Word: AINT

The word AINT has appeared in at least 470 clues on different crosswords.

"""- We Got Fun?"""
"""-- we got fun"": Kahn"
"""--- it cool?"""
"""--- that a Shame?"""
""".. and that ___ hay!"""
"""... and that ___ good"""
"""... and that ___ hay!"""
"""...and that ___ hay!"""
"""A good deed ___ ever forgot"": ""Huckleberry Finn"""
"""And that ___ hay!"""
"""Denial ___ just a river in Egypt"": Twain"
"""He ___ Heavy, He's My Brother"""
"""He ___ Heavy, He's My Brother"" Hollies"
"""Hit 'em where they ___"""
"""Hit 'em where they ___"": Keeler"
"""I ___ Got Nobody"""
"""I ___ Got Nobody"" (20's hit)"
"""I ___ Got Nobody,"" 1916 song"
"""I ___ got nobody... """
"""I ___ movin'!"""
"""If it ___ broke, don't fix it!"""
"""If it ___ broke,..."""
"""If it ___ broke..."""
"""If you done it, it ___ bragging"": Whitman"
"""Is You Is or Is You ___ My Baby?"" (Louis Jordan song)"
"""Is You Is, or Is You ___, Ma Baby?"""
"""Is so!"" rebuttal"
"""Is so!"" retort"
"""Is you is or is you ___ ma' baby?"""
"""Is!"" rebuttal"
"""It ___ Me Babe"" (Dylan hit)"
"""It ___ Me Babe"" (hit for the Turtles)"
"""It ___ Me, Babe"" (Dylan song)"
"""It ___ Me, Babe,"" Dylan song"
"""It ___ Necessarily So"""
"""It ___ Necessarily So."""
"""It ___ a fit night... """
"""It ___ happenin'"""
"""It ___ hay!"""
"""It ___ necessarily so... """
"""It ___ over 'til it's over"""
"""It ___ over 'til the fat lady sings"""
"""It ___ over till it's over!"""
"""It ___ over till it's over"" (Yogi Berra)"
"""It ___ over till it's over"": Berra"
"""It ___ over till..."""
"""It ___ over..."""
"""It ___ pretty!"""
"""It ___ right"""
"""Politics ___ beanbag"""
"""Politics ___ beanbag"" (Mr. Dooley maxim)"
"""Porgy and Bess"" contraction"
"""Say it ___ so!"""
"""Say it ___ so, Joe"""
"""Shakespeare it ___"""
"""Sorry, that ___ happenin'!"""
"""That ___ hay!"""
"""The future ___ what it used to be"": Yogi Berra"
"""There ___ no Santa Claus"""
"""This ___ a Love Song"" Bon Jovi"
"""You ___ Seen Nothing Yet"""
"""You ___ about that life!"""
"""You ___ heard nothin' yet!"""
"""You ___ heard nothin' yet"""
"""You ___ heard nothin'... """
"""You ___ heard nothing yet!"""
"""You ___ kiddin'!"""
"""You ___ kidding!"""
"""You ___ seen nothin' yet!"""
"""You ___ seen nothin' yet"""
"""___ Got No"" (""Hair"" song)"
"""___ I a Woman?"" (Sojourner Truth speech)"
"""___ I a stinker?"""
