Word: ANA

The word ANA has appeared in at least 798 clues on different crosswords.

"""50 Shades of Grey"" heroine"
"""50 Shades"" protagonist"
"""Baptist"" intro"
"""Baptist"" opener"
"""Dog Days"" novelist ___ Marie Cox"
"""Falcon Crest"" actress Alicia"
"""Falcon Crest"" actress ___ Alicia"
"""Fifty Shades of Grey"" heroine"
"""Fifty Shades of Grey"" woman"
"""Gimme ___!"" (Alabama cheerleader's cry)"
"""Gimme ___!"" (Alabama cheerleader's repeated cry): 2 wds."
"""Gimme ___!"" (Auburn cheer start)"
"""Gimme ___!"" (Auburn cheer)"
"""Gimme ___!"" (Part of a Razorback cheer)"
"""Gimme ___!"" (frequent Alabama cheerleader's cry)"
"""Gimme ___!"" (start of an Auburn cheer)"
"""Gimme ___!"": Alabama cheer start"
"""I'd like buy ___..."" (""Wheel of Fortune"" line)"
"""I'd like to buy ___"" (""Wheel of Fortune"" announcement)"
"""I'd like to buy ___, Pat!"""
"""I'd like to buy ___, Pat!"" (""Wheel"" request)"
"""I'd like to buy ___, Pat"""
"""I'll give you ___ for effort"""
"""Inspiration of Japan"" airline"
"""Log"" or ""gram"" opener"
"""My Father Was A Toltec"" author Castillo"
"""Nacho Libre"" actress ___ de la Reguera"
"""S.N.L."" veteran Gasteyer"
"""SNL"" alum Gasteyer"
"""SNL"" alumna Gasteyer"
"""Santa"" trailer"
"""Saturday Night Live"" player Gasteyer"
"""Saturday Night Live"" star Gasteyer"
"""Soldiers Cry by Night"" novelist ___ Maria Matute"
"""Sound ___!"""
"""Suburgatory"" actress Gasteyer"
"""The Guardians"" novelist Castillo"
"""Ugly Betty"" actress Ortiz"
"""Wheel of Fortune"" buy"
"""Wheel of Fortune"" purchase"
"""Wheel of Fortune"" purchase, sometimes"
"""Wheel of Fortune"" purchase?"
"""Wheel of Fortune"" request"
"""Wheel"" buy"
"""Wheel"" request"
"""Wheel"" sale"
"""Wheel.."" choice"
"""___ Ng"" (1988 They Might Be Giants single)"
"""___ Ng"" (They Might Be Giants song)"
"""___ Ng"" (They Might Be Giants' first song on the US charts)"
"""___ Ng"" (early They Might Be Giants song)"
"""___'s Story"" (Jenna Bush book)"
'SNL' alum Gasteyer
'Saturday Night Live' castmate of Cheri and Colin
'Ugly Betty' actress Ortiz
'Wheel of Fortune' request
"2002 World Series champs, on scoreboards"
2008 Australian Open finalist Ivanovic
2008 French Open champ Ivanovic
2008 French Open champion Ivanovic
2008 French Open champion ___ Ivanovic
2008 French Open winner Ivanovic
2009 hurricane
A California Santa
A Santa in California
A follower of Santa
"A.L. West team, on scoreboards"
Abbr. for the Mighty Ducks' city
Actress -- Alicia
Actress Alicia
"Actress Alicia of ""Falcon Crest"""
Actress Gasteyer
"Actress Gasteyer of ""Suburgatory"""
"Actress Obreg
Actress Ortiz
"Actress Ortiz of ""Ugly Betty"""
Actress Ortiz or Gasteyer
Actress ___ Alicia
Actress ___ Gasteyer
Actress and comic Gasteyer
Airline headquartered out of Tokyo
Airline that flies to Tokyo
Airline to Osaka
"Alicia of ""Coward of the County"""
"Alicia of ""Falcon Crest"""
"Alicia of ""Romero"""
Alicia of 'Falcon Crest'
Alicia of Falcon Crest
Alicia of TV
Amusing recountings
Anecdotal assortment
Anecdotal collection
Anecdotal compilation
Anecdotal roundup
Anecdote collection
"Anecdote collection, e.g."
Anthological collection
Archivist's suffix
Assemblage of miscellaneous info
Auburn cheerleader's request
Auburn cheerleader's request?
Back of cab
Back: Pre.
Backward or upward: Prefix
Backward: Prefix
Backward: Prefix.
Baptism introduction?
Baptist intro
Baptist leader?
Baptist opener
Baptist opener?
