Word: CPA

The word CPA has appeared in at least 754 clues on different crosswords.

"""Figure head"" found in this puzzle's longest answers"
... and the person who does them
1040 consultant (abbr.)
1040 expert
1040 expert (abbr.)
1040 guide
1040 preparer
"1040 preparer, for short"
"1040 preparer, often: abbr."
1040 pro
"1040 reviewer, briefly"
1040 scrutinizer
1040 worker
1040EZ expert
1040EZ pro
4/15 specialist
"401(k) expert, e.g."
Account: Colloq.
"Accountant in California keeping quiet (1,1,1)"
"Accountant, briefly"
"Accountant, for short"
"Accounting dept. employee, perhaps"
Accounting designation
"Accounting designation, briefly"
Accounting pro
Acct. auditor
Acct. keeper
Acct. preparer
"Acct., often"
Aide for the taxed.
An expert with schedules
"Annual hiree, for many"
"Annual hiree, for some"
Apr. 15 VIP
Apr. 15 busybody
Apr. 15th advisor
Apr. 15th figure
Apr. adviser
Apr. advisor
Apr. busybody
Apr. consultant
Apr. hiree
Apr. need
Apr. number cruncher
Apr. professional
Apr. workhorse
April 15 fig.
April 15th pro
April V.I.P.
April VIP
April is his cruelest mo.
April number cruncher
April number-cruncher
"April summer, for short"
April summer?
April workhorse
Assets mgr.
Assets mgr.?
Asst. hired before April 15
Asst. on taxes
Aud. maker
Audit expert
Audit expert's letters
Audit expert.
Audit maker
Audit maker.
Audit man
Audit man.
Audit man: Abbr.
Audit pro
Audit pro (abbr.)
Audit rep
Audit specialist: Abbr.
Audit taker
Audit-taker's letters
"Auditing film hiree, for short"
"Auditing firm hiree, for short"
Auditing initials.
Auditor of bks.
Auditor's designation
Auditor's designation: Abbr.
Auditor's letters
Auditor's title
"Auditor, at times"
"Auditor, briefly"
"Auditor, e.g.: Abbr."
"Auditor, for short"
"Auditor, sometimes"
Auditor: Abbr.
Auditor: abbr.
Authorized bus. overseer
"B-school grad, perhaps"
Bal. sheet expert
Bal. sheet preparer
Bal.-sheet auditor
Bal.-sheet worker
Balancer of bks.
"Balancer of the books, for short"
"Balancer, of sorts"
"Balancing expert, in brief?"
Balancing pro
"Balancing pro, in brief"
Balancing pro?
Bank aud.
Bean counter
Bean counter (Abbr.)
Bean counter briefly
"Bean counter, briefly"
"Bean counter, for short"
Bean counter: Abbr.
Bean counter: abbr.
Bean-counter's letters
Big Four firm employee (Abbr.)
Big help in tax season
Bk. reviewer?
Bks. balancer
Bks. expert
Bks. reviewer
Block figure?: Abbr.
Block letters?
"Block party, perhaps: Abbr."
Block party?
Board-approved acct.
"Bona-fide bean counter, briefly"
Book balancer
"Book balancer, briefly"
"Book balancer, for short"
Book balancer: abbr.
"Book checker, for short"
"Book reviewer of a sort, briefly"
"Book reviewer, briefly"
"Book reviewer, for short"
"Book reviewer, so to speak"
Book reviewer?
Book-balancing pro
Bookkeeper (abbr.)
Bookkeeper with a lic.
Bookkeeper's ambition?
Bookkeeper's letters
Bookkeeper's mentor.
"Bookkeeping expert, for short"
Bookkeeping pro
Books balancer
Books examiner
Books expert
Books expert: Abbr.
Books pers.
Books reviewer
"Books reviewer, for short"
Books reviewer: abbr.
Bottom line watcher
Bottom-line watcher
Bus. calculator?
Bus. consultant
Bus. school grad
Business bkpr.
Busy bee in Apr.
Busy guy in Apr.
Busy man in Apr.
Busy one before Apr. 15
Busy one in Apr.
Busy person around Apr. 15
Busy person in Apr.
Busy person in Mar.
Busy person in mid-April
Busy pro in Apr.
Busy worker in Apr.
"Busy worker in April, for short"
CFO often
"CFO, often"
"CFO, perhaps"
"Calculating one, briefly"
"Calculating person, for short"
Calculating person?
Calculating pro
Calculating sort
"Calculating sort, for short?"
Calculator: Abbr.
Certain H&R Block worker
Certain acct.
Certain forensic witness
"Certain fraud protector, for short"
Checkbook balancer
Circus employee/subject of the puzzle
"Column producer, for short"
Comptroller credential
"Controller, for short"
Corp. audit performer
Corp. book reviewer
"Corp. treasurer, often"
Cruncher of nos.
