Word: ASIS

The word ASIS has appeared in at least 554 clues on different crosswords.

"""All sales final"""
"""Buyer beware"""
"""Buyer beware"" notation"
"""Buyer beware"" phrase"
"""Buyer beware"" proviso"
"""Buyer beware"" tag"
"""Buyer beware"" warning"
"""Caveat emptor"" notice"
"""Caveat emptor"" sign"
"""Functioning or not"""
"""Let the buyer beware"" tag"
"""No changes allowed"""
"""No guarantees!"""
"""No guarantees"""
"""No refunds"""
"""No refunds"" (4)"
"""No refunds"" policy"
"""No return"""
"""No returns"""
"""No-returns"" warning"
"""Not returnable"""
"""Take it or leave it!"""
"""Take it or leave it"""
"""The way things are..."""
"""There's a reason it's priced so cheap"""
"""Warts and all"""
"""Warts and all"" tag"
"""You buy it, you keep it"""
"""___ Born"""
'Just like you see it'
1985 William M. Hoffman play about AIDS
49 Sale terms
Antique shop tag
Antique store tag
Auction advisory
Auction caution
Auction caveat
Auction condition
Auction disclaimer
Auction phrase
Auction provision
Auction proviso
Auction sale condition
Auction stipulation
Auction-goods condition
Auctioneer's phrase.
Auctioneer's proviso
Bargain basement sign
Bargain terms
Bargain-basement sign
Bargain-item tag
Broadway hit: 1985
Broadway play: 1985
Business term
Business term.
Buyer's caution
Buyer's caveat
Buyer's warning
Buyer-beware phrase
Buyer-beware warning
Buyers caveat
Carrying no guarantees
Caution tag
Caveat at a tag sale
Caveat emptor phrase
Caveat emptor sign
Caveat emptor words
Caveat for a consumer
Caveat for consumers
Caveat on eBay
Caveat on some eBay items
Caveat to a buyer
Certain sale terms
Clearance caveat
Clearance condition
Clearance item's caveat
Clearance rack words
Clearance sale caveat
Clearance sale sign
Clearance sale sign.
Clearance words
Closeout caveat
Commercial term.
Common caveat
Common disclaimer
Common eBay caveat
Condition at a garage sale
Condition of garage sale sales
Condition of many garage sale sales
Condition of sale
Condition of sale at garage sales: 2 wds.
Condition of sale for a junky old boat
"Condition of sale, sometimes"
Condition of sale.
Condition of some sales
"Condition-related words in used-car ad (2,2)"
Conditional phrase applied to merchandise
Consumer alert?
Craigslist caveat
Craigslist condition
Cut-rate sign
Damaged goods notation
"Deal conditions, sometimes"
Dealer s phrase
Defects and all
Disclaimer of a sort
Faults and all
Final markdown notice
Final sale stipulation
Fire sale sign.
Fire-sale caveat
Fire-sale phrase
Fire-sale tag phrase
Fixer-upper phrase
Flaws and all
Flea market caveat
Flea market condition
Flea market marking
Flea market tag
Flea market tag words
Flea market warning
Floor model caveat
Frequent disclaimer
Garage sale caution
Garage sale caveat
Garage sale condition
"Garage sale condition, perhaps"
Garage sale proviso
Garage sale sign
Garage sale stipulation
Garage sale tag
Garage sale warning
Garage sale warning: 2 wds.
Garage sale words
Garage-sale caveat
Garage-sale sign
Garage-sale words
Having no warranty
Hoffman play: 1985
How a sale item may be sold
How flawed goods are sold
How garage sale wares are sold
How garage-sale items are sold
How it's found
How many Salvation Army clothes are sold
How some cars are sold
How thriftshop items are sold
How used goods are often sold
How you see it
In its current condition
In its current state
In its existing state
In its present condition
In its present condition.
In its present state.
In present condition
In present condition.