"""___ I a stinker?"" (Bugs Bunny line)"
"""___ I a stinker?"" (Bugs Bunny quote)"
"""___ I a stinker?"" (Bugs Bunny)"
"""___ I a stinker?"": Bugs Bunny"
"""___ It Fun"" (2014 Paramore single)"
"""___ Misbehavin"""
"""___ Misbehavin""'"
"""___ Misbehavin""' (1978 Tony winner)"
"""___ Misbehavin' """
"""___ Misbehavin'"""
"""___ Misbehavin'"" (Waller, Brooks, Razaf)"
"""___ Misbehavin'"" (which describes the starts of the four longest answers)"
"""___ Misbehavin',"" Waller hit"
"""___ Misbehavin',' 1929 song"
"""___ No Crime"" (""Piano Man"" tune)"
"""___ No Mountain High Enough"""
"""___ No Mountain High Enough"" (1967 song)"
"""___ No Mountain High Enough"" (1970 #1 hit)"
"""___ No Mountain High Enough"" (1970 chart-topper)"
"""___ No Sunshine"" (1971 Bill Withers song)"
"""___ No Sunshine"" (1971 Grammy-winning song)"
"""___ No Sunshine"" (1971 hit)"
"""___ No Sunshine"" (Bill Withers hit)"
"""___ No Sunshine"": 1971 Bill Withers hit"
"""___ No Sunshine"": 1971 hit"
"""___ No Sunshine"": Bill Withers hit"
"""___ No Way"" (Aretha Franklin tune)"
"""___ No Woman,"" 1973 hit for the Four Tops"
"""___ Nobody"" (1983 Chaka Khan hit)"
"""___ Nobody's Business"" (old blues standard)"
"""___ Nobody's Business"": 1949 hit"
"""___ She Sweet"""
"""___ She Sweet"" (old song)"
"""___ She Sweet?"""
"""___ She Sweet?"" (pop song)"
"""___ She Sweet?"": 1927 song"
"""___ Talkin'"" (Bob Dylan song)"
"""___ That A Shame?"""
"""___ That a Shame"""
"""___ That a Shame"" (1955 hit)"
"""___ That a Shame"": 1955 tune"
"""___ That a Shame"": Domino hit"
"""___ That a Shame?"""
"""___ Too Proud To Beg"""
"""___ Too Proud to Beg"""
"""___ Too Proud to Beg"" (1966 hit)"
"""___ Too Proud to Beg"" (1966 song by The Temptations)"
"""___ Too Proud to Beg"" (1966 song)"
"""___ We Got Fun"""
"""___ We Got Fun?"""
"""___ We Got Fun?"": 1921 song"
"""___ Wet"" (prankster's rearrangement of a ""Wet Paint"" sign)"
"""___ fit night... """
"""___ it a shame?"""
"""___ it the truth!"""
"""___ it the truth?"""
"""___ life grand?"""
"""___ no mountain high enough..."""
"""___ no thang"""
"""___ nobody got time for that!"" (modern meme)"
"""___ that America"" (lyric repeated in John Mellencamp's ""Pink Houses"")"
"""___ that a bitch?"""
"""___ that a kick in the head?"""
"""___ that just too bad"""
"""___ that somethin'?"""
"""___ that the truth!"""
"""___ we got fun!"""
"""___ we got fun"""
"""___ we got fun."""
"""___ we got fun?"""
"""___ what she used... """
'-- Misbehavin' '
'-- No Sunshine ('71 hit)'
'-- No Sunshine' ('71 hit)
'-- She Sweet'
'-- She Sweet' ('27 song)
'-- That a Shame' ('55 hit)
'-- it grand?'
'-- it the truth!'
'... and that -- hay!'
'And that ___ hay'
'Hit 'em where they ___'
'If it -- broke...'
'It ___ Necessarily So'
'It ___ Necessarily So.'
'It ___ necessarily so'
"'Say it -- so, Joe!'"
'That -- hay!'
'That ___ hay!'
'That ___ hay'
'That ___ right'
'You -- kiddin'!'
'___ I a stinker?': Bugs Bunny
"'___ Misbehavin"""
'___ Misbehavin' '
'___ No Sunshine' ('71 hit)
'___ Nobody's Business' (blues standard)
'___ She Sweet'
'___ She Sweet?'
'___ We Got Fun?'
'___ it the truth!'
'___ it the truth?'
"1,044 months"
"1971 Grammy song ""___ No Sunshine"""
"Allmans ""___ Wastin' Time No More"""
"Are not, in a way"
Aren't among the slangy?
Aren't ungrammatical?
Aren't wrong?