Deduction expert
Deduction expert (Abbr.)
Deduction expert: Abbr.
Deloitte & Touche worker
Designation bestowed by states
"E&Y employee, perhaps"
E-file preparer
"E-file preparer, briefly"
"E-filing expert, briefly"
Econ major's possible job
"Electronic tax filer, often"
"Employee in the accounting dept., maybe"
"Entry-level position, for short?"
"Ernst & Young employee, for short"
"Ernst & Young expert, for short"
"Ernst or Young, originally"
Estate-planning pro
"Excel specialist, for short"
Expert at figures.
Expert at ledger-demain?
Expert in IRS forms
Expert in deductions: abbr.
Expert in filling out tax docs.
Expert in filling out tax forms: Abbr.
Expert in ledger-domain?
Expert on IRS forms
Expert on figures
Expert on figures: Abbr.
Expert on nos.
Expert who's busy before Apr. 15
Expert with I.R.S. returns
"Expert with books, for short"
Expert with figures.
Expert with nos.
"Expert with schedules, for short"
"Expert, maybe, on the I.R.S. code"
FASB member
FICA expert
Figs. expert
Figs. person
"Figure figurer, for short"
Figure head?
Figure head? (abbr.)
Figure head?: Abbr.
Figure man: Abbr.
"Figure who works with figures, for short"
"Figurehead, for short?"
Figurer of figures
Figures expert
Figures fig.
"Figures figure, briefly"
Figures pro
Filing asst.
"Filing expert, for short"
Fin. adviser
Fin. expert
Fin. troubleshooter
Fin. whiz
Finance VIP
Finance man: Abbr.
"Financial adviser, for short"
Financial auditor's designation
"Financial auditor's designation, briefly"
"Financial consultant, briefly"
Financial-auditor's designation
Form 1040 completer
"Form 1040 examiner, for short"
Form 1040 pro
"Form 1040 reviewer, for short"
"Form filer, for short"
Form-1040 helper
Form-1040 pro
"Frequent E-filer, for short"
GAO employee
GAO worker
"Gene Wilder's occupation in ""The Producers"""
H&R Block employee
H&R Block hiree
H&R Block supervisor
H&R Block worker
H&R Block-er
He checks the bks.
He does your taxes
He keeps the Pac. acct
He's busy in Apr.
He's busy on Apr. 15
He's taxed in April
"He's the taxman, yes he's the taxman"
Helper in tax season
"His favorite song might be ""Taxman"": abbr."
Human computer.
I.R.S. challenger
I.R.S. employee
I.R.S. employee or adversary
"I.R.S. job applicant, maybe"
"I.R.S. person, perhaps"
I.R.S. worker
IRA recommender
IRA suggester
IRS adviser
IRS and IRA expert
IRS audit rep
IRS battler
IRS calculator?
IRS challenger
IRS employee
IRS expert
IRS form expert
IRS forms expert
IRS go-between
IRS hire
IRS hiree
"IRS hiree, perhaps"
IRS return expert
IRS staffer
IRS worker
Important pers. on April 15
Initials on an audit.
Its exam includes internal controls and business law
KPMG employee
Ledger doc
Ledger expert (abbr.)
Ledger inspector.
Ledger man: Abbr.
Ledger pro
Ledger reviewer
Ledger-domain pro?
"Leo Bloom's job in ""The Producers"""
Leo Bloom's occupation
Long-form pro
Man of accounts.
Man of figures
Man of figures for short
Man of figures.
Man of figures: Abbr.
Man of ledger domain
Man of numbers.
Man with a figure head?
Many a bus. school grad
Many a business school grad
Many an IRS employee
Master of ledger-domain
Master of the ledger domain
Master of the ledger domain?
Math is his forte
Money manager: abbr.
Money maven
Money mgr.
More than a bookkeeper
Most taxed person in April?
No. brain?
No. cruncher
"No. cruncher, sometimes"
No. expert
No. expert?
No. one with nos.
No. pro
No.-crunching pro
"Norm's occupation on ""Cheers"""
Nos. expert
Nos. man
Nos. person
Nos. pro
Nos. runner
Notable deg. in Apr.
Number cruncher
Number cruncher of April
Number cruncher's letters
"Number cruncher, briefly"
"Number cruncher, familiarly"
"Number cruncher, for short"
"Number-cruncher, briefly"
"Number-cruncher, familiarly"
"Number-cruncher, for short"
Number-cruncher: Abbr.
Number-crunching pro
Numbers cruncher
"Numbers cruncher, for short"
Numbers cruncher: abbr.
Numbers man
Numbers man: Abbr.
Numbers man?
