Word: DUH

The word DUH has appeared in at least 185 clues on different crosswords.

"""Any fool knows that!"""
"""Any idiot knows that!"""
"""Boy, am I a dope!"""
"""Boy, am I dumb!"""
"""Boy, am I stupid!"""
"""C'mon, that's too easy!"""
"""C'mon, too easy!"""
"""Even *I* knew that!"""
"""Everybody knows that!"""
"""Gee, ya think?!"""
"""How could I be so dumb?"""
"""How could I be so stupid?"""
"""How could I have been so stupid?"""
"""How could I miss that?!"""
"""How dumb can I be!"""
"""How dumb of me!"""
"""How obvious!"""
"""How silly of me!"""
"""How stupid of me!"""
"""How'd I miss that?"""
"""I *finally* got it!"""
"""I am so stupid!"""
"""I am such a dope!"""
"""I can't believe I blew that!"""
"""I coulda thought of that!"""
"""I knew that!"""
"""I should have known that!"""
"""I should've seen that!"""
"""I should've thought of that!"""
"""I shoulda known that!"""
"""I shoulda known that"""
"""I thought that was obvious!"""
"""I would have thought it was obvious"""
"""I'm a moron!"""
"""I'm an idiot!"""
"""I'm not stupid, y'know"""
"""I'm so dumb!"""
"""I'm so stupid!"""
"""Isn't that obvious?!"""
"""Isn't that obvious?"""
"""It couldn't be more obvious!"""
"""It's obvious"""
"""It's so obvious!"""
"""Like I didn't know that !"""
"""Like I didn't know that!"""
"""Like, I get it"""
"""Like, I knew that!"""
"""Like, could it be more obvious?"""
"""Like, dumb!"""
"""Like, how did I make THAT mistake?"""
"""Like, no kidding!"""
"""Like, no-brainer!"""
"""Like, obviously!"""
"""Like, stupid!"""
"""No ___!"""
"""No kidding!"""
"""No kidding, stupid!"""
"""No shit, Sherlock"""
"""Now THAT'S a stupid question!"""
"""OK, I'm a dummy"""
"""Of course I knew that!"""
"""Of course!"""
"""Of course!"" in teenspeak"
"""Of course, blockhead!"""
"""Of course, you dope!"""
"""Of course, you idiot!"""
"""Oh, I get it"""
"""Okay, I get it already"""
"""Silly me!"""
"""Tell me something I don't know!"""
"""Thank you, Captain Obvious!"""
"""Thanks, Captain Obvious!"""
"""That much was obvious"""
"""That's not much of a revelation!"""
"""That's obvious!"""
"""That's obvious!"" in teen talk"
"""That's obvious, stupid!"""
"""Too easy!"""
"""Well, ___!"""
"""Well, obviously!"""
"""Well, of course!"""
"""Well, that was a no-brainer!"""
"""Well, that's completely obvious!"""
"""Well, that's obvious!"""
"""Well, that's obvious"""
"""Well, yeah!"""
"""What a dope I am!"""
"""What a dope!"""
"""What a no-brainer!"""
"""What am I, stupid?"""
"""What an idiot I am!"""
"""What do you think I am, stupid?"""
"""Who doesn't know that?!"""
"""Who doesn't know that?"""
"""Why did I think too hard about that?"""
"""Ya think?!"""
"""Ya think?"""
"""You didn't know that?"""
"""You don't say!"""
'But of course!'
"'C'mon, too easy!'"
'Everyone knows that!'
'How obvious!'
'How silly of me!'
'I already know that!'
'I'm such a dope!'
'Isn't that obvious?!'
'Silly me'
'That was stupid of me!'
"'Well, how obvious!'"
"'Well, obviously!'"
"'Well, that's obvious!'"
Answer to a stupid question
Blank reply
Bonehead's response
Brain fart response
Brow-slapper's syllable
Comment made while slapping the forehead
Cry with a head slap
Dolt's remark
Dolt's response
Doltish interjection
Dopey comment
Dumb reply
Forehead slapper's cry
Forehead slapper's exclamation
Forehead-slapper's cry
Forehead-slapper's syllable
Forehead-slapping interjection
Head slapper's cry
Head-slapping utterance
Head-slapping word
I'm so dense!
Like stupid!
Moron's comment
Response to an obvious statement
Response to the obvious
Retort to a no-brainer
Sarcastic response
Sarcastic retort
Self-deprecating utterance
Simpleton's utterance
Snerd word
Sound of one hand slapping?
Sound of stupidity
Sound often heard after a slap
Stupid response
Word accompanying a head slap
Word from Snerd
Word with a head slap
You might say it when you get this answer
[Forehead slap]
"Well, obviously!"
"Yeah, no kidding!"
'Well, obviously!'
"I can't believe I missed that!"
''I shoulda known that''
"What else could it be?!"
"Gee, ya think?"
"How stupid of me!"
'Well, yeah!'
"How stupid of me!"
"How stupid of me!"
"Everybody knows that!"
Word accompanying a head slap
"Well, that's obvious"
"Gee, ya think?"
Word accompanying a head slap
"Gee, ya think?"
"Gee, ya think?"
"Well, that's obvious!"
"Gee, ya think?"
"It's so clearly obvious!"
Head slapper's remark
"I should know that!"
"That's obvious!"
"I can't believe I missed that!"
"How stupid of me!"
"What an idiot I am!"
''Well, obviously!''
"How stupid of me!"