Word: AVE

The word AVE has appeared in at least 862 clues on different crosswords.

"""Ciao, Brutus"""
"""Ciao, Caesar"""
"""Electric"" place in an Eddy Grant title: abbr."
"""Good morning, Caesar"""
"""Greetings!"" from Galba"
"""Greetings, Brutus!"""
"""Greetings, Caesar!"""
"""Greetings, Caesar"""
"""Greetings, Gaius!"""
"""Hail! "" to Caesar"
"""Hail!"" raisers' word"
"""Hail!"" to Caesar"
"""Hail!"" to Horace"
"""Hail!,"" to Caesar"
"""Hail!,"" to Horace"
"""Hail, Caesar!"""
"""Hail, Claudius!"""
"""Hail,"" to Caesar"
"""Hail,"" to Ovid"
"""Hello, Caesar"""
"""Hello, Hadrian!"""
"""Hey, Caesar!"""
"""Hey, Caesar"""
"""Hi, Claudius!"""
"""Hi, Claudius"""
"""Monopoly"" board abbr."
"""Monument ___"" (1998)"
"""Vale!"" alternative"
"""Yo! Hadrian!"""
"""Yo, Hadrian!"""
"""___ Maria"""
"""___ Maria"" (Gounod/Bach work)"
"""___ Maria"" (popular wedding song)"
"""___ Maria"" Chris Cornell"
"""___ Maria""
"""___ Maria."""
"""___ Maris Stella"" (Latin hymn)"
"""___ atque vale!"""
"""___ atque vale"""
"""___, Caesar!"""
"'Greetings, Brutus!'"
"'Greetings, Gaius!'"
"'Greetings, Galba!'"
'Hail' to Caesar
"'Hail, Caesar!'"
"'Hail, Cato!'"
"'Hail, Hadrian!'"
"'Hail, Ovid!'"
"'Hello, Hadrian!'"
"'Hi, Hadrian!'"
"'Hi, Horace!'"
'___ Maria'
2nd or 6th in NYC
"5th or Mad., e.g."
5th or Madison
"5th or Madison, e.g."
5th or Park
5th or Park in NYC
A Harriman nickname
A backwards Gabor?
Abbr. at an intersection
Abbr. for Monopoly properties
Abbr. for many Monopoly properties
Abbr. in many snail mail addresses
Abbr. in many-a snail mail address
Abbr. in my snail mail address
Abbr. in the White House address
Abbr. on 17 Monopoly title deeds
Abbr. on a Monopoly board
Abbr. on a road map
Abbr. on a street sign
Abbr. on many a Monopoly property
Abbreviation on a street sign.
Abbreviation on street signs.
Address abbr.
Alternative to Ct. or La.
"Amsterdam, e.g.: Abbr."
Ancient greeting
Ancient salutation
Angelus prayer
Angelus prayer.
"Atlantic in Atlantic City, e.g.: Abbr."
Big rd.
Big st.
"Bklyn.'s Flatbush, for example"
Blvd. alternative
Blvd. cousin
Blvd. crosser
Blvd. kin
Blvd. relative
Blvd.'s kin
"Boston's Commonwealth, e.g. (Abbr.)"
"Boston's Commonwealth, e.g.: Abbr."
Boston's Mass ___
"Boston's Mass or Comm, e.g."
Broad st.
Broad way: abbr.
"Brooklyn's Flatbush, e.g.: Abbr."
Bygone greeting
"Caesar's ""Hail!"""
"Caesar's ""Hi!"" or ""Bye"""
Caesar's 'hail'
Caesar's greeting
Caesar's hail
Caesar's hello
Caesar's hello or goodbye
Caesar's salutation
Caesar's welcome
Caesar's word of welcome
Caesarean salute
Caesarean sign-off
Cathedral hail
Cato's ciao
Cato's parting word
"Cesar Chavez, in L.A."
Chicago's Michigan (abbr.)
"Chicago's Michigan, e.g.: Abbr."
Chicago's Michigan: Abbr.
