Word: BFF

The word BFF has appeared in at least 65 clues on different crosswords.

"""My New ___"" (Paris Hilton reality show)"
"""My New ___"" (multi-national Paris Hilton reality show)"
"""Soulmate"" in texting shorthand"
"Abbr. which is the title of a ""Bratz"" straight-to-DVD release"
"Bosom buddy, in a text"
Chum 4 life
"Chum, in modern shorthand"
"Closest bud, briefly"
"Closest pal, in a text"
"Closest pal, in texting"
"Closest pal, in texting shorthand"
"Closest pal, in texts"
"Closest pal, in textspeak"
"Closest pal, initially"
Fav pal 4ever
"Favorite texting partner, for short"
"Matt Damon to Ben Affleck, e.g., for short"
"Most frequent texting partner, often"
"Most t3xted pal, maybe"
"One in a teen girl's profile pic, maybe"
"One to make pinky swears with, for short"
"Pal 'til the end, for short"
Pal 4 life
"Pal to text ""<3"" symbols to"
Pal u do evvvvrything with <3 <3
"Pal until the end, for short"
"Person who likes all your FB posts, perhaps"
Really good bud
"Secret sharer, slangily"
Sistah 4 life
"Soul sister, slangily"
"Soulmate, for short"
"Teen girl's close chum, for short"
Texter's bud
Texter's closest pal
Texter's pal
"Texter's pal (as in, ""IDK, my ___ Jill?"")"
Texter's soul mate
Closest pal in text
Close pal in textspeak
Fave texting bud
Favorite pal, in texts
Real pal, for short
Real pal, for short
Fave pal, in 67-Across
#1 texting pal
Really good bud, in brief
Closest pal, in IM shorthand
Lifelong pal, 4 short
Texter's #1 pal
Closest pal, in texts
Fave texting bud
Totally #1 pal, in texts
Closest pal, in texting shorthand
Favorite texting partner, for short
#1 pal
Closest pal, in textspeak
7 Across, in text
Soul sister, say
Texter's soul mate
Bud 4 life
Bud for life
Fave pal
Texter's bosom bud