Word: AVIS

The word AVIS has appeared in at least 248 clues on different crosswords.

"""It's Your Space"" rental company"
"""Julius Caesar"" bird"
"""We Try Harder"" car rental chain"
"""We Try Harder"" company"
"""We Try Harder"" rental company"
"""We try harder"" car renter"
"""We try harder"" company"
"""We try harder"" rental company"
"""We try harder"" sloganeer"
"#2, famously"
'We try harder' company
'We try harder' rental company
2013 Zipcar acquirer
69 Hertz competitor
A rare bird.
"Advice, in Arles"
"Advice, in Cannes"
Airport counter name
Airport frequenter
Airport lessee
Airport shuttle operator
Airport sign
Airport sign in red letters
Airport-shuttle name
Alamo alternative
Alamo battler?
Alamo competitor
Alamo rival
"Alongside Alamo, in some cases"
Big name in car rental
Big name in rentals
Bird at the Forum
Bird girl.
Bird of Old Rome
Bird of old Rome
Bird to Brutus
Bird to Cato
"Bird, in Old Rome"
"Bird, in the time of Caesar"
"Bird, of Old Rome"
"Bird, to Brutus"
"Bird, to Cato"
"Bird, to Cicero"
"Bird, to Nero"
"Bird, to Pliny"
"Bird, to Vergil"
Bird: Lat.
Bird: Latin
Brand at an airport counter
Brutus' bird
Budget alternative
Budget alternative at the airport
Budget competitor
Budget partner
Budget rival
Budget's competition
Budget's sibling
Budget's sister brand
Car leaser
Car rental chain
Car rental company
Car rental company founder Warren
"Car rental company that ""tries harder"""
Car rental name
Car rental service
Car-rental company
Cato's bird
Common airport sign
Company affiliated with rentacar.com
Company name that becomes another company name if you move its first letter to the end
Company started in 1946 at the Detroit and Miami airports
Company that owns Zipcar
Company that purchased Zipcar for a cool $500 million
Company that tries harder
Company with a 1987 employee buyout
Company with a big Budget
Company with cars
Company with the stock symbol CAR
Competitor of Alamo
Competitor of Hertz & Budget
"Cygnus, e.g."
Dollar alternative
Dollar competition
Dollar competitor
Dollar or Budget competitor
Dollar rival
Enterprise adversary
Enterprise alternative
Enterprise challenger
Enterprise competitor
Enterprise rival
First rental car company to be located at an airport
Flier at the Forum
"Flier, to Ovid"
Former ovum
Girl's name
"Girl's name meaning ""bird."""
Girl's name.
Hertz alternative
Hertz competitor
Hertz rival
Hogwarts spell that produces a flock of birds
It's in the same family as Budget
Its Nasdaq symbol is CAR
Its stock symbol is CAR
Latin bird
Name on airport signs
Name on an airport shuttle
Name on circulating shuttles
Name over an airport counter
National alternative
National combatant
National competitor
National rival
Nero's bird
No. 2
No. 2 in rentals
Ovid's bird
Ovum producer
"Pioneer company, since 1972, in computer reservations"
Rara --
Rara ___
Rara ___ (rare bird)
Rara ___ (unusual item)
Rara ___.
Rara follower
Rent-A-Wreck competitor
Rent-a-car choice
Rent-a-car entrepreneur Warren
Rent-a-car giant
Rent-a-car option
Rent-a-car runner-up
Rental agency at an airport counter
Rental car choice
Rental car option
Rental company
Rental company with a Wizard
Rental giant
Rival of Budget and Hertz
Rival of Dollar
Rival of Hertz
Rival rent-a-car company of Dollar and Enterprise
See 26D
"The ""We try harder"" rental-car company"
"Their motto is ""We try harder"""
Their motto is 'We try harder'
"They ""try harder"""
They rent wheels
They try harder
"They try harder, according to their ads"
They want to hurt Hertz
This may be rara
Thrifty alternative
Thrifty competitor
Thrifty rival
Vis-___ (opposite).
Warren of the car rental business
Warren who founded a rental car company
"When they do well, it hurts Hertz"
"With rara, overused crossword answer"
Word with rara
You might find it near Alamo
Zipcar buyer
Zipcar's parent company
Zipcar's sister brand
Rival of Hertz and Alamo
Big name in car rentals
Car rental giant
National alternative
Bird of old Rome
We try harder company
Dollar competitor
Car rental giant
Competitor of Dollar and Alamo
Rival of Hertz
Rara ___
Big car rental chain
Rival of Alamo and Dollar
"We Try Harder" car rental chain
Alamo alternative
Big rental car agency
Hertz rival
Hertz rival
Name on a shuttle, whose company 66-Across ends 24-Down
Hertz rival
Corporate colleague of Budget
Enterprise rival
Rent-a-car giant
Rent-a-car giant
Rival of Enterprise and Alamo
Alternative to Thrifty or Dollar
Hertz competitor
2013 Zipcar acquirer
Car rental giant
Hertz rival
Rara —
Hertz rival
Hertz competitor
Budget's sister company
"We Try Harder" company
Name at airport rental counters
Alamo alternative
Thrifty rival
Hertz rival
Alamo competitor
Zipcar's parent
Hertz competitor
"We Try Harder" sloganeer, once
Hertz rival
Rival of Hertz
Hertz rival
Airport arrival of 1946
Company that acquired Zipcar in 2013
Alamo competitor
Hertz rival
Car rental company
Airport rental company
Driving company that sounds more like a flying company
Enterprise rival
Hertz rival
Hertz rival
Car-rental giant
Car renter, big-time
Enterprise rival
Hertz competitor
Competitor of Hertz
Owner of Zipcar
Budget or Dollar alternative
Hertz competitor
Alamo competitor
"We try harder" car rental chain
Sister company of Budget
Rara —
Big-time car loaner
Rara —
Competitor of Alamo
Rent-a-car giant
Car rental rival of Hertz
Car rental company that had the "We Try Harder" slogan
"We try harder" car rental company
Hertz competitor
National's rent-a-car rival
Zipcar parent company
Car-rental chain that acquired Zipcar in 2013