The word AESOP has appeared in at least 419 clues on different crosswords.

"""Belling the Cat"" author"
"""Belling the Cat"" fabulist"
"""Belling the cat"" originator"
"""Boy Who Cried Wolf"" source"
"""Fabulous"" raconteur"
"""Familiarity breeds contempt"" coiner"
"""Familiarity breeds contempt"" fabulist"
"""Lion's share"" fabulist"
"""Mother of invention"" source"
"""Slow and steady wins the race"" source"
"""Slow and steady"" storyteller"
"""Sour grapes"" coiner"
"""Sour grapes"" fabulist"
"""Sour grapes"" originator"
"""Sour grapes"" storyteller"
"""The Ant and the Grasshopper"" author"
"""The Ant and the Grasshopper"" storyteller"
"""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" author"
"""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" fable writer"
"""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" fabulist"
"""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" source"
"""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" storyteller"
"""The Boy Who Cried Wolf"" writer"
"""The Bundle of Sticks"" author"
"""The Cat and the Mice"" author"
"""The Crow and the Fox"" writer"
"""The Crow and the Pitcher"" writer"
"""The Dog and the Bone"" author"
"""The Eagle and the Arrow"" writer"
"""The Fox and the Crow"" fabulist"
"""The Fox and the Crow"" moralizer"
"""The Fox and the Crow"" writer"
"""The Fox and the Grapes"" author"
"""The Fox and the Grapes"" fable writer"
"""The Fox and the Grapes"" reciter"
"""The Fox and the Grapes"" storyteller"
"""The Fox and the Grapes"" writer"
"""The Fox and the Stork"" author"
"""The Frog and the Ox"" author"
"""The Frog and the Ox"" writer"
"""The Frogs Who Desired a King"" author"
"""The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs"" writer"
"""The Goose with the Golden Eggs"" author"
"""The Hares and the Frogs"" writer"
"""The Horse and the Lion"" fabulist"
"""The Lion and the Mouse"" fabulist"
"""The Lion and the Mouse"" moralizer"
"""The Lion and the Mouse"" storyteller"
"""The Lion and the Mouse"" writer"
"""The Lion's Share"" author"
"""The Mischievous Dog"" author"
"""The Old Lion"" storyteller"
"""The Quack Toad"" author"
"""The Rich Man and the Tanner"" fabulist"
"""The Tortoise and the Hare"" author"
"""The Tortoise and the Hare"" fabulist"
"""The Tortoise and the Hare"" penner"
"""The Tortoise and the Hare"" storyteller"
"""The Tortoise and the Hare"" writer"
"""The Two Pots"" storyteller"
"""The Wolf and the Crane"" author"
"""The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"" author"
"""The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"" writer"
"""United we stand, divided we fall"" writer"
"""Venus and the Cat"" writer"
"""___ & Son"": ""The Bullwinkle Show"" feature involving morality tales"
"""___ and Son"": storytelling segment on ""The Bullwinkle Show"""
'Sour grapes' fabulist
'The Crow and the Pitcher' fabulist
'The Crow and the Pitcher' storyteller
'The Lion's Share' author
'The Slave and the Lion' fabulist
47 Fabled fabulist
A child might read his fables
A fabler
A man of morals
A moral fellow
Ancient Andersen?
Ancient Greek author still widely read by kids
Ancient Greek fabler
Ancient Greek storyteller
Ancient fable spinner
Ancient fable teller
Ancient fabulist
Ancient master of didacticism
Ancient moralist
Ancient moralizer
Ancient storyteller
Ancient storyteller who was a slave
Ancient tale teller
Animals were featured in many of his fables
Apologue author
"Author of ""The Cock and the Jewel"" (note: not a pejazzling instruction manual)"
Author of didactic stories
Author of many a moral
Author of many a talking animal story
Author who's probably legendary
B. C. Greek writer.
B. C. fabulist.
B. C. moralist.
B.C. Greek writer.
B.C. fabulist
B.C. storyteller.
Big name in old fables
Certain moral authority
Children's moralist?
Chronicler of a mammal/amphibian challenge
Classical moralist
Classical storyteller
Classical subject of a Vel
"Coiner of the phrase ""dog in the manger"""
"Creator of ""The Tortoise and the Hare"""
Creator of King Log and King Stork.
Creator of a cocky hare
Creator of many talking animals
Early Greek writer.
Early fabulist
Early moralist
Fab fabulist
Fable author
Fable composer
Fable creator
Fable fellow
Fable figure
Fable guy
Fable man
Fable man.
Fable master
Fable penner
Fable source
Fable teller
Fable teller of note
Fable writer
Fabled author
Fabled fabler
Fabled fabulist
Fabled guy?
Fabled man?
Fabled moralist
Fabled narrator
Fabled storyteller
Fabled tale teller
Fabled tale-teller
Fabled writer
Fabler of note
Fabler of yore
Fables source
Fabulist extraordinaire
Fabulist of note
Fabulist of yore
Fabulous Greek
Fabulous author
Fabulous author?
Fabulous fabler
Fabulous fabulist
Fabulous fellow
Fabulous fellow?
Fabulous guy?
Fabulous moralist
Fabulous moralist or moralistic fabulist
Fabulous raconteur
Fabulous story-teller
Fabulous storyteller
Fabulous tale teller
Fabulous writer
Fabulous writer?
Famed fable writer
Famed fabulist
Famous fable teller
Famous fable writer
Famous fabler
Famous fabler.
Famous fabulist
Famous moralist
Famous storyteller.
