Word: ASA

The word ASA has appeared in at least 670 clues on different crosswords.

"""--- youth, I..."""
"""... ___ heads up!"""
"""... lonely ___ cloud"""
"""... lonely ___ cloud"": Wordsworth"
"""... lovely ___ tree"""
"""...lovely ___ tree"""
"""And I'm gonna be high ___ kite by then"" (""Rocket Man"")"
"""And ___ did that which was right..."" (1Kings 15:11)"
"""And now it's solid, solid ___ rock"" (Ashford & Simpson lyric)"
"""As hot ___ $2 pistol"""
"""Brought ___ lamb to the slaughter"": Isaiah 53:7"
"""Dumb ___ tree"" (Chaucer)"
"""End ___ Man"": Willingham"
"""Ender's Game"" actor Butterfield"
"""Ender's Game"" star Butterfield"
"""Father of American Botany"" Gray"
"""Free ___ Bird"" (Beatles hit)"
"""Hugo"" star Butterfield with a palindromic name"
"""I started out ___ child"" (Cosby)"
"""I wandered lonely ---..."""
"""Insatiable"" author Akira"
"""My Life ___ Dog"""
"""My Life ___ Dog"" (1985 film)"
"""My Life ___ Dog"" (1985)"
"""My Life ___ Dog"" (1996 film)"
"""My Life ___ Dog"" (book supposedly written by Moose)"
"""Not ___ Stranger"""
"""One Life to Live"" character Buchanan who's been divorced 10 times"
"""Sex ___ Weapon"" (Pat Benatar hit)"
"""Snug ___ bug..."""
"""Solid ___ Rock"""
"""Solid ___ rock"" (Ashford & Simpson lyric)"
"""Take it ___ compliment..."""
"""Tall ___ poplar."""
"""The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"" actor Butterfield"
"""The Land of a Million Elephants"" novelist Baber"
"""Thick ___ Brick"""
"""___ Man Thinketh"""
"""___ favor to me"""
"""___ friend, I..."""
"""___ karate expert, I will not..."""
"""___ matter of fact"""
"""___ matter of fact..."""
"""___ matter of fact..."": 2 wds."
"""___ precaution..."""
"""___ reminder..."""
"""___ result..."""
"""___ rule..."""
"""___ whole..."""
'-- matter of fact...'
'End ___ Man'
'Ender's Game' star Butterfield
'Hugo' star Butterfield
'___ precaution...'
-- matter of course
-- rule
-- rule: usually
19th-century botanist Gray
A king of Judah
A king of Judah.
Abijam's son.
"Actor Butterfield of ""Hugo"""
"Actor Butterfield who will play Ender in the forthcoming ""Ender's Game"""
"Al Jolson's birth name, ___ Yoelson"
Al Jolson's first name.
Al Jolson's real first name
Al Jolson's real name.
"Al Jolson, really"
Arkansas congressman Hutchinson
Arkansas governor Hutchinson
As high ___ kite.
"Beatles song ""Free ___ Bird"""
Biblical king
Biblical king.
Big - house connection
Big -- house
Big -- whale
Big ___ house
Big house connection?
Big-house connection
Big-house connector
Big-house go-betweens?
Big-house insert
Big-house link
Big-whale connection
"Bjork's ""Venus ___ Boy"""
Blind -- bat
Blind ___ bat
Botanist Gray
"Botanist Gray, co-author of ""Flora of North America"""
Botanist Gray.
Botanist Gray: 1810
Brave -- lion
Brown ___ berry.
Busy -- bee
Busy ___ bee
Busy ___ bee.
Busy-bee link
"Butterfield of ""Ender's Game"""
"Butterfield of ""Hugo"""
Candler of Coca-Cola
Candler or Gray
Candler who founded Coca-Cola
Center of a comparison
Center of a simile
Charles Darwin contemporary Gray
Civil-rights leader ___ Philip Randolph
Clean ___ hound's tooth.
Clean ___ whistle
Clean-whistle connection
Clean-whistle link
Clear -- bell
Clear ___ bell
Coca-Cola businessman Candler
Coca-Cola creator Candler
Coca-Cola founder Candler
Coca-Cola's Candler
Coke founder Candler
Cold ___ barn
Come ___ shock
Comparative link
Comparative phrase
Comparative words
Comparing pair
Comparison center
Comparison component
Comparison connector
Comparison part
Comparison phrase
Comparison words
Comparison's middle
Congressman Hutchinson
Congressman Hutchison
Cool - cucumber link
Cool ___ cucumber
Cool ___ cucumber.