"Aretha Franklin's ""___ No Way"""
Aretha Franklin's '___ No Way'
"Bill Withers ""___ no sunshine when she's gone"""
"Bob Dylan's ""It ___ Me, Babe"""
"Broadway's '___ Misbehavin"""
Bugaboo of a verb
"Bugs Bunny line: ""___ I a stinker?"""
Coarse contraction.
Common contraction
Common contraction of sorts
Common contraction.
Common solecism
Common solecism.
Common vulgarism.
Commonly isn't?
Condemned contraction
Contraction disliked by grammarians
Contraction not in the King's English
Contraction not in the king's English
"Contraction of ""are not,"" ""am not,"" etc."
Contraction of sorts
Controversial contraction
Controversial contraction.
Controversial verbal contraction.
Country contraction
"Cousin of ""amn't"""
Dialectical contraction
"Domino's ""___ It A Shame"""
"Domino's ""___ It a Shame"""
"Dylan's ""It ___ Me Babe"""
"Dylan's ""It ___ Me, Babe"""
English class no-no
English class taboo
Eyebrow-raising word to a grammarian
Familiar solecism
"Fats Domino's ""___ That a Shame"""
"Fats Waller's ""___ Misbehavin'"""
First word of many a double negative
"Four Tops hit ""___No Woman"""
Frowned-on verb in grammar class
Frowned-upon contraction
"Gershwin's ""It ___ Necessarily So"""
Gershwin's 'It ___ Necessarily So'
Grammar class faux pas
Grammar class faux-pas
Grammar class no-no
Grammar lesson no-no
Grammar policeman's no-no
Grammar purist's bane
Grammar taboo
Grammar teacher's bane
Grammarian's bane
Grammarian's bugaboo
Grammarian's eyebrow raiser
Grammarian's eyebrow-raiser
Grammarian's no-no
Grammarian's problem.
Grammatical goof
Grammatical liability.
Grammatical no-no
Grammatical slip
Huck's negative
Incorrect contraction
Informal contraction
Informal negative
"Informal opposite of ""is"""
Is it an ungrammatical term?
"Is no more, informally"
Is not in a slang dictionary?
Is not in dialect
Is not misused?
Is not on the street?
Is not spoken wrong?
Is not ungrammatical?
Is not wrong?
"Is not, in dialect"
"Is not, informally"
"Is not, to some"
Is not.
Isn t wrong
Isn't amiss?
Isn't commonly
Isn't for some people?
Isn't for the uneducated?
Isn't in the dictionary?
Isn't in the vernacular
Isn't incorrect?
Isn't informal?
Isn't misused?
Isn't on the street
Isn't on the street?
Isn't otherwise?
Isn't poorly?
Isn't the wrong way
Isn't uncorrected?
Isn't ungrammatical?
Isn't wrong
Isn't wrong?
"Isn't, alternatively"
"Isn't, casually"
"Isn't, incorrectly"
It ___ over til it's over
It isn't isn't
It may get under a grammarian's skin
"Jennifer Lopez's ""___ It Funny"""
Kids may be corrected for saying it
Maligned contraction
"Marvin Gaye's ""___ That Peculiar"""
Much-used solecism.
Negative contraction of sorts
Negative verbal contraction.
No-no negative
Nonstandard contraction
Nonstandard negative
"Old song ""___ She Sweet?"""
"Pat Boone's ""___ That a Shame"""
"Picnic pest, in this puzzle?"
Pulitzer Prize winner: 1944
Questionable contraction?
"Rod Stewart hit ""___ Love a Bitch"""
"Rufus & Chaka Khan hit ""___ Nobody"""
"Second word in Elvis's hit ""Hound Dog"""
Slangy contraction
Slangy contraction.
Slangy negative
Solecist's contraction
Solecist's word
Solecistic contraction
Solecistic contraction.
Solecistic word
Start of a B'way title: 1978
Start of a Fats Domino title
Strict grammarian's bane
Substandard contraction
"Temptations' ""___ Too Proud to Beg"""
That ___ hay!
That word in the new dict.
That-hay link
"The ""non-existent"" contraction"
"The ""nonexistent"" contraction"
"The Dead Boys' ""___ It Fun?"""
