Word: DOH

The word DOH has appeared in at least 316 clues on different crosswords.

"""(annoyed grunt),"" to Dan Castellaneta"
"""Am I an idiot!"""
"""Am I an idiot!"" to Homer"
"""Boy, am I an idiot!"""
"""Boy, am I dumb!"""
"""Could I be that dumb?!"""
"""Dumb, dumb, dumb!"""
"""Dumb, dumb, dumb!"" to Homer Simpson"
"""How could I be so stupid?"""
"""How could I do that?!"""
"""How could I not see that?!"""
"""How dumb of me!"""
"""How silly of me!"""
"""How stupid of me!"""
"""I am an idiot!"""
"""I am such a dummy!"""
"""I am such a moron!"""
"""I am such an idiot!"""
"""I blew it!"""
"""I blew it,"" to Homer"
"""I can't believe I just did that!"""
"""I goofed again, Marge!"""
"""I just realized I messed up"" outburst"
"""I left the iron on!"""
"""I left the oven on!"""
"""I should have thought of that!"""
"""I'm an idiot!"""
"""I'm an idiot"""
"""I'm so stupid!"""
"""I'm such a fool!"""
"""I'm such an idiot!"""
"""My bad!"""
"""Oops!"" and then some"
"""Shoulda thought of that"""
"""Silly me!"""
"""Simpsons"" cry"
"""Simpsons"" exclamation"
"""Simpsons"" word added to the OED"
"""Stupid me!"""
"""The Simpsons"" exclamation"
"""The Simpsons"" outburst"
"""The Simpsons"" saying"
"""What a moron I am!"""
"""What an idiot I am!"""
"""What was I thinking?!"""
"""What was I thinking?"""
"""Why did I do that?"""
"""Yeah, that's what they all say. They all say ___"": Chief Wiggum"
"""___-in' in the Wind"" (""Simpsons"" episode in which Yo La Tengo performed the closing theme)"
"""___-in' in the Wind"" (episode of ""The Simpsons"")"
#6 on TV Land's 100 greatest television catchphrases
'How silly of me!'
'How stupid of me!'
'I'm an idiot!'
'I'm so stupid!'
'Stupid me!'
'The Simpsons' exclamation
(Annoyed grunt)
*Expression of frustration or anger
*The fibre of the gomuti palm
"2001 OED addition that cites ""The Simpsons"""
2001 OED addition that cites an animated series
A word from Homer
Bart Simpson hears it a lot
Blunderer's cry
"Cartoon ""How dumb can I be!"""
Cartoon cringe catchphrase
Cartoon cry
Cartoon cry from Dan Castellaneta
Cartoon exclamation
Cartoon exclamation that's been in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2001
Cartoon word said while wincing
"Castellaneta cry upon seeing ""(annoyed grunt)"" in scripts"
"Catchphrase introduced around the same time as ""don't have a cow, man"""
Classic catchphrase
Cry accompanying a head slap
Cry from Homer
Cry from Homer Simpson
Cry from the safety inspector of Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
"Cry heard after a doughnut is dropped, perhaps"
Cry heard after hitting a Homer
Cry heard at Moe's bar
Cry made with a head slap
Cry made with a head-slap
"Cry on ""The Simpsons"""
Cry on 'The Simpsons'
Dumbbell's cry
"Dunderhead's ""oops"""
Exclamation added to the O.E.D. in 2001
Exclamation also said by Bart a few times
Exclamation by a famous citizen of Springfield
Exclamation from Homer Simpson
Exclamation from a blockhead
Exclamation heard in the Simpson household
Exclamation often prompted by Bart Simpson
Exclamation on 'The Simpsons'
Exclamation popularized by 'The Simpsons'
Exclamation with an apostrophe
"Exclamation written in scripts as ""(annoyed grunt)"""
Expression from Homer Simpson
Fiber of Javan gumuti-palm.
First note (var.)
First note: Var.
Fox cry?
Frequent shout from 742 Evergreen Terrace
Head-slapper's cry
Head-slapping exclamation
Head-slapping expression
Hint at this puzzle's theme
Holler from Homer
Homer Simpson cry
Homer Simpson epithet
Homer Simpson exclamation
Homer Simpson expletive
Homer Simpson grunt
Homer Simpson outburst
Homer Simpson says it
Homer Simpson shout
Homer Simpson utterance
Homer Simpson word
"Homer Simpson's ""contribution"" to the ""OED"""
Homer Simpson's catchword
Homer Simpson's contribution to the O.E.D.
Homer Simpson's contribution to the OED
Homer Simpson's cry
Homer Simpson's exclamation
Homer Simpson's outburst
Homer Simpson's shout
Homer Simpson's utterance
Homer call?
