songwriter; winner of 15 Grammy Awards between 2009-17
"Hello" singer of 2015
Simpson of fashion
"Skyfall" singer
"Skyfall" singer
Singer's built stage without wings
"Skyfall" singer, 2012
"Hello" singer
One-named "All I Ask" singer
Singer with the albums "19," "21" and "25"
Singer led drunkenly into A&E
Singer awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth
"Skyfall" singer
Fred Astaire's dancing sister
"Skyfall" singer
Singing star from London
British singer of ''Skyfall''
Singer with the albums "19," "21" and "25"
"Skyfall" singer
"Rumour Has It" singer
"Skyfall" singer
"Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" singer
2012 winner of Billboard's Top Artist of the Year
British superstar singer
'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' singer, 2015
One-named singer with five 2015 Grammys
"Skyfall" singer
British singing star
"Skyfall" singer
"Hello" singer
"25" album maker
Fred's dancing partner
One-named singer with 15 Grammys
Singer whose three studio albums have numerical titles
"Skyfall" singer
Oscar-winning "Skyfall" singer
British pop star
Her debut album was "19"
One-named singer
Fred Astaire's dancing sister
"Hello" singer
Simpson of fashion
One-named British pop star
"Hello" singer
"Hello" balladeer
Billboard's year-end Top Artist for 2011, 2012, and 2016
Singer with the multiplatinum albums '19,' '21' and '25'
Singer of "Skyfall," 2012 Oscar winner for Best Original Song
Fred's dancing partner
Astaire with steps
"Someone Like You" singer
One-named singer whose last name is Adkins
"Set Fire to the Rain" singer
"Hello" Grammy winner
British songstress
One-named "Skyfall" singer
Two-time Billboard Top Artist winner
2017 Song of the Year winner for "Hello"
"Skyfall" singer
One-named singer whose three studio albums have numerical titles
"Rumour Has It" singer
"Hello" and "Skyfall" singer
"Hello" Grammy winner
'Water Under the Bridge' singer, 2016
"25" album maker
Singing superstar born in Tottenham
"Chasing Pavements" singer
"Rolling in the Deep" singer
Big name in pop music
Two-time Billboard Artist of the Year
"Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" singer
"Chasing Pavements" singer
"21" artist
Jane Eyre's pupil
British pop singer
One-named British singer with 15 Grammy Awards
"25" vocalist
Fred Astaire's dancing sister
First female singer to have three simultaneous solo top 10 singles
Fred's dancing partner