The word ADIEU has appeared in at least 529 clues on different crosswords.

"""'Til tomorrow, Toulouse!"""
"""Arrivederci!"" relative"
"""Arrivederci"" relative"
"""Au revior"""
"""Au revoir!"""
"""Au revoir!"" relative"
"""Au revoir"""
"""Bon soir"""
"""Bon voyage"" alternative"
"""Bye bye"" in France"
"""Bye, Georges!"""
"""Bye,"" abroad"
"""Bye,"" in Brest"
"""Bye,"" in some countries"
"""Bye,"" somewhere"
"""Bye-bye, Brigitte"""
"""Bye-bye, Jacques!"""
"""Bye-bye, mon ami"""
"""Cheers,"" across the Channel"
"""Ciao!"" kin"
"""Ciao,"" in Chamonix"
"""Farewell"" from France"
"""Farewell, Francois!"""
"""Farewell, Francoise!"""
"""Farewell, Fran
"""Farewell, Fran
"""Farewell, Fran
"""Farewell, Fran
"""Farewell, Gabrielle!"""
"""Farewell, Monique!"""
"""Farewell, Pierre"""
"""Farewell, ch
"""Farewell, mon ami!"""
"""Farewell, mon ami"""
"""Farewell,"" to Jacques"
"""Farewell,"" to Jean Cocteau"
"""Farewell,"" to Jean Genet"
"""Farewell,"" to Victor Hugo"
"""Goodbye, Genevieve!"""
"""Goodbye, Georgette"""
"""Goodbye, Luc!"""
"""Goodbye, Pierre"""
"""Goodbye, cheri!"""
"""Goodbye, cheri"""
"""Goodbye, mon ami!"""
"""Goodbye, mon ami"""
"""Goodbye,"" in Grenoble"
"""I bid you a fond ___"""
"""I'm gone"" in Dijon"
"""Later,"" in Le Mans"
"""See ya!"", at the Sorbonne"
"""See ya,"" in Soissons"
"""See you at next year's French Open!"""
"""See you later"" in Montreal"
"""See you"""
"""So long!"""
"""So long"""
"""So long"" on the Seine"
"""So long, Pierre!"""
"""So long, Simone!"""
"""So long, Simone"""
"""So long, Solange!"""
"""So long, mon ami"""
"""So long,"" at the Sorbonne"
"""Ta ta,"" in Toulouse"
"""Ta ta,"" to Tati"
"""Ta-ta,"" in Montreal"
"""Ta-ta,"" in Tours"
"""Till we meet again"""
'Au revoir'
'Ciao!' kin
"'Farewell, Francois!'"
"'Later, Luc!'"
"'Later,' in Lyon"
'See you' in S
'So long!'
"'So long, Pierre!'"
"'So long, St
"'So long, mon ami'"
**Parting word
A farewell remark
A fond ___
A fond farewell
A last word
A person may go off with this
A word before you go
Affected goodbye
Ami's good-bye
Amiens farewell!
Angers farewell
Arrivederci kin
"Arrivederci, in Arles"
Au revoir
Au revoir!
Au revoir's cousin
Au revoir's kin
Au revoir.
Balzac book: 1832
Balzac work
"Bayou ""bye"""
Bayou bye
Bid ___
Bid one ___ (depart)
Bid parting
Bid word
"Bon voyage, maybe"
Bonjour's opposite
Bordeaux bye
Bordeaux bye-bye
Bourgeois bye-bye
Brest 'Bye!'
"Brigitte Bardot's ""'Bye-bye!"""
Brittany bye
Bye at the French Open?
Bye by Bordeaux
Bye line?
"Bye that's ""bid"""
Bye that's bid
Bye word
Bye word?
"Bye, in Bordeaux"
"Bye, in Brittany"
"Bye, in France"
"Bye, somewhere"
"Bye, somewhere overseas"
"Bye-bye, in Bordeaux"
"Bye-bye, in Burgundy"
"Bye-bye, in France"
"Bye-bye, in Marseilles"
"Celine's ""see ya"""
Cherbourg ciao
"Chic ""Bye"""
"Ciao, in Chartres"
Closing bid?