In statu quo
In status quo
In the present condition
In this condition
In whatever condition
In whatever condition exists
"It lost out to ""Biloxi Blues"" for Best Play"
Just as you see it
Just how you see it
Just like
Just like that
Just like you see it
Just the way you see it
Label at a garage sale
Liability-limiting words
Like auctioned items
Like garage-sale items
Like this
Mark-down sale buying condition.
Merchandise condition
Merchandise sign.
Message on a tag-sale tag
Neighborhood sale caveat
No guarantee
No guarantees
No returns
No-guarantee condition
No-refunds condition
Not altered
Not changed.
Not guaranteed
Not returnable
Notice on some price tags.
One way to buy an item
One way to sell something
Part of an operatic name
Phrase in no-return policies
Phrase on a garage sale tag: 2 wds.
"Phrase which means ""all sales final"""
Preexisting condition?
Prevailing condition
Price tag qualification
Price tag qualifier
Price-tag words
Purchase proviso
Purchase stipulation
Qualifying sales term
Resale caveat
Resale stipulation
Risky way to buy a used car
Rummage sale caveat
Rummage sale sign
Rummage sale words
Sale advisory
Sale aspect
Sale caution
Sale caveat
Sale condition
Sale condition phrase
Sale conditions
Sale description
Sale disclaimer
Sale item condition
Sale item label
Sale item warning
Sale item's condition
Sale notation
Sale notice
Sale phrase
Sale price qualifier
Sale proviso
Sale sign
"Sale sign meaning ""No returns"""
Sale sign.
Sale stipulation
Sale tag caution
Sale tag caveat
Sale tag condition
Sale tag notation
Sale tag phrase
Sale tag warning
Sale tag words
Sale term
Sale terms
Sale warning
Sale words
Sale-item notice
Sale-tag disclaimer
Sale-tag legend
Sale-tag notation
Sale-tag phrase
Sale-tag word
Sale-tag words
Sales advisory
Sales caveat
Sales condition
Sales disclaimer
Sales proviso
Sales stipulation
Sales tag notation
Sales tag on damaged goods
Sales tag words
Sales term
"Sales terms, sometimes"
Sales-tag notation
Sans corrections
Sans editing
Sans warranty
Secondhand deal
Secondhand sign
Seller's caveat
Seller's disclaimer
Seller's phrase.
Seller's stipulation
Seller's terms
Seller's warning
Selling condition of most garage sale items
Sign at a fire sale
Sign on a bargain
Sign on a clearance rack
Sign on a second
Sign on a used car.
Sign on marked down wares
Sign on shipworn goods.
Sign on shopworn merchandise
Sign on some used cars
Sign on used goods.
Sign on wares for sale.
Status quo
Stipulation on some sales
Store advisory
Store sign
Store stipulation
Store warning
Store-counter sign
Surplus store caveat
Tag caution
Tag disclaimer
Tag line
Tag line?
Tag on a sale item
Tag on some clearance rack items
Tag sale caveat
Tag sale condition
Tag sale proviso
Tag sale stipulation
Tag sale tag
Tag sale warning
Tag warning
Tag words
Tag words at a tag sale
Tag-sale caveat
Tag-sale stipulation
Take-it-or-leave-it phrase
Terms of a sale
Terms of sale
Terms of sale at a garage sale
The status quo.
"The way it comes, in business parlance."
The way it sits
The way it stands
The way you see it
Thrift shop caveat
Thrift shop proviso
Thrift shop stipulation
Thrift shop warning
Thrift store stipulation
Thrift store tag
Thrift-shop stipulation
Thrift-shop tag
Tony Award nominee: 1985
Trade-arrangement phrase
Unguaranteed condition
Unguaranteed state
"Unreturnable, in a way"
Used car caveat
"Used car caveat, sometimes"
Used-car ad statement
Used-car condition
"Used-car-ad stipulation, sometimes (2,2)"
"Used-car-ad warning words (2,2)"
Used-car-lot sign
Used-merchandise sign
Vendition condition
W. Hoffman play: 1985
"WYSIWYG, on sales tags"
"Warning words in used-car ad (2,2)"
Warning words to buyers
Warts and all
William Hoffman play: 1985
With any and all defects
With defects and all
With dents and all
With no alterations
With no changes.
