The word ATEAM has appeared in at least 304 clues on different crosswords.

"""... ___ of snow-white horses"""
"""Crack commando unit"" of old TV"
"""Crack commando unit,"" according to the intro"
"""Hannibal"" Smith's group"
"""Mission possible"" group?"
"""The ___"" ('80s TV action show)"
"""The ___"" (series starring Mr. T)"
"""The ___,"" TV program"
"""___ of snow-white horses"""
"""___ of snow-white horses... """
"""___ of wild horses... """
"'80's TV series, with ""The"""
"'80s tough-guy series (with ""The"")"
"'80s tough-guy series, with ""The"""
"1980's George Peppard series, with ""The"""
1980's TV group
1980's TV group with a van
1980's TV quartet
"1980's series, with ""The"""
"1980s TV series about soldiers of fortune, with ""The"""
"1980s action show, with 'The'"
"1980s show set to become a 2008 movie (with ""The"")"
"1980s show with a classic instrumental theme song (with ""The"")"
"2010 Liam Neeson film, with ""The"""
"2010 movie Roger Ebert called ""an incomprehensible mess with the 1980s TV show embedded inside,"" with ""The"""
"2010 movie from which Mr. T was conspicuously absent, with ""The"""
"2013 Ed Sheeran hit ""The ___"""
"80's TV crime battlers, with ""The"""
Army Special Forces unit
Athletic starters
B. A. Baracus's group
B.A. Baracus' group
B.A. Baracus' partners
"B.A.'s group, with ""The"""
Bench warmers aren't on it
Best athletes
Best bunch
Best crew
Best of the best
Best of the bunch
Best players
Best players' group
"Best players, collectively"
Best squad
Best-available group
Bosco Albert's group
Coach's best
"Col. ""Hannibal"" Smith's TV group"
"Col. ""Hannibal"" Smith, and friends"
Col. Hannibal Smith and friends
Col. Hannibal Smith and squad
Col. Hannibal Smith's group
"Col. Hannibal Smith, and friends"
Collection of the best talent
Colonel Smith and crew
Country's best at the Olympics
"Crack commando unit sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit, before escaping to the Los Angeles underground where today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune, with ""the"""
Crack crew
Crack division
Crack squad
Crackerjack group
Cream of the crop
Ed Sheeran song about a smart girl?
Elite Special Forces force
Elite bunch
Elite crew
Elite group
"Elite group, like Caddy reps"
Elite military group
Elite military unit
Elite soldiers
Elite squad
Elite unit
Field standouts
Field stars
First string
First stringers
First-string athletic group
First-string group
First-string players
First-string players were fed in the morning (1-4)
First-string squad
First-string unit
First-string varsity
"First-stringers, collectively"
"Former TV adventure show, with ""The"""
Front-line players
Game starters
"George Peppard TV series, with ""The"""
"George Peppard TV series, with 'The'"
"George Peppard led them, fool!"
"George Peppard show, with ""The"""
George Peppard's TV group
George Peppard's TV squad
Group featuring Mr. T
Group of starting players
"Group that included Mr. T as ""Bad Attitude"" Baracus"
Group to send to the Olympics
Group with a special mission
"Hannibal Smith's TV group (with ""The"")"
Hannibal Smith's group
"Hannibal Smith's group (with ""The"")"
"Hannibal Smith's group, with ""The"""
Hannibal Smith's squad
Hannibal Smith's unit
Hannibal's army?
Hannibal's crew
Hannibal's group
Hannibal's squad
Leading players
Lunt friners
Main crew
Military elite
Mr T's outfit
Mr. B's tanned
Mr. T & pals
Mr. T TV group
"Mr. T TV series, with 'The'"
Mr. T and cohorts
Mr. T and crew
Mr. T and pals
"Mr. T and pals, with ""The"""
Mr. T et al.