Cool-cucumber connection
Cool-cucumber link
Crazy ___ loon
Cross ___ bear.
Cross-bear connection
Cross-bear filler
Cute -- button
Cute ___ button
Cute-bug connector
Cute-button bridge
Cute-button link
DEA director Hutchinson
Dead-doornail connection
Deep ___ well
Deep ___ well.
Drunk ___ skunk
Drunk-skunk connection
Drunk-skunk filler?
Drunk-skunk link
Dry -- bone
Dry ___ bone
Dry ___ bone (example of a figure of speech called a simile): 2 wds.
Dry ___ bone.
Dumb ___ post
English ___ foreign language
Entomologist Fitch
Fat -- pig
Fat ___ pig
Fat-pig filler?
Film box letters
Film no.
Film speed letters
Film speed no.
Film-box letters
First name in Arkansas politics
First name of Arkansas' only Republican congressman
Fit -- fiddle
Fit ___ fiddle
Fit ___ fiddle.
Fit fiddle link
Fit-fiddle connector
Fit-fiddle filler
Fit-fiddle link
Flat -- board
Flat -- pancake
Flat ___ pancake
Flat ___ pancake: 2 wds.
Flat-pancake filler
Former Arkansas representative Hutchinson
Former DEA chief Hutchinson
Free -- bird
Free ___ bird
Free ___ bird.
Free-bird bridge
Free-bird insert
Free-bird joiner
Free-bird link
Fresh ___ daisy
Fresh ___ daisy.
Fresh-daisy connection
Fresh-daisy connector
Fresh-daisy link
Gay-window link
Gentle -- lamb
Gentle ___ lamb
Gentle ___ lamb: 2 wds.
Gentle-lamb connection
Gentle-lamb connector
Gentle-lamb link
Godly king of Judah (I Kings 15:9-11)
Gov. Hutchinson of Arkansas
"Gray of ""Gray's Manual of Botany"""
"Gray of ""Gray's Manual"""
Gray of botany
Gray or Candler
Gray who studied greenery
Hall of Fame botanist ___ Gray
"Hall of Fame botanist, ___ Gray"
Happy -- lark
Happy ___ clam
Happy ___ clam at high water
Happy ___ clam: 2 wds.
Happy ___ lark
Happy ___ lark.
Happy ___ pig in slop
Happy-clam connection
Happy-clam link
Happy-lark filler
Happy-lark go-between
Hard ___ diamond
Hard ___ rock
Hard rock connection?
Hard-rock center
Hard-rock center?
Hard-rock connection
Hard-rock connection?
Hard-rock connector
Hard-rock filler
Hard-rock link
Hard-rock middle
Hard/rock center
Hard/rock insert
Harvard botanist Gray
He met Asian in passing
"He's a peasant, at heart"
Healthy-horse connection
Healthy-horse connector
Healthy-horse link
Heart of a simile
"Hebrew for ""healer"""
High ___ helicopter
High ___ kite
High-kite connection
High-kite connector
High-kite link
High/kite center
Hot ___ firecracker
Hot ___ pistol
Hot-firecracker link
Hungry ___ bear
Hungry bear filler?
Hungry-bear center
Hungry-bear filler
Hungry-bear filler?
Hutchinson of Arkansas
Hutchinson of the DHS
Hutchinson of the Department of Homeland Security
Hutchinson or Gray
Idolatry foe in I Kings
"Impeachment trial ""prosecutor"" Hutchinson"
Implied part of ESL
Jehoshaphat's father
Jehoshaphat's predecessor
Jehoshaphat's sire
"Jethro Tull album ""Thick ___ Brick"""
"Jethro Tull's ""Thick ___ Brick"""
Jolson's first first name
Jolson's given first name
Jolson's given name
Jolson's real first name
Jolson's real name
Jolson's true first name
King in I Kings
King in Kings
King of Judah
King of Judah (1King 15:9)
King of Judah (1Kings 15:9)
King of Judah for 41 years
King of Judah.
King of Judea
Lehigh University founder ___ Packer
Letters on a Kodak box
Light -- feather
Light ___ feather
Light ___ feather: 2 wds.
Light-feather filler?
