Word: ALAI

The word ALAI has appeared in at least 273 clues on different crosswords.

"""Jai"" follower"
"""Merry"" in a game name"
"""Merry,"" in a game name"
After jai
Asia's Trans ___ Mountains
Asia's Trans ___ Range
Asia's Trans ___ mountain range
Asia's Trans ___ mountains
Asia's Trans ___ range
Asia's Trans-___ Range
Asia's Trans-___ mountain range
Asia's ___ Mountains
Asian mountain range
Asian mountain range.
Asian mountains
Asian mountains.
Asian range
Asian range.
Ball game finale?
"Basque for ""merry"""
"Basque word for ""merry"""
Betting game ending
Branch of the Tien Shan range
Cigar City Jai ___ (medal-winning IPA)
Conclusion of a ball game?
Court game's conclusion?
Court game's finale?
"Court game, Jai ___"
Court-game finale?
End of a Basque ball game?
End of a court game
End of a court game name
End of a fronton game?
End of a game
End of a game's name
End of a game?
Ending of a court game name
Eurasian range
Fast-moving sport jai ___
Fronton term
Fronton word
Game ending?
Game with a cesta: jai ___
Half a Basque game
Half a Miami sport
Half a ball game
Half a ball game?
Half a court
Half a court-game name
Half a game name that rhymes
Half a game's name
Half a game?
Half a handball game
Half court game?
Half fast game played by the Basques
Half of pelota's other name
Half of the name of a game
Half the name of a game
Half-court game?
Incomplete COURT game?
Incomplete game?
Jai -
Jai --
Jai -- (cousin of handball)
Jai -- (fronton game)
Jai -- (fronton sport)
Jai -- (game like handball)
Jai -- (handball relative)
Jai -- (relative of handball)
Jai -- (sport like handball)
Jai ---
Jai --- (fast-paced court game)
Jai ----
Jai ___
Jai ___ (Basque game)
Jai ___ (Basque sport)
Jai ___ (ball game)
Jai ___ (court game)
Jai ___ (fast court game)
Jai ___ (fast sport)
Jai ___ (fast-moving sport)
Jai ___ (fast-paced court game)
Jai ___ (fast-paced game)
Jai ___ (fronton game)
Jai ___ (game like handball)
Jai ___ (game resembling handball)
Jai ___ (game similar to handball)
Jai ___ (handball cousin)
Jai ___ (handball relative)
"Jai ___ (literally, ""merry festival"")"
"Jai ___ (literally, ""merry game"""
Jai ___ (pelota)
Jai ___ (round robin court game)
Jai ___ (so-called world's fastest sport)
Jai ___ (sport with fast balls)
Jai ___ (the world's fastest sport)
"Jai ___, or ""merry festival."""
Jai ___.
Jai chaser
Jai end?
Jai ending
Jai follower
Jai follower?
Jai tail?
Jai word
Jai's follower
Jai- --
Jai- ___
Khirghiz range
Kirghiz mountain range
Kirghiz mountain range.
Kirghiz mountains
Kirghiz mountains.
Kirghiz range
Kirghiz range.
Kirghizian mountain range
Kirghizian mountains
Kirghizian range
Kirghizian range or valley
Kirgiz mountain range
Kirgiz range
Krygyz range
Kyrgyz mountain range
Kyrgyz mountains
Kyrgyz range
Kyrgyzstan border range
Kyrgyzstan mountain range
Kyrgyzstan range
Kyrgyzstan's --- Mountains
Kyrgyzstan's ___ Mountain
Kyrgyzstan's ___ Mountains
Kyrgyzstan's ___ Range
Last half of a court game
Late queen of Jordan
"Literally, ""merry,"" in Basque"
"Merry, in Basque"
"Merry, in a game name"
"Merry, to a Basque"
"Merry, to a Euskara speaker"
Mountain range in Asia
Mountain range in Asia.
Mountain range in Kirghiz.
Mountain range in Siberia.
Mountain range in U.S.S.R.
Mountain range in the U.S.S.R.
Mountain range of Asia.
Mountain range of Turkestan.
Mountain range of southwest Kyrgyzstan
Mountains in Asia.
Mountains in Kyrgyzstan
Mountains of Asia.
Mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Mountains of Russia
Part of Basque game name
Part of a Basque game name
Part of a court game name
Part of a court sport's name
Part of a fronton game
Part of a game name
Part of the name of a fronton game
Part of the name of a game played with a cesta
Part of the name of a game with a pelota
Pelota game word
Range in Asia
Range in Kyrgyzstan
Range in Russia
Range in Turkestan
Range in the Tien Shan Mountains
Range of Kyrgyzstan
Range of the Tien Shan
Russian alps
Russian mountain range
Russian mountains
Russian range
Second half of a ball game?
Second half of a court game
Second half of a game
See 115D
Siberian range
Soviet range
Soviet range.
Sport section?
"The ""merry"" part of a ""merry game"""
Trans ___ (Asian range)
Trans ___ (Kyrgyz/Tajik border range)
Trans ___ Mountains
Trans ___ range
"Trans ___, Pamirs range"
Trans-___ (U.S.S.R. range)
Trans-___ Range
"Trans-___, U.S.S.R. range"
Turkestan mountain range.
Turkestan mountain.
Turkestan range
Turkestan range.
Turkish regiment
Turkish regiment.
Turkish troops
U.S.S.R. mountain range
U.S.S.R. range
Urals's kin
Western branch of the Tien Shan
Word after jai
Word in the name of a pelota game
"___ Mountain, Asia"
___ Mountains in Asia.
"___ Mountains, near the Tian Shan range"
"___ Mountains, part of the Tien Shan range"
___ Mountains.
"___ Mts., in Kirghiz"
Jai ___
Jai ___
Jai __
Jai __
Jai __
Jai __
Jai __
Jai ___
Jai —
Jai —
Jai —
Jai —
Jai —
Jai —
Jai __
Jai follower
Jai —
Jai __
Jai —
Jai —
Jai __
Kyrgyzstan range
Jai ___
Jai ___
Jai —
Jai _____
Jai ___
Jai —
Jai —
End of a ball game?
End of a ball game?
Jai —
Jai —
Fronton game word
Fronton game word
Jai __
Jai —
Jai —
Jai ___
Jai __
Jai __
Jai ___
Jai —
Jai —
Jai — (court sport)
Jai —
Jai __
Jai —
Jai —
Jai —
Jai __
Jai __, sport
Jai —
Jai ___
Jai __, sport