Baptist or basis preceder
Bibliographic suffix
Bibliographical suffix
Bibliography suffix
Bibliophile's suffix
Bibliophilic suffix
Biographer's collection
Biographical collection
Biography snippet
Bits collection
Bits of info
Blogger -- Marie Cox
Blues singer Popovic
Book collector's suffix
Book of sayings
Boswell's Johnson e.g.
Boswell's forte.
Boswellian collection
Boswellian collection.
Brazilian supermodel ___ Beatriz Barros
CNN commentator Navarro
California Santa
California Santa?
California's Santa --
California's Santa -- River
California's Santa -- winds
California's Santa ___
California's Santa ___ Mountains
California's Santa ___ River
California's Santa ___ winds
Carrier to Japan
Carrier to Tokyo
Carrier with Tokyo hdqrs.
Carrier with a Narita hub
"Celine impersonator on ""Saturday Night Live"""
Certain literary collection
"Chris's ""Suburgatory"" co-star"
Coin collectors' org.
Collected facts
Collected literary snippets
Collected quotes
Collected reminiscences
Collected sayings
"Collected sayings, e.g."
Collected writings
Collectibles suffix
Collection item
Collection name's end
"Collection of Will Rogers quips, e.g."
Collection of anecdotes
"Collection of anecdotes, e.g."
Collection of anecdotes.
Collection of curiosa.
Collection of data
Collection of facts
Collection of facts.
Collection of information
Collection of information.
Collection of informative anecdotes
Collection of informative snippets
Collection of items
Collection of literary gossip.
Collection of literary odds and ends
Collection of memorable sayings
Collection of miscellaneous information
Collection of miscellany
Collection of notes
Collection of notes.
Collection of quotes
Collection of quotes.
Collection of reminiscences
Collection of sayings
Collection of sayings.
Collection of snippets
Collection of stories
"Collection of stories, e.g."
Collection of table talk.
Collection of tales
Collection of trivia
Collection of various materials
Collection of wit.
Collection related to a person or place
Collection suffix
Collections of sayings
Collective-noun suffix
Collector's suffix
Comedian Gasteyer
Comedienne Gasteyer
Comic Gasteyer
Comic actress Gasteyer
Commercial suffix with Tropic
Compendium material
Compilation of anecdotes
Compilation of information
Compilation of stories
Corey stompilation
Cultural collection
Curator's concern.
Divers information
"Dona -- County, NM"
Dona ___ (Las Cruces' county)
Dona ___ (Las Cruces's county)
"Dona ___ County, N.M."
"Dona ___ County, NM"
"Ducks' home, on the ticker"
Effort's reward
"Effort's reward, in school"
Effort's reward?
End of a band
Endangered ox of Sulawesi
"Equally on-the-nose name they could've given Mia, the ballerina with an eating disorder on ""Flesh and Bone"""
"Ex-""SNL"" player Gasteyer"
"Ex-""Saturday Night Live"" player Gasteyer"
Fashion model ___ Beatriz Barros
First Dreamliner buyer
First customer for the Boeing 787
First to order the Dreamliner
Flag carrier of Japan
Flier to Tokyo
Follower of Santa
Follower of Santa?
Follower of Shakespeare?
"Former ""S.N.L."" comic Gasteyer"
"Former ""SNL"" player Gasteyer"
"Former ""Saturday Night Live"" player Gasteyer"
Former World No. 1 tennis player Ivanovic
French Open winner Ivanovic
Funny Gasteyer
Funny girl Gasteyer
"Gasteyer in ""Dick"""
"Gasteyer of ""Mean Girls"""
"Gasteyer of ""Robot & Frank"" (soooo good)"
"Gasteyer of ""S.N.L."""
"Gasteyer of ""SNL"""
"Gasteyer of ""Saturday Night Live"""
"Gasteyer of ""Suburgatory"""
"Gasteyer of ""The Good Wife"""
"Gasteyer of ""Wicked"""
Gasteyer of 'Mean Girls'
Gasteyer of 'Saturday Night Live'
Gasteyer of SNL
Gasteyer of Saturday Night Live
Gasteyer of stage and screen
"Gasteyer of the Broadway show ""Wicked"""
Gasteyer or Alicia
"Gasteyer who played half of the ""Delicious Dish"" duo"
"Gasteyer, formerly of ""SNL"""
Get -- (score well)
Get ___ (ace the test)
Get ___ (do well at school)
Get ___ (excel)
Get ___ (receive a good grade)
Get ___ for effort
Get ___ on (ace)
Get ___: score 100
Golden State Santa
Golden State's Santa ___
Golden state Santa
Good effort's reward?
