The word COSMO has appeared in at least 141 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bedside Astrologer"" mag"
"""Seinfeld"" character"
"""Seinfeld"" character Kramer"
"""Seinfeld"" character ___ Kramer"
"""Seinfeld"" first name"
"""Seinfeld"" name"
"""Sex & the City"" bar order, for short"
"""Sex and the City"" cocktail, for short"
'Seinfeld' first name
1 Women's mag
"Certain cocktail, informally"
"Checkout line mag, familiarly"
Checkout-stand mag
Cinematic Topper
"Cocktail with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice"
Drink akin to a Cape Codder
Drink favored by the SATC ladies
Fictional Topper
"First name revealed in the sixth season episode ""The Switch"""
Friend of Jerry and Elaine
Friend of Jerry or George
"Friend of Jerry, Elaine and George"
"Friend of Jerry, George, and Elaine"
"Fruity cocktail, familiarly"
"Fruity vodka cocktail, for short"
George Jetson's boss
George Jetson's boss ___ G. Spacely
"Glamour shelfmate, familiarly"
Gurley mag?
"H.G. Brown's mag, once"
"He had the ""Kavorka"""
Hearst Corp. mag
Hearst mag
"Hearst magazine, familiarly"
Helen Gurley Brown's mag
"Helen Gurley Brown's vehicle, for short"
Intimate quiz purveyor
Jerry Seinfeld friend ___ Kramer
Jerry and George's TV buddy
Jerry and George's buddy
Jerry's TV neighbor
Jerry's neighbor in Seinfeld
Jerry's sitcom neighbor
"Kramer of ""Seinfeld"""
Kramer of 'Seinfeld'
Kramer of TV
Kramer of sitcomdom
"Kramer on ""Seinfeld"""
Kramer on 'Seinfeld'
Kramer or Topper
Kramer's first name
"Kramer's first name on ""Seinfeld"""
Kramer's first name on 'Seinfeld'
"Kramer's first name, on ""Seinfeld"""
Kramer's given name
"Kramer, on ""Seinfeld"""
"Mag crowning a ""Bachelor of the Year"""
Mag famous for sex quizzes
Mag known for sex quizzes
Mag transformed by Helen Gurley Brown
Mag whose January 2006 cover features Ashlee Simpson
"Mag with a ""Bachelor of the Year"" contest"
"Mag with a ""Carnal Counselor"" column"
"Mag with a ""Guy Confessions"" feature"
Mag with an award for Fun Fearless Female of the Year
"Mag with an online ""Guy Gallery"""
Mag with popular quizzes
Mag with quizzes
Mag with relationship quizzes
Mag with sex quizzes
Mr. Topper
Mr. Topper of early TV
Of the universe: comb. form
Pal of Elaine and George
"Pink drink, briefly"
Popular Hearst mag
Popular Hearst mag.
"Popular mixed drink, for short"
Popular women's mag
Prefix for naut
Quiz mag
"Red cocktail, for short"
Redbook rival
Role played by Roland and Leo
Seinfeld's Kramer
Seinfeld's Kramer (5)
Sitcom first name that wasn't revealed until season six
Smith's Topper
Topper character
Topper of '50s TV
Topper of film
Topper or Kramer
Topper's first name
Topper's first name.
Universe: Prefix
Universe: pref.
"Vodka and cranberry juice cocktail, informally"
Vodka cocktail
"Vodka cocktail, for short"
"Vodka drink containing cranberry juice, for short"
"Vodka drink, for short"
"Vodka drink, informally"
"Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice, informally"
"Vogue competitor, for short"
"Vogue rival, briefly"
Women's mag
Women's mag with a Bachelor of the Year award
"Women's mag, or man's name"
"Women's magazine noted for sex quizzes, for short"
"Women's magazine, familiarly"
"Women's magazine, for short"
World: Comb. form
World: Prefix
World: Prefix.
___ Girl
"___ Kramer (""Seinfeld"" character)"
"___ Kramer (""Seinfeld"" role)"
___ Kramer (Seinfeld role)
___ girl
Vodka cocktail
Vodka drink, informally
Friend of Jerry and George
Vodka cocktail for short
Kramer's first name on "Seinfeld"
Jerry's pal on "Seinfeld"
Pink cocktail, informally
Vodka cocktail
Vodka cocktail
Kramer on TV
Pink cocktail, for short
Mag featuring 'Fun Fearless Females'
Beauty tutorial mag
Pink drink, for short
First name of Jerry's neighbor on TV's "Seinfeld"
Woman's magazine with quizzes and celebrity info, for short
Fashion mag
''Bachelor of the Year'' co-awarder
Jerry's neighbor
Pink drink, for short
Longtime fashion mag
Kramer's first name on "Seinfeld"