Word: DUO

The word DUO has appeared in at least 313 clues on different crosswords.

"Abbott and Costello, e.g."
Act with two mikes
"Amos 'n' Andy, e.g."
Ark unit
"Ashford & Simpson, e.g."
"Ashford & Simpson, for one"
Astaire and Rogers e.g.
Band of two
Barely a team
"Baseball battery, e.g."
Batman and Robin
"Batman and Robin are a ""dynamic"" one"
Batman and Robin are a dynamic one
Batman and Robin e.g.
Batman and Robin were a dynamic one
"Batman and Robin, dynamically"
"Batman and Robin, e.g."
"Batman and Robin, for one"
"Batman and Robin, say"
"Beach volleyball team, e.g."
"Ben and Jerry, e.g."
"Bill and Hillary Clinton, e.g."
"Bonnie & Clyde, for one"
"Bonnie and Clyde, e.g."
"Brandy and Monica, once"
"Bret and Jemaine of ""Flight of the Conchords,"" e.g."
"Burns and Allen, e.g."
"Burns and Allen, for one"
"Captain & Tennille, e.g."
"Cheech and Chong, e.g."
Close pair
"Comedy team, usually"
"Comic skaters Frick and Frack, e.g."
Compact combo
Composition for two.
"Country music's Florida Georgia Line, e.g."
"Country music's Florida Georgia Line, for example"
"Daft Punk, e.g."
"Daft Punk, for example"
"Daft Punk, for one"
"Dance team, usually"
Decimal starter
Donny and Marie
Double header?
Double: Comb. form.
Dynamic --
Dynamic ___
Dynamic ___ (Batman and Robin)
Dynamic pair
Dynamic team?
"Electronic act Justice, e.g."
"Electronic music's Daft Punk, e.g."
Entertaining couple
Ferrante and Teicher
"Fred and Ginger, e.g."
"Frick and Frack, e.g."
"Frick and Frack, for example"
"Ginger and Fred, once"
Grammy category
"Grammy-winning Gnarls Barkley, e.g."
Group of two performers
Half a quartet
Half of a half of an octet
"Hall & Oates, e.g."
"Hall and Oates, e.g."
Halved quartet
"Hip-hop's Rae Sremmurd, e.g."
"Husband and wife, e.g."
"Husband and wife, for example"
"Husband-and-wife team, e.g."
"Indigo Girls, e.g."
Inseparable twosome
It takes two
"Item, perhaps"
Its name may be written with an ampersand
"Jack and Jill, e.g."
Jan and Dean e.g.
"Jordan and Pippen, e.g."
"Key and Peele, e.g."
Laurel and Hardy
"Laurel and Hardy, e.g."
"Lewis and Clark, for one"
"Lone Ranger and Tonto, e.g."
"Lovebirds, e.g."
Luge team
Many a '50s-'60s pop act
Many a comedy team
Matched set
"McCain and Palin or Obama and Biden, e.g."
"Milli Vanilli, e.g."
"Mom and pop, e.g."
"Morning show team, often"
Music combo
Music group
Music makers.
"Music's Eurythmics, e.g."
"Music's Tears for Fears, e.g."
Musical pair
Musical term.
"Mutt and Jeff, e.g."
Numerical prefix.
One and one
One is dynamic
One may be an item
"OutKast, e.g."
Pair of performers
Pair of performers.
Pair with an air
"Partnership, often"
"Pat and Mike, e.g."
"Peaches & Herb, e.g."
"Penn & Teller, e.g."
Performing pair
Perot/Stockdale or Bush/Quayle
"Pet Shop Boys, e.g."
"Peter and Gordon, e.g."
Piece for two
"Pop's Disclosure, e.g."
Prefix with tone
Quartet minus two
"Rap's OutKast, e.g."
"Ren and Stimpy, e.g."
"Ren and Stimpy, for example"
"Righteous Brothers, e.g."
