The word DONNA has appeared in at least 140 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bella ___"" Stevie Nicks"
"""Beverly Hills 90210"" female"
"""Hair"" song"
"""La ___
"""La ___
"""Mamma Mia!"" mamma"
"""Parks and Recreation"" woman"
"""That 70's Show"" girl"
"""The Secret History"" novelist Tartt"
"""The ___ Reed Show"""
'Hair' song
1958 Ritchie Valens hit
1958 hit for Ritchie Valens
"1958 hit whose B-side was ""La Bamba"""
"1959 #2 hit whose flip side was ""La Bamba"""
1959 Ritchie Valens hit
1959 hit by Ritchie Valens
1960 storm.
1969 & 1970 US Women's Open winner Caponi
Actress Reed
Andrews of the L.P.G.A.
Andrews of the LPGA
"Avett Bros. ""Bella ___"""
CNN commentator Brazile
Clinton Cabinet member Shalala
Clinton aide Shalala
Clinton cabinet member Shalala
County singer Fargo
Couturiere Karan
Designer Karan
Disco diva Summer
Disco era star Summer
Disco legend Summer
Disco queen Summer
Fashion designer Karan
Fashion's Karan
Feminine title.
"Flip side of ""La Bamba"" in '58"
Former H.H.S. Secretary Shalala
Girl's name.
Golfer Caponi
HHS's Shalala
Italian lady
Italian lady.
Italian title.
Italian woman
Karan of DKNY
Karan of fashion
Lady from Florence.
Lady of Italy
"Mills of ""Knot's Landing"""
Misfits' Ritchie Valens cover
Miss Reed
Mobile one of song
Ms Shalala
Ms. Reed
Ms. Shalala
"Name sung after ""Oh"" in a 1959 hit"
"Of whom Ritchie Valens sang, ""since she left me, I've never been the same"""
Olympic swimmer de Varona
Part of DKNY
Prima --
Prima ___
Prima ___ (opera star)
Prima ___: opera star
Queen of Disco Summer
"Reed of ""From Here to Eternity"""
"Reed of ""It's a Wonderful Life"""
Reed or Fargo
Reed or Karan
Reed or Mills
Reed or Summer
Reed with a '50s-'60s sitcom
Ritchie Valens ballad
Ritchie Valens classic
Ritchie Valens hit
"Ritchie Valens hit on the flip side of ""La Bamba"""
Ritchie Valens or Bob Marley tune
Ritchie Valens' high school sweetheart
Ritchie Valens's biggest hit
Ritchie Valens's first hit
Rudy's ex
Secretary Shalala
Shalala or Reed
"Shalala, who will become president of the University of Miami"
"She played Elly May on ""The Beverly Hillbillies"""
"She played James's wife in ""It's a Wonderful Life"""
She played James's wife in It's a Wonderful Life
Singer Summer
"Staffer on TV's ""The West Wing"""
Summer of disco
Summer of music
Summer of song
Summer of songs
Summer or Mills
Summer or Reed
Summer or Shalala
"Summer who sang ""Love to Love You Baby"""
Summer's first
"The ""D"" of DKNY"
Title girl in a Ritchie Valens hit
Titolo italiano
"Tori Spelling role on ""90210"""
Uomo's counterpart
Valens hit
Valens song: 1958
"With 65A, one of two 23A admitted to a 54A in 1976"
"Woman, in Italy."
"Woman, in Milan"
___ Reed
___ Summer
"The ___ Reed Show"
Disco queen Summer
Summer of disco
Summer of music
Prima ___
Diva, prima ...
Singer Summer
Disco's Summer
Designer Karan
Karan the designer
Summer of music
Diva, prima ...
Reed or Mills
Singer Summer
Prima __ (opera star)
Karan of fashion
Diva, prima ...
Summer of songs
Secretary Shalala
Disco's Summer
European noblewoman picked up an acknowledgment
Diva, prima ...
Italian lady
Summer of music
Prima __ (diva)
Summer who sang "On the Radio"
Karan of fashion