Word: AMPS

The word AMPS has appeared in at least 393 clues on different crosswords.

A.C. amounts
Accessories for a touring band
Anagram of a canned meat product
Arena equipment
Audio boosters
Audio plug-ins
Audiophiles' purchases
B-52s' gear
Band aids
Band aids?
Band blasters
Band boosters
Band boxes
Band boxes?
Band equipment
Band gear
Band stuff
Bands' accessories
Bands' boosters?
Bandstand boosters
Bandstand boxes
Bandstand equipment
Bass boosters
Bass connections
Basses go through them
Big concert equipment
Big speakers at a rock concert
Bits of current
Boom boxes?
"Boosters, for short"
"Boosts, with ""up"""
Boston boosters
Brief current matters
Burdens for roadies
Certain projectors
Charges (up)
Coldplay gear
Combo gear
Concert array
Concert blasters
"Concert blasters, briefly"
Concert blocks
Concert boosters
Concert equipment
"Concert equipment, for short"
Concert gadgets
Concert gear
Concert hall equipment
Concert items
Concert load
Concert pieces
Concert props
Concert sound equipment
Concert stack
Concert stage collection
Concert stage equipment
Concert stage sights
Concert-stage gear
Coulombs per sec
Coulombs per second
Cranks (up)
Cur. units
Current concern
Current force
Current info
Current matters
Current measures
"Current measures, for short"
Current standards
Current units
"Current units, briefly"
"Current units, for short"
"Current units, informally"
Dance club equipment
Dance club speakers
Elec. current units
Elec. currents
Elec. meas.
Elec. measurements
Elec. measures
Elec. term.
Elec. units
Elec. units.
Electric current units
Electric guitar boosters
Electric guitar needs
Electric guitars need them
Electric guitars' need
Electric measure
"Electric units, for short."
Electric units: Abbr.
Electrical abbreviation.
Electrical current units
Electrical units
"Electrical units, briefly"
"Electrical units, for short"
"Electrical units, for short."
Electrical units.
Electrical units: Abbr.
Electrician's concern.
Electrician's concerns
Electricity units
"Energizes, with ""up"""
Equipment for Coldplay
Equipment for Crash Test Dummies
Equipment with gain and master knobs
"Excites, with ""up"""
Fab Four equipment
Fender products
Fenders are often attached to them
Fuse abbrs.
Fuse measurements
Fuse rating
Fuse units
Galvanometers measure them
Gear for gigs
Gear hauled by roadies
Gear on stage
Gear to help you hear
Gig equipment
Gig gear
Gig needs
"Guitar adjuncts, briefly"
Guitar boosters
Guitar store buys
Guitar store items
Guitar-store buys
Guitarist's boxes
Guitarists' need
Guitars' need
Guitars' needs
Hearing aids?
Heavy metal concert necessity
Hi-fi components
Hi-fi parts
Hypes (up)
"Increases, with ""up"""
"Intensifies (with ""up"")"
"Intensifies, with ""up"""
"Intensifies, with 'up'"
Intercom components
Items in tour vans
Items on a concert stage
Juice units
Led Zeppelin's gear
Lollapalooza gear
Many of these went to Woodstock
"Measures of current, briefly"
Measures of electrical current
Meat Loaf's luggage
Metal band's equipment
Modern equipment for megachurches
Music blasters
Music boosters
Music boosters?
Music boxes
Music enhancers
Music store buys
Musical equipment
Musicians' accessories for short
Need them to plug in
Not guitars or cords
Not the guitars or cords
PA system components
PA system parts
Parts of PA systems
Pieces of concert equipment
Plugged-in items
Pumps (up)
Pumps up the volume
Queen's gear
REM gear
Ratchets (up)
Revised maps to be current (4)
Road-tour load
Roadie load
Roadie loads
Roadie responsibilities
Roadie worries
Roadie's burden
Roadie's burdens
Roadie's charge
Roadie's equipment
Roadie's gear
Roadie's haul
Roadie's load
Roadie's loads
Roadie's responsibility
Roadie's vanload
Roadies carry them
Roadies lug them around
Roadies move them
Roadies' burdens
Roadies' concerns
Roadies' equipment
Roadies' loads
Roadies' responsibilities
Rock band blasters
Rock band boosters
Rock band equip.
