The word ASTRO has appeared in at least 413 clues on different crosswords.

"""Rello, Reorge"" utterer on The Jetsons"
"""The Coming of ___"" (""The Jetsons"" episode)"
"""The Jetsons"" canine"
"""The Jetsons"" character"
"""The Jetsons"" dog"
"""The Jetsons"" pet"
"""The Jetsons"" pooch"
"""___ Lounge"" (Smash Mouth album)"
'02 Chevrolet RWD or AWD van
1960's TV dog
1960s TV dog
2005 World Series participant
2005 World Series player
"2005 World Series player (his team's only appearance, and they lost)"
A Houston athlete
A Tex. athlete
A.L. West player
"American League player, as of 2013"
American Leaguer since 2013
"Andy Pettitte, before becoming a Yankee again"
"Andy Pettitte, for one"
Animated canine
Animated dog
Animated pet dog
Animated pooch
Athlete in a dome
Athlete under a dome
Athlete whose mascot is Orbit
"Bagwell, for one"
Ball player.
Ballplayer at Houston
Ballplayer with a star insignia
Baseball National Leaguer
Baseball pro
Baseballer with a star insignia
Bygone Chevrolet van
Bygone Chevy van
Cardinal competitor
Cartoon dog
Cartoon dog voiced by Don Messick
Cartoon dog whose collar consists of two green rings
Cartoon dog with two rings for a collar
Cartoon pooch
Cartoon pup
Certain major-league baseballer
Certain pro baseball player
Certain professional athlete
Chevy clone of GMC's Safari van
Chevy minivan
"Chevy minivan, once"
Chevy van
Chevy van succeeded by the Traverse
Choir pieces
"Colt .45 successor, in sports"
"Craig Biggio, as a player"
"Craig Biggio, e.g."
"Craig Biggio, for his entire major league career"
"Craig Biggio, notably"
"Craig Biggio, throughout his career"
"Crossword stud Gordon, or Gordon's partner in a '60s pop duo"
Cub's rival
"Cy Young Award winner Mike Scott, for one"
Dodger opponent
"Dog of Jane, George, Judy and Elroy"
Dog of the future?
"Dog on ""The Jetsons"""
Dog on 'The Jetsons'
Dog originally owned by J.P. Gottrocket
Dog who teamed up with Cosmo and Dipper in the '80s to fight galactic crime
Dome athlete
Dome lead-in
Dome or Turf lead-in
Dome or turf lead-in
Dome player
"Don Messick's ""Jetsons"" role"
Don Sutton is one
Drawn dog
Elroy Jetson's dog
Elroy Jetson's four-legged friend
Elroy Jetson's pet
Elroy Jetson's pooch
Elroy's buddy
Elroy's dog
Elroy's hound
Elroy's pet
"Elroy's pet on ""The Jetsons"""
Elroy's pooch
Enron Field athlete until 2002
Enron Field ballplayer
Enron Field player
"Enron Field player, once"
Enron athlete
Flintstones : Dino :: Jetsons : ___
Former Chevy van
Former Colt .45
Futuristic cartoon dog
Galactic Great Dane
George Jetson's dog
George Jetson's dog & Chevy minivan
Group IV major
Guy in Texas with a glove
Hand tool for holding
Hanna-Barbera dog
Hanna/Barbera canine
His home has a dome
"Houston Colt .45, today"
Houston Colt 45 today
"Houston Colt 45, today"
Houston N.L.er
Houston athlete
"Houston athlete who moved to the American League in 2013 (you might say the athlete is an ALer, except I refuse to use the word ALer)"
Houston athlete.
Houston ball player
Houston ballplayer
Houston ballplayer or Jetson dog
Houston ballplayer.
Houston baseball player
Houston baseball pro
Houston baseballer
Houston favorite
Houston fellow who plays the field
Houston fly catcher
Houston footballer & Chevy van
Houston guy who plays the field
Houston hitter
Houston hurler
Houston major-leaguer
Houston player
"Houston player, formerly"
Houston player.
Houston pro
Houston star
Houston team member
Houston's dome.
"Houston, Texas ballplayer"
Intro to physics
Intro to physics?
Introduction to biology?
Introduction to physics
Introduction to physics?
J. R. Richard was one
"J.R. Richard, throughout his career"
Jeff Bagwell in 2003
Jeff Bagwell is one
"Jeff Bagwell or Lance Berkman, notably"
"Jeff Bagwell, e.g."
"Jeff Bagwell, for one"
"Jeff Bagwell, notably"
Jetson canine
Jetson dog
Jetson family member often in the doghouse
Jetson family pet
Jetson pet
Jetson pooch
Jetson's dog
Jetson's hound
Jetson's pet
Jetson's pooch
Jetsons' dog
Jetsons' pet
Jetsons' pet dog
Jetsons' pooch
Jetsons' pup
"Jose Cruz, for most of his career"
"Jose Cruz, notably"
Kind of dome in a Texas team's home
Kind of dome or turf
Kind of physicist
Kind of turf
Kind of turf or physics
Lead-in to physics or turf
Logical beginning
Logical beginning?
Logical introduction?
Logical prefix
Logical start?
Losing player in the 2005 World Series
Member of Houston's baseball team
Member of the Jetson's family
Met foe
Mid-size van from Chevrolet
Minute Maid Park athlete
Minute Maid Park ballplayer
Minute Maid Park player
Minute Maid Park player (Chevy)
Minute Maid Stadium player
N. L. player
N.L. Central player
N.L. player
"NL player certain to be traded midseason, if he's any good"
NLer in Texas
NLer since 1965
National League player
National Leaguer
National Leaguer since 1965
National Leaguer.
