Word: ALI

The word ALI has appeared in at least 1885 clues on different crosswords.

"""1,001 Arabian Nights"" hero"
"""1960 gold winner, under a different name"""
"""Aladdin"" character"
"""Aladdin"" hero"
"""Aladdin"" prince"
"""Aladdin"" song ""Prince ___"""
"""American Gladiators"" co-host Laila"
"""American Gladiators"" cohost Laila"
"""Arabian Nights"" figure ___ Baba"
"""Arabian Nights"" figure, ___ Baba"
"""Arabian Nights"" name"
"""Arabian Nights"" prename"
"""Boxing is a lot of white men watching two black men beat each other up"" speaker"
"""Chemical"" Iraqi"
"""Chemical"" guy in Iraqi card deck"
"""Da ___ G Show"""
"""Da ___ G Show"" on HBO"
"""Dead Man Walking"" soundtrack artist Nusrat Fateh ___ Khan"
"""Everything's curious today"" speaker"
"""Fetch Clay, Make Man"" character"
"""Fight of the Century"" contender"
"""Fight of the Century"" loser"
"""Fight of the Century"" participant"
"""Fighter of the Century"""
"""Float like a butterfly"" boxer"
"""Float like a butterfly"" guy"
"""Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"" boxer"
"""For Your Precious Love""/""A Change Is Gonna Come""/""All Along the Watchtower"""
"""Fresh Prince of Bel Air"" actress Tatyana"
"""Fresh Prince of Bel Air"" co-star Tatyana ___"
"""Greatest"" of boxing"
"""Greatest"" of the ring"
"""Heroes"" actress Larter"
"""Heroes"" star Larter"
"""How To Be Both"" author Smith"
"""I Am ___"" (2014 documentary about a famous boxer)"
"""I ain't got no quarrel with the Viet Cong"" speaker"
"""I am the greatest"" boxer"
"""I am the greatest"" claimant"
"""I am the greatest"" proclaimer"
"""I am the greatest"" source"
"""I am the greatest"" speaker"
"""I'll beat him so bad he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on"" boaster"
"""I'll beat him so bad he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on"" speaker"
"""I'm young, I'm handsome, I'm fast, I'm pretty and can't possibly be beat"" speaker"
"""If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize"" boaster"
"""Infidel"" author Ayaan Hirsi ___"
"""Inventor"" of the rope-a-dope"
"""It's not bragging if you can back it up"" speaker"
"""Kim"" character"
"""Kim"" character."
"""Kim"" horse trader"
"""King of the World: Muhammad ___ and the Rise of an American Hero"""
"""Lawrence of Arabia"" role"
"""Love Story"" first name"
"""Manila thriller"" winner: 1975"
"""My toughest fight was with my first wife"" speaker"
"""Mârouf"" baritone"
"""One Thousand and One Nights"" hero"
"""Open Sesame"" lad"
"""Open Sesame"" speaker"
"""Open sesame"" lad"
"""Open sesame"" speaker"
"""Open, sesame!"" sayer"
"""Open, sesame"" speaker"
"""Pretty"" fighter"
"""Prince ___"" (""Aladdin"" song by Alan Menken)"
"""Prince ___"" (""Aladdin"" song)"
"""Prince ___"" (Ashman/Menken song from ""Aladdin"")"
"""Prince ___"" (Disney song)"
"""Prince ___"" (song from ""Aladdin"")"
"""Prince ___"" (song from the soundtrack of ""Aladdin"")"
"""Prince ___"" (song performed by Robin Williams in ""Aladdin"")"
"""Prince ___"": ""Aladdin"" song"
"""Real Money With ___ Velshi"" (Al Jazeera America show)"
"""Rope-a-dope"" boxer"
"""Rope-a-dope"" creator"
"""Rope-a-dope"" practitioner"
"""Rope-a-dope"" pugilist"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" boxer"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" champ"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" fighter"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" name"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" participant"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" victor"
"""Rumble in the Jungle"" winner"
"""So ___ turns out to be merely Aladdin"" (Disney lyric)"
"""Sports Illustrated"" Athlete of the Century"
"""Sting like a bee"" athlete"
"""Sting like a bee"" boxer"
"""Sting like a bee"" champion"
"""The Bachelorette"" bachelorette Fedotowsky"
"""The Champ"""
"""The Greatest"""
"""The Greatest"" boxer"
"""The Greatest"" in a ring"
"""The Greatest"" in the ring"
"""The Greatest"" of boxing"
"""The Greatest"" of the ring"
"""The Greatest"" pugilist"
"""The Greatest"" subject"
"""The Greatest"" via self-proclamation"
"""The Greatest: My Own Story"" author"
"""The Lion of God"""
"""The Louisville Lip"""
"""The Martyrdom of ___"" (Muslim classic)"
"""The Martyrdom of ___"" (classic Muslim work)"
"""The Mouth That Roared"""
"""The Mouth That Roared"" of the ring"
"""The Rumble in the Jungle"" boxer"
"""The Rumble in the Jungle"" victor"
"""The Soul of a Butterfly"" autobiographer"
"""The Soul of a Butterfly"" memoirist"
"""The Thousand and One Nights"" hero"
"""The Trials of Muhammad ___"" (2013 documentary)"
"""The greatest!"""
