Word: CDS

The word CDS has appeared in at least 456 clues on different crosswords.

12-cm. spinners
Accounts of interest? (abbr.)
Accts. of interest
"Albums kept in jewel boxes, briefly"
"Albums, these days"
Alternatives to downloads
"Antiquated recording formats that hipsters will embrace, I'm guessing, around 2027"
Audiophile collection
Audiophile's amassment
Audiophile's assortment
Audiophile's collection
Audiophile's stack
Audiotapes' successors
Bank buys
Bank investments: Abbr.
Bank offerings
"Bank offerings, briefly"
"Bank offerings, in brief"
Bank savings options
BofA offerings
Bookstore buys
"Bookstore buys, nowadays"
Boom box buys
Boom box inserts
Boom box platters
Borders offerings
Borders orders
Box set set
Burned things
Cards: Abbr.
Cassette followers
Cassette successors
Cassettes' successors
"Cautious investments, for short"
Certain bank accts.
"Certain investments, for short"
"Chase things, briefly?"
"Collection in a tower, maybe"
Collection to burn
Common '90s music purchases
Components of some IRAs
Composition of many a music library
"Computer book inserts, often"
Computer media
Computers burn them
"Conservative investments, for short"
Contemporary platters
Contents of jewel cases
Contents of some wallets
Cousins of LPs
D.J.'s array
D.J.'s collection
D.J.'s stack
"D.J.'s stack, in the 1990s"
D.J.'s supply
DJ supply
DJ's array
DJ's assortment
DJ's boxful
DJ's collection
DJ's disks
DJ's inventory
DJ's stack
DJ's stock
DJ's stock-in-trade
DJ's supply
DJs spin them
Dashboard inserts
Data-storage items
Digital music storers
Digital photo holders
Digital recordings
Drive players
Electronics dept. buys
FDIC-backed investments
"Fidelity offerings, briefly"
"File holders, for short"
Fixed term investments: Abbr.
Fixed-term bank accts.
Fixed-term investments: Abbr.
Floppy alternatives
Floppy followers
Floppy successors
Gospel music lover's buys
HMV purchases
HMV stock
"Hi-capacity media, for short"
I.R.A. investments
I.R.A. options
IRA choices
IRA components
IRA options
Int. earners
Int. generators
"Int.-bearing accounts, supposedly"
Int.-earning investments
Interest-bearing accts.
Interest-paying accts.
Investing options
"Investing options, briefly"
"Investment choices, briefly"
Investment instruments
"Investment instruments, for short"
Investment options
Investment options (abbr.)
"Investment options for short,"
"Investment options, briefly"
Investments for short
Items hawked by small-time bands at their gigs
Items in a radio station's library
Items made unnecessary by iPods
Items of interest (abbr.)
Items you can't use on a MacBook directly anymore
Jewel box buys
Jewel box contents
"Jewel box contents, briefly"
Jewel case contents
"Jewel case contents, briefly"
Jewel cases hold them
Jewel cases' contents
Jockeys may put them on
Jukebox contents
LP alternatives
LP cousins
LP descendants
LP replacements
LP replacers
LP successors
LP supplanters
LP's successors
LPs of the '80s and '90s
LPs' descendants
LPs' replacement
LPs' replacements
LPs' successors
LPs' supplanters
"LPs, updated"
Lasers read them
"Long-term investments, for short"
Low-risk fin. investments
"Low-risk investments, for short"
MP3 holders
Many music albums
Many music store selections
Many records
Modern LP's
Modern LPs
Modern albums
Modern audiophile's collection
Modern music media
Modern platters
Modern records
Mus. collection
"Mus. containers, often"
Mus. holders
Music ___ (theme of the puzzle)
Music buys
Music collection
Music collection letters
Music library
Music lover's buys
Music lover's collection
Music lovers' stacks
Music makers
"Music makers, briefly"
Music media
Music purchases
Music purchases stored in wallets
Music sources
Music store buys
Music store inventory
Music store mdse.
Music store purchases
Music store stock
Music-store buys
Musical circles?
Musical investments?
Musical letters
Musical or financial assets
Musical spinners
Objects in jewel cases
PC data holders
PC inserts
"PC media, nowadays"
Part of a fin. portfolio
Parts of finan. portfolios
Parts of some nest eggs
Places to save MP3's
Places to store data
Platter replacements
Platter replacers
"Portfolio parts, briefly"
Pre-MP3 recordings
Pre-iPod storage units
Predecessors of MP3s
"Program media, briefly"
ROM storage units
ROMs and more
Rack contents
Radio station collection
Radio station expense
Reckless purchases?
Record replacers
Record store buys
Record store purchases
"Record store purchases, for short"
Record store stock
Record-store purchases
Record-store stock
Recordings in jewel cases
"Recordings, in brief"
"Records, now"
S and L offerings
"S&L assets, maybe"
S&L investments
S&L offerings
S. & L. offerings
S.&L. offerings
Safe investment choices
"Safe investment choices, for short (3)"
Safe investment options
Sam Goody goodies
Sam Goody purchases
Saving option
Savings acct. alternatives
"Savings acct. supplements, often"
Savings accts.
Sleeve contents
Small music-makers
"Software installation needs, at times"
Software package inserts
Some 60-mo. investments
Some Amazon.com mdse.