Homer exclamation
Homer holler
Homer output
Homer quote
Homer says it a lot
Homer says it alot
"Homer's ""Heck!"""
"Homer's ""How stupid of me!"""
"Homer's ""Phooey!"""
"Homer's ""Rats!"""
Homer's catchphrase
Homer's cry
Homer's exclamation
Homer's expletive
Homer's grunt
Homer's holler
Homer's hoot
Homer's lament
Homer's outburst
Homer's outcry
Homer's remark
Homer's shout
Homer's word
Homerian outburst
Homeric cry
Homeric cry?
Homeric epithet?
Homeric exclamation
Homeric exclamation?
Homeric expression
Homeric expression?
Homeric interjection?
Homeric lament
Homeric lament?
Homeric outburst?
"If Homer stubs his toe, he goes ""___!"""
Interjection added to the O.E.D. in 2001
Interjection coined on 'The Simpsons'
"It's listed as ""(annoyed grunt)"" in ""The Simpsons"" scripts"
Klutz's cry
Line from Homer
Marge hears this a lot
Matt Groening-coined outburst
Musical note (Var.)
Note of scale: Var.
Noted cartoon catchphrase
OED entry that cites 'The Simpsons'
Oaf's cry
Oaf's utterance
Outburst accompanying a facepalm
Outburst from Bart's dad
Outburst from Homer
Outburst from Homer Simpson
Outburst popularized in the 1990s
Play clay
Play conclusion
Play conclusion?
Play end?
Play follower
Play- -- (clay brand)
Play- -- (kids' clay)
Play- ___
Play- ___: modeling compound
Play-___ (1956 invention)
Play-___ (fun clay)
Play-___ (kid's clay)
Play-___ (kid's stuff)
Play-___ (kiddie clay)
Play-___ (kids' art medium)
Play-___ (kids' clay)
Play-___ (kids' sculpting stuff)
Play-___ (modeling clay)
Play-___ (modeling compound)
Play-___ (modeling toy)
Play-___: kids' clay
Quote from Homer
"Reaction to a Duff beer spill, maybe"
Response to dropping donuts and so forth
Scale note: Var.
Schnook's cry
Shout from Simpson
Shout on 'The Simpsons'
Simpson exclamation
Simpson outburst
Simpson trial outburst?
"Simpson's ""Rats!"""
Simpsonian institution?
Simpsonian utterance
Slap-on-the-forehead cry
Slap-on-the-head cry
Sound trademark of 20th Century Fox
Spoken word that's a sound trademark of 20th Century Fox
The fibre of the gomuti palm.
Utterance after spilling a Duff beer
"Word Homer utters in the lyrics to ""Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?"""
Word from Homer
Word from Homer Simpson
Word indicating Homer's blown it again
Word spoken with a head slap
Homer Simpson outburst
"Stupid me!"
"Stupid me!"
Comment from Homer Simpson
'Why did I do that?!'
Homer Simpson shout
Word accompanying a head-slap
Homer's "Stupid me!"
First note in tonic sol-fa
Cry of dismay
Homeric exclamation?
Homeric exclamation?
"How stupid am I!"
Homer Simpson's utterance
Homer Simpson's utterance
Homer exclamation
Homer Simpson expletive
Homer's cry
Homer's cry
Exclamation from Homer
Homer's cry
Homer Simpson outburst
Homeric outburst
Sound made by Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson outburst
Homer outcry
Word with a Homer head-slap
"How dumb of me!"
Cry from Homer
"Oh no, stupid me!"
"That was stupid of me!"
Homer Simpson's vexed cry
'Silly me!'
Homer's cry
Homer Simpson shout
Head-slapper's cry
Homer Simpson's vexed cry
"I'm such a moron!"
Homer Simpson's syllable
"How stupid am I?!"
Homer's shout
Cry from Homer
[Head slap]
Homer's cry
Homer's lament
Something said with a facepalm
Cry from Homer Simpson
Latter-day ''Drat!''
Play-__ (kid stuff)
Homer's cry
Springfield grunt
Springfield grunt
'What was I thinking?!'
Homer's cry
Cry from Homer
"I am so stupid!"
Head-slapper's shout
Cry from Homer
Play-___ Fun Tub (Hasbro toy)
What Homer Simpson says when he's upset
Play-___ (modeling compound in yellow cans)
"Silly me!"
Homer holler
Homer Simpson's cry
Homer Simpson's exclamation
Cry often heard by Lisa Simpson
"Shoulda thought of that!"
Utterance accompanying a head slap
Homer Simpson's cry
Homer exclamation
Outburst from Homerend
'How stupid of me!'
'Stupid me!'
"I'm so stupid!"
Homer Simpson's cry
Play-___ (modeling clay brand)
Exclamation on 'The Simpsons'
Play-___ (Fun Factory clay)