"Rock's Broken Bells, e.g."
"Rock's No Age, e.g."
"Rock's Royal Blood, e.g."
"Rock's Sparks, e.g."
"Rock's They Might Be Giants, e.g."
"Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, e.g."
"Sam & Dave, e.g."
"Schubert's ""Grand ___"""
"Simon and Garfunkel, e.g."
"Simon and Garfunkel, for one"
"Simon and Garfunkel, once"
Singing pair
Singing twosome
Small band
Small combo
Small group
Small musical group
Small pop group
Small team
Smallest possible band
Smallest possible team
Smallest team
Sonny & Cher were one
"Sonny & Cher, e.g."
"Sonny & Cher, say"
"Sonny and Cher, e.g."
"Sonny and Cher, for example"
"Sonny and Cher, once"
Stage twosome
"Sugarland, e.g."
Surf and turf e.g.
Tabloid item
"Tag team, e.g."
Tango complement
Tango team
Team minimum
Team of two
Tears for Fears or Savage Garden
"Tears for Fears, e.g."
"The Black Keys of rock, e.g."
"The Black Keys, e.g."
"The Blues Brothers, e.g."
The Captain and Tennille
"The Captain and Tennille, e.g."
"The Captain and Tennille, for one"
"The Carpenters, e.g."
The Dynamic ___
"The Eurythmics, e.g."
"The Everly Brothers, e.g."
"The Everlys, e.g."
"The Indigo Girls, e.g."
The Judds were one
"The Judds, e.g."
"The Judds, for example"
"The Rembrandts, e.g."
"The Righteous Brothers, e.g."
"The Smothers Brothers, e.g."
"The Swell Season, e.g."
The White Stripes or OutKast
"The White Stripes or The Black Keys, e.g."
The White Stripes or the Black Keys
"The White Stripes, e.g."
"Thelma and Louise, e.g."
"They Might Be Giants, e.g."
They can be dynamic
"Tim and Eric of ""Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!"" e.g."
Tonto and the Lone Ranger
Trilling twosome
Trio less one
Trio minus one
Turtledoves of song
Two musicians.
Two of a kind
Two of the same kind
Two performers
Two voices.
"Two, to Cicero"
Two-musician ensemble
Two-piano piece
"Wayne and Shuster, e.g."
"What you, me and a mike create"
"White Stripes, for one"
"You and me, e.g."
"You and me, say"
"You, me and a mike"
Jan and Dean e.g
Small ensemble
Double header?
Sonny and Cher were one
Small group
Indigo Girls say
The Everly Brothers, e.g
Pair has party around university
Simon and Garfunkel, e.g.
Small singing group
Key & Peele, e.g.
Batman and Robin, dynamically
Musical pair
Party includes acceptable couple
The Judds, e.g.
Sonny & Cher were one
Penn & Teller e.g.
Performing couple
"Dynamic" group
Quartet / 2
The White Stripes, e.g.
A pair of people
A pair of people
Performing couple
Performing couple
Musical twosome
Pair of performers
Pair of performers
Music's Daft Punk, e.g.
Musical pair
Musical twosome
Musical twosome
The Chainsmokers, e.g.
Florida Georgia Line, e.g.
Hall & Oates, for example
Pair with an air
Openers of Durham unfortunately out for a pair
Pair on stage
Hip-hop's Kris Kross or OutKast
Simon & Garfunkel, e.g.
Electronic music's Daft Punk, e.g.
See 43-Across
Florida Georgia Line, for one
Pair of harmonizers
Musical twosome
Musical twosome
The Eurythmics were one
Pair with an air
Pair with an air
A pair of people
Pair of performers
The Righteous Brothers, e.g.
Musical pair
Indigo Girls, e.g.
Hall & Oates, for example
Small folk singing group
Key & Peele, e.g.
Entertaining couple?
Party includes acceptable couple
Soloist X 2
Cook keeps close to au pair