Word: DOC

The word DOC has appeared in at least 465 clues on different crosswords.

"""Back to the Future"" inventor, familiarly"
"""Back to the Future"" nickname"
"""Cars"" character voiced by Paul Newman"
"""ER"" character"
"""ER"" extra"
"""ER"" figure"
"""Gunsmoke"" character"
"""Gunsmoke"" character."
"""Gunsmoke"" man"
"""Gunsmoke"" nickname"
"""Gunsmoke"" role"
"""Gunsmoke"" role."
"""How is he?"" addressee"
"""I've got good news and bad news"" speaker"
"""Inherent Vice"" detective"
"""Recipient"" of a Bugs Bunny question"
"""Rocky Raccoon"" character"
"""What's Up, ___?"" (1972 Barbra Streisand comedy)"
"""What's Up, ___?"": Streisand film"
"""What's up ___?"""
"""What's up, ___?"""
"""What's up,
"""What's up?"" answerer"
"""___ Horne,"" Ade book"
"""___ McStuffins"" (Disney Junior series about a girl who fixes toys)"
'Back to the Future' guy
'Cannery Row' protagonist
'ER' extra
'ER' figure
'ER' worker
"'What's up, ___?"""
"'What's up, ___?'"
"'What's up, ___?' (Bugs Bunny's question)"
*Medico's address
A Disney dwarf
A Dwarf
A Holliday
A dwarf
AMA member
"Adams played by Stone in ""Gunsmoke"""
"Ade's ""___ Horne"""
Animated character in a 1937 film
Any interlocutor with Bugs
"Anyone, to Bugs"
Associate of Wyatt and Virgil
Band leader Severinsen
Bandleader Severinsen
Bandleader Severinson
Baseball's Gooden
Bashful associate?
Bashful buddy
Bashful co-worker
Bashful co-worker?
Bashful colleague
Bashful companion
Bashful companion?
Bashful fellow?
Bashful friend
Bashful housemate
Bashful's brother.
Bashful's buddy
Bashful's coworker
Bashful's pal
Bespectacled Dwarf
Bespectacled dwarf
Bespectacled miner
Boston Celtics coach Rivers
Brother of Bashful
Brother of Bashful.
Brother of Sneezy and Sleepy.
Brother of Sneezy.
Bugs Bunny addressee
"Caretaker, casually"
Celtics coach Rivers
Celtics head coach Rivers
Certain e-mail attachment
Clippers coach Rivers
Cohort of Wyatt
Colleague of Bashful and Dopey
Companion of Happy or Sleepy
Disney cartoon character
Disney character
Disney character prone to spoonerisms
Disney dwarf
Disney dwarf with glasses
Disney dwarf.
Disney miner
Disney septet member
Dopey friend
Dopey friend?
Dopey pal?
Dopey's friend
Dwarf wearing specs
Dwarf who speaks in spoonerisms
Dwarf with glasses
Dwarf with spectacles
Dwarf's name
Dwight Gooden's moniker
Dwight Gooden's nickname
"ENT, e.g."
ER address
ER figure
ER worker
"Earl Klugh tune from ""Dream Come True"""
Earp cohort Holliday
Elmer Fudd's address
"Elmer Fudd, to Bugs Bunny"
Elmer's nickname
"Elmer, to Bugs"
Eminem's battle opponent Papa ___
"Emmett Brown, to Marty McFly"
"Emmett Lathrop Brown, colloquially"
"Emmett, to Marty, in 'Back to the Future'"
"Emmett, to Marty, in Back to the Future"
"Exam giver, maybe"
Familiar term of address.
Fastballer Gooden
Fictional dwarf
File name ending in Word
"Former ""Tonight Show"" bandleader Severinsen"
Former Haitian dictator Papa ___ Duvalier
Former Redskin Rick Walker's nickname
Friend of Bashful and Sneezy
Friend of Wyatt
"Fudd, familiarly"
"G.P., e.g."