With no guarantee
With no modifications
With no warranties
With no warranty
With warts and all
Without a change
Without a guarantee
Without a guarantee of condition
Without a warranty
Without adjustment
Without adjustments
Without alteration
Without amendments
Without any changes
Without any changes.
Without any guarantees
Without any warranty
Without assurances
Without change
Without change.
Without change: Slang.
Without changes
Without editing
Without guarantees
Without guaranties
Without improvement
Without modification
Without modifications
Without option of return
Without repairs
Without the possibility of getting a refund
Without warranties
Without warranty
"Words of warning in used-car ad (2,2)"
Words on a clearance rack label
"Words on a cracked windshield, maybe"
Words on a sale item
Words on a sale sign
Words on a sale sign.
Words on a sale tag
Words on a sales ticket
Words on a tag
Words on a thrift store tag
Words on a vintage store tag
Words on some sale items.
Words seen at yard sales
Words suggesting a problem
Working or not
Yard sale caution
Yard sale caveat
Yard sale condition
Yard sale disclaimer
Yard sale note
Yard sale proviso
Yard sale sign
Yard sale sign phrase
Yard sale stipulation
Yard sale tag
Yard sale tag info
Yard sale terms
Yard sale warning
Yard sale words
Yard-sale caveat
Yard-sale disclaimer
Yard-sale phrase
Yard-sale proviso
Yard-sale tag
Yard-sale tag words
Yard-sale warning
Yard-sale words
[Buyer beware]
[No return allowed]
eBay caveat
eBay warning
With no representations
Without warranty
Merchandise advisory
Garage sale disclaimer
Sales disclaimer
Sale tag caution
Without modification
The way it sits
Flea market caveat
''Sorry, no warranty''
Sale tag phrase
In present condition (2,2)
In the present state
With no warranty
Blowout words
In present state (2,2)
Garage sale caveat
Garage sale stipulation
Having no warranty
Garage sale caveat
Auction advisory
Sale stipulation
Without a warranty
Without a guarantee
Flaws and all
Tag sale words
"Buyer beware" phrase
Tag sale condition
Having no warranty
Tag sale words
Without a warranty
Tag sale label
In present state (2,2)
Status quo
Status quo
Having no warranty
Garage sale condition
Tag line
In existing condition (2,2)
Words on a sale tag
Just like that
In existing condition (2,2)
Tag sale tag words
Seller's disclaimer
Without adjustment
Seller's disclaimer
In existing condition (2,2)
With no warranty
Tag sale caveat
Flea market caveat
In present state (2,2)
Antique shop caveat
In present condition (2,2)
In existing condition (2,2)
Without modification
Tag sale words
In existing condition (2,2)
With no warranty
Clearance sale caveat
Craigslist caveat
With no warranty
"Buyer beware" warning
eBay sale condition
Resale stipulation
In existing condition (2,2)
In present condition (2,2)
Sale stipulation
"No guarantees"
In present condition (2,2)
In existing condition (2,2)
At the buyer's risk
Seller's stipulation
Tag sale words
Tag sale words
Without a warranty
''No recourse'' stipulation
Clearance sale stipulation
Tag sale words
Just the way it sits
Yard sale proviso
Sign suggesting 'caveat emptor'
Garage sale caveat
Sale stipulation
Sale stipulation
Used-goods advisory
In existing condition (2,2)
Used-car caveat, maybe
In existing state (2,2)
Sales caveat
Auction caution
Sans guarantee
Garage sale term
In present state (2,2)
In existing condition (2,2)
Sales caveat
Store sign: 2 wds.
''Examine carefully'' advisory
Sale caveat
In present condition (2,2)