The word CHORE has appeared in at least 153 clues on different crosswords.

A piece of work
After-school responsibility
"After-school responsibility, perhaps"
"Allowance-earning task, perhaps"
Bit of a grind
Bit of house work
Bit of work
Burdensome task
"Carrying out the garbage, e.g."
Child labor?
Child's job
"Child's job, perhaps"
"Chopping firewood, e.g."
"Cleaning, say"
Daily duty
Daily task
Day-to-day job
Disagreeable task
"Dishwashing, e.g."
"Dishwashing, for one"
"Doing the dishes, say"
"Doing the laundry, e.g."
Domestic task
Dull duty
Dusting e.g.
Dusting or dishwashing
Dusting or taking out the garbage
"Dusting, e.g."
"Dusting, say"
"Emptying the dishwasher, e.g."
Farm effort
Farm task
Farm work
Honey-do list item
Household duty
Household task
"Ironing, e.g."
"Ironing, for one"
It's a thing to do
It's no fun
It's something to do
Item on a to-do list
Job around the house
Job at home
Job-jar item
Kid's assignment
"Laundry or mowing the lawn, e.g."
"Laundry, e.g."
"Laundry, for example"
"Milking a cow, e.g."
Milking or hoeing
"Milking the cows, e.g."
"Milking, for example"
"Milking, for one."
"Milking, say"
Mind-numbing job
"Mowing or raking, e.g."
"Mowing the lawn, e.g."
Nanny's task
Nuisance of a task
Odd job
Odd job.
Onerous duty
Onerous task
Part of the daily grind
Piece of work
"Prerequisite for one's allowance, maybe"
"Pulling the weeds, e.g."
Regular duty
Routine ask
Routine duty
Routine job
Routine task
"Slopping the hogs, e.g."
Small job
Small job.
Small task
Something to do
"Sweeping, e.g."
"Taking out the garbage, e.g."
"Taking out the garbage, say"
Taking out the trash or walking the dog
"Taking out the trash, e.g."
"Taking out the trash, for one"
"Taking out the trash, say"
Tedious business
Tedious job
Tedious task
Tiresome task
To-do list item
Unfun assignment
Unit of house work
Unloved task
Unpleasant task
Unrewarding job
"Vacuuming, e.g."
"Vacuuming, say"
"Washing the dishes, e.g."
Wearisome task
Work around the house
Work that's no fun
Work to do
Gofer’s assignment
Tedious task
Mowing or raking, e.g.
Fortune-teller's sign
Household task
Slopping the hogs, e.g.
Tiresome task
Washing dishes, e.g.
Routine task
Dreaded task
Domestic task
Bit of a grind
Job centre has opening, internally
Routine household task
Taking out the trash, perhaps
Difficult task
Gofer's job
Job that's hard in the central part
Taking out the trash, say
Taking out the trash, say
Household task
Taking out the trash, e.g.
Household task to do
Housework unit
Child's job
Routine task
Tiresome task
Routine task
Duty finds husband in the middle
Wearisome task
Slopping the hogs, e.g.
Task list entry
Routine task
Household task
Taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn, e.g.
Tedious task
After-school job