"The Who's ""Love ___ for Keeping"""
"Tom Petty's ""___ Love Strange"""
Ungrammatical contraction
Unscholarly contraction
Verb not in the king's English
Verbal contraction.
Vulgar negative
What shouldn't follow you?
"Withers ""___ No Sunshine"""
Word that gets under a grammarian's skin
Word that makes grammarians cringe
___ It Cool News
___ Misbehavin
___ Misbehavin'
___ We Got Fun
___ We Got Fun?
___ it the truth!
___ it the truth?
‘It ___ Necessarily So’
Nonstandard negative
Contraction spoken in ”The Jazz Singer”
Informal negative
"___ it the truth!"
Isn't, incorrectly
'___ No Mountain High Enough'
Isn't, slangily
"— She Sweet"
Isn't in the sticks?
Isn't, slangily
Nonstandard negative
Slangy negative
Isn't, incorrectly
Isn't, slangily
"You ___ kiddin'!"
"— Misbehavin'"
"It __ over till it's over": Berra
"— Misbehavin'"
"— Misbehavin'"
"__ Misbehavin'"
"__ Misbehavin'"
"— Misbehavin'"
Word that raises a grammarian's eyebrows
"— that the truth!"
"___ Misbehavin'"
Nonstandard negative
Slangy form of 60-Across
"— Misbehavin'"
"You — kiddin'!"
"— Misbehavin'"
Slangy negative
Isn't, incorrectly
Isn't, slangily
"Is not," wrongly
Nonstandard negative
"__ gonna happen"
"— No Sunshine"
Slangy negative
Taboo contraction, to a grammar purist
"___ that the truth!"
"— She Sweet"
"___ it the truth!"
Nonstandard negative
Isn't, incorrectly
Nonstandard contraction
"— No Sunshine"
Isn't, slangily
Isn't wrong?
Isn't, slangily
Wrong "is not"
Fats Waller's "___ Misbehavin'"
Isn't bad?
Slangy negative
"___ No Sunshine"
Nonstandard negative
Isn't, incorrectly
Isn't, slangily
Ungrammatical contraction
"— She Sweet"
"If it — broke ..."
''It __ over till it's over''
Colloquial contraction
"__ That a Shame"
Is not misused?
Isn't badly?
"Hit 'em where they ___"
"___ Misbehavin'"
"— She Sweet?"
"___ We Got Fun"
'___ that somethin'?'
Isn't incorrect?
''If it __ broke . . .''
Is not improper?
'___ It Fun' (2014 Best Rock Song Grammy winner)
"— She Sweet"
"Say it ___ so, Joe"
"Hit 'em where they ___"
Is not wrong?
"It __ over till it's over": Berra
Dylan's "It ___ Me Babe"
Slangy negative
Isn't, incorrectly
''Say it __so!''
Isn't, slangily
"Are not," ungrammatically
"___ No Sunshine"
"That — happenin'!"
"____ That a Shame"
"— She Sweet"
"It ____ Hay"
Slangy negative
"It __ Necessarily So": Gershwin song
"You ___ seen nothin' yet!"
"___ She Sweet?"
"___ No Sunshine" (Bill Withers hit song)
''Porgy and Bess'' contraction
Slangy negative
Controversial contraction
"If it ___ broke ..."
Isn't, incorrectly
Nonstandard contraction
"If it __ broke ... "
Coulda been, maybe
Solecist's negative
"It ___ over till it's over"
"If it ___ broke ..."
"___ Misbehavin'"
Isn't, incorrectly
Isn't, slangily
"— She Sweet"
"___ Too Proud to Beg" (The Temptations hit song)
Slangy negative
"Say it — so!"
"____ She Sweet?"
Ungrammatical negative
''It __ necessarily so''
Casual negative
"___ it the truth!"
Isn't, slangily
"___ I a stinker?"
Isn't wrong?
Nonstandard contraction
Slangy negative
"— Misbehavin'"
"___ No Sunshine" (Bill Withers hit)
Isn't, incorrectly