New American Leaguer in 2013
Newest American Leaguer
Nolan Ryan is one
Nolan Ryan was one
"Nolan Ryan, for a time"
"Nolan Ryan, for many years"
"Nolan Ryan, for most of the 80's"
"Nolan Ryan, for one"
"Nolan Ryan, for years"
"Nolan Ryan, from 1980 to '88"
"Nolan Ryan, from 1980 to 1988"
"Nolan Ryan, in 1980"
"Nolan Ryan, notably"
"Nolan Ryan, once"
Of a star: Comb. form.
Of a star: Prefix.
Of stars: Comb. form.
Of stars: Prefix.
Of the stars: Comb. form.
One of the Reds' rivals
Outer space: Prefix
Pebbles : Dino :: Elroy : ___
Pet dog of the Jetsons
"Pet on ""The Jetsons"""
Physics opening
Physics preceder
Pirate battler
"Pirate battler, at times"
Pirate foe
Pirate rival
Pitcher Drabek is one
Player at the former Enron Field
Player at the recently-renamed Enron Field
Player in a dome
Player on special turf
Player under a dome
Player with a star on his cap
"Pooch who says, ""Rello, Rorge"""
Prefix for dome or turf
Prefix for gate or dome.
Prefix for naut
Prefix for naut and logy
Prefix for nautical
Prefix for physicist
Prefix for physics
Prefix for physics or turf
Prefix for the Space Age.
"Prefix meaning ""celestial"""
"Prefix meaning ""spaceflight"""
"Prefix with ""physics"""
Prefix with -naut
Prefix with physicist
Prefix with physics
Prefix with physics.
Pro athlete whose mascot is an orange-capped alien
Pro from Houston
Ranger rival
Red foe?
Red rival
"Roger Clemens or Nolan Ryan, formerly"
"Roger Clemens, as of 2004"
"Roger Clemens, for one"
"Roger Clemens, for three seasons"
"Roger Clemens, in 2004"
"Roger Clemens, in 2005"
"Roger Clemens, lately"
"Roger Clemens, now"
"Roy Oswalt, notably"
Rusty Staub was one in the 60's
"Rusty Staub, once"
Skypad Apartments dog
Skypad Apartments pooch
Space Age dog
Space City baseballer
Space City player
Space age toon dog
Space-age hound
Space-age prefix.
Spanish star
Sports turf type
Star: Comb. form
Star: Prefix.
Star: pref.
Start for dome or dynamics
Start for physics
Stellar: Comb. form
Stellar: prefix
Successor to a Colt '45
Successor to a Colt .45
TV cartoon dog
TV dog
Talking dog of TV toons
Talking dog of cartoons
Team player.
Tex. athlete
Tex. ballplayer
Tex. player under a dome
Texan with a glove
Texas athlete
Texas ballplayer
Texas baseball player heading to the AL in 2013
Texas baseballer
"Texas leaguer, so to speak?"
Texas leaguer?
Texas player
Texas pro
Texas teammate
The Jetson's dog
The Jetsons pup
The Jetsons' dog
The Jetsons' pet
The Jetsons' pet dog
The Jetsons' pooch
"The Misfits' ""___ Zombies"""
The hound of the Jetsons
Toledo twinkler
Turf intro
Turf leader?
Turf opener
Turf starter
Turf type
Two-ring-collar cartoon canine
Type of turf
What a Round Rock Express player may one day become
White Stripes song off their self-titled debut album
Word form with physics
Word with naut or physics
___ Blaster (classic arcade game)
"___ Boy, classic figure in Japanese anime"
___ Turf
Craig Biggio for 19 years
It means ''celestial''
Houston baseballer
Elroy's dog in cartoons
Houston ballplayer
Houston player
Prefix for nautical
The Jetsons' dog
Houston ballplayer
Houston player
The Jetsons' dog
Houston pro
Elroy's pet
Jetsons' dog
The Jetsons' dog
Houston player
Minute Maid Park player
Jetson's pooch
Houston player
Ranger rival
American Leaguer since 2013
Houston player
Space science, for short
Prefix with physics
Prefix with -logical
Ballplayer with a star logo
Wearer of an "H"-inscribed hat
Houston player
George Jetson's dog
Houston baseballer
Player in MLB's first domed stadium
Craig Biggio, for 20 seasons
Houston player
Artificial turf prefix
Houston player
Elroy's dog
Texas player
Elroy's dog
Orbit City pooch
Dog on "The Jetsons"
Houston athlete
American Leaguer since 2013
Jose Altuve, for one
Houston ballplayer
2017 World Series champ
Houston baseballer
2017 World Series MVP George Springer, for one
Baseballer with a star logo
Houston hurler, e.g.
2017 A.L. MVP José Altuve, for one
Old Chevy minivan
2017 World Series winner
Houston player
Houston baseballer
Toon dog sharing a name with an MLB player
Dog in Orbit City
Dog on 'The Jetsons'
Texas player
Houston baseballer
Houston player
Old Chevy van
Dome opening?
Minute Maid Park player
Houston baseballer
Animated canine
George Jetson's dog
The Jetsons' dog
Jose Altuve, for one
2017 World Series champ
Jose Altuve, e.g.
Houston player
The Jetsons' dog
Houston athlete in the American League
Prefix for physics
Texas player
Pet dog on "The Jetsons"
Houston pro
Commercial prefix with Turf
Jose Altuve, e.g.
Houston baseballer
Houston player
Minute Maid Park player
Prefix for physics
Prefix for physics
"The Jetsons" dog
Cartoon dog who lives in the Skypad Apartments