The word EAGLE has appeared in at least 586 clues on different crosswords.

"""Bald"" bird"
"""Bald"" flier"
"""Bald"" flier in Alaska"
"""Desperado"" singer, e.g."
"""Doth the ___ mount up at thy command"" (Job 39:27)"
"""Hotel California"" group member"
"""Iron ___"" (1986)"
"""The ___ Has Landed"""
"""The ___ Has Landed"" (1976)"
"""The ___ has landed!"""
"""The ___ has landed"""
$10 gold piece
$10 gold piece first struck in 1795
'88-'98 Chrysler Corporation brand
*Golfer's coup
2 on a par 4
25 cent picture
25-cent bird
3 on a par 5
"3 on a par 5, e.g."
"3 on a par-5 hole, e.g."
"3 on a par-5, e.g."
"A 3 on a par 5, say"
A three on a par-five hole
Ace on a par three
"Ace on the course, say"
"Ace, almost always"
"Ace, on a par three hole"
"Ace, usually"
Aerie builder
Aerie critter
Aerie denizen
Aerie dweller
Aerie inhabitant
Aerie occupant
Aerie resident
Aerie tenant
Aldrin's craft
America's bird
America's symbol
"America, symbolically"
American ___ Outfitters
American ___.
American bird
American icon
American symbol
Anheuser-Busch logo feature
"Any singer of ""Hotel California"""
Apollo 11 lander
Apollo 11 lunar module
Apollo 11 module
Apollo 11 moon lander
Apollo 11 vehicle
Apollo 11's LEM
Apollo 11's lunar module
Apollo II landing craft
Armstrong's craft
Armstrong's lander
Avian symbol of America
Bald ___
Bald ___ (symbol of America)
Bald bird
Bald bird & defunct Chrysler car line
Bald flier
Bald flyer
Bald hunter
Bald one on a coin
Bald or golden
Bald raptor
Bald thing in Alaska
"Bald, all-American sort"
"Baldwin the ___, mascot of Boston College"
Beat a birdie
"Below-par score, in golf."
Better than a birdie.
Big bird
Bird dog loses lead (5)
Bird in a Steve Miller Band title
Bird in a Steve Miller title
Bird in the Postal Service logo
Bird in the constellation Aquila
"Bird in the opening of ""The Colbert Report"""
Bird of prey
Bird on Germany's coat of arms
Bird on Michigan's state seal
Bird on U.S. money
Bird on a U.S. coin
Bird on a U.S. quarter
Bird on a bill
Bird on a buck
Bird on a coin
Bird on a dollar
Bird on a quarter
Bird on old quarters
Bird on the Great Seal
Bird on the Great Seal of the United States
Bird on the Mexican flag
Bird on the U.S. Great Seal
Bird on the back of a buck
Bird on the back of a quarter
Bird that soars
Bird that's a symbol of the U.S.
Bird that's also a golf achievement
Bird with a hooked beak
Bird with exceptional sight
Bird with keen vision
Birdie beater
Birdie beater?
Birdie betterer
Birdie topper
Birdie under birdie?
Birdie's better
Birdie's cousin.
Boston College athlete
Boy Scout level
Boy Scout rank
Brand name on '98 Talon model
Captain's insignia
Certain NFL player
Coin equivalent of a sawbuck
Colonel insignia
Colonel symbol
Colonel's bird
Colonel's insigne
Colonel's insignia
Colonel's silver emblem
Colonel's silver emblem.
Colonel's wear
Common flagpole finial
Country bird
Coup by Couples
Couples coup
Course coup
Creature known for its keen vision
Creature on the New York coat of arms
Diurnal bird
Dollar bird
"Don Henley, once"
"Donovan McNabb, for one"
"Donovan McNabb, notably"
Double ___
Double bogey's opposite
Duffer s dream
Duffer's delight
Duffer's dream
Duffer's miracle
Duffer's phantasy
Duffer's rarity
Duffer's thrill
Early U.S. coin
Emblem on a quarter
Emblematic bird
Erne or Bateleur
Erstwhile $10 coin
Feature of old quarters
Feature of some quarters
Figure on Mexico's flag
Figure on a quarter
First manned mooncraft
First manned ship on the moon
First manned spacecraft on the moon
First ship on the moon
"Flagpole finial, frequently"
Former $10 gold coin
Former Chrysler divsion
Former gold coin
Frey or Walsh
Giant rival
Glenn Frey at times
Gold piece
Golden bird
Golden or bald bird
"Golf ace, almost always"
Golf coup
Golf coup.
Golf feat
Golf rarity
Golf score
Golf score of two under par
"Golf score, relative of a birdie"
Golf score.