"""The greatest"""
"""The greatest"" boxer"
"""The greatest"" of boxing"
"""The greatest,"" in his prime"
"""The mouth that roared"""
"""There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people"" speaker"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" boxer"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" champ"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" combatant"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" guy"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" participant"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" victor"
"""Thrilla in Manila"" winner"
"""Thrilla in Manilla"" boxer"
"""Thrilla in Manilla"" winner"
"""Thrilla-in-Manila"" winner"
"""When We Were Kings"" athlete"
"""When We Were Kings"" boxer"
"""When We Were Kings"" figure"
"""When We Were Kings"" king"
"""When We Were Kings"" profilee"
"""When We Were Kings"" star"
"""When We Were Kings"" subject"
"""When you're as great as I am, it's hard to be humble"" speaker"
"""___ Baba Bunny"": classic Bugs cartoon"
"""___ Baba Goes to Town"" (1937 Eddie Cantor film)"
"""___ Baba and the 40 Thieves"""
"""___ Baba and the Forty Thieves"""
"""___, boom-ba-yay"" (Rumble in the Jungle chant)"
'60s slugger
'70s boxing champ
'70s heavyweight champ
'70s ring king
'80s Giants kicker Haji-Sheikh
'Aladdin' prince
'Arabian Nights' character ___ Baba
'Arabian Nights' name
'I ain't got no quarrel with the Viet Cong' speaker
"'It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am' speaker"
'Rope-a-dope' boxer
'Rumble in the Jungle' winner
"'Rumble in the jungle' victor, 1974"
'The Greatest'
'The Greatest' boxer
'The Louisville Lip'
'The Mouth That Roared'
'Thrilla in Manila' boxer
'Thrilla in Manila' combatant
'Thrilla in Manila' fighter
'Thrilla in Manila' victor
'Thrilla in Manila' winner
'When We Were Kings' athlete
'When We Were Kings' subject
'___ Baba and the Forty Thieves'
-- Baba
109 + 77
1960 Olympics boxing gold medalist
1960 gold-medal boxer
1960 gold-winning pugilist
1970s foe of Frazier
1971 Frazier foe
"1974 Fassbinder film subtitled ""Fear Eats the Soul"""
1974 comeback fighter
1974 winner of the Hickok Belt for top professional athlete of the year
1975 opponent of Frazier
1977 Warhol subject
1996 Miss USA winner Landry
1996 Olympic cauldron lighter
1996 Olympic flame lighter
1996 Olympic hero
1996 Olympic torch lighter
1996 Olympic torch lighter Muhammad
1996 Olympic torchbearer
1996 Olympics flame lighter
1996 Olympics honoree
2001 Michael Mann biopic
2001 Michael Mann film
2001 Smith biopic
2001 Smith role
2001 Will Smith Movie
2001 Will Smith biopic
2001 Will Smith movie
2001 Will Smith role
2001 Will Smith title role
2001 biographical film
2001 biopic
2001 biopic directed by Michael Mann
2001 biopic starring Will Smith
2001 boxing biopic
2001 boxing pic
2001 film about a boxer
2001 film bio
2001 film directed by Michael Mann
2001 film featuring Jon Voight as Howard Cosell
2001 film featuring Mario Van Peebles as Malcolm X
2001 movie bio
2001 movie directed by Michael Mann
2001 movie soundtrack with songs by Bilal and R. Kelly
"2001 movie whose soundtrack featured ""All Along the Watchtower"""
2001 movie whose soundtrack featured Alicia Keys and R. Kelly
2001 movie whose soundtrack features a medley of Sam Cooke songs
2001 ring flick
2001 role for Will Smith
2001 sports biopic
2001 title role for Smith
2005 Medal of Freedom recipient
2005 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient
7th-century Arab caliph
A Baba
A Tribe Called Quest's DJ ___ Shaheed Muhammad
A boxing legend
A caliph of Islam
A.k.a. The Greatest
Acrtress MacGraw
Activist Ayaan Hirsi ___
Actress Larter
"Actress Larter of ""Heroes"""
Actress MacGraw
Actress MacGraw^AL
Actress Tatyana
Actress/singer Tatyana ___
Aladdin character
Aladdin prince
Alcindor : Abdul-Jabbar :: Clay : ___
Algerian without anger
Arab caliph
Arab caliph.
Arab in regalia
Arabian Nights first name
Arabian Nights name
Arabian Nights prename
Arabian name.
"Arabic name meaning ""exalted"""
"Arabic name meaning ""high"""
"Arabic name meaning ""the highest"""
"Arabic name that means ""exalted"""
Arabic prename
Arena attraction for decades
Asian name.
Athlete in recent Porsche ads
Athlete named a U.N. Messenger of Peace
Athlete of the century in some polls
Athlete who was friends with Malcolm X
Athlete who was the subject of a 2001 biopic
"Athlete with the autobiography ""The Soul of a Butterfly"""
Atlanta Olympic flame lighter
Atlanta torch lighter
"Ayaan Hirsi ___, author of ""Infidel"""
Ayatollah Khamenei
Ayatollah ___ Khamenei
BBC's Sports Personality of the Century
Baba beginning
Baba not au rhum?
"Baba of ""Arabian Nights"""
"Baba of ""The Arabian Nights"""
"Baba of ""The Thousand and One Nights"""
Baba of fable
Baba of fiction
Baba of folklore
Baba of story
Baba or MacGraw
Baba or Pasha
Baba or a boxer
Baba the woodcutter
Baba who outwitted thieves
Baba who stole from 40 thieves
Baba who stole from thieves
Baba who tangled with thieves
Baba with an ax
Baba with magic words
"Baba, for one"
"Baba, of Forty Thieves fame"
"Baba, the woodcutter"
Bandleader Bardu ___
Bard of boxing
Bard of the ring
"Baritone in Rabaud's ""Marouf"""
"Baron Cohen's ""Da ___ G Show"""
Bee-butterfly man
Ben ___ (1886 Kentucky Derby winner)
Benazir's father
Berbick beat him in 1981
Big name in boxing
Big name in flooring?
Big name in pugilism
Big name in the ring
Big ring name
Biopic of 2001
Biopic role for Will Smith
Biopic starring Will Smith
Biopic subject
Biopic that starred Will Smith
Biopic with Will Smith
"Boxer Clay, renamed"
Boxer Laila
Boxer Laila (Frazier's rival)
Boxer Laila ___
Boxer Laila or her dad
"Boxer Laila, or her dad"
Boxer Muhammad
Boxer Muhammad ___
Boxer Muhammad who was convicted for refusing to be drafted in 1967
Boxer Smith played
"Boxer called ""The Greatest"""
Boxer from Clay Center?
Boxer from Louisville
"Boxer in ""The Rumble in the Jungle"""
Boxer in the first-ever pay-per-view match
"Boxer known as ""The Greatest"""
"Boxer known as the ""Louisville Lip"""
Boxer known for conscientious objection
Boxer known for rhymes
Boxer known for verbal jabs with Howard Cosell
"Boxer nicknamed ""The Greatest"""
Boxer played by Smith
Boxer played by Will Smith
Boxer played by Will Smith in a 2001 biopic
Boxer portrayed by Will Smith
Boxer portrayed in a 2001 biopic
"Boxer said to ""sting"""
"Boxer who asked ""How come the white cake can't be the devil food cake?"""
"Boxer who boasted ""If you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologize"""
Boxer who carried a torch at the 1996 Olympics
Boxer who defeated Foreman
"Boxer who floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee"
Boxer who knocked out George Foreman
"Boxer who lost ""The Drama in the Bahamas"" in 1981"
Boxer who often sparred verbally with Howard Cosell
"Boxer who said ""The man who has no imagination has no wings"""
"Boxer who told Will Smith ""you ain't pretty enough to play me"""
"Boxer who was defeated by Leon Spinks in Las Vegas, 1978"
Boxer who won a gold medal at the 1960 Summer Games as Cassius Clay
Boxer whose daughter is also a boxer
Boxer whose name is hidden in eight answers
Boxer whose record was 56-5 with 37 KOs
"Boxer with a ""sting like a bee"""
Boxer with a Louisville museum
Boxing Hall of Famer
Boxing bigwig
Boxing biopic
Boxing biopic starring Will Smith
Boxing champ
"Boxing champ from Louisville, Kentucky"
Boxing family name
Boxing great
Boxing great Muhammad
Boxing great Muhammad ___
Boxing great often seen in crosswords
"Boxing great, or her father"
Boxing hero
Boxing immortal
Boxing legend
Boxing legend Muhammad
Boxing legend Muhammad ___
Boxing legend from Kentucky
Boxing legend who went 1-3 in his last four bouts
Boxing name
Boxing name of fame
"Boxing winner in Zaire, 1974"
"Boxing's ""Greatest"""
"Boxing's ""Louisville Lip"""
"Boxing's ""greatest"""
Boxing's Muhammad
Boxing's big name
Boxing's self-proclaimed greatest
Brash boxer
British comic ___ G.
