Word: DEET

The word DEET has appeared in at least 67 clues on different crosswords.

25% of Off! Deep Woods
Active ingredient in Off!
Anti-bug compound
Army-developed repellent
Bane for bugs
Bug bugger
Bug juice?
Bug repellent
Bug repellent brand
Bug repellent ingredient
Bug spray ingredient
Bug-bugging compound
Bug-repellent brand
Bugs' bane
Camper's protection
Citronella oil alternative
Common insecticide
Component of many bug repellents
Debugging application?
Debugging item?
Diethyltoluamide at the pharmacy
Fluid debugger?
Ingredient in Off!
Insect repellent
Insect repellent brand
Insect repellent component
Insect repellent compound
Insect repellent ingredient
Insect repelling chemical
Insect-repellent compound
Insect-repelling chemical
It bugs bugs
It makes a flea flee
It makes skeeters skedaddle
It's in Off!
It's repellent
Liquid debugger
Liquid insect repellent
Mosquito repellent ingredient
Off! component
Off! ingredient
Outdoor bite preventer
Popular insect repellent
Preventer of many bites
Tick bite repellent
Tick repellent
West Nile virus preventive
What doesn't give anything a biting chance?
OFF! ingredient
Bug spray ingredient
Chemical in insect repellents
Bite stopper
Insecticide ingredient
Compound in insect repellents
Insect repellent ingredient
DDT successor
Insect repellent
Bug spray component
Repellent ingredient
Trademarked repellent
Active ingredient in Off! Deep Woods
Mosquito repellent
Off! ingredient
Off! ingredient
Tick repellent