Golf term.
Golf thrill
Golfer's bird?
Golfer's coup
Golfer's delight
Golfer's dream
Golfer's feat
Golfer's joy
Golfer's thrill
Golfing bird
Golfing feat
Golfing feat.
Good golf score
Good hole for Els
Goodyear blimp
Goodyear tire
Great Seal bird
Great Seal feature
Great Seal figure
Great Seal symbol
Great golf score
Green feat
Griffin part
"Griffin, in part"
"Harpy, e.g."
Hawk cousin
Hawk relative
Henley or Frey
"Henley or Frey, once"
"Henley or Walsh, once"
Heraldic emblem.
High Scout rating.
High flier
High flyer
High scout
High-ranking Boy Scout
High-ranking scout
Highest Scout rank
Highest rank in Boy Scouting
Highest-ranking Boy Scout
Holder of 13 arrows on a buck
Hole in one on a par three
"Hole in one, almost always"
"Hole in one, e.g."
"Hole in one, sometimes."
"Hole in one, usually"
Hole score
Image on gold coins
Image on pre-1999 quarters
Image on the back of the last American silver dollar
It atones for two bogeys
It balances out a double bogey
It beats a birdie
It could be bald
It holds 13 arrows on a $1 bill
It holds 13 arrows on a bill
It landed in 1969
"It landed in July, 1969"
It may be bald or spread
It tops a birdie
It'll move you up a couple of strokes
It's always below par
It's found in certain quarters
It's on a quarter's back
It's seen on the back of a U.S. quarter
It's well below par
"Jack Higgins book ""The ___ Has Landed"""
"Joe Walsh, for one"
Keen-eyed flier
Kind of Boy Scout
Kind of eye
Kind of eye.
Kind of scout
Lander on the moon
Large raptor
Legal ___ (good lawyer)
Lindbergh metaphorically
Links coup
Links feat
Links gem
Links rarity
Links' rara avis
Lodge member
Lunar lander
"Lunar lander, 1969"
Lunar landing module
Majestic bird
Majestic soarer
Maker of a famous 1969 landing
Maker of a historic touchdown
Many a quarter back?
Marine emblem.
Masters accomplishment
"McNabb, for one"
"Michael Vick, for one"
Miracle for a duffer
Moon lander
"Muppet Sam, for one"
N.R.A. symbol
NFC East player
"NRA Blue ___ (symbol that first appeared on August 1, 1933)"
NRA symbol
Name of the Apollo 11 lunar module
National bird
National emblem
National emblem.
National symbol.
Navy captain's insignia
Nester on crags.
Nickname for a good looker?
Nickname for the Apollo 11 Lunar Module
Old $10 coin
Old U.S. coin
Old coin
One below birdie
One better than birdie
Outstanding golf feat
Par five possibility
Par minus two
Part of the Anheuser-Busch logo
Patriotic symbol
Phila. bird
Phila. player
Philadelphia athlete
Philadelphia football player
Philadelphia footballer
Philadelphia gridder
Philadelphia player
Philly footballer
Philly footballer & '88-'98 Chrysler car line
Philly footballer & defunct Chrysler brand
Philly gridder
Philly player
Philly pro
Post Office icon
Post Office symbol
Postal Service symbol
Postal service symbol
Presidential Seal symbol
Presidential seal symbol
Quarter animal
Quarter back
Quarter back image
Quarter back?
Quarter bird
Quarter bird?
Quarter feature
Raptorial bird
Raptorial flier
Reason to celebrate on the green
Relative of a birdie.
Remarkable golf score
Remarkable hole
Sam the Muppet is one
"Sam the Muppet, to a bird watcher"
Score for Nicklaus
Score in this puzzle's theme
Scout grade.
Scout level
Scout of many badges
Scout rank
Scouting rank
Sharp-eyed bird
Sharp-eyed bird of prey
Sharp-eyed flier
Sharp-eyed hunter
Sharp-eyed raptor
Shoot two under
"Short par 5 goal, perhaps"
Silver dollar feature
Soaring bird
Soaring hunter
Soaring symbol
Something blue in '32.
Spread ___
"Steve Miller ""Fly Like an ___"""
Steve Miller wants to fly like one
"Steve Miller's ""Fly Like An ___"""
"Steve Miller's ""Fly Like an ___"""
Subject of a famous landing
Super shot for Snead
Symbol of America
Symbol of the U.S. Postal Service
Symbol on U.S. coins
Symbol on a quarter.
Symbolic bird
Symbolic bird.
Symbolic flyer
Ten-dollar coin
Ten-dollar gold piece
Ten-dollar piece
"Terrell Owens, e.g."