"Chris Cornell: ""___ Maria"""
"Ciao, to Caesar"
"Cicero's ""Hail!"""
Cicero's salutation
Circus Maximus greeting
City map abbr.
City route: Abbr.
City st.
City thoroughfare: Abbr.
City way: Abbr.
Classic greeting
Columbus in N.Y.C. or S.F.
"Columbus in NYC, e.g."
Columbus or Madison: Abbr.
"Columbus, in N.Y.C."
"Commonwealth in Boston, e.g.: Abbr."
"Commonwealth, for ex."
"Constitution in D.C., e.g."
"Constitution, in D.C."
"Constitution, in DC"
Court alternative: Abbr.
Cousin of St. or Blvd.
Cross for a st.?
Cry in old Rome
D.C. map line
D.C.'s Constitution
D.C.'s Constitution or Pennsylvania
"D.C.'s Constitution, e.g."
D.C.'s Pennsylvania
D.C.'s Pennsylvania ___
"D.C.'s Pennsylvania, briefly"
"D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g."
"D.C.'s Pennsylvania, for one"
"D.C.'s Pennsylvania, for one: Abbr."
DC's Constitution or Pennsylvania
"DC's Pennsylvania, for one"
Dallas's Greenville ___
Eddy Grant's was electric (Abbr.)
Famous 5th: abbr.
Farewell from Fabius
"Farewell, at the Forum"
"Farewell, to Cato"
Farewell: L.
Farewell: Lat.
"Fifth ___, parade site"
Fifth for one
Fifth in N.Y.C.
"Fifth in N.Y.C., e.g."
Fifth in NYC
"Fifth in NYC, e.g."
Fifth is one
Fifth of Man.
Fifth of NYC
"Fifth or Lex, in N.Y.C."
"Fifth or Madison, in N.Y.C."
Fifth or Mich.
Fifth or Park: Abbr.
"Fifth or Seventh, in NYC"
Fifth you can take?: Abbr.
"Fifth, e.g. (Abbr.)"
"Fifth, e.g.: Abbr."
"First in NYC, e.g."
"First, Second or Third: Abbr."
Flatbush or Fifth: Abbr.
Forum farewell
Forum greeting
Forum greeting.
Forum hello
GPS abbr.
GPS datum
GPS display letters
GPS line
GPS screen abbr.
Gaius's good-bye
Galba's greeting
Gladiator's greeting
"Goodbye, to Galba"
"Gounod hymn, ""___ Maria"""
Greeting at the Forum
Greeting for Caesar
Greeting for Gaius
Greeting for Galba
Greeting from Gaius
Greeting from Galba
Greeting from the past
Greeting in a toga
Greeting of old
Greeting of yore
Greeting on the Appian Way
Greeting to Brutus
Greeting to Gaius
Greeting to Galba
Greeting to Maria
Greetings from Galba
Greetings to Galba
"Hadrian's ""Hail!"""
"Hadrian's ""hail"""
"Hadrian's ""hello"""
"Hadrian's ""hi"""
Hadrian's hail
Hadrian's hello
Hail Caesar!
Hail and farewell
Hail from the past
Hail in a forum
Hail in the forum
Hail of yore
Hail or farewell
Hail or farewell.
Hail to Caesar
Hail to Caesar!
Hail to Horace
"Hail, Caesar!"
"Hail, classically"
"Hail, long ago"
"Hail, of yore"
"Hail, to Caesar"
"Hail, to Hadrian"
"Hail, to Horace"
"Hail, to Horatio"
"Hail, to Maria"
"Hail, to Ovid"
Hail: Lat.
Haill or farewelll
Harriman nickname
Harriman's nickname
Harriman's nickname.
"Harriman, to friends"
Hello from Hadrian
Hello or goodbye
"Hello, to Hadrian"
"Hello, to Octavian"
"Horace's ""Hail!"""
Horace's hail
Horace's hello
Horatian hello
Hwy. crosser
Hymn word
"Ill. and Ind., in Monopoly"
"Illinois or Oriental, briefly, in Monopoly"
"In NYC, Madison or Lexington"
"Independence in Washington, e.g.: Abbr."
