Word: CAIN

The word CAIN has appeared in at least 263 clues on different crosswords.

"""Am I my brother's keeper?"" speaker"
"""And the Lord set a mark upon ___"""
"""Double Indemnity"" author"
"""Double Indemnity"" novelist"
"""Double Indemnity"" writer, 1936"
"""Mildred Pierce"" author"
"""Mildred Pierce"" novelist"
"""Postman"" author James"
"""The Postman Always Rings Twice"" author"
"""This is Herman ___!: My Journey to the White House"" (2011 autobiography)"
"""We want a pitcher, not a belly-___!"""
"""___ and Mabel,"" Gable film"
'Double Indemnity' writer
'Mildred Pierce' novelist
2012 GOP contender
Abel attacker
Abel's assassin
Abel's big brother
Abel's brother
Abel's killer
Abel's kin
Abel's older brother
Abel's slayer
Abel's undoing
Actor Dean of Lois and Clark
Adam's boy
Adam's eldest
Adam's eldest son
Adam's firstborn
Adam's son
An Abel brother
"Ancestor of Grendel in ""Beowulf"""
Ancestor of Lamech.
Author James M.
"Author of ""Double Indemnity"""
"Author of ""Mildred Pierce."""
Bad English keyman Jonathan
Biblical assassin.
Biblical brother
"Biblical character with his own ""curse"""
Biblical exile
Biblical farmer.
Biblical felon
Biblical figure Grendel was supposedly related to
Biblical figure with a serious case of sibling rivalry
Biblical fratricide
Biblical fratricide.
Biblical fugitive.
Biblical murderer
Biblical perpetrator
Biblical role for Michael? Not 'e!
Biblical sibling
Biblical slayer
Biblical son
Biblical villain
Blues guitarist Chris
Blues guitarist/vocalist Chris
Brother of Abel
Brother of Seth
Brother of Seth and Abel
Brother of Seth.
"Brother who ""was very wroth"""
"Bruce ""Adam Raised a ___"""
Byron poem.
Cal Trask's Biblical counterpart
Candidate who Jon Stewart prayed to god would run in 2016
Crop farmer of Genesis
Cursed character
"Dean of ""Lois & Clark"""
"Dean of ""Lois and Clark"""
Double Indemnity author
Dweller east of Eden.
Dweller in the Land of Nod.
Early exile
Early literary murderer
Early offspring
Early tiller
Eden fugitive
Enoch's father
Enoch's father.
"Erstwhile candidate Herman with the mantra ""9-9-9"""
Eve's boy
Eve's eldest
Eve's eldest.
Eve's first
Eve's first-born
Eve's oldest
Ex-keyboardist for Journey Jonathan ___
Famed murderer
Farmer in Genesis.
Farmer who killed a shepherd
Father of Enoch
First bad guy?
First base man?
First biblical felon
First born
"First born, really"
First born?
First child
First child?
First family member
First felon
First fratricide
First fugitive
"First human born, according to the Bible"
First murderer
First offer?
First slayer
First son
First tiller
First tiller or killer
Firstborn son
Former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman
Fratricidal farmer
Genesis brother
Genesis character
Genesis farmer
Genesis figure
Genesis firstborn
Genesis man
Genesis murderer
Genesis name
Genesis perpetrator
Genesis slayer
Genesis son
Genesis villain
"Godfather's Pizza chairman called ""The Hermanator"""
Grendel's ancestor
Guy raised by angry people?
He did Abel in
He played Superman on TV
He slew 25% of the world's people
He went east of Eden
"He wrote ""The Postman Always Rings Twice"""
He's often raised
"Herman who said ""The more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is"""
"Herman with a ""9-9-9"" plan"
Infamous jealous brother
Initial offer?
It may be raised at a party
It may be raised during an argument
It's raised during a ruckus
"James who wrote ""The Postman Always Rings Twice"""
Jealous brother
Journey keyboardist Jonathan
Killer of Genesis
Lord Byron biblical drama
Malign Biblical brother
Mark of ___
Marked man
Marked murderer
Member of the first family
Mildred Pierce author James M.
Mildred Pierce penner
Mildred Pierce's creator
Murderous farmer
Nod dweller
Nod resident
Noted exile
Number one son?
Old Testament killer
Old Testament murderer
Oldest son of Eve.
One of Adam's sons
"One of Grendel's ancestors in ""Beowulf"""
Perpetrator in Genesis
Pizza executive who ran for president
"Presidential candidate Herman nicknamed the ""Herminator"" (because apparently that's the nickname to which all famous Hermans and Hermanns are doomed)"
Raise ___
Raise ___ (cause a ruckus)
Raise ___ (create a commotion)
Raise ___ (lose it)
Raise ___ (make a commotion): Slang.
Raise ___ (make trouble)
Raise ___.
Raised ___
"Republican candidate whose campaign manager is the ""smoking man"""
Second man
Second man.
Seth's brother
Something to raise
Son of Adam
Son of Eve
Son of Eve.
Superman portrayer
Superman portrayer Dean
Superman portrayer on TV
TV Superman Dean
"TV Superman, Dean"
The bad brother
The first bad brother
The first big brother
The first farmer.
The second man.
Third person
Third person?
This may be raised
"Tubal-___, worker in brass."
What rioters raise
World's first-born.
Genesis murderer
"Am I my brother's keeper?" speaker
2012 presidential candidate Herman
Who asked 'Am I my brother's keeper?'
James M —, author of novels Serenade and Mildred Pierce
Son in Genesis 4
First son
Slayer of 1-Down
Biblical killer
Form of punishment, you say, for a killer
Biblical brother
Biblical brother
First son
Pizza magnate Herman who ran for president
James M —, author of novels Serenade and Mildred Pierce
Early farmer
First fratricide
Dean of "Lois & Clark"
It may be raised at a party
Genesis brother
Third person
First murderer
Genesis son
First son
First son
James M —, author of novels Serenade and Mildred Pierce
Abel's older brother
Killer, one shut up in prison
Biblical brother
First son of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament
Brother in Genesis 4
Problematic firstborn
Dean —, actor who played the title role in 1990s US television series The New Adventures of Superman
Dean who played Superman
The first bad brother
Abel's brother
Brother of Abel
A son of Adam
Genesis 4 son
First son
Abel's brother
Brother of Abel
A murderer is able to get out of line
First felon
James M —, author of novels Serenade and Mildred Pierce
Abel's brother
Brother of Seth, in the Bible
First murderer
Storied ''tiller of the ground''
Eve's firstborn
Big brother of Abel and Seth, in the Bible
Eve's son
Something a complainer might raise
Genesis villain
Murderer in Genesis
Abel's assailant
Third person
First biblical birth