The word CODES has appeared in at least 94 clues on different crosswords.

CODES definition(s):

plural of code

• Plural form of code.

third-person singular simple present indicative form of code

"""One if by land, two if by sea"" and others"
Area and zip
"Area and zip, for example"
Area numbers
Bar and areas
Bodies of laws
Buildings often have them
"Ciphers, say"
Computer programmers' expertise
Crackers may be used on them
Creates a cryptogram
"Creates a routine, e.g."
Cryptographer's creations
Cryptographer's study
Cryptographers' creations
Cryptography creations
Cryptography subject
Crypt~ologist's creations
Disguises the meaning
Does some computer programming
Dress and health followers
Features of secret messages
Hides the meaning
International and Morse
Kin of ciphers
Legacies of Morse and Hammurabi
Morse and Napoleonic
Morse and area
Morse and others
Morse and zip
"Morse and zip, e.g."
Morse et al.
Penal and Napoleonic
Prepares punch cards
Programmers' output
Regulations for builders
Regulatory systems
Secret communications
Secret languages
Secret messages
Secret signals.
Secret stuff
Secret writings
Security precautions
Sets of laws
Sets of principles
Sets of regulations
Sets of rules.
Signal items
Signal systems.
Signals for sending messages.
"Signals, spy style."
Some are cracked
Some are made of bars
Spy secrets
Systems of rules
Systems of signals
They may be cracked
They're no good if broken
They're sometimes cracked
Things broken by Alan Turing
Things broken by the C.I.A.
Things to crack
"Works in C, say"
Works on a program
Writes a program
Writes an app
"Writes in C++, say"
Writes software
Writings to crack
Zip and area
Zip and country
"Zip, et al."
Cryptographers’ studies
About poems being in secret symbols
They may be cracked
Does a tech job
Encrypts or ciphers
Secret writings and fragments from Morocco destroyed
Housing regulations
Secret communications of co-eds, possibly
About poems being in secret languages