The word ATARI has appeared in at least 466 clues on different crosswords.

"""Adventure"" platform"
"""Asteroids"" company"
"""Asteroids"" game company"
"""Asteroids"" game creator"
"""Asteroids"" game maker"
"""Asteroids"" maker"
"""Asteroids"" producer"
"""Berzerk"" company"
"""Breakout"" console"
"""Business is fun"" company"
"""Centipede"" company"
"""Centipede"" maker"
"""Computers for people"" company"
"""Dig Dug"" maker"
"""Don't Watch TV Tonight...Play It!"" company"
"""Don't watch television tonight, play it!"" advertiser"
"""Dragon Ball"" video game company"
"""Gauntlet"" game company"
"""Hard Drivin'"" game platform"
"""I'ma keep playing these cats out like ___"" (Lil' Kim line)"
"""Paperboy"" company"
"""Pitfall!"" platform"
"""Pong"" company"
"""Pong"" creator"
"""Pong"" maker"
"""Pong"" maker that filed for bankruptcy this year"
"""Pong"" parent"
"""Pong"" people"
"""Pong"" producer"
"""Quadropong"" parent"
"""RollerCoaster Tycoon"" company"
"""Space Invaders"" company"
"""Super Breakout"" company"
"""Yars' Revenge"" platform"
'70s video game giant
'70s video-game pioneer
'Centipede' maker
'Enter the Matrix' game company
1970s game cartridge giant
1976 Warner Communications acquisition
1977 video gaming debut
1980s game console
2008 Infogrames acquisition
2008 Infogrames merger partner
2600 and 5200 maker
2600 console maker
2600 maker
2600 producer
28 Electronic games pioneer
A Nintendo forerunner
Arcade game maker
Arcade game name
Arcade game nameNintendo predecessor']
Arcade game pioneer
Arcade games leader
Arcade games pioneer
Arcade games trailblazer
Arcade giant
Arcade giant that filed for bankruptcy in 2013
Arcade name
Arcade pioneer
Arcade-game pioneer
Asteroids creator
Asteroids game company
Asteroids game creator
Asteroids game maker
Asteroids introducer
Asteroids maker
Asteroids producer
Asteroids source
Battlezone creator
Battlezone maker
Before Nintendo
Berzerk company
Big arcade name
Big company in arcades
Big game name
"Big game name, formerly"
Big name at video arcades
Big name in arcade games
Big name in classic video games
Big name in games
Big name in video arcades
Big name in video games
"Big name in video games, once"
Brand of console with joysticks and paddles
Breakout company
Breakout company of 1976
Breakout maker
Breakout producer
Bygone computer name
Centipede company
Centipede creator
Centipede maker
Centipede producer
Centipede video game creator
Chess : check :: go : ___
Classic arcade game company
Classic game company
Classic name in arcades
Classic video game company
Classic video game name
Coin-op game pioneer
Coleco contemporary
ColecoVision competitor
ColecoVision rival
Collectible game system
Combat company
Combat producer
"Commodore competitor, once"
"Commodore rival, once"
Company behind the game Battlezone
Company briefly owned by Hasbro
Company built on the profits of Pong
Company famous for Centipede and Battlezone
Company founded by Nolan Bushnell
Company named for a Go term
Company once owned by Hasbro
Company that Pete Rose and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did commercials for
Company that created Centipede and Galaga
Company that created Paperboy
Company that created Pong
Company that introduced Donkey Kong
Company that introduced Pong
Company that made Asteroids
Company that made Pong
Company that made the 7800 game system
Company that made the game Joust
Company that once employed Steve Jobs
Company that produced Pong
Company that produced the game Pong
"Company that sold 70,000 Asteroids coin-op consoles"
Company that takes its name from a term in the game of go
Company whose name is a term from the game go
Company with a famous joystick
"Company with a spaceship game called ""Defender"""
Computer company
Computer game name
Computer game pioneer
Computer games maker
Computer games producer
Computer-game maker
Console whose biggest selling game was the inexplicably awful Pac-Man
Creator of Asteroids
"Creator of Centipede, the game"
Creator of Pong
Creator of the game Missile Command
Cyberball maker
Defender company
Defender marketers
Donkey Kong company
Dragon Ball Z company
Dragon Ball Z game company
Dragonshard maker
E.T. maker