Intersection abbr.
Intersection abbreviation
Intro to Maria
It may cross a street in N.Y.C.
It might briefly cross a street?
It runs north-south in NY
"It was ""Electric"" for Eddy Grant: abbr."
Kind of rage
Latin greeting
Latin greeting.
Latin salutation
Latin salutation.
Lettered Bklyn. thoroughfare
Letters on a Street sign
Letters on a street sign
Letters on some street signs
"Lex or Mad, in N.Y.C."
"Lex, e.g."
Lex. or Mad.
"Lexington in NYC, e.g."
Lexington or Madison in N.Y.C.
Line on a st. map
"Literally, ""Be well!"""
Long rd.
"Long street, for short"
Long way to go in NYC
Long-ago greeting
Lyft line: Abbr.
Mad. ___
Mad. follower
Mad. or 5th
Mad. or Lex.
Mad. or Lexington
Mad. or Park
"Mad., e.g."
"Mad., for one"
Madison ___
"Madison in N.Y.C., e.g."
Madison in NYC
"Madison or 5th, e.g."
Madison or Fifth
Madison or Fifth (abbr.)
Madison or Fifth: Abbr.
"Madison or Lexington, in NYC"
Madison or Park (Abbr.)
"Madison or Park, briefly"
Madison or Pennsylvania: abbr.
"Madison, e.g."
"Madison, e.g., for short"
"Madison, e.g.: Abbr."
"Madison, for one"
"Madison, in NYC"
Main thoroughfare: Abbr.
"Maine in D.C., e.g."
Manhattan's Park or Lexington: Abbr.
Many a Monopoly prop.
Many a Monopoly property: Abbr.
Many a Monopoly property: abbr.
Many a Monopoly rd.
Many a Monopoly sq.
Many a state name in D.C.
Many a state name in DC
"Many a state name, in D.C."
Many an NYC road
Map abbr.
MapQuest abbr.
Maria preceder
Maria's greeting
Maria's intro
Maria's intro?
Maria's introduction?
Maria's musical start
"Mass ___ (Boston thoroughfare, to locals)"
Mass hail
"Mass. ___ (Boston thoroughfare, to locals)"
"Mass. ___, Boston"
Mass. or Comm.
Massachusetts or Connecticut in D.C.
"Massachusetts, in Boston, e.g."
"Massachusetts, in Cambridge, e.g."
Mediterranean or Baltic: Abbr.
"Melrose, e.g."
Michigan in Chicago: Abbr.
"Michigan, e.g., in Chicago: Abbr."
"Michigan, in Chicago: Abbr."
Miss Gabor's comeback
Monopoly abbr.
Monopoly board abbr.
Monopoly board wd.
Monopoly deed abbr.
"Monopoly property, often: abbr."
Monopoly space: Abbr.
"Monopoly stop, perhaps (abbr.)"
Mr. Harriman's nickname.
"N.Y.'s Fifth, e.g."
"N.Y.'s Fifth, for one"
"N.Y.'s Madison, for one"
"N.Y.'s Park, e.g."
N.Y.C.'s 5th or Park
"N.Y.C.'s A, B, C or D"
N.Y.C.'s Columbus ___
"N.Y.C.'s Columbus, e.g."
"N.Y.C.'s Fifth, e.g."
N.Y.C.'s Madison
N.Y.C.'s Madison ___
N.Y.C.'s Park or Lex
N.Y.C.'s Park or Lexington
"N.Y.C.'s Park or Lexington, e.g."
N.Y.C.'s Park or Madison
"N.Y.C.'s Park, e.g."
"N.Y.C.'s Park, for one"
N.Y.C.'s ___ of the Americas
"NY's Fifth, e.g."
"NY's Fifth, for one"
NYC st. crosser
NYC street crosser?
NYC thoroughfare
"NYC's A, B, C, or D"
"NYC's Columbus, e.g."