Got ___ (did great)
Got ___ on (aced)
Got ___ on (nailed)
Grammatical prefix
Greater part of Turkey
Group of sayings
Home of the Mighty Ducks (Abbr.)
Hungarian girl's name.
Informational miscellany
Informative collection
Initials on many 737s bound for Tokyo
Intro to gram
It can make places into palaces
It makes a horse hoarse
It makes men mean
It turns cots into coats
It'll make a horse hoarse
It'll make her hear
It'll turn togs into togas
It's all it takes to make men mean
It's the difference between feasts and fests
Items of interest
Ivanovic of tennis
Ivanovic of women's tennis
JAL alternative
Japan Air Lines rival
Japan Airlines competitor
Japan Airlines rival
Japanese airline
Japanese carrier
LPN's group
LPN.s group
LPNs group
Last of a collection?
Librarian's concern.
Library collection
Library collection.
Library treasure
Library treasures
Literary assortment
Literary bits
Literary collection
"Literary collection, e.g."
Literary collection.
Literary compilation
Literary fragments
Literary garland
Literary grab bag
Literary hodgepodge
Literary leftovers
Literary medley
Literary miscellany
"Literary miscellany, e.g."
Literary oddments
Literary olio
Literary pastiche
Literary scraps
Literary scraps.
Literary snippets
"Literary snippets, e.g."
Literary suffix.
Little bit of everything
Log or gram opener
Major Japanese carrier
Memorabilia suffix
Memorable saying
Memorable sayings.
Mexican general Santa ___
Mexican singer Gabriel
Mexican track star Guevara
Mia's palindromic counterpart in pro-eating-disorder communities
"Molly's ""Delicious Dish"" costar, on ""SNL"""
"Molly's ""Delicious Dish"" costar, on SNL"
"Molly's ""Delicious Dish"" sketchmate"
New Mexico's Dona ___ county
Newspaper org.
Nostalgist's suffix
Noted Mexican Santa of 1836
Notes and anecdotes
Noun suffix
Nurses' org.
Nursing assoc.
Odds and ends
Of each: Rx
One of California's Santas
One of Santa's followers?
One of the California Santas
One reward for effort
One way to Tokyo
One way to the Orient
Org. for RNs
Org. that sponsors the National Money Show
"Ortiz of ""Devious Maids"""
"Ortiz of ""Ugly Betty"""
Ortiz of 'Ugly Betty'
"Ortiz of"" Ugly Betty"""
Palindromic Pixies song
Palindromic girl
Palindromic name
Palindromic woman's name
Part of an ASU cheerleader's request
"Pharmacist's ""in equal quantities"""
Prefix for gram
Prefix for gram or lytic
Prefix for gram or pest
Prefix for gram.
Prefix for log or gram
"Prefix meaning ""up"""
"Prefix that, with ""gram,"" describes names like Vivian Darkbloom and Mr. Mojo RisiN'"
"Prefix with ""baptist"""
"Prefix with ""gram"""
Prefix with -gram
Prefix with Baptist
Prefix with Baptist or basis
Prefix with baptist
Prefix with gram
Prescription symbol.
Prescription term
Pro-___ (like someone who views an eating disorder as a lifestyle choice)
"Professional org. that publishes ""What Would Florence Do?"""
Pt. of LAA
Quotable item
Quotable quote
Quote collection
RN Org.
RN's gp.
RN's group
RN's org.
RN's organization
RNs' org.
Racket-swinging Ivanovic
Related clippings
Reminiscences in writing
Repeated request from an Alabama cheerleader
Request to Pat Sajak
Request to Vanna
Runner-up to Justine at the 2007 French Open
SNL Celine impersonator
SNL alum Gasteyer
SNL's Gasteyer
Santa -
Santa --
Santa -- (California wind)
Santa -- (desert wind)
Santa -- (hot desert wind)
Santa -- (hot wind)
Santa -- Mountains
Santa -- Zoo
Santa -- wind
Santa -- winds
"Santa --, CA"
"Santa --, California"
Santa --- winds
Santa ___
Santa ___ (California city)
Santa ___ (California wind)
Santa ___ (El Salvador volcano)
Santa ___ (Pacific wind)
Santa ___ (Western wind)
Santa ___ (city in California)
Santa ___ (city in southwest California)
Santa ___ (city southeast of L.A.)
Santa ___ (dust-bearing wind)
Santa ___ (hot wind of southern California)
Santa ___ (seat of Orange County)
"Santa ___ , Calif."
Santa ___ CA
Santa ___ Cal.