Some Amazon.com orders
"Some Amazon.com sales, for short"
Some B&N wares
Some Borders orders
Some I.R.A. contents
Some I.R.A. investments
Some I.R.A.'s
Some I.R.A.s
Some IRA components
Some IRA investments
Some IRA's
Some IRAs
Some S&L accounts
Some S&L offerings
Some are burned before play
Some are rewriteable
"Some assets, briefly"
Some audiobooks
Some bank accts.
"Some coasters, before being scratched"
Some go for 6 or 12 mos.
Some hymns are on these
Some investments
"Some investments, briefly"
"Some investments, for short"
Some mdse. from Amazon.com
Some savings accts.
"Sound investments, for short"
Sound investments?
Spinning circles?
Stereo inserts
Stereo records for short
Storage media
"Storage media, briefly"
"Subjects of heightened interest, for short?"
Successors of LP's
Successors of LPs
T-bill alternatives
Tape alternatives
Teen's collection
There's not much interest in these nowadays
They can be burned
They can be found in jewel boxes
They can be ripped or burned
They can get burned in PCs
They can get burned in a PC
They come in jewel cases
They earn int.
They get burned
They get burned nowadays
They have tracks
They made LPs pass
They may be burned
They may be burned and boxed
They may be writable
They may get burned
They replaced cassettes
They spin in PCs
"They're ""burned"""
They're burned on PCs
They're burned on a PC
They're burned on purpose
They're burnt on PCs
They're covered with tracks
They're filled with tracks
They're held in jewel cases
They're not done until they're burned
They're often burned
They're often burned and ripped
They're often burned these days
They're often ripped to a computer (abbr.)
They're playable on most laptops
They're put in trays
They're read by lasers
They're read with lasers
They're shiny even after being burned
They're stored in racks
They're usually released on Tuesdays
Things sometimes found in towers
Things that are burned nowadays
Today's LPs
Today's albums
Today's platters
Tower Records buys
Tower Records offerings
Tower merchandise
Vinyl killers
Vinyl replacers
"Vinyl successors, briefly"
Virgin offerings?
Wares burned before use
What MP3 players sought to replace
What iPods might replace
"What there may be a lot of interest in, for short?"
iMacs can play them
They’re “burned” on PCs
Successors of LPs
Shrinking section at Barnes & Noble
They’ll tie up your 60 Across
Casualties of streaming services
They may be burned on PCs
LPs' successors
Some savers' assets
S&L offerings
Audio discs (1,2)
Music media
Audiophiles' purchases
Some retirement acct. holdings
Audio discs (1,2)
Some audio books
Audio discs (1,2)
LPs' successors
Components of some I.R.A.s
Sound investments, in more ways than one
Audio discs (1,2)
Audiophile's stack
Many got scratched in the 1990s
Audiophile's collection
They may be stored in towers
Initial music makers
Burnable media
LPs' successors
LPs' successors
Music discs (1,2)
DJ's stack
Audio discs (1,2)
LPs' successors
LPs' successors
Some S&L accounts
Fixed-term investments, briefly
Music buys
Audio discs (1,2)
Band's merch table offerings
Wares on a band's merch table
Wares on a band's merch table
Music discs (1,2)
LPs' successors
Audio discs (1,2)
Some bank offerings, for short
Audio discs (1,2)
Contents of jewel cases
LPs' successors
Music discs (1,2)
Audio discs (1,2)
Things in jewel cases [3]
DJ's stack
Long-term bank investments: Abbr.
Fixed-term investments (Abbr.)
Audio discs (1,2)
Burnable media
IRA options
LPs' successors
LP successors
Sound investments
Best Buy buys, briefly
Fixed-term investments, for short
Music discs (1,2)
LP replacers
Successors to LPs
Bank offerings, for short
Band's merch table offerings
Audiotapes' successors
Investments with fixed rates, for short
Music discs (1,2)
Music purchases of the 1990s and early 2000s
LP successors
Lasers play them
DJ's metallic stack, for short
Successors of LPs
LP successors
Music discs (1,2)
LP successors
LPs' successors
Audio discs (1,2)
DJ's assortment
Audio discs (1,2)
Successors to LPs
Music discs (1,2)
Audio discs (1,2)
Things investors take an interest in?
S&L offerings
LP successors
Music discs (1,2)
Music recordings that have largely been replaced by digital downloads: Abbr.
Items in a box set
Low-risk investment options: Abbr.
Multiyear savings accounts, for short
They're burned on purpose
LPs' successors
LPs' successors
Bank offerings, briefly
Contents of jewel cases
Music items in cases
Small items in a music library: Abbr.
Spinning tray fillers
Many '90s music sales
LP successors
Music store inventory, for short
Audio discs (1,2)
Things a computer user might "burn": Abbr.
LP successors
Streaming alternatives
Recordings stored in jewel cases: Abbr.
Music album media no longer sold at Best Buy: Abbr.
DJ's inventory
LP successors
What lasers need to read
Music purchases that aren't downloaded: Abbr.
Holders of music or software
Music holders that look like DVDs: Abbr.
Audio discs (1,2)
S&L offerings
Music discs (1,2)
Fixed-term investments, for short
Low-risk investments: Abbr.
Long-term bank investments (Abbr.)
Music discs (1,2)
They may get burned
LP successors
PCs burn them
Tower stack
Cred. union offerings
Music albums stored in jewel boxes, briefly