Mr. T group
"Mr. T of ""The ___,"" TV series"
"Mr. T series, with ""The"""
Mr. T show Boy George made a cameo on
Mr. T's TV gang
Mr. T's TV group
"Mr. T's TV group, with ""The"""
"Mr. T's TV group, with ""the"""
"Mr. T's TV group, with 'The'"
Mr. T's TV outfit
"Mr. T's TV show, with ""The"""
"Mr. T's action show (""The"")"
Mr. T's associates
Mr. T's bunch
Mr. T's crew
"Mr. T's former TV show, with ""The"""
Mr. T's gang
Mr. T's group
"Mr. T's group, with ""The"""
Mr. T's outfit
Mr. T's outfit?
"Mr. T's show, with ""The"""
Mr. T's squad
"Mr. T's troop, with ""The"""
Mr. T's worn outfit?
"Mr. T, etc."
Mr. T.'s TV outfit
"NBC show of the 1980s, with ""The"""
"Neeson flick of 2010 (with ""The"")"
Not second stringers
Not second-stringers
Outfit with B.A. Baracus
"Peppard TV hit, with ""The"""
Peppard and pals
"Peppard series, with ""The"""
Peppard's TV group
Peppard's pards
"Prime time soldiers of fortune, once"
"Rumored 2010 remake of a 1983 Mr. T classic, with ""the"""
Second string's superiors
Select group
Select military unit
Select squad
Sgt. Bosco's group
"Show that featured Mr. T (with ""The"")"
"Show with the character B.A. Baracus, with ""The"""
Special Forces detachment
Special Forces fighters
Special Forces group
Special Forces subgroup
Special Forces unit
Special Forces unit court-martialed for a crime they didn't commit
Special forces unit
Spring-practice nine
Squad stars
"Starters, in sports"
"Starters, most often"
Starting crew
Starting group
Starting group of athletes
Starting group of players
Starting line
Starting lineup
Starting players
Starting squad
Starting unit
Sub's goal
Subs aren't on it
Superior group
TV gang of Mr. T
TV group
TV group featuring Mr. T
"TV group featuring Mr. T, with ""the"""
TV group with B.A. Baracus and Hannibal Smith
TV series featuring Mr. T
TV series with Mr. T
"TV show that debuted after Super Bowl XVII, with ""The"""
"TV show that gave us the classic line ""I love it when a plan comes together,"" with ""The"""
"TV show with Mr. T, with ""The"""
"TV show with the catchphrase ""I love it when a plan comes together,"" with ""The"""
TV soldiers of fortune
"TV soldiers of fortune, with ""the"""
"TV's ""The ___"""
TV's soldiers of fortune
TV/movie group associated with this puzzle's theme?
"The ___, TV rescuers"
The first string
The roster's best
"The starters, in sports"
They start
They're first on the field
Top crew
Top group
Top guns
Top military unit
Top players
Top sports squad
Top squad
Top unit
Top-flight crew
Top-notch squad
Top-notch unit
Twelve-soldier unit
U.S. Special Forces unit
Unit of the Green Berets
Varsity first-stringers
Varsity group
Varsity players
Varsity regulars
Varsity stars
Varsity starters
"With ""The,"" 1980's action show"
"With ""The,"" George Peppard show"
"With ""The,"" Mr. T series"
"With ""The,"" TV show with a rousing Mike Post theme song"
"With ""The,"" popular '80s TV adventure"
Work as --
Starting unit
Starting squad
Elite squad convened?
Elite military unit
Mr. T's TV unit
Top crew
Top squad
Starting lineup
Special Forces unit
The —, 1980s US television series starring George Peppard and Mr T
Group of top players
Group of top players
So-called 'father of Czech music'
Col. Hannibal Smith and the boys
Col. Hannibal Smith and the boys
TV series with Mr. T (with "The")
Elite commando unit
Prime-time players
Top players
Starting squad
First-string squad
Elite group
Elite group
Mr. T's troop
First-string squad
Starting lineup
Starting 2-Down
Starting squad
Elite group
Mr. T's TV squad (with "The")
Starting squad
Collection of the best talent
Starting squad
The —, 2010 action film starring Liam Neeson as Colonel Hannibal Smith
Drink in the morning - it's the best you have, for starters
Varsity's starting squad
Top players
Elite group
Starting players
Show starring Mr. T, with "the"
Elite group
Elite squad
TV ex-military group led by Hannibal Smith
The —, 1980s US television series starring George Peppard and Mr T
Elite squad