"NYC's Fifth, e.g."
"NYC's Fifth, for one"
"NYC's Lex, e.g."
NYC's Lexington or Park
"NYC's Madison, e.g."
NYC's Park or Lex
"NYC's Park or Lexington, e.g."
NYC's Park or Madison
"NYC's Park, e.g."
"NYC's Park, for one"
"NYC's West End, e.g."
"NYC's York, e.g."
NYC's ___ of the Americas
Nero s farewell
Nero's hello
"New York or Tennessee, on a Monopoly board: abbr."
"New York or Wisconsin, in D.C."
"North-south route, in NYC"
"North-south rte., in New York City"
North-south thoroughfare in NYC
Not a blvd.
Official USPS abbr.
Official USPS abbreviation
Old Roman greeting
Old greeting
Old greeting for Caesar
Old greeting.
Old salutation
Old welcome
Old word of farewell
"Old-style ""shalom"""
Old-style greeting
Old-time welcome
One hail of a greeting?
"One kind of city block, briefly"
One of 17 in Monopoly: Abbr.
One of 17 on a Monopoly board: Abbr.
One of 17 on a Monopoly board: abbr.
Opposite of vale
Pa. or Mass.
Parade place: Abbr.
Park ___ (N.Y.C. locale)
Park ___ (what N.Y.C.'s MetroNorth trains run underneath)
Park e.g.
"Park in N.Y., e.g."
"Park in N.Y.C., e.g."
"Park in N.Y.C., say"
Park in N.Y.C.?
Park in NYC
"Park in NYC, e.g."
Park in NYC?
Park in New York City (abbr.)
"Park or 5th, briefly"
Park or Fifth: Abbr.
"Park or Lex, in NYC"
Park or Madison.
Park or Penna.
"Park, e.g., in N.Y.C."
"Park, e.g.: Abbr."
"Park, for one: Abbr."
"Park, in NYC"
Part of a street sign.
Part of many a P.O. address
"Penn. ___., D. C."
"Penn., e.g."
"Penn., in Monopoly"
Pennsylvania ___
Pennsylvania ___ (White House locale: Abbr.)
Pennsylvania in D.C.
"Pennsylvania in D.C., e.g."
Pennsylvania in Washington: Abbr.
Pennsylvania or Fifth: abbr.
Pennsylvania or Madison (abbr.)
Pennsylvania or Madison: Abbr.
Pennsylvania or Madison: abbr.
"Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, in D.C."
"Pennsylvania, e.g."
"Pennsylvania, e.g.: Abbr."
"Pennsylvania, for one: Abbr."
"Pennsylvania, for one: abbr."
"Pennsylvania, in D.C."
"Pennsylvania, in DC"
"Phila.'s Ridge, for example"
Pk. or 5th
Place on a Monopoly board (Abbr.)
Plat abbr.
Pompey's greeting
Postal abbr.
Postal address abbr.
Prayer bead
Prayer opener
Prayer salutation.
Prayer word
"President between James and Andrew, briefly"
Rd. counterpart
Rd. crosser
Rd. relative
Rd.'s cousin
Relative of a blvd.
Relative of st.
Reverential salutation
Road map abbr.
"Road map line, for short"
Road-map abbr.
Roman Hail!
Roman farewell
Roman greeting
Roman hello
Roman salutation
Roman salutation.
Roman salute
Roman welcome
Roman's greeting
Rosary bead
Rosary bead.
"Rosary unit, briefly"
Rte. of a sort
"Rte. that runs diagonally, in D.C."
Salutation for Caesar
Salutation from Brutus
Salutation from Seneca
Salutation to Scipio
Salute for Caesar
Salute or st. crosser
Salute to Caesar
"Schubert's ""___ Maria"""
Schubert's '-- Maria'
Senate greeting
Short way
"St. Bernard in New Orleans, e.g.: Abbr."