British rapper-comic ___ G.
Brother of Cassim.
CNN business anchor Velshi
CNN correspondent Velshi
"CNN's ""Your Money"" host Velshi"
"Caliph called ""the Lion of God"""
Caliph or pugilist
Caliph's middle name?
Caliph's name
Caliph's name.
Campbell of UB40
Carroll character
Cassius Clay
"Cassius Clay, more familiarly"
"Cassius Clay, now"
Cassius today
"Cassius, today"
Cauldron-lighter at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
Certain caliph in Islam
Champ from Louisville
Champ of 10/30/74
"Champ who could ""sting like a bee"""
Champ who rhymed
Champion crowned 10/30/74
Champion of 10/30/74
Championship boxer Laila
"Character in ""Lawrence of Arabia."""
Chemical ___ (nickname for a member of Saddam's inner circle)
"Christina Aguilera's ""Burlesque"" role"
Clay no more
Clay now
Clay of old
Clay today
Clay transformation?
"Clay until March 6, 1964"
Clay v. United States 1971 Supreme Court appellant
Clay v. United States was decided in his favor
Clay with a new name
Clay's aka
Clay's chosen name
Clay's new name
"Clay, after"
"Clay, after 1964"
"Clay, after a conversion"
"Clay, after a name change"
"Clay, after a transformation?"
"Clay, after a while"
"Clay, after being altered"
"Clay, after change"
"Clay, after conversion"
"Clay, after converting"
"Clay, after the name change"
"Clay, after transformation"
"Clay, by another name"
"Clay, commonly"
"Clay, eventually"
"Clay, later"
"Clay, now"
"Clay, nowadays"
"Clay, once"
"Clay, since 1963"
"Clay, since 1964"
"Clay, these days"
"Clay, today"
"Clay, transformed"
Cocky boxer
Cocky real-life Rocky
Comeback maker of 10/30/74
Comeback maker of October 1974
Comeback victor of 1974
Common Arab given name
Common Moslem name
Common Muslim name
Cosell assignment
Cosell interviewed him many times
Cosell interviewee
Cosell often joked with him
Cosell sparring partner
Cosell's longtime foil
Cousin of Mahomet.
Cousin of Mohammed
Cousin of Mohammed.
Cousin of Muhammad
Cover subject of the April 1968 issue of Esquire
Deposed ring king
"Dethroner of Liston, 1964"
Dundee trained him
Dundee's protege in the ring
Early follower of Muhammad
Eastern name
Eastern name.
Eloquent boxer
England pro Sarkeshik*
Eponym of a Parkinson research center in Phoenix
Erstwhile ring master
Ex-boxer Laila
Ex-heavyweight champ
Ex-ring king
Ex-ring master
Fabled Baba
Fabled woodcutter ___ Baba
Famed boxer
Famed caliph
Famed fighter in the ring
Famed ring name
Famous Frazier foe
Famous boxer
"Fassbinder film ""___: Fear Eats the Soul"""
"Fath ___, former Shah"
Fatima's husband
Fatima's husband.
Fatima's spouse
"Fedotowsky of ""The Bachelorette"""
Female boxer Laila ___
Fight of the Century loser
Fight-game name
Fighter formerly known as Clay
Fighter from Kentucky
Fighter from Louisville
Fighter who expended most of his energy exhausting his opponents
"Fighter who teamed up with Superman to defeat an alien invasion, in a 1978 comic"
Fighter who was a dove
Fighter with a shuffle
Fighter with the career stat 56-5
Figure in a Sunni/Shia dispute
Figure in the Sunni/Shia split
Film featuring Mykelti Williamson as Don King
Film for which Jon Voight was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Howard Cosell
Film in which Jon Voight played Howard Cosell
Film in which Voight plays Cosell
Film that won the 2002 NAACP Image Award
First Shia imam
First fighter to KO Liston
"First imam, to Shiites"
First name in Scheherazade's tales
First three-time heavyweight champ
Fistic Muslim
Fistic legend
Flame lighter at the 1996 Olympics
Floater and stinger
Floater with a sting?
Focus of a Louisville cultural center
Foe of Frazier
Foe of Frazier and Foreman
Foeman of Foreman
Foiler of 40 felons
Foreman KO'er
"Foreman KO'er, 1974"
Foreman adversary
Foreman battler
Foreman fighter
Foreman floorer in 1974
Foreman foe
Foreman opponent
Foreman rival
Foreman striker
Foreman striker?
"Foreman superior, once"
Foreman toppler
Foreman's 'Rumble in the Jungle'
Foreman's 1974 superior
Foreman's defeater
Foreman's one-time superior?
Foreman's opponent in Zaire
Foreman's superior
Foreman's superior?
Foreman's worry?
Former CNN business anchor Velshi
Former Frazier foe
Former bachelorette Fedotowsky
Former boxer Laila
Former boxing champ
Former boxing champion
Former boxing king
Former champ
Former champ with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
Former foe of Frazier and Foreman
Former heavyweight champ
Former pugilist Laila
Former ring king
Former ring leader
Former ring master
Former ring star
Former ringmaster?
Formidable Foreman foe
Forty Thieves foe
Forty Thieves' leader
Four-time winner of Ring magazine's Fighter of the Year award in the 1970s
Fourth caliph in Sunni Islam
Fourth caliph of Islam
Fourth caliph of Sunni Islam
Frazier beat him at Madison Square Garden in 1971
Frazier downer
Frazier fighter
Frazier floorer
Frazier foe
Frazier foe at MSG
"Frazier foe, once"
Frazier rival
"Frazier's ""Thrilla in Manila"" foe"
"Frazier's ""Thrilla in Manila"" opponent"
Frazier's Fight of the Century foe
Frazier's foe
"Frazier's foe, often"
Frazier's longtime foe
Frequent Cosell interviewee
Frequent LeRoy Neiman subject
G of TV
G on TV
Gloved one?