Early Steve Jobs employer
Early arcade biggie
Early arcade game name
Early arcade game supplier
Early arcade giant
Early arcade name
Early computer game pioneer
Early computer manufacturer
Early eight-bit computer maker
Early electronic game maker
Early game console
Early game giant
Early game maker
Early gaming name
Early home console
Early manufacturer of home computers
Early name in arcade games
Early name in arcades
Early name in home computers
Early name in video games
Early producers of video football
Early video game company
Early video game maker
Early video game name
Early video game system
Early video-game giant
Early video-game name
Electronic game name
Electronic game pioneer
Electronica group ___ Teenage Riot
Entertainment company founded in 1972
First company to market computer baseball
First name in home-entertainment
Freddi Fish game maker
Game company first called Syzygy
Game company founded in 1972
Game company started in 1972
Game company with a Japanese name
Game console pioneer
Game innovator
Game maker
Game maker since 1972
Game maker starting in 1972
Game name
Game name once owned by Warner
"Game system that came with ""Combat"""
Games computer
Games giant
Games specialist
Gaming console that named its devices after cats way before Apple
Gaming pioneer
Gaming trailblazer
Gauntlet company
Gauntlet maker
Gauntlet-dropping company?
German techno band ___ Teenage Riot
Go term that's equivalent to 'check'
High-tech entertainment pioneer
Home-entertainment pioneer
Iconic console
Infogrames subsidiary
"Intellivision rival, once"
Interactive entertainment giant
It made Centipede
It made Missile Command
Jaguar maker
Joust company
Labyrinth maker
Leadfoot video game manufacturer
Lunar Lander producer
Maker of Asteroids
Maker of Asteroids and Missile Command
Maker of Basketbrawl and Robo-Squash
Maker of Centipede
Maker of Centipede and Asteroids
Maker of Gauntlet and Area 51
Maker of Godzilla: Save the Earth
Maker of Missile Command
Maker of Pong
Maker of Space Invaders
Maker of many arcade classics
Maker of the 2600
Maker of the 2600 video game console
Maker of the 2600 video-game system
"Maker of the 400, 800, 2600, and 5200"
Maker of the Jaguar game console
Maker of the Lynx and Jaguar systems
Maker of the Lynx handheld game console
Maker of the Spider-Man video game
Maker of the arcade classic Tempest
Maker of the arcade game Breakout
Maker of the game Asteroids
Maker of the game Combat
Maker of the game Dig Dug
Maker of the game Pong
Maker of the video game Centipede
Maker of the video game Pong
Makers of the 2600 game console
Marble Madness maker
Millipede maker
Missile Command company
Missile Command developer
Missile Command game company
Missile Command maker
Missile Command makers
Missile Command producer
Name in games people play
Name in games since 1972
Name on some arcade equipment
Nintendo ancestor
Nintendo competitor
Nintendo forerunner
Nintendo precursor
Nintendo predecessor
Nintendo rival
Nintendo's kin
Nintendo's precursor
Nintendo's predecessor
Nolan Bushnell founded it
Nolan Bushnell's 1972 company
Nolan Bushnell's company
Nolan Bushnell's video game company
Old Coleco competitor
Old Intellivision competitor
Old Intellivision rival
Old arcade biggie
Old arcade company
Old arcade game maker
Old arcade giant
Old arcade name
Old game console
Old name in coin-op games
Old name in game arcades
Onetime Coleco competitor
Onetime rival of Coleco
PONG developer
Pac-Man maker
Pac-Man parent
Pac-man creator
Paperboy company
Paperboy maker
Pioneering company originally named Syzygy
Pioneering game company
Pioneering video game company
Pioneering video-game system
Pitfall company
Pitfall platform
Pole Position company
Pole Position game company
Pole Position game maker
Pole Position system
Pong company
Pong console
Pong creator
Pong developer
Pong inventor's company
Pong maker
Pong manufacturer
Pong people
Pong pioneer
Pong platform
Pong producer
"Pong producer, once"
Pong publicizer
Pong purveyor
Pong purveyors
Pre-Nintendo giant
Producer of Centipede
Producer of Pong
Producer of Pong and Pole Position
Producer of Space Invaders
Producer of the 2600 game console
"Producer of the megaflop ""E.T."""
