The word ALICES has appeared in at least 70 clues on different crosswords.

"""-- Adven-tures in Wonderland"""
"""Tiny"" role and others."
"""___ Adventures Under Ground"""
"""___ Adventures in Wonderland"""
"""___ Adventures in Wonderland."""
"""___ Adventures... """
"""___ Restaurant"
"""___ Restaurant"""
"""___ Restaurant"" (Arlo Guthrie song)"
"""___ Restaurant"" (Arlo's album)"
"""___ Restaurant,"" 1969 film"
"""___ Restaurant,"" A. Guthrie opus"
' ___ Restaurant'
"Arlo Guthrie's ""___ Restaurant"""
Arlo Guthrie's '-- Restaurant'
Arlo's favorite restaurant
Arlo's restaurant
"Canadian author Munro, and namesakes"
Cooper and Roosevelt
Cooper and Walker
"Eatery ""just a half a mile from the railroad track"""
"Eatery where ""you can get anything you want"""
Faye and Cooper
Faye and Ghostley
Faye and Ghostly
Faye and Longworth
Ghostley and Cooper
"Guthrie's ""___ Restaurant"""
Guthrie's restaurant
Marble and Faye
Munro and Kramden
Namesakes of Carroll girl.
Namesakes of Roosevelt.
Namesakes of a Roosevelt.
Namesakes of juvenile heroine.
Restaurant Arlo immortalized
Restaurant Arlo sang about
Restaurant in a 1969 film title
Restaurant in a Guthrie song
Restaurant of folkie fame
Restaurant of song
Start of a Carroll title
Sung-about restaurant
T.R.'s first wife et al.
Tennis' Marble and rock's Cooper
Tiny heroine and others.
Walker and Cooper
"Walker, Cooper and others"
Where Arlo ate
Writer Walker and others
Writer Walker and role for Audrey Meadows
___ Restaurant
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
"___ Restaurant" (hit 1968 album)
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Storied restaurant
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
1969 comedy-drama starring Arlo Guthrie and Patricia Quinn
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye
Cooper and Faye