"Gold medalist of 1960, under a previous name"
Great heavyweight
"HBO's ""Da ___ G Show"""
HBO's ___ G
"He ""floated like a butterfly"""
"He ""stung like a bee"""
He K.O.'d Foreman 10/30/74
He KO'd Foreman
He KO'd Foreman in '74
"He KO'd Quarry, 10/26/70"
He KO'd many men
"He beat Frazier in ""The Thrilla in Manila"""
He beat Liston
He beat Liston twice
He beat Sonny
He came out of retirement in 1980
"He could ""float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"""
He defeated Liston in 1964
He dethroned Foreman
"He floated ""like a butterfly"""
He floated like a butterfly
He floored Foreman in Zaire
He fought Foreman
He fought Frazier three times
He had 37 KOs
"He had a ""sting like a bee"""
He had a lot of punch
"He heard someone say ""open sesame"""
He knew the ropes
He knocked Foreman out in The Rumble in the Jungle
He knocked out Foreman
He knocked out Foreman on 10/29/74
"He knocked out Liston in the first round on May 25, 1965"
He licked Liston
He lit the 1996 Olympics flame
He once had feet of Clay
He opened the 1996 Olympics
He perfected the rope-a-dope
"He proclaimed ""I shook up the world"""
He put people on the ropes
"He said ""Champions aren't made in gyms"""
"He said ""Open sesame"""
"He said he was the greatest, and many agree"
"He stung ""like a bee"""
He stung like a bee
He thrilled 'em in Manila
"He used to ""sting like a bee"""
He used to have seconds
He used to sit in a corner
He was Clay before converting
He was Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Century
He was a thriller in Manila
He was originally named for Henry Clay's second cousin
He was the first to beat Foreman
He was thrice the boxing champ
He was thrice the champ
He was upset by Spinks
He whipped Foreman in '74
He won in Zaire: 1974
"He won the ""Thrilla in Manila"""
He won the Manila thriller
He worked on canvases
He wouldn't go to Vietnam
"He's ""The Greatest"""
He's The Greatest
He's a floater
He's all the rage from Algeria
"He's known as ""The Greatest"""
He's on the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame
"He's pictured on the cover of the book ""Ghosts of Manila"""
He's second to Jordan in Sports Illustrated cover appearances
He's second to Jordan in Sports Illustrated covers
Heavyweight champ after Liston
Heavyweight great
Heavyweight great Muhammad
Heavyweight name
Heavyweight poet
"Hero in Zaire, 1974"
Hero of a Sheed book
Heroic figure of the 1996 Olympics
His crown was stripped in '67
His crown was stripped in 1967
His daughter is now a boxer
His last fight was a loss to Trevor Berbick
"His last fight was dubbed the ""Drama in Bahama"""
His last match was against Berbick
His name was once Cassius X
His record was 56-5
His ring cycle has ended
His stats include 37 KOs
His title was stripped in '67
His title was stripped in 1967
His won-lost record was 55-5
His won-lost record was 56-5
"Hogan's ""American Gladiators"" co-host"
Hollywood's MacGraw
"Holmes called him ""The Oldest"""
Holmes was his last opponent
"Host of CNN's ""Your $$$$$""___ Velshi"
Husband of Fatima
Husband of Fatima.
Hyder ___ (former Indian ruler)
Iconic puncher
Impersonated on SNL by Crystal and Murphy
"In 1999, ESPN named him the third greatest athlete of the previous century"
Indian name.
Induction refuser of 1967
Induction-refusing boxing champ
International Boxing Hall of Fame charter member
Iran's Ayatollah ___ Khamenei
Iran's ___ Khamenei
Iranian ayatollah Sayyed ___ Khamenei
Iranian president Rafsanjani
Iranian supreme leader ___ Khamenei
Iraq's Imam ___ Air Base
Iraq's Imam ___ Mosque
Iraq's Mosque of ___ (pilgrimage site)
Islam's fourth caliph
Islamic name
Jazz drummer Rasheid ___
"Jenny in ""Love Story"""
Jenny in Love Story
Joe Frazier's ring rival
KO connection maker
Kentucky boxing legend
Kentucky legend
Kentucky's Athlete of the Century
Kentucky-born boxer
Kicker Haji-Sheikh
Kicker ___ Haji-Sheikh
Kind of dance
"Kristofferson's costar in the TV movie ""Freedom Road"""
Laila in the ring
Laila of boxing
Laila of pugilism
Laila of the ring
Laila of women's boxing
Laila of women's pro boxing
Laila who dances in and out of the ring
Laila who won her first prizefight in 31 seconds
Laila's father
"Laila, the boxer"
"Larter of ""Heroes"""
"Larter of ""Legends"""
Larter of 'Heroes'
Larter of TV's Heroes
"Larter of the ""Resident Evil"" series"
Larter or Landry
Larter or MacGraw
Last name in boxing lore
Late Pakistani qawwal singer Nusrat Fateh ___ Khan
Late musician Nusrat Fateh ___ Khan
Late qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh ___ Khan
Legend in the ring
Legend of the ring
Legendary Frazier foe
Legendary boxer
Legendary boxing champ
Legendary boxing champion
Legendary fighter
Legendary heavyweight boxing champ
Legendary hit-man
Legendary pugilist
Levantine name.
Liaquat ___ Khan (Pakistan's first prime minister)
Lighter of the 1996 Olympic torch
Lighter of the Olympic flame in Atlanta
Lindsay Lohan's sister
Lindsay Lohan's younger sister
Lindsay's little sis
Lion of God
Liston beater in '65
"Liston beater, 1965"
Liston fighter
Liston licker
"Liston licker, 5/25/65"
Liston's conqueror
Longtime Frazier foe
Longtime ring champ
Loquacious boxing champ
Lord of the ring
"Lord of the ring, formerly"
"Lord of the ring, once"
Lord of the ring?
Lord of the rings?
"Loser in 1971's ""Fight of the Century"""
"Loser of 'The Fight of the Century,' March 8, 1971"
"Loser of the ""Fight of the Century"""
Loser to Frazier
Loser to Holmes
"Loser to Norton, 1973"
Loser to Spinks
Louisville museum subject
Louisville slugger
Louisville slugger?
Louisville sports icon
Louisville's Muhammad ___ Center
Louisville's ___ Center
"Louisville's ___ Center, cultural attraction"
"MacGraw of ""Goodbye, Columbus"""
"MacGraw of ""Goodbye, Columbus"" and ""Love Story"""
"MacGraw of ""Love Story"""
"MacGraw of ""The Getaway"""
MacGraw of Love Story
MacGraw of films
MacGraw of movies
MacGraw on film
MacGraw or Tatyana
"Mailer's subject in ""The Fight"""
March 1971 loser at Madison Square Garden
Mehemet ___.
Memorable Cosell interviewee
Memorable press-conference rhymer
Michael Mann movie
Michael Mann picture
Million-dollar Baba?
Miss MacGraw
Model Landry
Model/actress Landry
Modern Clay
Modern day Clay
Mohammad or Pasha
Mohammad's son-in-law
Mohammed -- Jinnah
Mohammed ___ Jinnah
Mohammed ___ Jinnah.
Mohammed ___.
Mohammed's son-in-law
Mohammedan name
Mohammedan name.
Morgiana's master
Morgiana's master.
Moslem caliph
Moslem name.
Mr. Baba
Ms. MacGraw
Much-traveled fighter
Muhammad --
Muhammad ___
Muhammad follower
Muhammad in the ring
Muhammad of ring
Muhammad of the ring
Muhammad or Laila
Muhammad or McGraw
Muhammad the legend
Muhammad who lit the Olympic torch in 1996
Muhammad who refereed the first WrestleMania
Muhammad with gloves
Muhammad's son-in-law
"Muhammad's true successor, according to Shiites"
Muhammed ___.