Giant of fables
Greek author of fables
Greek fable writer
Greek fabler
Greek fabler of yore
Greek fabulist
Greek fabulist.
Greek moralist
Greek moralist.
Greek moralizer
Greek storyteller
Greek who wrote about hare loss
Greek with a storied life
Greek with lessons
Greek with morals
Greek writer
Greek writer of fables
Greek writer.
He told a hare racing story
He told a hare racing tale
He told a hare-racing story
He told animal stories
He told of the ant and grasshopper
He told of the ant and the grasshopper
He warned of sour grapes
He was a fabulous fellow
He was fabulous
"He wrote ""The Lion and the Fox"""
"He wrote about ""sour grapes"""
He wrote about sour grapes
"He wrote of ""sour grapes"""
He wrote of a triumphant tortoise
He wrote of sour grapes
His characters were animals
His many tales featured many tails
His tales have stood the test of time
His tales often featured animals
Historical figure of fable
La Fontaine predecessor
Legendary Greek author
Legendary Greek author.
Legendary creator of talking animals
Legendary didacticist
Legendary fabulist
Legendary story byline
Legendary storyteller
Legendary storyteller of Samos
Life-lesson tale-teller
Literary contemporary of Croesus
Literary moralist
Man famed for his fables
Man of fable
Man of fables
Man of fables.
Man of many fables
Man of many morals
Man of morals
Man of morals?
Man with a fable
Man with many fables
Man with many morals
Man with morals
Master of apologues
Memorable moralist
Memorable slave of Samos.
Model for the writer La Fontaine
Moral authority
Moral authority?
Moral builder
Moral creator
Moral fabulist
Moral man
Moral man?
Moral person?
Moral writer
Moralist of yore
Moralizer of old.
Morals man
Name from 500 B.C.
Name on a children's book of fables
Name on many a children's book
Notable author of animal tales
Noted Greek fable writer
Noted children's writer
Noted didacticist
Noted fabler
Noted fabulist
Noted man of fables
Noted moralist
Noted storyteller
Noted taleteller
Old Greek storyteller
Old fable writer
One-named slave writer
"Originator of the phrase ""Familiarity breeds contempt"""
"Originator of the phrase ""sour grapes"""
Phrygian fabulist
Premier fabulist
Rocky and His Friends moralist
Sixth-century B.C. author
Sixth-century B.C. storyteller
Slave of morals
Slave who became a famous author
Slave who told tales
Slave with a penchant for storytelling
Sour-grapes author
Sour-grapes man
"Source of ""crying wolf"" and ""sour grapes"""
"Source of ""sour grapes"""
Source of ancient fables
"Source of the saying ""The gods help them that help themselves"""
Story teller
Story teller of 6th century B.C.
Story-telling slave
Storyteller cited by Aristotle
Storyteller from Thrace
Storyteller of Samos
Storyteller of legend
Storyteller of old
Storyteller of old Greece
Storyteller of old.
Storyteller of yore
Storyteller with morals
Tale teller
Tale teller?
Tale-with-a-point guy
Talking-beast taleteller.
Teller of a hare-racing story
Teller of fables
Teller of fabulous tales
Teller of tales
The Fable Guy
The Greek poet Babrius versified his stories
The fable guy
There was always a point to what he wrote
Tortoise immortalizer
Underground rapper ___ Rock
"Whence the phrase ""sour grapes"""
"Who told ""The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs"""
Writer about sour grapes
Writer known for his morals
Writer known for moralizing
"Writer of 2,500 years ago."
Writer of 25 centuries ago.
Writer of 2500 years ago.
Writer of 600 B. C.
Writer of animal stories
Writer of many fables
Writer painted by Vel
"Writer who coined the phrase ""sour grapes"""
Writer with morals
___'s Fables
“Sour grapes” fabulist
Ancient storyteller
Creator of a cocky hare
One writing about 'hare loss'?
Fable writer
Famous fable writer
Fabulous writer?
Fable collector
Greek author of fables
Greek fable writer
Originator of the phrase 'the lion's share'
Fabled storyteller
Man of morals?
Man of many morals
Fable author
Moral authority
Fable writer
Fable teller
Fable collector
A model head over heels with old Greek storyteller
Fabulist mentioned by Aristotle
Source of ancient fables
Source of ancient fables
He wrote of talking animals
Ancient man of fables
He wrote of sour grapes
Fable writer
Source of ancient fables
Fabulist who gave us "cry wolf"
Fable writer
Greek storyteller
Fable author
Fable author
Fable writer
Fable writer
'Look before you leap' source
Legendary fabulist
Source of sour grapes
Fable fellow
Greek storyteller
Greek author
Greek storyteller
Famous man of fables
Writer of tales with talking animals
Source of ancient fables
Greek fable writer
Greek author
Fable collector
Source of ancient fables
Fable author
Storyteller of the 6th century B.C.
Fable writer
Writer of "The Gnat and the Bull"
Writer of fables
Ancient fable teller
Famous fabulist
One of his stories is the source of the "sour grapes" idiom
Greek fable writer
Fabulist who manufactured soap out East
Fable collector
Legendary moralist
Man of fables
Fabulist who created speaking animals
Fable author
Greek storyteller
He wrote of sour grapes
Greek author of fables
Fable writer
Fable fellow
Fable writer
Moral man?
Fable collector
Source of ancient fables
Man of morals
Man of fables
Fable writer
Ancient man of fables
Man known for his morals
Moral teller
Old recorder of beastly behavior
Fable author
Creator of many talking animals
Ancient fable teller