Word: BLEU

The word BLEU has appeared in at least 127 clues on different crosswords.

"""""Sacre ___!"""""
"""Cordon"" color"
"""Sacre -!"""
"""Sacre ---!"""
"""Sacre ___!"""
"""___ + rouge = pourpre"""
-- cheese (dressing)
-- cheese dressing
1993 French film
Bas ___ (literary woman)
Cheese akin to Roquefort
Cheese choice
Cheese color
Cheese color?
Cheese couleur
Cheese that's a color in French
Cheese type
Cheese with Buffalo wings
Cheese with veins
Chicken <P>cordon ___
Chicken Cordon ___
Chicken cordon --
Chicken cordon ___
Color for a cordon
"Color in ""le drapeau tricolore."""
Color in Cherbourg
Color in French flag
Color in the French flag.
Color of le ciel
Color of the Seine
Color: Fr.
Conte ___ (fairy tale): Fr.
Cordon --
Cordon ___
Cordon ___ (chef)
Cordon ___ (master chef)
Cordon ___ (top chef)
"Cordon ___, former French decoration"
Cordon ___.
Cordon color
Couleur of the French national team's home game jerseys
"Danube color, to French"
Drapeau tricolore color
"Dressing order, informally"
Francophone flag color
French cheese
French cheese color
French color
French color that's a letter switch away from its English spelling
French color.
French flag color
French flag hue
French word on dressing
Fromage hue
Fromage served with Buffalo wings
Fromage used in Buffalo wings dip
"Grover's color on ""Rue S
Hot wings cheese
Kind of cheese
Kind of cheese served with Buffalo wings
Le Cordon ___ cooking school
Leftmost color on the drapeau tricolore
Leftmost couleur on France's flag
"Like the sky over Paris, at times"
"Like the sky, in France"
Moldy cheese
Moldy kind of cheese
Oeil color
Part of le tricolore
Part of the Tricolour.
Part of the tricolore.
Roquefort hue
Roquefort kin
Roquefort relative
"Rouge, blanc, et ___."
"Sad, for Sartre?"
Sharp cheese
"Sky color, in Cannes"
"Sky color, in Paris"
Strong cheese
Strong veiny cheese
Tricolor color
Tricolore hue
Tricolore part
Type of cheese
Une couleur primaire
Veal Cordon ___
Veal cordon ___
Veined cheese
Veined sort of cheese
___ cheese
___ cheese (salad dressing)
___ cheese (salad topping)
___ cheese dressing
___ cheese dressing (Var.)
Cheese choice
Cordon — (chicken dish)
Veiny cheese
Color on le drapeau français
Couleur de l'océan
Primary ''couleur''
__ cheese
Cheese couleur
Semisoft cheese
Cordon — (veal dish)
Chicken cordon ___
Like the French sky
Corbin —, actor-dancer who played Chad Danforth in the High School Musical TV movie and film trilogy
French flag couleur
___ cheese dressing
Kind of cheese
Chicken cordon —
Color along with blanc and rouge on the French flag
— cheese dressing
Cordon ____
Cheese couleur
Une couleur primaire
Cheese choice
___ cheese dressing
French flag couleur
___ cheese dressing
Cheese variety
Cordon ___
— cheese dressing
— cheese dressing