Muslim caliph
Muslim convert in 1964 news
Muslim fighter
N.F.L. kicker ___ Haji-Sheikh
Name among boxing legends
Name before G or Hakim
Name for Clay
Name in 1974 headlines from Zaire
Name in boxing
Name in the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame
Ne Clay
Norton contemporary
Norton's nemesis
Noted 1964 convert to Islam
Noted 2001 biopic
Noted Cosell interviewee
Noted Olympic torch lighter of 1996
Noted boxer
Noted boxing shuffle inventor
Noted conscientious objector
Noted convert to Islam in 1964
Noted ex-heavyweight
Noted knocker-outer
Noted press conference rhymer
Noted ring leader
Noted ring master
Nusrat Fateh ___ Khan
Nusrat Fateh ___ Khan (late Pakistani singer)
Old Clay
Old Frazier foe
Old foe of Frazier
Old ring king
Old ring king Muhammad
Old ring leader?
Olympic torch figure of 1996
"Olympic torchbearer, '96"
"One called ""The Lion of God"""
One of the Babas
One-time ring king
Onetime butterfly-bee analogist
Onetime giant in decking
Onetime heavyweight champ
Onetime ring king
Oriental cognomen.
Oriental hero
Oriental hero.
Oriental name
Oriental name.
Oscar-nominated Will Smith role
Oscar-nominated film of 2001
Oscar-nominated role for Smith
Oscar-nominated role for Will Smith
Oscar-nominated role of 2001
"Others, in Latin"
Outspoken boxer
Outspoken boxing legend
Outspoken champ
Outspoken fighter
Outwitter of 40 thieves
Pakistani president Asif ___ Zardari
"Participant in Madison Square Garden's ""Fight of the Century"""
Pasha or Baba
Pasha's name
"Pasha, of Turkey"
Patterson conquerer
Perennial Cosell interviewee
Poetic boxer
Poetic boxing champ
Poetic fighter
Poetic pugilist
Poetic puncher
Poetic trash-talker who packed quite the punch
Poetry-spouting pugilist
Pop singer Tatyana
Popular Muslim name
Possibly the world's most famous man
Potent pugilist
Pretty fighter
Primo puncher
Prince ___ (Aladdin's alter ego)
"Prince in ""Aladdin"""
Prince in 'Aladdin'
"Prince of ""Aladdin"""
Pro who packed a punch
Prophet Mohammed's son-in-law
Pugilist Laila
Pugilist Muhammad
Pugilist poet
Pugilistic poet
Punching legend
Quarry beater in 1970
Quarry quasher of 1970
Quarry's quarry: 1970
"Quipster who ""handcuffed lightning"""
Ralph's wife
Rap duo ___ & Gipp
"Receiver of ""Fighter of the Century"" award"
Remodeled Clay?
Retired boxer with a win-loss record of 56-5
Retired boxing great
Retired boxing icon
Retired ring master
Retiree of 1979
Rhyming boxer
Rhyming boxing champ
Rhyming boxing legend
Rhyming fighter
"Richard's ""Goodbye, Columbus"" co-star"
Ring champ
Ring champion
Ring figure
Ring great
Ring great Muhammad
Ring icon
Ring immortal
Ring king
Ring king Muhammad
Ring king before Spinks
Ring king born Cassius Clay
Ring king with a sting
"Ring king, once"
Ring leader of the '60s and '70s
"Ring leader, once"
Ring leader?
Ring legend
Ring legend Muhammad
Ring master
"Ring master, once"
Ring master?
Ring name
Ring rhymer
Ring rhymester
Ring star
Ring zinger
Ringmaster with rhymes
Role for Smith in 2001
Role for Will Smith
"Role in Rabaud's ""M
Role that garnered Will Smith a Best Actor nomination
Rope-a-dope boxer
Rope-a-dope coiner
Rope-a-dope exponent
Rope-a-dope inventor
Rope-a-dope name
Rope-a-dope poet
"Rubina ___ of ""Slumdog Millionaire"""
Rumble in the Jungle victor
Rumble in the Jungle winner
"Rumbler in the jungle, 1974"
"Ryan's ""Love Story"" co-star"
"Ryan's ""Love Story"" costar"
Ryan's 'Love Story co-star'
Ryan's 'Love Story' costar
Ryan's 1969 co-star
Ryan's Love Story co-star
Ryan's Love Story costar
Ryan's costar in a tearjerker
"Ryan's love in ""Love Story"""
Sacha Baron Cohen character ___ G
Sacha Baron Cohen persona ___ G
"Sacha Baron Cohen's ""Da ___ G Show"""
Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego ___ G
Sarod and sitar master ___ Akbar Khan
Scheherazade hero
Scheherazade protagonist
"Self-proclaimed ""Greatest"""
"Self-proclaimed ""Greatest"" boxer"
"Self-proclaimed ""greatest"""
"Self-proclaimed ""greatest"" of boxing"
"Self-proclaimed ""greatest"" of the ring"
Seventh-century Arab caliph
"She finished third behind Ohno and Fatone on ""Dancing With the Stars"""
"She played Jennifer in ""Love Story"""
"She played Jenny in ""Love Story"""
"She was Jenny in ""Love Story"""
Sheed subject
Shi'ite caliph
Shiite caliph
Shiites' saint
Short Alison
Sicilian cape
Sicilian cape.
Singer/actress Lohan
Slugger from Louisville
Smith biopic
Smith biopic role
Smith part
Smith portrayal of 2001
Smith role
Smith title role
Smith/Voight film
Smokin' Joe foe
"So-called ""Commander of the Faithful"""
Some say he really is the greatest
Son-in-law of Mahomet.
Son-in-law of Mohammad
Son-in-law of Mohammed
Son-in-law of Mohammed.
Son-in-law of Muhammad
Son-in-law of the Prophet
Son-in-law of the prophet Muhammad
Sonny beater
Soundtrack for Will Smith boxing movie
"South Korean singer of ""Let Me Say First"""
Spinks beat him in '78
"Spinks defeater, 1978"
Spinks foe
Spinks opponent of 1978
Spinks was once his jinx
Spinks's battler in 1978
Spinks's opponent in two title fights
Spinks's predecessor
Sports Illustrated named him Sportsman of the Century
Sports Illustrated named him Sportsman of the Century in 1999
Sports Illustrated's 1974 Sportsman of the Year
"Sports Illustrated's 1999 ""Sportsman of the Century"""
Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Century
Sports Illustrated's athlete of the century
Sports legend from Kentucky
"Sportsman of the Century, per Sports Illustrated in 1999"
Star in the ring
"Star of ""The Greatest"""
Steve calls her Slim in 'The Getaway'
"Steve calls her Slim, in The Getaway"
"Steve's ""The Getaway"" co-star"
Steve's The Getaway co-star
"Steve's co-star in ""The Getaway"""
Storied Baba
"Subject matter, with Cosell, of the book ""Sound and Fury"""
Subject of David Remnick's 1998 biography 'King of the World'
Subject of a 1996 Oscar-winning documentary
Subject of a Sheed book
Subject of a museum in Louisville
"Subject of a museum in Louisville, Kentucky"
"Subject of a museum in Louisville, Ky."