St. crosser
"St. crosser, frequently"
"St. crosser, in NYC"
"St. crosser, in New York City"
"St. crosser, often"
"St. crossers, in Manhattan"
St. crossing
St. intersector
St. kin
St. or blvd. relative
St.'s cousin
Start of a Schubert song
"States on a game board, e.g.: Abbr."
Stowe girl
Street address abbr.
"Street address abbr., perhaps"
"Street address abbr., sometimes"
Street address abbrev.
Street crosser: Abbr.
Street map abbr.
Street map abbreviation
Street sign abbr.
Street sign abbreviation.
Street sign.
Street sign: Abbr.
Street-address abbr.
Street-sign abbr.
Street: Abbr.
Street: abbr.
Sulla's salutation
"Swinburne's ""___ Atque Vale"""
Thoroughfare: Abbr.
Thoroughfare: abbr.
Towered over
Urban rd.
Vale's opposite
Vale's partner
Vatican greeting
"Ventnor or Vermont, e.g."
"Ventnor or Vermont, e.g.: Abbr."
"Ventnor, e.g.: Abbr."
"Vert. map line, often"
"Washington in D.C., e.g."
Washington's Pennsylvania
Washington's Pennsylvania (Abbr.)
"Washington's Pennsylvania, e.g.: Abbr."
"Way to go, for short"
Way to greet Gaius
"What the ""Mad"" in ""Mad Men"" is"
"Where the Maisonettes have a ""Heartache"" (abbr.)?"
Wide St.
Wide road: abbr.
Wide urban st.
Wide urban street: Abbr.
Word of farewell
Word of praise
Word of welcome
Word on an env.
Word to Maria
"Yellowcard lives on an ""Ocean"" one (abbr.)"
___ Maria
___ Maria.
___ atque vale
___ atque vale!
___ atque vale.
___ of the Amer.
One of 17 in Monopoly: Abbr.
Abbr. on a Monopoly board
Hadrian's hail
Mass. in D.C. e.g
Broad st.
"___ Maria"
"Ciao, Brutus"
Forum greeting
Caesar's greeting
"___ Maria"
Blvd. cousin
"Hail, Caesar!"
St.'s kin
"Hail, Livy!"
Broad st.
St. crosser
Park in NYC
"Hail, old Roman!"
Many a Monopoly purchase: Abbr
Rd. relative
Rd. relative
Many a Monopoly prop.
Hail, to Caesar
Welcome or farewell, to Caesar
Extract of cobra venom is one for Maria
Caesarean salutation
N.Y.C.'s Third or Fifth
Blvd. and st. relative
Hello, in old Rome
Not a st.
Park or Madison on a NYC map
Schubert song starter
Wide street (abbr.)
Forum greeting
"___ Maria"
Way to go: Abbr.
Hail in the street
Roman hello
Address abbr., sometimes
"Hail, Caesar!"
Manhattan's Park, e.g.: Abbr.
"____ Maria"
"____ Maria"
See 84-Down
See 84-Down
"____ Maria"
Hail in old Rome
Hail in old Rome
Thing crossing a GPS display, sometimes
Thing crossing a GPS display, sometimes
Abbr. on some street signs
St. kin
St. kin
Constitution, in D.C.
Prop. often named for a state in Monopoly
Prop. often named for a state in Monopoly
Address abbr.
Address abbr.
St. crosser
St. crosser
Address abbr.
Address abbr.
Urban rd.
Street (abbr.)
Street (abbr.)
Street (abbr.)
Road map abbr
Map abbr.
Blvd. kin
"__ Maria"
Hail in the street
"— Maria"
Uber app abbr
"Hail, Caesar!"
NYC's Park or Lex
Park or Madison (abbr.)
Park or Madison (abbr.)
"__ Maria"
Hail that faded away
Latin greeting
Blvd. kin
Greeting for Caesar
Fifth in NYC, e.g.
Urban thoroughfare: Abbr.
"Hail, Caesar!"
Boston's Mass __
Colosseum greeting
Urban rd. that might cross a street
Street sign abbr.
Las Palmas, in L.A.
Abbr. in many addresses
A little way from heaven
Not a st. or blvd.
