The word BASRA has appeared in at least 97 clues on different crosswords.

2003 Iraq War battleground
Arab city whose name is an anagram of ARABS
Arabian port that's home to Sinbad Island
Besieged Gulf War city
Big Iraqi port
City about 300 miles from Baghdad
City bombed in the gulf war
City in Iraq
City in Southern Iraq
City in southern Iraq
City of Iraq
City of Iraq.
City of southeast Iraq
City of southeastern Iraq
City of southern Iraq
City on the Shatt al-Arab river
City on the Shatt al-Arab waterway
"City whose name can be anagrammed, appropriately, to ARABS"
Desert Storm target
Gateway to Russia in W.W. II.
Gulf War city
Gulf War target
Home of Sinbad the sailor
Iraq city
Iraq city where the Garden of Eden was (supposedly)
Iraq port
Iraq port.
Iraq seaport
Iraq's main port
Iraq's only port
Iraq's only port city
Iraq's second-largest city
Iraqi city
Iraqi city founded in 636
Iraqi city near the Persian Gulf
"Iraqi city of about 3,000,000"
Iraqi city with an average high temperature of 107 degrees in August
Iraqi metropolis
Iraqi oil port
Iraqi port
Iraqi port city
Iraqi port.
Iraqi seaport
Main port of Iraq
Major Iraqi port
Major port of Iraq
Middle Eastern city where Sinbad the Sailor is from
"Mideast city that is the capital of the world in H. G. Wells's ""The Shape of Things to Come"""
"Mideast city whose name, coincidentally, is an anagram of ARABS"
Mideast port
Oil port
Only port in Iraq
Persian Gulf port
Persian Gulf port.
Port at head of Shatt-al-Arab.
Port city of Iraq
Port in Iraq
Port in SE Iraq
Port in southeast Iraq
Port in southeastern Iraq
Port of Iraq
Port of Iraq.
Port on the Shatt al Arab
Port on the Shatt al-Arab
Port on the Shatt-al-Arab
Port targeted by Desert Storm
Seaport of Iraq
Shatt al Arab port
Shatt el Arab port.
Shatt-al-Arab city
Shatt-al-Arab port
Shatt-el-Arab port.
Sinbad the Sailor's town
Sinbad's home port
Sinbad's hometown
Southern Iraq city
Southern Iraq port
Southern Iraqi city
Southern Iraqi oil city
Port of Iraq
Iraqi port
Iraqi port city
Iraq's principal port
Major Iraqi port
Some of Cordoba's raspberries in Iraqi port
Iraq's main port
Iraqi port
Some of Cordoba's raspberries in Iraqi port
Iraqi port
Major port near the Persian Gulf
Iraqi port city
Principal port of Iraq
Iraqi port
Oil port in SE Iraq; economic capital of the country
First major city north of Kuwait
First major city north of Kuwait
Port of Iraq