Light-feather link
Lonely-cloud link
"Longtime ""One Life to Live"" patriarch Buchanan"
Loose - goose link
Loose ___ goose
Loose-goose connection
Loose-goose link
Mad -- hatter
Mad ___ hatter
Mad ___ wet hen
Mad-hatter connection
Mad-hatter connector
Mad-hatter link
Mad-hatter linkup
Mad-wet hen link
Man's name meaning physician.
Man's name.
Matter of fact introduction?
Meek ___ lamb
"Merle Haggard's ""Solid ___ Rock"""
Middle of a simile
"Modest Mouse's ""I Came ___ Rat"""
Naked ___ jaybird
Naked-jaybird connection
Naked-jaybird link
Naked-jaybird middle
Name meaning healer.
Neat -- pin
Neat ___ pin
Neat ___ pin.
Not ___ Stranger
Nutty - fruitcake middle
Nutty ___ fruitcake
Nutty ___ fruitcake: 2 wds.
Nutty fruitcake center
Nutty fruitcake center?
Nutty-fruitcake center
Nutty-fruitcake center?
Nutty-fruitcake connector
Org. that established film-speed rating numbers in 1947
Pale -- ghost
Palindromic Bible name
Palindromic Biblical king
Palindromic first name of Arkansas G.O.P. Congressman
Palindromic guy
Palindromic man's name
Palindromic name
Philanthropist Candler
Playboy columnist Baber
Poor ___ church mouse
Pretty -- picture
Pretty ___ picture
Pretty ___ picture.
Pretty picture connector?
Pretty-picture center
Pretty-picture filler
Pretty-picture linkage
Proud / peacock connector
Proud ___ peacock
Proud-peacock connector
Proud-peacock link
Quick -- flash
Quick -- wink
Quick --- 86A
Quick ___ cat
Quick ___ flash
Quick ___ wink
Quick ___ wink.
Quick-flash connector
Quick-flash link
Quick-wink connection
Quick-wink link
Quick/flash connection
Quiet -- mouse
Quiet ___ mouse
Quiet ___ mouse: 2 wds.
Quiet-mouse connection
Quiet-mouse connector
Red -- beet
Red ___ beet
Red ___ beet (embarrassed)
Red ___ beet.
Red ___ beet: 2 wds.
Red-beet connector
Red-beet link
Relativity words
Rep. Hutchinson
Republican representative Hutchinson
Result preceder
Round ___ ball.
Rule beginning?
Rule lead-in
Rule preceder
Sen. Tim Hutchinson's brother
Sharp -- tack
Sharp ___ tack
Sharp ___ tack: 2 wds.
Sharp-tack center
Sharp-tack connection
Sharp-tack link
Sick -- dog
Sick ___ dog
Sick ___ dog: 2 wds.
Sick dog center?
Sick-dog connection
Sick-dog link
Silly -- goose
Simile center
Simile centre
Simile chunk
Simile connection
Simile connective
Simile connector
Simile core
Simile elements
Simile link
Simile link words
Simile middle
Simile part
Simile phrase
Simile pieces
Simile section
Simile segment
Simile staple
Simile words
Simile's center
Simile's connective words
Simile's middle
Simile's middle words
Slick-whistle connection
Slick-whistle connector
Slow -- snail
Sly -- fox
Sly ___ fox
Sly ___ fox.
Sly-fox connection
Sly-fox filler
Sly-fox insert
Sly-fox link
Sly-fox linkup
Smart - whip connector
Smart -- whip
Smart ___ whip
Smart-whip connectors
Smart-whip link
Snug-bug connector
Soft-drink tycoon Candler
Solid -- rock
Solid ___ rock
Solid ___ rock: 2 wds.
Solid rock center?
Solid-rock center
Solid-rock center?
Solid-rock connector
Solid-rock insert
Solid/rock insert
Stiff -- board
Stiff-board insert
Stiff-board link
Stubborn ___ mule
Stubborn mule center?
Stubborn-mule joiner
Stubborn-mule link
"The Beatles' ""Free ___ Bird"": 2 wds."
Thick -- brick
Thick ___ brick
Thick brick separator?
Thick plank insert?
Thick-brick bridge
Thick-brick center
Thick-brick connector
Thick-brick link
Thin -- rail
Thin-rail bridge
Thin-rail connector
Thin-rail connectors
Thin-rail filling
Third King of Judah
Third king of Judah
Tight -- drum
Tight ___ tick
Tight-drum filler
Tim Hutchinson's brother
Weak ___ cat
White ___ ghost
White sheet connector
White sheet insert?
White-ghost fill
White-ghost link
White-sheet connector
White-sheet link
White-sheet thread?