Wide street (abbr.)
Latin greeting
Greeting from beaver
One of 17 on a Monopoly board: Abbr.
"Hail, Caesar!"
Constitution, in D.C.
"___ Maria" (hymn)
St. crosser
St. crosser
Caesar's hello
N.Y.C.'s Madison ___
"Hail, Caesar!"
Philadelphia's Allegheny or Aramingo: Abbr.
"__ Maria"
GPS display
Rd.'s cousin
St. crosser
"Hail!" long ago
"Hail, Nero!"
"Hail!" of old Rome
Caesar's "hail"
Wide street (abbr.)
Urban rd.
"Ciao, Caesar"
Blvd. kin
Golden Gate or Presidio, in SF
Urban rd.
St. crosser
Hail, to Caesar
"Ciao, Brutus"
'___ Maria'
"____ Maria"
Small street kin?
Address abbr.
Many a Monopoly square (Abbr.)
"___ Maria" (hymn)
Wabash, in Chicago: Abbr.
Street (abbr.)
Prayer kept up by the Vatican
N-S Manhattan road
Bye, in old Rome
Bygone greeting
Blvd. kin
Hail, to Caesar
Blvd.'s kin
"Hail, Caesar!"
Hadrian's hail
Park or Madison (abbr.)
NYC's Lex, e.g.
D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g.
Thing on a city map, cut
Urban rd.
Latin greeting
D.C.'s D or C
Senate greeting
Abbr. on a GPS screen
Street sign abbr.
The short way out of Newhaven
Bygone greeting
Fifth or Madison, in New York City: Abbr.
St. crosser
Ancient greeting
1600 Pennsylvania ___ (address for the White House): Abbr.
Caesar's greeting
Monopoly deed abbr.
Delaware, in DC
St. crosser
Hail of old
Greeting of bravery
Broad st.
Abbreviation on many Monopoly properties
Hail, to Caesar
Forum greeting
Fifth or Lex.
Caesar's hello
Blvd.? No, close
Park ___ (Manhattan thoroughfare): Abbr.
Oft-numbered rd.
A little way from Abergavenny
"___ Maria" (hymn)
Thoroughfare: Abbr.
Latin "Hail!"
Wide street (abbr.)
Lexington or Madison, in New York City (Abbr.)
Park or Madison (abbr.)
City thoroughfare: Abbr.
Hail, to Hadrian
Park in NYC, e.g.
Monopoly abbr.
Common type of street on a Monopoly board (Abbr.)
New York's Fifth or Park, for example: Abbr.
___ Maria
Road that might cross a st.
N.Y.C.'s Park or Fifth
___ Maria
Forum greeting
D.C.'s D or C
NYC's Fifth
NYC's Park or Fifth
Ancient greeting
St. crosser
Any of 17 Monopoly properties (Abbr.)
Caesar's hello
Street sign abbr.
Hymn word
Map abbr.
Street abbr.
Lex, e.g., in N.Y.C
Fifth, for one
Roman welcome
Forum greeting
Roman "Hail!"
Ancient greeting
"___ Maria" (hymn)
Mad. ___
___ Maria (Christian prayer)
Hail, to Nero
Old greeting
Hail, to Caesar
Many a line on a DC map
Wide street (abbr.)
Galba's greeting
Connecticut ___ (Monopoly property): Abbr.
1600 Pennsylvania ___ (address for the Trumps): Abbr.
Wide street: Abbr.
Road that might cross a st.
D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g.
Boston's Mass ___
Melrose or Slauson, in Los Angeles: Abbr.
"____ Maria"
NYC's ___ of the Americas
It might intersect a boulevard: Abbr.
"Hail, Cato!"
Ancient greeting / Señora Perón
Many a Monopoly square (Abbr.)
Eddy Grant had a 1983 hit about the "Electric" one: Abbr.
It may cross a street in N.Y.C.
Blvd. relative
Address abbr.
Oriental ___ (Monopoly property): Abbr.
Fifth in NYC, e.g.
Street (abbr.)