Numbers person
"Numbers person, briefly"
Numbers pro
"Numbers pro, briefly"
"Numbers runner, for short?"
Numbers runner: Abbr.
Numbers runner? (abbr.)
Numbers' person
One busy in Apr.
"One concerned with checks and balances, briefly"
One concerned with checks and balances: Abbr.
One concerned with co. money
One concerned with figs.
One crunching nos.
One doing a balancing job
One doing checks and balances?
One familiar with salary cap
One for the books: Abbr.
One for the books?
One for the books? (abbr.)
One for whom Apr. is the cruelest month?
"One helping with filing, for short"
One hoping to provide many happy returns?
One making checks and balances?
"One may be working on a schedule, briefly"
One might bargain with an IRS auditor
One often working on Sat. in the spring
"One paid to do a balancing act, briefly"
One taxed in Apr.
One watching figures: Abbr.
"One who deals with spring returns, briefly"
One who does tax prep
One who gets busy in Apr.
One who gets plaudits for averting audits
One who helps avoid audits (Abbr.)
One who is good with nos.
One who knows one's liabilities
One who looks at books
One who looks at books (abbr.)
"One who looks at books, briefly"
One who looks at the books (abbr.)
One who might excel at Excel: Abbr.
One who passed a fin. test
"One who reasons by deduction, for short?"
One who reviews bks.
One who reviews bks.?
One who studies books
One who treats your nos.
One who's busy in Apr.
One whose days are numbered?
"One whose work is taxing, for short?"
One with a balancing act
One with account ability: abbr.
One with plaudits for averting audits
"One working long hours in Apr., perhaps"
One working on a good figure?
One working on columns
"One working overtime in Apr., maybe"
"One working with checks and balances, for short"
Overseer of co. books
P & L preparer
P & L statement preparer
P&L analyst
P&L preparer
"P&L preparer, perhaps"
P. & L. preparer
P. and L. preparer
Paid tax preparer
Part of a medical bill
Performer of a balancing act?: Abbr.
Person busy in Apr.
Person helping a taxpayer to the I.R.S.
Person hired around tax time: Abbr.
Person involved with nos.
Person skilled in the ways of the IRS
Person whose job is taxing?
Possible controller designation
Pre-Apr. 15 workhorse
Pre-Apr. 15th advisor
Preparer of accts. to I.R.S.
Pro at balancing
Pro at balancing: Abbr.
Pro at completing schedules
Pro at filling out tax forms: Abbr.
Pro concerned with losses
Pro concerned with returns
Pro good at balancing?
Pro in the ledger domain: Abbr.
Pro offering IRA advice
Pro offering IRS advice
Pro that may be replaced by TurboTax
Pro who balances books
Pro with IRS returns
Pro with a balancing act?
Pro with books
Pro with schedules
"Producer of columns, for short"
"Professional auditor, briefly"
Professional figurer
Professional figurer.
Professional man.
Professional no. cruncher
Professional worker: Abbr.
Profit-and-loss calculator: Abbr.
Representative at the IRS
"Return filler, maybe: Abbr."
Return pro
Return spec.
Returns pro
Reviewer of bks.?
Reviewer of books
"Reviewer of books, briefly"
"Reviewer of books, for short"
"SEC hiree, perhaps"
Schedule C expert
She's busy in Apr.
"She's keeping books, initially"
Someone who pays taxes on money they earned from helping people pay taxes: Abbr.
Sometime tax expert.
Spreadsheet pro
"Spring hiree, for many"
"Spring summer, for short"
"Spring summer, initially"
Spring summer?
Summer in the spring?
"Summer, at times"
"T-bond recommender, pehaps"
Tax adviser: abbr.
Tax advisor
Tax advisor briefly
Tax advisor's designation
"Tax advisor, for short"
"Tax advisor, frequently"
Tax computer?
"Tax consultant, often"
"Tax consultant, often (Abbr.)"
Tax day assist.
Tax doc. pro
Tax expert
Tax expert (Abbr.)
"Tax expert, briefly"
"Tax expert, for short"
Tax expert.
Tax expert: Abbr.
Tax expert: abbr.
Tax figure (abbr.)
"Tax figurer, for short"
Tax form pro
Tax law expert: Abbr.
Tax man.
Tax man: Abbr.
Tax prep VIP
Tax prep expert
Tax prep pro
"Tax prep pro, perhaps"
Tax prep. advisor
Tax prep. expert
Tax preparer
Tax preparer for short
"Tax preparer, briefly"
"Tax preparer, for short"
"Tax preparer, often (abbr.)"
Tax pro
Tax pro (abbr.)
"Tax pro, briefly"
"Tax pro, for short"
Tax pro: Abbr.
Tax return preparer (abbr.)