Santa ___ California
Santa ___ Mountains
Santa ___ Winds
Santa ___ Winds (California weather phenomenon)
Santa ___ wind
Santa ___ winds
"Santa ___, CA"
"Santa ___, CA."
"Santa ___, Cal."
"Santa ___, Calif."
"Santa ___, California"
"Santa ___, California."
"Santa ___, El Salvador"
"Santa ___, city in Calif."
"Santa ___, city in California."
"Santa ___, city in El Salvador"
"Santa ___, city near Los Angeles."
"Santa ___, seat of California's Orange County"
"Santa ___, volcano in El Salvador"
Santa ___.
Santa ___: city SE of Los Angeles
Santa ender
Santa follower
"Santa follower, on a map"
Santa in California
Santa in California?
Santa trailer
Santa's trailer
"Santa's trailer, perhaps"
Santa's trailer?
"Santa___, California."
Sayings: Suffix.
Scissor Sisters lead singer ___ Matronic
Scrapbook pastings
Serbian tennis pro Ivanovic
Set of sayings
Shakespeare follower
"She played Hilda on ""Ugly Betty"""
Singer Gabriel
Snippets of information
Snippets of information about someone
Something to give an Alabama cheerleader?
Southern California's Santa ___ Mountains
Southern California's Santa ___ winds
Starter for log or pest
Suffix for a bibliophile
Suffix in the world of collectibles
"Suffix meaning ""assemblage"""
"Suffix meaning ""sayings."""
Suffix with Shakespeare
Suffix with railway
Supermodel ___ Beatriz Barros
Synonym for this puzzle's title hiding in four places
TV wheel spinner's purchase
"TV wheel spinner's purchase, perhaps"
Table talk.
Table-talk collection
Tag for collectibles
Team in Oak's and Sea's division
Tennis ace Ivanovic
Tennis player Ivanovic
Tennis star Ivanovic
Tennis' Ivanovic
Tennis's Ivanovic
"The Angels, on scoreboards"
"The Ducks of the NHL, on ESPN tickers"
"The Ducks, on an ESPN ticker"
"The Ducks, on scoreboards"
The Santa ___ winds
The difference between Norm and Norma?
The facts
"They Might Be Giants' ""___ Ng"""
They land at Narita International Airport
Tokyo-based airline
Tokyo-based carrier
Top-ranked tennis player Ivanovic
Trailer for Santa
Trailer for Santa?
"Trivia book, e.g."
Trivia collection
Up: Prefix.
Upward: Prefix
Upward: Prefix.
Vanna petter lick
Volume of sayings
Western Santa
What 'Bama cheerleaders want
"What Alabama cheerleaders say to ""gimme"" four times"
What Hester Prynne wore
What Hester Prynne wore?
What Hester wore
What Hester wore that Vanna might reveal
What makes men mean?
What makes sod soda?
What the top student got?
What turns cots into coats?
What you might get for effort
Wheel buy
Wheel of Fortune buy
Wheel of Fortune purchase?
Wheel-spinner's request
Windy Santa?
Witty collection
Women's 400m star Guevara
Women's tennis star Ivanovic
Wonkette blogger ___ Marie Cox
Wonkette founder ___ Marie Cox
Wonkette.com founder ___ Marie Cox
Word in an Rx
"Yerby's ""A Rose for ___ Maria"""
"Yerby's ""A Rose for
Yoga teacher Brett
You may get it for effort
"___ Alicia of ""Falcon Crest"""
"___ Lucia Cortez, ""Lost"" castaway"
___ for effort
"___-Lucia Cortez (""Lost"" character)"
Santa __ Califronia
Santa ___ Calif
Santa ___ winds
Santa ___ California
Prefix with "gram"
Gasteyer of “Suburgatory”
California's Santa __ River
Santa ___ winds
"Santa" tail
Gasteyer of "Mean Girls"
Santa ___ Calif.
Santa ___ (California city)
Santa __, CA
Santa __ winds
"Santa" trailer, geographically
Literary olio
Santa ___, California
Santa — College
Literary collection
Actress Gasteyer
Literary collection
Santa __ winds
Actress Ortiz or Gasteyer
Tokyo-based airline
Santa __, CA
Gasteyer of "Suburgatory"
Santa — winds
Santa ___
"SNL" alumna Gasteyer
Santa — winds
Ortiz of "Ugly Betty"
Ducks, on ESPN crawls
Santa __
Bush 43 aide Fleischer
Collection of anecdotes
Santa ___ winds
Former "SNL" player Gasteyer
"SNL" alumna Gasteyer
Santa ___
Santa ___
Santa ___ (California city)
Santa ___ (California city)
Santa __ winds
Santa __ winds
"Kristin" actress Ortiz
"Kristin" actress Ortiz
Santa in California
Santa in California
California's Santa ___ winds
California's Santa ___ winds
Collection of anecdotes
Collection of anecdotes
What makes Len lean?