Subject of a recent David Remnick biography
"Subject of the 1998 biography ""King of the World"""
Subject of the 75-pound book 'GOAT'
"Subject of the biography ""Float Like a Butterfly"""
"Subject of the biography ""King of the World"""
"Subject of the book ""Loser and Still Champion"""
"Subject of the book ""Sting Like a Bee"""
Subject of the book 'Loser and Still Champion'
"Successor of Muhammad, to Shiites"
"Successor to the Prophet, in Islam"
Surname among boxing legends
TV personality Fedotowsky
"TV show about ""The Greatest"""
Talkative fighter
"Tatyana of ""Fresh Prince of Bel Air"""
"Tatyana of ""Second Generation Wayans"""
"Tatyana of ""The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"""
"Tatyana of ""The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,"" or a later role for the Fresh Prince himself"
Tatyana of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air'
Tatyana of TV
The Champ
The Fight of the Century fighter
The Greatest
The Greatest autobiographer
The Greatest boxer
"The Greatest, in the ring"
"The Greatest, once"
"The Jack Nicklaus of boxing, so to speak"
The King
The Lion of God
The Louisville Lip
The People's Champ
The People's Champion
The Story So Far song about a famous boxer?
The Story So Far song about the Greatest?
The Story So Far song about the greatest?
The ___ shuffle
"The first caliph, to Shiites"
"The greatest pugilist, he says"
The prophet Muhammed's cousin
"The self-proclaimed ""Greatest"""
Thief thwarter Baba
Thieves foiler
Three-time '60s-'70s heavyweight champ
Three-time Frazier fighter
Three-time Frazier foe
Three-time Frazier opponent
Three-time champ
Three-time foe for Frazier
Three-time heavy weight champ
Three-time heavyweight boxing champ
Three-time heavyweight champ
Three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad
Three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad ___ [1942- ]
Three-time opponent of Frazier
Three-time ring king
Thrice the champ
Thrice the heavyweight champ
Thrilla fighter
Thrilla in Manila boxer
Thrilla in Manila fighter
Thrilla in Manila participant
Thrilla in Manila victor
Thrilla in Manila winner
Thrilla-in-Manila winner
Thriller in Manila
Timbuktu conquerer Sonni ___
Title role about a titleholder
Title role for Will Smith
"Tomb of ___, in Najaf, Iraq"
Torch lighter at the 1996 Olympics
Torch lighter at the Atlanta Olympics
"True successor to the prophet, in Shiism"
Turkish military governor ___ Pasha
Turkish name
Two-time Quarry opponent
U.N. Messenger of Peace
U.N. Messenger of Peace appointee in 1998
U.S. Women's National Soccer Team star Krieger
U.S. women's soccer star Krieger
UB40 singer Campbell
US Women's soccer star Krieger
US Womens soccer star Krieger
US women's soccer star Krieger
"Undefeated boxer, or her father"
Underground rapper Brother ___
Very common Muslim name
"Victor in Zaire, 1974"
Victor in Zaire: 1974
Well-known jabber?
Wepner whipper
Wepner's 1975 opponent
When We Were Kings fighter
"Who put Frazier down, from ""Down goes Frazier!"" fame"
"Who said ""It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am"""
"Who said ""It's not bragging if you can back it up"""
Wilfred Sheed subject
Will Smith biopic
Will Smith biopic of 2001
Will Smith biopic role
"Will Smith biopic, 2001"
Will Smith film
Will Smith movie
Will Smith portrayal
Will Smith portrayal of 2001
Will Smith portrayed him
Will Smith role
Will Smith role in 2001
Will Smith role of 2001
Will Smith title role
Will Smith title role of 2001
Will Smith/Jon Voight film
Winner at Madison Square Garden: Sept. 1977
"Winner in Mailer's ""The Fight"""
"Winner in Zaire, 10/30/74"
"Winner of ""The Thrilla in Manila"""
Winner of 'The Thrilla in Manila'
Winner of 10/30/74
Winner of 56 of his 61 fights
"Winner of the ""Thrilla in Manila"""
Winner of the Thrilla in Manila
"Won the ""Thrilla in Manila"""
Woodcutter Baba
Woodcutter in a children's story
"World champion of 1964-67, 1974-78 and 1978-79"
World-famous athlete
X contemporary
Yemen president ___ Abdullah Saleh
Yemen's ___ Abdullah Saleh
Yemeni leader ___ Abdullah Saleh
"Zulfikar ___ Bhutto, 1970's Pakistani leader"
___ Baba
"___ Baba (""Arabian Nights"" character who said ""Open sesame!"")"
"___ Baba (""Arabian Nights"" character)"
___ Baba.
___ Bey.
___ G (Baron Cohen character)
___ G (HBO character)
___ G (Sacha Baron Cohen persona)
___ G (alter-ego of Sacha Baron Cohen)
___ G. (ficticious rapper)
___ G. (surprise guest at the recent Oscars)
___ Haji-Sheikh
"___ Hakim (""Oklahoma!"" character)"
___ Khamenei (Supreme Leader of Iran)
___ Khamenei (supreme leader of Iran)
"___ MacGraw ""Love Story"" co-star"
___ Pasha
___ Pasha (many an Ottoman statesman)
"___ Pasha, The Lion of Janina"
___ Pasha.
"___ Shar (""One Thousand and One Nights"" character)"
___ Shuffle (boxing move)
___ by Adidas (line of sports apparel)
___ way (narrow Saudi street)
l974 boxing champ
Late great boxer
Boxer who won the Thrilla in Manila
Three-time ring foe of Frazier
"The Greatest" boxer
"Aladdin" prince
Late boxing champion
Sports Illustrated's 1974 Sportsman of the Year
Legendary 32-Across
Lighter of the 1996 Olympic torch
Late great boxing champ
Late great boxing champ
Late boxing great
Larter of TV's "Heroes"
"Aladdin" prince
Boxer Laila
___ Baba
Will Smith biopic
“Thrilla in Manilla” victor
Foreman vanquisher
Legendary fighter
2001 Will Smith biopic
Late rhyming boxing champ
Oscar-nominated part for Smith
''Arabian Nights'' name
Muhammad or Laila
"The Greatest"
Legendary Muhammad
2001 Will Smith biopic
Ring great
Late boxing great
2001 boxing biopic
Thrilla in Manila champ
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
'Da ___ G Show'
Arabian folk hero, ... Baba
"Rumble in the Jungle" fighter
___ Baba
''Arabian Nights'' name
"When We Were Kings" hero
Baba who outwitted thieves
With 27-Down, foe of the Forty Thieves
"The Greatest"
"Rumble in the Jungle" boxer
"Aladdin" prince
Louisville slugger
The self-proclaimed "Greatest"
Muhammad ____
''Aladdin'' prince
Loser of the Drama in Bahama
Three-time foe of Frazier
Pugilist Laila
Boxing great's name, after 1964
Boxer portrayed by Will Smith
Boxer Laila
— Baba
"Aladdin" figure
Boxing legend
Ring legend
"Aladdin" hero
MacGraw of "Love Story"
Heavyweight great
''Aladdin'' prince
Frazier foe
Boxer known as 'The Greatest'
Frazier foe
Champ before and after Spinks
"The Greatest" of boxing
Foreman foe
Boxing great
With 10-Across, "Open sesame" sayer
Three-time foe of Frazier
Famed boxer
Ring great
Boxing's "Greatest"
His "slave name" was Clay
'Fight of the Century' loser
Legendary boxer
Ring legend
"Aladdin" prince
Thrilla in Manila figure
__ Baba
Lexington legend
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
''Arabian Nights'' name
Rope-a-dope boxer
See 28-Down
Three-time foe of Frazier
Boxing great
Name meaning ''high''
2001 boxing biopic
Last name among boxing legends
''__ Baba and the 40 Thieves''
"Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer" speaker
"The Greatest"
His title was stripped in 1967
Muhammad ..., former boxer
Boxing great
The Greatest of boxing
"Aladdin" prince
Boxer who nicknamed his opponents
Three-time Frazier foe
He "stung like a bee"
Boxer Muhammad ____
"Aladdin" prince
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
Frazier foe
"The Greatest"
Legend of boxing
__ Baba
"___ Baba and the Forty Thieves"
Muhammad ____
He said "If you even dream of beating me, you'd better wake up and apologize"
Muhammad ____
He called Frazier a "gorilla"
Foe of Spinks
Foe of Spinks
__ Baba
"The Greatest"
"The Greatest"
Oscar-nominated role for Smith
Oscar-nominated role for Smith
__ Baba
Laila of the ring
Ring great
Ring great
Thrilla in Manila boxer
Thrilla in Manila boxer
Will Smith title role
Best Supporting Actor winner for "Moonlight"
Noted ringmaster
Noted ringmaster
Exalted, in Islam
Boxing great
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala
"The Greatest"
"The Greatest"
— Baba
— Baba
''Aladdin'' prince
Heavyweight great
Heavyweight great
Boxing legend
Boxing legend
__ Baba
Heavyweight great
Heavyweight great
Legendary fighter
Legendary fighter
Louisville slugger?