"The Muppet Sam, e.g."
Third Reich symbol
Three on a par five
"Three on a par five, say"
Thrill for John Daly
Tiger's goal on a par five
Top Boy Scout
Top Scout
Top scout
Top scout rating
Two below par
"Two below par, in golf."
"Two below par, to Nicklaus"
Two better than par
Two less than par
"Two on a par four, e.g."
Two strokes under par.
Two under or one over?
Two under par
Two under par hole
Two under par score on a golf hole
"Two under par, in golf"
"Two under par, on a golf hole"
"Two under par, on a hole"
"Two under, on the greens"
"Two under, on the links"
"Two, on a par four"
Two-below-par score
Two-under result
Two-under-par feat
Two-under-par hole in golf
Two-under-par score
Type of scout
U. S. emblem.
U. S. gold coin.
"U.S. $10 coin, until 1933"
U.S. emblem
U.S. flagpole sitter
U.S. gold coin
U.S. symbol
USA's bird
USPS symbol
Uncle Sam's bird
United States Postal Service symbol
United States emblem
Veterans Stadium player
Walsh was one
White-headed bird.
Winged predator
Word after bald or spread
Word with bald or eye
Word with bald or sea
Word with golden or bald
[See grid]
___ Nebula
___ putt
___-eyed (having keen vision)
”Bald” bird
Quarter back?
”Bald” bird
Top Boy Scout
National bird
Ace on a par three say
Animal on the Great Seal
National bird
Great Seal bird
Bird of prey
Two, on a par-4 hole
Sea ___ (12-Down)
Boy Scout rank
U.S. symbol
Hole-in-one, usually
Bird of prey
National bird
Sam the Muppet is one
Bird of prey
Unbridled glee about a bird
Birdie beater
Bird on the back of a buck
Highest-ranking Boy Scout
National bird
Bird of prey
Good score for a bird
Bird of prey
Philadelphia pro
Highest level for a Boy Scout
"Desperado" band member
Golf term
U.S. symbol
Blast out Bagatelle's score, of course?
US bird, bald ...
Bird of prey
National bird
National bird
Former US gold coin worth ten dollars
Former US gold coin worth ten dollars
U.S. Postal Service symbol
U.S. Postal Service symbol
Keen-sighted bird
Darwin's ship loses prow, the result of almost hitting an albatross?
US bird, bald ...
Large bird of prey
National bird
U.S. symbol
U.S. symbol
U.S. symbol
U.S. symbol
Bird of prey
Bird confined to earth by a wild gale?
Bird confined to earth by a wild gale?
Bird of prey
Great Seal creature
Golf feat
Aerie builder
Highest Boy Scout rank
Two under par
Aerie builder
Colonel's insignia
Bird of prey
Unbridled glee about a bird
Sharp-eyed bird
Postal Service symbol
Top dog to get a good score, of course
National bird
National bird
Bird, black - escaping from hound
U.S. symbol
National bird
Bird on a quarter
Bird of prey
Good score for a bird
Bird on Mexico's flag
Two under par
Keen-sighted bird
Bird of prey
Colonel's bird
Bird on bills
National bird
Golf coup
National bird
$10 gold piece
Large bird of prey
Eyrie bird
''Bald'' bird
Dog, not black, for harpy?
U.S. symbol
Bird on bills
Bird of prey
National bird
Blast out Bagatelle's score, of course?
Former US gold coin worth 10 dollars
Older quarter-back depiction
High-flier - probably not putting much in - getting this result
America's bird
Muppet Sam, for one
National bird
Highest Boy Scouts rank
American symbol
National bird
Bird of prey
Apollo 11 lander
America's official bird
US bird, bald ...
Soaring baldy
U.S. symbol
National bird
Bird on some quarters
Bird of prey
National symbol
Bird of prey
U.S. symbol
America's bird
Hole in one on a par three
Bird of prey
Impressive hole
Two on a par four
Bird of prey
US bird, bald ...
Bird on Mexico's flag
Keen-sighted figure keen to embrace Left, not Right
Bald avian
Bird of prey
Two under par
Bird that has a "bald" variety
National symbol
In golf, a score of two strokes under par for a hole
Predatory bird
Broad-winged bird
National bird
Golf score of two under par
Lincoln Financial Field gridder
U.S. symbol
A bird of prey
Bird of prey skinned dogs
Hole-in-one, virtually always
Highest rank in the Boy Scouts
Bald ____
National bird
Eyrie bird
Golf score
Rolls' first aero engine
Keen-eyed bird
Soaring U.S. symbol
Bird of prey
America's bird