"Galen Adams, to Marshal Dillon"
Gambler Holliday
"George Ade's ""___ Horne"""
"Gooden, familiarly"
"Gooden, to fans"
Grumpy co-worker?
Grumpy cohort
Grumpy colleague
Grumpy colleague?
Grumpy companion
Grumpy companion?
Grumpy leader?
Grumpy work mate
Grumpy's cohort
Grumpy's comrade
Guitarist Watson
Gunslinger Holliday
Gunsmoke character
H.M.O. employee
Haiti's Baby ___ Duvalier
Haiti's Papa ___
Happy associate
Happy associate?
Happy colleague?
Happy companion
He knows what's up
He may tell Bugs what's up
He's called Prof in French
Health care pro
Holliday at the O.K. Corral
Holliday at the OK Corral
Holliday of O.K. Corral fame
Holliday of the Old West
Holliday of the Wild West
Holliday of westerns
Holliday or Watson
Holliday's nickname
"Holliday, for one"
Hospital address
Informal hospital address
Informal title
"John Sr. or John Jr., for short"
"Johnny's ""Tonight Show"" bandleader"
Johnny's bandleader
Johnny's music man
Last word of Bugs Bunny catchphrase (3)
Last word of Bugs Bunny's catchphrase
Leader of a diminutive septet
Leader of a small septet
Leader of the Dwarfs
Little friend of Snow White
M*A*S*H address
"M.D., familiarly"
"M.D., for short"
"MD, familiarly"
"Marty's mentor in ""Back to the Future"""
"Marty's scientist pal in ""Back to the Future"""
McQueen in The Getaway
Med school grad
Medical nickname
"Medicine man, briefly"
"Medicine man, for short"
Member of a short septet
Milburn Stone role
NBA Coach ___ Rivers
Neil Simon's nickname
Nickname for Dwight Gooden
Nickname for a physician
Nickname for former pitcher Dwight Gooden
"OB, e.g."
OR worker
"Of Disney's Seven Dwarfs, the one that wears glasses"
One asked by Bugs Bunny about current events
One of Grumpy's cohorts
One of Popeye's many nicknames
"One of Skitch's successors as bandleader on ""The Tonight Show"""
One of Snow White's buddies
One of Snow White's chums
One of Snow White's friends
One of Snow White's friends.
One of Snow White's seven
One of The Seven Dwarfs
One of a Disney septet
One of a fairy tale septet
One of a group of Disney miners
One of a short seven
One of a small septet
One of a toon septet
One of seven
One of seven dwarfs
One of seven small things
One of the Dwarfs
One of the Seven Dwarfs
One of the Seven Dwarfs.
One of the dwarfs
One of the dwarfs.
One of the seven dwarfs
"One who's an -ologist, maybe"
Only one of the Seven Dwarfs to wear glasses
Papa ___ (former ruler of Haiti)
Papa ___ Duvalier
Papa ___ Duvalier of Haiti
Papa ___ of Haiti
People's vet?
Person with a stethoscope
Physician appellation
Physician's nickname
"Physician, familiarly"
"Physician, for short"
"Physician, informally"
Pitcher Dwight Gooden's nickname
Pitcher Gooden
Prescriber of meds
Professional nickname.
Pulp magazine hero ___ Savage
Pulp-fiction hero ___ Savage
Recipient of a Bugs Bunny question
"Relative of Mac, Bud, etc."
Relative of Mac.
Rivers or Holliday
Rivers who coached the Celts
Rx giver
Rx writer
Savage of pulp fiction
Savage or Holliday
Sawbones's moniker
Scrubs wearer
Seven Dwarfs leader
Seven Dwarfs' leader.
Severinsen or Holliday
Short for physician
Short miner
"Shortest dwarf, in a way"
Shortest-named dwarf
Shot orderer
"Shrink, say"
Sleepy associate?
Sleepy co-worker?