Louisville slugger?
Noted rope-a-dope boxer
Noted rope-a-dope boxer
Arabian folk hero, ... Baba
Boxing legend
Boxing great
2001 Will Smith film
One nicknamed "The Greatest"
A champ's assumed name as finally taken
Who said 'I'm so mean I make medicine sick'
Oscar winner Mahershala
"When We Were Kings" subject
Three-time heavyweight champ
Boxing's "Greatest"
Boxing great
Boxing legend
Boxing legend Muhammad
Heavyweight legend Muhammad
Foreman foe
Famed boxer
Famed boxer
__ Baba
'Moonlight' star Mahershala
Late boxing legend
Boxing legend
Foreman foe
Mahershala of "Moonlight"
Boxing legend Muhammad
Will Smith biopic
He "stung like a bee"
'Aladdin' prince
Frazier's foe
__ Baba
... Baba & The 40 Thieves
Foreman foe
Boxing legend
Ring great
Fighter of Frazier
1977 Warhol subject
"Aladdin" prince
"The Greatest"
International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee
__ Baba
Frazier's rival
Boxing great
Mahershala ___, Best Supporting Actor for 17-Across
Frazier's rival
2001 sporting biopic starring Will Smith in the title role
Boxer with feats of Clay?
Liston opponent
''Aladdin'' prince
Renowned fighter
Boxing biopic of 2001
Ring legend
Subject of Mailer's ''The Fight''
__ Baba
Will Smith biopic
Former ring king
Boxer, Muhammad ...
Legendary boxer
"Thrilla in Manila" winner
"The Greatest"
Boxing great
Rhyming boxer
Boxing legend
Boxing champ before and after Spinks
Ring master?
''Aladdin'' prince
Legendary boxer
Boxer with 37 knockouts
Famous boxer
____ Baba
Boxing great
Will Smith role
Atlanta Olympics torch lighter
"The Greatest" fighter
Caliph of Islam
Boxing legend
Lord of the rings?
Boxing legend
Boxer Muhammad ____
Pugilistic friend of Cosell
"The Greatest"
"The Greatest" of boxing
Foreman foe
Ring great
Ring great
Legendary boxer
Thrilla in Manila boxer
Ring legend
Clay, from 1964
Boxing great
Foreman foe
Boxer Muhammad ____
Boxing legend
Ring great
Will Smith biopic
Fighter eulogized by Bill Clinton, among others
Boxing biopic of 2001
Woodcutter Baba
Will Smith biopic role
He sparred verbally with Cosell
The self-proclaimed "Greatest"
He fought Frazier three times
Boxing legend
Foreman foe
"Rope-a-dope" pugilist
Sacha Baron Cohen's "Da ___ G Show"
Memorable fighter
Foreman foe
"Rumble in the Jungle" combatant
Muhammad ____
Boxing biopic of 2001
Frazier's frequent foe
Legendary boxer
''Arabian Nights'' name
Three-time 1-Across
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
Three-time Frazier foe
Torch lighter of 1996
Three-time foe of Frazier
Quotable boxer
Lyrical boxer
Heavyweight great
Heavyweight great
Not the forename of forty thieves!
2001 sporting biopic starring Will Smith in the title role
__ Baba
Boxing legend
Boxing great
Mahershala ___, Oscar winner for "Moonlight"
Boxing great
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
Famed boxer
Boxing legend
2001 sports biopic
Clay, later
He has a meal without me at lunchtime
One-time ring master
Legendary boxer
His 1975 autobiography was edited by Toni Morrison
Norton and Foreman fighter
Boxing great
Actress MacGraw
Boxer, Muhammad ...
"The Rumble in the Jungle" victor
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
Boxing legend
___ G (Baron Cohen character)
Louisville legend
__ Baba
Boxing great
Big name in boxing
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
Arabian Nights name
Ring legend
Late heavyweight great
Bit of an invalid, apparently?
Ayaan Hirsi ___, Somali-born advocate for women's rights and religious freedom
Fabled woodcutter ___ Baba
"Float like a butterfly" boxer
Foreman foe
Clay, later
Versifying ring legend
Legendary boxer
Ring great
"Hidden Figures" actor Mahershala __
Ryan's "Love Story" co-star
Frazier foe
Boxer Muhammad ____
Ring great
See 18-Across
Boxing great
__ Baba
Muhammad ____
"Aladdin" prince
BBC's Sports Personality of the Century
Muhammad with the jabs
Prince in ''Aladdin''
''__ Baba and the 40 Thieves''
"MSNBC Live" co-anchor Velshi
Film in which LeVar Burton played Martin Luther King Jr.
Clay, later
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
Clay's transformation?