Continental farewell
Debussy's farewell
Die surrounded by gold: Nice way of saying goodbye?
Exit word
Exiter's exclamation
"Exiter's exclamation, sometimes"
Fancy goodbye
Farewell Yves
Farewell abroad
Farewell commotion overheard (5)
Farewell from France
"Farewell from Sadie, unhappily (5)"
Farewell in Cannes
Farewell in France
Farewell notice that is ugly to begin with (5)
Farewell somehow?
Farewell that is bid
"Farewell that's ""bid"""
Farewell to the French
Farewell to the French?
"Farewell, Francois"
"Farewell, Jacques"
"Farewell, Yves"
"Farewell, abroad"
"Farewell, at the French Open"
"Farewell, in Fontainebleau"
"Farewell, in France"
"Farewell, in Paris"
"Farewell, in Quebec"
"Farewell, mon amour"
"Farewell, on the Riviera"
"Farewell, somewhere"
"Farewell, to Fifi"
"Farewell, to Francois"
"Farewell, to Francoise"
"Farewell, to Fran
"Farewell, to Fran
Fifi's farewell
Final bid?
Final word
Final word at Orly
Flaubert's farewell
"Flowery ""ta-ta"""
Foix farewell
Fond farewell
Foreign farewell
Formal goodbye
Francois farewell
Francois' farewell
Francois's farewell
French departure word
French farewell
French good-bye
French goodbye
French leave
French leave-taking.
French leave?
French parting
French wave?
Frenchman's bid
Gabon goodbye
Gallic goodbye
Gascony good-bye
Gigi's goodbye
Giselle's goodbye
"Good-bye, in Grenoble"
"Good-bye, in Marseilles"
"Good-bye, to Jean"
Good-bye: Fr.
Goodbye Cherie!
Goodbye from Chevalier
Goodbye from Grenoble
Goodbye in Gascony
Goodbye in Grenoble
"Goodbye, at the Evian Masters"
"Goodbye, in Arles"
"Goodbye, in France"
"Goodbye, in Grenoble"
"Goodbye, in Lyon"
"Goodbye, somewhere"
"Goodbye, to the French"
Haitian separation exclamation
It can be bid
It may be bid
It may be bid in the end
It may be bid sadly
"It means ""Go with God"""
It might be heard at a French door
It's bid
It's bid at Orly
It's bid fondly
It's bid in Brest
It's often bid
It's the last word in Tours
Its usually bid
Jacques Cousteau's goodbye
Jacques' farewell
Jacques's farewell
Last thing bid?
Last word in Tours
Last word?
"Later, in Lourdes"
"Later, mon ami!"
Leave-taking word
Leave-taking word.
Leaving word
Leaving word?
"Left Bank's ""goodbye"""
"Literally, ""to God"""
"Lyons ""Later"""
Mademoiselle's goodbye
Marseilles farewell
Melodramatic goodbye
Melodramatic parting word
"Nana Mouskouri's ""___ Angelina"""
Napoleon's farewell
Nice bye-bye
Nice farewell
Nice farewell?
Nice good-bye
Nice good-bye?
Nice goodbye
Nice goodbye?
Nice parting
Nice wave?
Notice you said goodbye (5)
Orly send-off
Paris parting
"Paris version of ""arrivederci"""
Parisian farewell
Parisian goodbye
Parisian's parting
Parisian's parting word
Parting mot
Parting of the Seine?
Parting remark
Parting that's bid
Parting word
Parting word at Orly
Parting word
Parting word.
