The word BERETS has appeared in at least 90 clues on different crosswords.

BERETS definition(s):

• Plural form of beret.

plural of beret

"""The Ballad of the Green ___"""
"""The Green ___"""
"""The Green ___,"" J. Wayne film"
"""The Green ___."""
Airborne Rangers gear
Army Rangers' toppers
Artists' caps
Artists' hats
Artists' headwear
Artists' toppers
"Artists' toppers, stereotypically"
Basque caps.
Basque headgear
Beatnik toppers
"Billy Jack and John Rambo, once"
Brimless caps
Brimless toppers
Cannes lids
Caps without visors
Certain chapeaux
Che's headwear
Crack-troop headgear
Crushable hats
Flat caps
Flat hats
French caps
French dome toppers
French headgear
Gallic toppers
Gallic wear.
Green ___
Green ___ (U.S. Army Special Forces)
Green ___.
Green headgear in a 1968 movie
Guardian Angels toppers
Guardian Angels' toppers
Guardian Angels' trademarks
Headgear for Special Forces members
Left Bank headwear
Left Bank toppers
Military wear
Nice hats?
Ones above military heads
Parisian caps
"Round, flat caps"
Some chapeaux
Some flat hats
Some soldiers' wear
Some special forces headgear
Special Forces caps
Special Forces headgear
Special Forces toppers
Special Forces trademarks
Special Forces wear
Tete covers
Tete toppers
They're often put on French beans
Toppings for French beans?
Tops for t
Toulouse tams
Tours tops
Traditional Basque apparel
Army caps
Caps for Special Forces
Soft flat caps
Calais caps
Special Forces trademarks
Flat caps
Flat caps
Flat caps
Flat caps
French caps
French caps
Special Forces wear
French caps
Flat caps
Flat caps
Army caps
Army caps
Soft flat caps
Special Forces headgear
Soft caps
French caps
Flat caps