"When We Were Kings" subject
2001 biopic film
___ G, Sacha Baron Cohen character
Ring great
Baba of fiction
Muhammad in a ring
Boxing great
Heavyweight great
Heavyweight great
Athlete eulogized by Bill Clinton and Billy Crystal
"The Greatest"
Three-time foe of Frazier
Legendary boxer
2001 sporting biopic starring Will Smith in the title role
Boxing legend
Boxing legend
Poetic pugilist
"The Greatest"
Three-time foe of Frazier
Quotable boxer
Clay, later
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
"Aladdin" prince
Boxing legend
Will Smith role
Medal of Freedom athlete (2005)
__ Baba
Famed boxer
Jabbing king
Memorable boxer
Boxing legend
"Thrilla in Manila" boxer
Will Smith biopic
He said 'It's not bragging if you can back it up'
Frazier foe
Laila of boxing
Frazier foe
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala __
Ring great
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
See 83-Across
Ring champ's adopted surname
Boxing's "Louisville Lip"
Foreman defeater in 1974
Boxer Laila
The Greatest
"American Housewife" actress Wong
''__ Baba and the Forty Thieves''
"The Greatest"
Boxer Laila
Baba of legend
Actor Mahershala of Netflix's "Luke Cage"
Ring legend
Frazier's rival
Spinks foe
Noted ring shuffler
Boxer, Muhammad ...
Boxing legend
Great boxer
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala
Frazier foe
Boxer with a "shuffle"
"___ Baba and the Forty Thieves"
The Greatest
1,001 Nights honorific
Fight of the Century loser
"Aladdin" prince
Renowned fighter
1996 torch lighter
Ring legend
Former heavyweight champ Muhammad
Boxer Muhammad
__ Baba
"Aladdin" prince
Champion boxer
__ Baba
Muhammad of boxing
Oscar-nominated role for Smith
Surname of boxers Muhammad and Laila
Comedian Wong with the 2018 Netflix special "Hard Knock Wife"
Real-life Superman opponent in a '78 comic book
Foe of Frazier
____ Baba
''When We Were Kings'' profilee
Legendary boxer
Ring great
Boxing legend Muhammad from Louisville
Heavyweight champ of old
Rhyming boxer
__ Baba
"Thrilla in Manila" boxer
Who said 'Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up'
Boxing great
Boxer who would "float like a butterfly"
___ Baba
Boxer Muhammad
Sports Illustrated cover frequenter
Sacha Baron Cohen's "Da ___ G Show"
Famous boxer
"The Greatest"
____ Baba
Laila of boxing
The Greatest of boxing
Ryan's "Love Story" co-star
Atlanta Olympics torch lighter
Undefeated boxing champion Laila
Arabian folk hero, ... Baba
The Greatest
''His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see'' speaker
Bachelorette Fedotowsky
Boxing's "Greatest"
Actor Mahershala of Netflix's "Luke Cage"
Fighter Muhammad
Foreman rival
Boxer who lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta in 1996
"Moonlight" Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Mahershala
Actress MacGraw
____ Baba
Man who was Clay
Boxer Muhammad
Boxer Muhammad ____
Boxing great
Champ before and after Spinks
Surname of boxers Muhammad and Laila
Often-quoted boxing great
Frazier foe
Muhammad or Laila
"Aladdin" prince
Former "House of Cards" actor Mahershala
Clay, later
Ring master, once
Poetic prizefighter
Ring master?
"The Greatest"
"Rope-a-dope" boxer
"Prince ___" ("Aladdin" song)
Rhyming boxer
Fighter Muhammad
"Aladdin" prince
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala
Who Clay became
Lindsay Lohan's younger sister
Boxing great
Legendary boxer
Heavyweight great
Boxer Muhammad
Ring great
Boxing's "Greatest"
40 thieves leader
The Greatest of boxing
"Thrilla in Manila" champ
Rhyming boxer
"Love Story" star MacGraw
Boxing great
Ring great
Famous boxer
"It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am" boaster
"Rumble in the Jungle" boxer
Boxer Muhammad ____
2001 sporting biopic starring Will Smith in the title role
Rope-a-dope boxer
Muhammad of boxing
2016 Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala
Frazier foe
"The Rumble in the Jungle" boxer
Boxing great
Heavyweight legend
Poetic pugilist
Oscar winner Mahershala who will star in season three of "True Detective"
Thrilla in Manila participant
Poetic pugilist
Women's soccer star Krieger
Renowned fighter
Boxing legend
Boxers Muhammad and Laila
Will Smith movie where he played an athlete
Biopic role for Will Smith
Boxing great
"Rumble in the Jungle" champion
Monica —, author of 2003 novel Brick Lane
____ Baba
Great boxer
ESPY-nominated 2001 biopic
Legend in the ring
Will Smith film
1996 Olympic torch lighter
Mythical Baba
Three-time ring foe of Frazier
"Thrilla in Manila" boxer Muhammad
"The Greatest"
Foreman's superior
Mr. Baba
Rope-a-dope boxer
... Baba & The 40 Thieves
Frazier foe
Boxing great
Boxer Muhammad
Common Arabic prename
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala __
An S.I. Sportsman of the Year
Champ of note
Self-proclaimed greatest boxer
Boxing great
He's on the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame
Larter or MacGraw
"The Greatest"
Muhammad ____
___ Baba ("Open sesame" speaker)
Baba of "The Arabian Nights"
Heavyweight legend
Boxer, Muhammad ...
He beat Ernie Terrell in 1967
The "greatest" boxer
"When We Were Kings" subject
Foreman's KO'er
HBO's "Da ___ G Show"
Boxing legend
2001 boxing film
___ Baba
"How to Be Both" novelist Smith
2001 biopic title
Boxing legend
Boxer Muhammad
2001 biopic
He proclaimed "I shook up the world"
Legendary boxer Muhammad
Baba of tales
A name in faith healing
Famed boxer
2001 movie where Jon Voight played Howard Cosell
Clay, after 1964
'Moonlight' actor
Ring legend Muhammad
Legendary boxer
Actress Larter of TV's "Heroes"
"Open, sesame" dude
'The Greatest' in the ring
"Thrilla in Manila" victor
Kentucky sports legend
Heavyweight great
Boxer played by Will Smith in a 2001 biopic
Boxing great
___ G (Sacha Baron Cohen character)
"Love Story", first name: ___ Mcgraw
Heavyweight great
"Sting like a bee" speaker
Will Smith biopic
Legendary fighter
Frazier rival
''I beat people up'' sayer (1977)
Boxer Clay, later
"Moonlight" Oscar winner Mahershala
Actress MacGraw
Ring bard
Mahershala ___, co-star of 2018's 'Green Book'
"The Greatest"
Boxing great
2001 biopic starring Will Smith in the title role
Famed boxer
Will Smith Oscar-nominated role
Boxer Muhammad
Famed boxer
"Green Book" actor Mahershala
Renowned fighter
"Thrilla in Manila" boxer
Boxing great
Frazier foe
Cable news host Velshi
Muhammad ___
1996 Olympic torch lighter
Legendary boxer
Rhyming boxer
3-Down pugilist
Legendary boxer who died in 2016
Dundee's protege in the ring
Actress MacGraw
Mahershala of "Moonlight"
"Rumble in the Jungle" victor
"True Detective" star Mahershala __
Clay, later
Lord of the ring?
Father/daughter boxing surname
"Aladdin" prince
"The Greatest"
Will Smith's role in a boxer biopic
Former boxing champ Laila
The greatest in a line?
Boxer Muhammad
Boxing legend