The word APOLLO has appeared in at least 267 clues on different crosswords.

"""Rocky"" opponent Creed"
"""Rocky"" villain"
"""Rocky"" villain ___ Creed"
"""___ 13"""
"""___ 13"" (1995)"
'60s exploration mission
17-mission NASA program
17-mission space program
1960's-70's space program
1967 disaster
60's-70's project
A Tijuana chick's mission in space (6)
Aldrin's command
Armstrong's program
Armstrong's rocket
Artemis' brother
Artemis' twin
Artemis' twin.
Artemis's brother
Artemis's twin
Astronaut carrier
Brother of Artemis
Brother of wine god Dionysus
Buzz Aldrin's craft
Bygone NASA program
Classic Harlem concert venue
Classic Harlem theater
Creed in the Best Picture of 1976
"Creed of ""Rocky"" movies"
"Creed of the ""Rocky"" series"
Creed stopped by Balboa
Delian god.
Delphi temple god
Delphic oracle.
Diana's twin.
Director of the Muses' choir
Dragon slayer of myth
Early foe of Rocky
Famed Harlem theater
Famous African-American theater in NYC
Famous Harlem theater
Father of Troilus
First (and only) mission to put a man on the moon
Foe of Rocky
Former NASA program
God of light
God of manly beauty
God of manly youth
God of music.
God of poetry
God who killed the dragon Python at Delphi
God who killed the dragon Python four days after his birth
God who turned Daphne into a tree
God who was born on a floating island
God with a python
God with a temple at Delphi
God with a twin sister
Greek god born on the floating island of Delos
Greek god for whom a theater in New York is named
Greek god of the sun
Greek god.
Greek pantheon figure
Greek young 'un
Handsome Greek god
Handsome god
Handsome man
Handsome young man
Handsome youth
Harlem hot spot
Harlem landmark
Harlem music club
Harlem music hall
"Harlem nightspot, with ""the"""
Harlem show place
Harlem theater
He cursed Cassandra
Heavenly hunk
His statue once graced the Cortile del Belvedere
Historic American theater
Historic Harlem hot spot
Historic Harlem stage
Historic Harlem theater
Historic Manhattan theater
Historic NASA mission
Historic NASA program
Historic NY theater
Historic theater
Historic theater in NYC
Hunky Greek god
It had many missions
It had several long missions
It had several missions
Its last mission was #17
Killer of Hyacinthus
Leader of the Muses
"Legendary ""Amateur Night"" venue"
Lover of Daphne
Lunar mission commanded by Thomas P. Stafford
Lunar program
Lunar spacecraft
Mission program
Mission to the moon
Model of manly beauty.
Moon craft
Moon launch name
Moon mission
Moon mission name
Moon mission program
Moon mission spacecraft
Moon program
Moon project
Moon spacecraft
Moon vehicle
Moon-landing mission
Moon-landing name
Moon-landing program
Moon-shot program
Moonshot program
Much-discussed program of the 1960s-'70s
Musician of Mt. Olympus
Mythical hunk
Mythical lyrist
NASA lunar program
NASA mission
NASA moon program
NASA program
NASA program after Gemini
NASA project
NASA rocket name
Neil Armstrong's program
"New York theater on the National Register of Historic Places, with ""the"""
"Noted Harlem hot spot, with ""The"""
Olympian god.
Olympian hunk
One of Rocky's rivals
One of the Twelve Olympians
One vote 'No' for space program (6)
"Paean subject, originally"
Paeans were sung to him
Parthenon figure
Patron of Delphi
Program begun under Kennedy
Project after Gemini
Project of NASA
Python killer
Python's killer
Python's slayer
Rocket to the moon
Rocket to the moon or sun deity
"Rocky dethroned him in ""Rocky II"""
Rocky opponent
Rocky opponent Creed
"Rocky opponent, ___ Creed"
Rocky rival
Rocky's Creed
"Rocky's foe in ""Rocky"""
Rocky's opponent
"Slayer of Python, in myth"
Slayer of the Python
Slayer of the dragon of Delphi
Slayer of the mythical Python
Son of Leto
Son of Zeus
Son of Zeus and Leto
Space mission
Space mission & '70s Buick model
Space program
Space program named for a Greek god
Space program to the moon
Space project
Space project: 1968
Space vehicle
Spacecraft name.
Storied Harlem theater
Subject of a temple at Delphi
Sun god
Sun god.
Sun or moon rocket
"TV ""Showtime"" site"
Theater in Harlem
Theater near Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard
Theater on 125th Street
Theater that hosted a contentious Bradley-Gore debate
Theater with a log rubbed for good luck
Twin brother of Artemis
Twin of Artemis
U. S. missile.
US spacecraft
Venerable Harlem theater
Very handsome young man
Where Cedric the Entertainer got a big break
___ 11 (first mission to the moon)
"___ 11, mission celebrated in this puzzle"
___ Belvedere (classic sculpture in the Vatican)
"___ Belvedere, Vatican statue"
"___ Creed of ""Rocky"""
___ Creed: Rocky's foe
Twin of Artemis
Classic Harlem venue
U.S. moon-landing program
Lunar program
Early NASA program
Brother of Artemis
Artemis' twin
Artemis' twin
NASA program
Greek god
Artemis' twin
Artemis' twin
Heads of armed police outlaw ladies licentiously ogling handsome youth
Classical god
Classical god
Twin of Artemis
Twin of Artemis
A referendum on love? That's why one of those was over the moon!
1960s space program
1960s space program
God of light
God of light
Brother of Artemis
Brother of Artemis
God of love getting a head start
Artemis' twin
Greek god
Greek god
Renowned Harlem venue
Greek sungod, son of Zeus
Greek god
Greek god
God of light
Lunar program
Greek god
A ballot on old deity
A referendum has nothing to do with The Sun
A striking face and stout heart make for handsome youth
Twin of Artemis
Greek sungod, son of Zeus
Twin of Artemis
NASA program
Greek god
Rocky foe ___ Creed
Cyclops killer of myth
Lunar program
Twin of Artemis
Greek god
Deity orders a chicken in Spain
Greek god
Moon mission
Iconic theater in Harlem
Creed of Hollywood
Greek god
"Rocky" fighter
Classical god
Greek deity
Deity orders a chicken in Spain
Artemis's twin
Landmark Manhattan theater
Space program to the moon
NASA program
Greek god
Music deity
Greek god
Oscar supports a vote for handsome chap
78 Across' program
Music deity