Phillippe's farewell
Pierre's goodbye
Pierre's parting
Pierre's parting word
Polite goodbye
"Rhyme for ""true"" in ""Red River Valley"""
"Schubert's ""Farewell"""
So long
So long to Sarkozy
"So long, Andre"
"So long, by the Seine"
"So long, in Avignon"
"So long, in Brest"
"So long, in Lyon"
"So long, in St.-Etienne"
"So long, in St.-
"So long, mon ami"
Something bid
Something often bid
Something to bid
Something to part with
Something to take off with
Something you might bid
Somme farewell
"St. Lo ""so long"""
Stop wearing gold for so long (5)
"Strasbourg ""So long"""
"Ta ___ta, in Tours"
Ta ta in Tours
Ta-ta in Tours
"Ta-ta, in Toulon"
"Ta-ta, in Tours"
"Ta-ta, in Troyes"
"Ta-ta, to Tati"
Tati's ta ta
Tati's ta-ta
"This fits with ""Bon voyage!"""
"Toodles, in Toulouse"
"Toulouse ""Toodle-oo"""
"Toulouse ""Toodles"""
"Toulouse ""ta ta"""
"Toulouse ""toodles"""
Toulouse ta-ta
Toulouse toodle-oo
Toulouse toodles
"Tours ""So long"""
Tours sendoff
Tours ta ta
Tours ta-ta
Turkish title
Utterance on the way out
Vowel-heavy good-bye
Word at parting.
Word for a person on the go?
Word from a Parisian bouncer?
Word of departure
Word of farewell
Word of farewell.
Word of parting
Word of parting.
Word on taking one's leave
Word on the way out
Word on the way out?
"Word sung twice before ""to you and you and you"""
Word that may be bid
Word that's bid
"Word to ""kind friends"""
French farewell
French farewell
François’ farewell
Versailles send-off
Parting word
"So long!" along the Seine
Versailles send-off
Final bid?
Parting word
Cherbourg ciao
"Farewell, chérie"
"Later, Luc!"
Leaving word
"Farewell, mon ami"
French farewell
French farewell
Farewell that's bid
Parting mot
French "goodbye"
Leaving word
Leave-taking word
Farewell from a French deity
Goodbye, in Paris
French farewell
Parting word
French farewell
French farewell
"Farewell, ma chère"
"Goodbye, mon ami"
Farewell, to Francine
Goodbye (Fr.)
Bye word
French farewell
Leaving word
Authorised to release short farewell
Say goodbye overseas to fresh aid going to community
Parting word
Parting word
It can be bid
It can be bid
A report leaves a stain unless leader gets the last word overseas
Farewell, to Pierre
Farewell, to Pierre
Farewell to Pierre
Farewell to Pierre
Parting word
French farewell
François' farewell
French farewell
French farewell
French farewell
Goodbye, in Paris
Goodbye in Paris
Goodbye (Fr.)
Goodbye (Fr.)
Farewell to Francine
Foreign farewell
''Farewell, François''
"Ta-ta" alternative
Word repeated before "to you and you and you," in a show tune
Farewell, to Pierre
Parting ''mot''
French farewell
"Au revoir!"
"Until tomorrow," in France
Parting word
Parting word
"Until tomorrow!" in Paris
Goodbye in Montreal
Farewell notice that is for all to see
French farewell
"Farewell, my French friend"
Farewell that's bid
Farewell to colourful type on the radio in Australia
Parting word that's 80% vowels
French farewell
"Later, Louis!"
Stop interrupting Athletic and United's leave-taking
Paris parting
Leaving word?
Goodbye to a French deity
French farewell
Fancy send-off
Farewell to colourful type on the radio in Australia
To the French, taking leave
"'Til tomorrow," in Paris
Goodbye, in Paris
Farewell all, distinguished individuals exiting - universally prominent characters
French "see ya"
Bye at the French Open?
"Farewell, ami"
Goodbye (Fr.)
French farewell
Parting word
Farewell, in France
"Ta-ta, mon ami"
Parting word
Gallic farewell
Leaving word?
Farewell from a French deity
Farewell, to Pierre
Parting word
Leaving word
What could be cast in gold for farewell
French farewell
French farewell
François' farewell
French farewell
What to say when taking French leave?
Goodbye, in Paris
Goodbye (Fr.)
"Until we meet again"
One can get cross when farewells are repeated!
Parting word
"Farewell, mon ami"
Word of farewell
Parisian goodbye
Farewell, to Pierre
French farewell