"Words before ""rule"" or ""result"""
Words before rule or policy
Words before rule or result
Words in a simile
Words not included in the makeup of ESL?
Words of comparison
Words with matter of fact
Work -- team
Work ___ team
Writer Baber
"___ Mountains, in the Rockies"
___ Yoelson
"___ Yoelson (Al Jolson, originally)"
"___ Yoelson, a.k.a. Al Jolson"
___ bonus
___ consequence
___ favor
___ formality
___ given
___ last resort
___ man (in unison).
___ matter of fact
___ matter of fact.
___ matter or fact.
___ precaution
___ result
___ rule
___ rule (generally)
___ rule (generally).
___ rule (most of the time)
___ rule (normally)
___ rule (ordinarily)
___ rule (usually)
___ rule.
___ rule: generally
___ rule: ordinarily
___ the rule (normally)
___ whole
___ whole.
___rule: usually
Mad ___ wet hen
"__ matter of fact ... "
Simile center
Simile center
Cool ___ cucumber
Simile part
Dry — bone
__ group
''__ matter of fact . . .''
___ rule
Simile center
Mad ___ hatter
Arkansas governor Hutchinson
Hard-rock link
White ___ sheet
Fat ___ pig
Sick __ dog
— rule
___ rule
___ comparison
Hard-rock link
Butterfield of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"
Botanist Gray
Simile words
___ rule (ordinarily)
White — ghost
White — ghost
Simile center
Botanist Gray
Botanist Gray
High-kite connector
Simile center
With 87-Down, collectively
Film rating
Simile center
Clear-bell connector
Simile center
Dry — bone
Simile center
Simile part
Hard-rock center
Red — beet
Hard-rock bridge
Simile middle
Simile center
Simile center
Botanist Gray
Simile part
Center of similes
"__ rule ... "
Photo film rating
Simile center
Photo film rating
Simile center
Solid __ rock
Solid __ rock
Actor Butterfield of "Ender's Game"
Simile center
Simile center
Drunk ___ skunk
Busy __ bee
Smart __ whip
Simile center
Simile center
Fresh ___ daisy
Simile center
Film rating
Simile snippet
Slow — snail
Actor Butterfield
___ favor
Dry — bone
Result or rule preceder
Words that connect each pair of four-letter words intersecting at a circle
Simile center
Sharp-tack link
Happy-lark link
Comparison middle
Simile middle
Cool __ cucumber
__ rule
Cool — cucumber
Middle of most similes: 2 wds.
Stubborn ___ mule (2 wds.)
Red — beet
Nutty ___ fruitcake: 2 wds.
Sly ___ fox: 2 wds.
Smart ___ whip
Busy ___ bee: 2 wds.
__ courtesy
Botanist Gray
Dry ___ bone: 2 wds.
Clean ___ whistle
Letters denoting film speed
Sharp ___ tack: 2 wds.
Quick-wink link
Sick-dog link
Dry __ bone
Happy ___ pig in mud: 2 wds.
Big ___ house
"___ matter of fact ...": 2 wds.
"Free ___ Bird" (Beatles hit): 2 wds.
Actor Butterfield of the 2013 film "Ender's Game"
Cool ___ cucumber: 2 wds.
"___ Man Thinketh" (1903 James Allen self-help book) (2 wds.)
Naked ___ jaybird
Naked ___ jaybird: 2 wds.
Free-bird connection
Dry ___ bone: 2 wds.
Light-feather connector
Simile segment
"Solid ___ rock" (Ashford & Simpson lyric) (2 wds.)
Cool ___ cucumber (2 wds.)
Weak ___ baby: 2 wds.
Actor Butterfield of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"
'-- matter of fact...'
"Ender's Game" actor Butterfield
__ rule (generally)
Simile words
Sick ___ dog: 2 wds.
Comparison words
Simile center
Red — beet
King of Judah
Simile words
Quick ___ wink: 2 wds.
Happy ___ lark
Dumb ___ box of hammers: 2 wds.
Cute ___ button (2 wds.)
Flat ___ pancake: 2 wds.
Big — whale
Fit ___ fiddle: 2 wds.
Light ___ feather (2 wds.)
Smart ___ whip (2 wds.)
Pretty ___ picture: 2 wds.
Only ___ last resort: 2 wds.
Stubborn ___ mule (2 wds.)
__ courtesy
__ __ rule
Mad ___ hatter: 2 wds.
Simile's center
Simile part