Word: COLT

The word COLT has appeared in at least 206 clues on different crosswords.

"""___ .45"" (Preston TV show)"
.45 maker
".45, e.g."
45 preceder?
A .45
"Andrew Luck, notably"
Aqueduct performer
Arabian youth?
Arms pioneer
Baltimore athlete.
Baltimore gridder
Baltimore pro
Baltimore pro who moved to Indianapolis
Baltimore yearling
Baltimore-turned-Indianapolis player
Barn baby
Barnyard neonate
Belmont entry
Big name in guns
"Black Beauty, when young"
Corral youngster
Derby entrant
Derby entry
Derby hopeful
Derby prospect
Dodge car
Earp weapon
Equine youngster
Famed six-shooter
Farm animal
Farm newborn
Farm youngster
Filly counterpart
Filly's brother
Filly's counterpart
Firearms pioneer
Former Baltimore player
Former Baltimorean
Former pro golfer/country guy Ford
"Forty-ounce brand, with ""45"""
Frisky equine & defunct Dodge import
Frisky one
Frisky stablemate
Future Lucas Oil Stadium player
Future stallion
Futurity entry
"Gelding-to-be, maybe"
Gun maker
Gun man
Gun manufacturer
Gunmaker Samuel
Herd youngster
Hoosier Dome player
Indiana NFL-er
Indiana athlete
Indianapolis athlete
Indianapolis ballplayer
Indianapolis football pro
Indianapolis footballer & former Dodge import
Indianapolis gridder
Indianapolis pro
Inventor Samuel
Inventor from Hartford
Inventor of the revolver
Inventor of the revolving-breech pistol
Johnny Unitas was one
"Johnny Unitas, for most of his career"
Kentucky Derby entrant
"Kentucky Derby entrant, usually"
Kentucky Derby prospect
Kentucky Derby racer
"Kentucky Derby winner, typically"
"Lee Majors on ""The Fall Guy"""
Lucas Oil Stadium player
Maker of the Commando rifle
Male baby zebra
Male foal
Male with a mane
Mare's child
Marshal's six-gun
Maryland athlete
Native Dancer was one
One from a stable family
One raised in a stable environment
Onetime player at Memorial Stadium
Peacemaker maker
Peyton Manning is one
"Peyton Manning, e.g."
Piece maker?
Pistol company
Popular pistol
Producer of 1873's Peacemaker
Revolver brand
Revolver developer
Revolver innovator
Revolver inventor
Revolver inventor Samuel
Revolver maker
Revolver man
Revolver name
Sam of six-guns
"Sea Hero, for one"
Secretariat at two
"Single Action Army, e.g."
Six-shooter maker
Six-shooter name
Six-shooter of the Wild West
Stable arrival
Stable boy?
Stable kid
Stable scion
Stable youngster
Stable youth
Stallion's son
"Stallion, once"
Superbowl player.
Texan's rival
"Two- or three-year-old, maybe"
Unitas was one
"Unitas, for one"
Untried person
Western weapon
Wild West weapon
Young animal.
Young bucker?
Young equine
Young galloper
Young horse
Young male horse
Young male zebra
Young snorter
Young stallion
Young stud
Young stud?
Young zebra
"Young, inexperienced person"
"Young, inexperienced person."
___ .45
Male foal
Male foal
Newborn pony
Young stallion
Young stallion
Filly's brother
Bronco's offspring
Young male horse
Young male horse
Pimlico runner
Revolver innovator Samuel
Young male horse
Young stud?
Young stallion
On the edges of commuter belt going around Leopardstown
Filly's brother
Filly's brother
Young stallion
Filly's brother
Maker of 1873's Peacemaker
Peacemaker maker
Stable newbie
Name often said before this clue's number
Six-shooter name
Samuel —, 19th-century inventor of a type of revolver
Future stallion
Future stallion
Indianapolis NFLer
Young male horse
Young horse
Black Beauty, as a youngster
Filly's sibling
___ .45
Male foal
Revolver maker Samuel
Young stallion
Young stallion
Male foal
Stable youngster
Young zebra
Young male horse
Young stallion
Texas Rangers were his early client
Young male horse
Mare's baby
Young stallion
Stallion, earlier
Youngster in company with an officer
Indianapolis NFLer
Mare's offspring
Farm newborn
Young male horse
Male foal
Noted arms manufacturer
Young stallion
Stallion, once