Retro ___ Classics: game package
Revolutionary computer
RollerCoaster Tycoon World publisher
Sega competitor
Sega rival
Sega rivals
Space Invaders company
Space Invaders game company
Space Invaders game maker
Space Invaders maker
"Space Invaders maker, once"
Space Invaders makers
Space Invaders platform
Space Invaders producer
Space Race producer
Spider-Man video game maker
Star Raiders producer
Steve Jobs' first employer
Street Racer producer
Super Breakout game maker
Super Bunny Breakout company
System before Nintendo
System that came with black joysticks
System with an iconic joystick
System with joysticks and paddles
System with paddles and a joystick
Tempest game maker
Test Drive Unlimited maker
They brought Asteroids to the arcade
They made Missile Command
They made Space Invaders
They made the 2600 video game console
Trailblazing video game maker
Upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio film about the early years of video gaming
Video arcade name
Video arcade pioneer
Video game company
Video game company founded by Nolan Bushnell
"Video game company parodied in ""Wreck-It Ralph"""
Video game company that made Asteroids
Video game company that took its name from the board game Go
Video game company whose founder also founded Chuck E. Cheese's
Video game giant
Video game maker
Video game name
Video game pioneer
Video game pioneers
Video game system name
Video game system pioneer
Video game trailblazer
Video games name
Video gaming pioneer
Video pioneer
Video-game company
Video-game name
Video-game pioneer
Video-game pioneer company
Videogame name
Videogame pioneer
Vido game pioneer
Vintage computer
Vintage video game name
"Xbox's foil, in a CeeLo Green lyric"
___ 2600
___ 2600 (classic video game console)
___ 2600 (early gaming system)
___ 2600 (hit product of the 1970s-'80s)
___ 2600 (old game-playing machine)
___ 2600 (system with blocky graphics)
___ 2600 emulator
___ 2600: early game console
___ 2600: old video game console
___ 5200 (1980s console)
___ Teenage Riot
"Dragon Ball Z" company
Its version of table tennis had a square ball
Millipede maker
Video game pioneer
Maker of 57-Across
Pitfall! platform
"Space Invaders" company
Onetime arcade giant
Early Nintendo competitor
Early video-game console brand
Early gaming name
"Pong" producer
Video game pioneer
Company that buried 700,000+ unsold video games in 1983
Video arcade pioneer
Centipede game maker
2600 maker
"Asteroids" game maker
Old video game maker
Arcade pioneer
Asteroids game company
Arcade giant
Gaming trailblazer
Arcade pioneer
Centipede creator
Missile Command maker
Asteroids producer
Video game pioneer
Centipede creator
Arcade game pioneer
Pong's company
Pong game maker
Online arcade offerer
Early video console company
Arcade pioneer
Classic arcade name
"Missile Command" game company
Arcade pioneer
Home-entertainment trailblazer
___ 2600 (classic game console)
Asteroids source
Tournament Cyberball 2072 maker
Arcade pioneer
Arcade giant
Arcade pioneer
Classic arcade brand
Video arcade pioneer
Video game pioneer
Company that made Pong
Video arcade pioneer
Longtime video game name
Arcade pioneer
Video game pioneer
Centipede developer
Video gaming pioneer
Popular video game
Maker of Asteroids and Space Invaders
Video game pioneer
Video arcade pioneer
Arcade pioneer
Classic arcade name