What makes Len lean?
Santa ___ winds
Santa ___ winds
Santa __ Mountains
Santa __ Mountains
Literary collection
Literary collection
"Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine
Santa ___
Santa ___ winds
Santa __ winds
California's Santa ___ winds
"SNL" alum Gasteyer
Santa __ winds
Actress Ortiz
Santa ___, Calif
Santa — winds
Santa __, California
Earn ___ for effort
Literary collection
Attachment to "gram" or "log"
Santa ___ winds
Literary collection
Santa __, Calif.
Santa ___ winds
Literary collection
Santa ___ winds
Funny Gasteyer
Santa ___ winds
Santa __ winds
Santa ___ winds
Literary collection
Actress Ortiz
Good "Wheel of Fortune" purchase for the answer PANAMA CANAL
Santa ___ winds
One of the Golden State's Santas
Newswoman Cabrera
"Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine, briefly
Literary collection
Santa __, California
Start for "gram"
Comic Gasteyer
Collection of memorable sayings
Santa —
Literary assortment
Literary assortment
California's Santa __ River
Santa ___ winds
Actress Ortiz of "Ugly Betty"
Ivanovic who was No. 1 in women's tennis
Literary collection
Southern California's Santa ___ Freeway
CNN anchor Cabrera
Political commentator Navarro
Gasteyer of "Suburgatory"
Santa — winds
Santa ___ winds
Literary collection
Santa ___ winds
Get — on (ace)
Santa ___ winds
Santa ___, Calif.
Funny Gasteyer
Santa — winds
See 74-Across
Get ___ (ace a quiz)
CNN commentator Navarro
Actress de Armas of "Blade Runner 2049"
Literary collection
Santa ___ winds
Santa ___ winds
Santa — winds
Gasteyer formerly of "Saturday Night Live"
Literary collection
Santa ___
Santa __, CA
Political commentator Navarro
Literary collection
Santa __, CA
Gasteyer of "Mean Girls"
TV commentator Navarro
Santa — (hot wind)
Santa's trailer?
"Santa" chaser
"Mr. St. Nick" actress Ortiz
Ivanovic of tennis
Literary collection
Santa ___ winds
Band attachment?
Gasteyer of "Suburgatory"
Ortiz of 'Devious Maids'
Santa follower
Santa ___, California
Literary pieces regularly featured in annual
Santa ___, Calif
Santa __ winds
Santa — winds
Japanese flier that sponsors an LPGA major tournament
Literary collection
Baptist leader?
Santa ___
Santa follower?
Ortiz of "Ugly Betty"
Santa ___ winds
Japanese carrier
Santa ___
"50 Shades of Grey" heroine
"50 Shades of Grey" heroine
Wheel buy
Tennis pro Ivanovic
"Ugly Betty" actress Ortiz
California's Santa ___ winds
News commentator Navarro
Actress de Armas of "Blade Runner 2049"
Santa ___, Calif.
CNN anchor Cabrera
"People of Earth" star Gasteyer
Santa's tail?
Tennis' Ivanovic
Political commentator Navarro
Actress Gasteyer of "Mean Girls"
Notes and anecdotes
Santa follower?
"Gimme ___!" (Alabama cheerleader's cry) (2 wds.)
Santa ___, Calif.
Santa ___ winds
CNN political commentator Navarro
Santa __ winds
What Alabama cheerleaders often request?
Actress Ortiz of "Ugly Betty"
Collection of sayings
Ortiz of 'Ugly Betty'
Baptist precursor
Alicia of "Falcon Crest"
Zoey's roommate on "Grown-ish"
Alicia of "Falcon Crest"
Literary collection
Actress Ortiz of "Ugly Betty"
Santa __ winds
Santa __, CA
Literary collection
NHL's Ducks, on ESPN crawls
Santa ___ winds
"Fifty Shades of Grey" heroine
"Blade Runner 2049" actress de Armas
Santa __, CA
A collection of anecdotes
Santa ___ winds
Literary collection
Former "Saturday Night Live" actress Gasteyer
"___ Ng" (They Might Be Giants song)
Santa ___, California
Ducks, on NHL scoreboards
Santa ___ winds
Santa — winds
It makes men mean
California's Santa ___ winds
Carrier with HQ in Tokyo
Santa ___
Gasteyer of 'Mean Girls'
California's Santa ___ Mountains
"Devious Maids" actress Ortiz
Literary collection