"Tax return preparer, briefly"
"Tax return preparer, for short"
Tax return pro
Tax returns pro
"Tax returns pro, for short"
Tax season V.I.P.
Tax season VIP
"Tax season busy bee, for short"
"Tax specialist, briefly"
Tax time VIP
Tax time busy bee
Tax whiz
"Tax whiz, briefly"
Tax-filing pro
Tax-form expert: Abbr.
Tax-form pro
Tax-return pro
"Tax-season advisor, briefly"
Tax-time VIP
Taxed one in April?
"Taxman, for short"
Treasury Department employee
Trusted person in Apr.
"TurboTax alternative, for short"
"TurboTax alternative, perhaps: Abbr."
V.I.P. at tax time
"VP of finance, maybe"
W-2 pro
Well-balanced guy?
What many a CFO is
Whiz at figs.
Who put a cap on spending?
Worker busy in Apr.
"Worker for Deloitte, for short"
"Worker who handles returns, briefly"
"Worker with books, for short"
"Worker with ledgers, for short"
Yr. -end consultant
Yr.-end adviser
Yr.-end advisor
Yr.-end auditor
Yr.-end consultant
Yr.-end visitor
___ exam
___ firm
l. R.S. go-between
Tax prep pro
1040 reviewer briefly
Bean counter for short
Many an employee of the Big 4
IRS audit challenger
Annual-report pro
Bean counter, for short
IRS employee
Tax expert
Expert on IRS code
IRS form pro
Accountancy deg.
Busy pro in tax season
State-certified auditor
Auditor designation
Balancing pro
Tax expert: Abbr
H&R Block V.I.P
Professional numbers person
Tax pro
Inits. for a tax pro
Accounting pro.
Busy bee in Apr.
Busy bee in early April
Book reviewer?: Abbr.
Returns pro
Barton of the Red Cross
KPMG hiree
Expert on IRS codes
Person manning the books
Tax prep pro
One who works with numbers and books
One who works with numbers and books
Tax prep pro
Tax prep pro
Book reviewer, briefly
Common Apr. signatory
Tax pro, briefly
Tax pro, briefly
Tax pro
Tax pro
Tax prep pro
Tax prep pro
IRS employee
Tax pro
Auditing pro
Busy bee in Apr
Tax-season workhorse, for short
Returns expert, for short
Filing pro
Tax pro: Abbr.
H&R Block hiree
Tax prep pro
Tax pro
Professional money counter
Ledger maintainer
Audit expert's designation
Tax pro
Books reviewer: Abbr.
Accountant, briefly
Tax-season VIP
Tax-help pro, for short
Book-balancing pro
Tax expert (Abbr.)
E-file preparer
Tax pro
Tax prep pro
IRS hiree
Auditing pro
E-file preparer
Busy pro in Apr.
Book reviewer, in brief
Many an IRS employee
Tax expert: Abbr.
Bean-counter's letters
IRS employee
Pro at tax time
Tax prep pro
Audit pro
Tax prep pro
No. crunching one
One noting liabilities
Expert in 51 Down forms
One keeping the books
Expert with IRS rules
Tax prep pro
Tax prep pro
Tax pro
IRS employee
Deduction finder
Keeper of the books, for short
Tax prep pro
Numbers person
Keeper of the books, for short
Busy pro in Apr.
Tax pro
Tax pro
Calculating sort
Professional who's often busy in Q2
Expert on IRS code
1040 reviewer, for short
Busy worker in April, for short
Fin. adviser
Tax pro
Tax pro
Pro that may be replaced by TurboTax
H&R Block hiree
Number cruncher, for short
Finance expert
Busy worker in Apr.
W-2 pro
Tax prep advisor: Abbr.
Credentialed finance expert (Abbr.)
Professional who might audit a company's finances: Abbr.
Tax prep pro
One whose days are numbered?
Tax pro
IRS employee
Tax prep pro
Audit expert, for short
Certain financial advisor
Busy pro during tax season (Abbr.)
Tax-filing pro
Numbers pro
1040 filer's asst.
Tax prep pro
Many an IRS e-file user
Pro whom Canadians call ''Chartered''
Pro number cruncher
Tax specialist with credentials: Abbr.
Auditing pro
IRS worker
Number cruncher, for short
IRS forms expertend
Tax expert (Abbr.)
Tax prep pro
Expert who helps taxpayers (Abbr.)
Tax whiz
E-file preparer
IRS calculator?
Busy one in Apr.
Pro who audits the books: Abbr.
Expert on IRS regulations
CFO, possibly
Bean counter, for short
Fin. adviser
1040 preparer, for short
Tax expert: Abbr.
Tax expert, for short
Many an IRS employee
Balancing pro
Balancing pro
Person who can advise you on business deductions: Abbr.
Auditor's designation
Tax pro