The word ALUMNI has appeared in at least 119 clues on different crosswords.

"""Class of"" class"
"""Class of"" people"
"Bill and Hillary, vis-a-vis Yale"
"Bill and Hillary, vis-
"Booster Club members, often"
"Boosters, often"
Brown people?
Campus building dedicatees
Campus buildings often bear their names
"Certain benefactors, often"
Classmates.com users
College building dedicatees
"College building dedicatees, often"
College donators
College football game attendees
College fund-raising targets
College fundraiser's targets
College graduates
"College interview conductors, often"
College reunion attendees
College support group
College-fund contributors
Degree holders
Donors' group
"Donors, often"
Duke patrons?
Former associates
Former collegians
Former members
Former members of a band
Former students
Former students of a school
Frequent school contributors
Fund-raising targets
Grads of a school
Graduates from a school
Homecoming attendees
Homecoming figures
Homecoming game attendee
Homecoming guests
Homecoming honorees
Homecoming returnees
Kind of association
Many boosters
Many college football fans
Many college newsletter addressees
Many team boosters
Names on some campus buildings
"Newsletter recipients, maybe"
Old class
Old-boy network
Ones with degrees
Reunion attendees
Reunion attenders
Reunion bunch
Reunion folks
Reunion goers.
Reunion group
Reunion invitees
Reunion participants
"Rice donors, often"
School graduates
Sellers of used texts
"Seniors, years later"
Some booster club members
Some bowl game rooters
Some college contributors
Some fundraising targets
Some grads
Some homecoming guests
Some scholarship funders
"Sophomores, many years later"
Targets of some fundraising campaigns
"The Clintons, vis-
"The Obamas, vis-
The comeback kids?
They may go back to school on purpose
They reune
They used to have class
They're often distinguished by degrees
They're produced by degrees
Veterans of a sort.
___ Hall (site on many a campus)
Reunion crowd
Graduates of a college
Group of graduates
Group that grows every May
Graduates of a college
Graduates from university in Milan running riot
Bush 41 and 43, to Yale
Former students of a college
Seniors, one year later
Mid-January in Milan draws past pupils
Homecoming group
Homecoming group
Graduates of a college
Former students of a college
Reunion group
Reunion group
Mid-January in Milan draws past pupils
New Milan university could produce these
Homecoming crowd, largely
Graduates of a college
School graduates
College fund-raiser targets
Mid-January in Milan draws past pupils
Former pupils