Rock band equipment
Rock band items
Rock band req.
"Rock band's equipment, familiarly"
Rock blasters
Rock blasters?
Rock boomers
Rock boosters
Rock buys
Rock concert blasters
Rock concert equipment
Rock concert gear
Rock concert lineup
Rock concert musts
Rock concert necessities
Rock concert needs
Rock concert pieces
Rock gear
Rock groups' equipment
Rock roadies' gear
Rock tour gear
Rock-band boxes
Rock-band sound boosters
Rockers rock out in front of them
Rockers' boom boxes
Rockers' equipment
Some band equipment
Some concert equipment
Some concert gear
Some stage equipment
Some stand at the side of the stage
Some were for The Byrds
Sound blasters
Sound boosters
Sound boxes at a concert
Sound equipment
Sound investments?
Sound projectors
Sound projectors?
Sound system components
Speakers on stage
Stack at a rock concert
Stage equipment
Stage gear
"Stage items, sometimes"
Stage sights
Stereo components
Stereo components: abbr.
Stereo parts
Stereo store purchases
There were many at Woodstock
They come in stacks
They make Bruce Springsteen louder
They may stand at the side of the stage
They might be for the Byrds
They often have clean and distorted channels
They travel with Bon Jovi
They travel with the band
They were seen at Woodstock
They're at all the big concerts
They're for The Byrds
They're hauled on concert tours
They're lugged to concerts
They're on stage before the band
They're schlepped on tours
Tour bus cargo
Units of current
Units of elec.
Units of elec. current
"Units of electric current, briefly"
Units of electrical current
Units of loudness?
Voice projectors
Watt parts
Watts' cousins: Abbr.
Watts' kin
Watts' relatives: Abbr.
Where mics plug in
Woodstock gear
Woodstock lineup
Woodstock stage gear
Word on a fuse
Yamaha products
___ up (energizes)*
Concert boxes?
Roadies' burdens
Rock concert gear
Sound boosters
Intensifies (with "up")
Fuse units
Audio gear
Fuse units
Band boosters
Hookups at a gig
Rock concert sights
Music enhancers
Current units
Jazzes (up)
Energizes, with "up"
Jazzes (up)
Audio boosters, briefly
Rock guitarists' plug-ins
Rock concert array
Band boosters
Roadie's haul
Roadies' responsibilities
''. . . happily __ after''
Band boosters
Band boosters
Gig equipment
Fuse measures
Guitar boosters
Guitar boosters
Rock group's boosters
Miami Sound Machine sound machines
Rock concert array
Concert boosters
Bandstand boosters
Concert gear
Band boosters
Band aids
Rock-band sound boosters
Some music store wares
Band boosters
Woodstock stage array
Concert lineup
Cranks (up)
Sound-boosting boxes
A politician's current supplies
Rockers' sound machines
Rock concert array
Units in Ohm's law
Circuit measures
Band boosters
Current units
Gig gear
Equipment not used in "Unplugged" albums
Concert stage array
Concert stage items
Roadies' loads
Current units
Band's boomers
Chord blasters
Some concert equipment
Units of current
Rock projectors
Woodstock stage lineup
Music store wares
Power boosters
Band boosters
Concert boxes
Sound system boxes
Band boosters
Rock-blasting equipment
Rock concert sound boosters
Critical measurements in "Apollo 13"
Mic enhancers
Gig hookups
Excites, with "up"
Mike sound expanders
Current measures
Guitar sound boosters
Voltage hikers
Rockers' gear
Concert array
Current units
Stage flankers
Woodstock stage gear
They pump up the volume
Current units
Rock music boosters
Hi-fi parts
Axe augmenters
Sound projectors
Bands' gear
Audio elevators
Short of current
Lollapalooza sound boosters
Rock-band equipment
Rockers' gear
Mike sound expanders
Sound boosters
Sound investments?
Concert blasters, briefly
Concert sound boosters
Current units
Concert equipment
Rock concert sound boosters
Electrical units
Electrical units
Gig gear