The word ANISE has appeared in at least 248 clues on different crosswords.

"""The Elder Scrolls"" witch"
Absinthe flavor
Absinthe flavor.
Absinthe flavorer
Absinthe flavoring
Absinthe ingredient
Aromatic flavoring
Aromatic herb
Aromatic herb that tastes like licorice
Aromatic herb.
Aromatic plant
Aromatic plant.
Aromatic seed
Aromatic seed.
Arrack flavorer
Biscotti flavor
Biscotti flavorer
Biscotti flavoring
"Biscotti flavoring, sometimes"
Biscotti herb
Biscotto flavor
Biscotto flavoring
Biscotto herb
Black Jack Gum flavoring
Black jelly bean flavoring
Black jellybean flavoring
Cake flavoring
Caraway kin
Carrot cousin
Carrot family annual
Carrot family herb
Carrot family member
Carrot family plant.
Carrot kin
Carrot plant.
Carrot's cousin
Carrot's kin
Carrot's relative
Carrot's relative.
Certain liqueur flavoring
Cookie flavorer
Cookie flavoring
Cooking seed
Cordial flavor
Cordial flavor.
Cordial flavoring
Cordial flavoring.
Cordial herb
Cordial ingredient.
Coriander cousin
Coriander kin
Cousin of caraway
Cousin of coriander
Cousin of cumin and coriander
Dill relative
Drink flavor
Drink flavoring
Egyptian herb.
Fennel-like herb
Fennellike herb
Five-spice powder ingredient
Flavor akin to fennel
Flavor similar to fennel
Flavorful herb
Flavorful seed
Flavorful seed.
Flavoring agent.
Flavoring for ouzo
Flavoring for pfeffern
Flavoring herb
Flavoring ingredient.
Flavoring plant
Flavoring seed
Flavoring seed.
Flavoring substance.
Flavoring that tastes like licorice
Flavoring used in biscotti
Flavorsome herb
Flavorsome herb.
Flowering plant of carrot family.
Fragrant herb
Fragrant plant
Fragrant seed
Fragrant seed.
Fragrant seeds
Galliano flavor
Galliano flavoring
Herb for flavoring
Herb for liqueurs
Herb grown in Egypt
Herb of the carrot family
Herb of the parsley family
Herb similar to fennel
Herb that tastes like licorice
Herb with aromatic seeds
Herb with licorice-flavored seeds
Ingredient in five-spice powder
Ingredient of ouzo
It flavors the Greek brandy tsipouro
It provides a licorice flavor
Italian cookie flavoring
Kin of parsley
Kind of seasoning.
Licorice flavor
Licorice flavorer
Licorice flavoring
Licorice herb
Licorice plant
Licorice-flavored herb
Licorice-flavored oil
Licorice-flavored plant
Licorice-flavored seed
Licorice-flavored seeds
Licorice-flavoring herb
Licorice-flavoring seed
Licorice-like flavor
Licorice-like flavoring
Licorice-liqueur plant
Licorice-scented herb
Licorice-tasting seed
Licoricelike flavor
Licoricelike flavoring
Licoricelike seed
Liqueur and condiment flavor
Liqueur base
Liqueur enhancer
Liqueur flavor
Liqueur flavorer
Liqueur flavoring
Liqueur flavoring.
Liqueur herb
Liqueur ingredient
Liqueur-flavoring herb
Liquorice-flavored seed
Medicinal plant
Medicinal seed
Member of the carrot family
Oil in liqueurs
Ouzo component
Ouzo flavoring
Ouzo herb
Ouzo ingredient
Ouzo or Pernod flavoring
Parsley family member
Parsley family plant
Parsley relative
Parsley's kin
Parsley-family member
Pastis flavor
Pastis flavoring
Pernod flavor
Pernod flavorer
Pernod flavoring
Pernod ingredient
Pernod's flavor
Pho flavorer
Pho spice
Pizzelle flavoring
"Pizzelle flavoring, perhaps"
Plant in the parsley family
Plant of the carrot family
Plant of the carrot family.
Plant of the parsley family
Plant of the umbel family
Plant resembling Queen Anne's lace
Plant with a licoricelike flavor
Plant with licorice flavored seeds
Plant with sweet seeds
Popular flavor
Raki flavor
Relative of dill and carrot
Root beer ingredient
Sambuca flavoring
Seed that tastes like licorice
Seed to flavor liqueur
Seed used as sweetener
Seed used in a liqueur
Seed used medicinally
Seed with a flavor like licorice
Seed with a licorice flavor
Seed with a licoricelike flavor
Seeds in a salad dressing
Seeds used in the Vietnamese dish pho
Spice for absinthe
Spice rack selection
Star ___
Star ___ (Asian spice)
Star ___: Asian spice
Star-shaped spice
Umbel family plant
Used in cookery and medicine
Cordial flavoring
Sambuca flavor
Fennel-like herb
Black jellybean flavorer
Liqueur flavor
Italian sausage ingredient
Biscotti flavoring
Licorice-flavored herb
Absinthe flavoring
Sambuca flavoring
Absinthe flavor
Ouzo flavoring
Pastis base
Biscotti flavoring
Glide on snow
Sambuca flavoring
Herbal flavor similar to licorice
Italian cookie flavoring
Italian cookie flavoring
Ouzo flavoring
Ouzo flavoring
Biscotti flavoring
A supplier of seeds (from Siena?)
A supplier of seeds (from Siena?)
Ouzo flavor
Ouzo flavor
Licorice-flavored seed
Ingredient in black jelly beans
Licorice flavoring
Caraway cousin
Ouzo flavoring
Ouzo flavor
Licorice-flavored herb
Ouzo flavor
Licorice flavoring
Biscotti flavoring
Licorice-flavored herb
Sambuca flavoring
Sambuca flavoring
Licorice-flavored herb
Licorice-flavored herb
Sambuca flavoring
Mediterranean plant with liquorice-flavoured aromatic seeds
Ouzo flavoring
Licorice flavoring
Flavoring in some Italian cookies
Sambuca flavoring
Seasoning in Vietnamese soup
Cordial or biscotti flavoring
Ouzo flavoring
Ouzo flavoring