Sleepy cohort
Sleepy cohort?
Sleepy colleague?
Sleepy companion
Sleepy companion?
Sleepy coworker
Sleepy friend?
Sleepy mate
Sleepy pal?
Sleepy sidekick?
Sleepy's bespectacled pal
Sleepy's friend
Sleepy's pal
Sneezy colleague
Sneezy's brother.
Sneezy's colleague
Sneezy's confrere
Sneezy's friend
Sneezy's medic?
Sneezy's pal
Snow White adorer
Snow White devotee
Snow White's bespectacled consort
Snow White's bespectacled friend
Snow White's friend
Spoonerizing dwarf
Stammering Disney dwarf
Stethoscope user
Studious-looking dwarf
Term of informal address.
Test giver
The dwarf with glasses
Trumpeter Severinsen
Vet or ENT
"Vet, e.g."
"Vet, for example"
"Vet, for one"
Ward healer
Well-known dwarf
Western Holliday
Western Holliday?
What Bugs called most people
What Bugs calls Elmer
What's up ___?
White dwarf
Word hidden inside all five theme answers
"Word output, briefly"
Word processor's file extension
Worker with a stethoscope
Wyatt's ally
Wyatt's cohort
Wyatt's friend
Wyatt's partner
___ Brown ('Back to the Future' scientist)
___ Holliday
___ Holliday (old Frank Carillo band)
___ Hollywood (Michael J. Fox film)
"___ Hudson (""Cars"" car voiced by Paul Newman)"
"___ Hudson (Paul Newman's ""Cars"" role)"
___ Martens (casual shoes)
___ Martens (shoes)
Disney dwarf
Dopey comrade
Rx writer
Friend of Dopey
Grumpy pal
Med school grad
Clinic nickname
Dwarf with eyeglasses
"What's up, __?"
Clinic nickname
One of Snow White's friends
Hospital VIP, informally
Medico from Indochina
One of the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White's medical friend?
Bespectacled Disney dwarf
Semi-docile professional person
Elmer, to Bugs
Elmer, to Bugs
Bashful comrade?
Bashful comrade?
Elmer, to Bugs
Elmer, to Bugs
As a professional, in short, achieve a century
Gooden or Holliday
Bespectacled friend of Snow White
Character voiced by Roy Atwell in 1937 animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Clinic nickname
Happy colleague
Clinic nickname
Grumpy friend
Nickname for a physician
Grumpy co-worker
Word file, in brief
Trumpeter ____ Severinsen
Seven Dwarfs leader
Brother of Bashful
One of the Seven Dwarfs
Trumpeter ____ Severinsen
Gunslinger Holliday
ICU figure
Indo-Chinese medical person?
Sleepy colleague
Clinic nickname
Neurologist nickname
Bespectacled friend of Snow White
Bespectacled Disney dwarf
Pal of Sleepy
Bugs Bunny address
Clinic address
GP brought back fish
One dwarf in seven is a little professional
Nickname for a physician
Cohort of Grumpy
Microsoft Word creation, briefly
Professional fixer, for short
Bashful pal
Physician, informally
Vet for humans
Animated miner
Happy colleague
A Disney dwarf
MASH address
Trumpeter ____ Severinsen
Animated dwarf
Physician: slang
One of Sleepy's roommates
Disney dwarf
Trumpeter ____ Severinsen
Sleepy colleague
"The Tonight Show" bandleader Severinsen
Physician: slang
Nickname for Dwight Gooden
Colleague of Sleepy and Dopey
Happy co-worker
___ Martens (footwear brand, familiarly)
"What's up, ____?"
Medic: slang
Disney Dwarf
___ Holliday (Gunfight at the O.K. Corral figure)
Dwarf with specs
Only Disney dwarf with a one-syllable name
Short chap taking short cut
Grumpy and Sneezy's pal
Physician: slang
Pitcher Dwight Gooden's nickname

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