Word: ECO

The word ECO has appeared in at least 520 clues on different crosswords.

"""A Theory of Semiotics"" author"
"""Apocalypse Postponed"" essayist"
"""Baudolino"" author"
"""Baudolino"" author Umberto"
"""Baudolino"" novelist"
"""Baudolino"" novelist, 2002"
"""Baudolino"" writer"
"""Foucault's Pendulum"" author"
"""Foucault's Pendulum"" author Umberto"
"""Foucault's Pendulum"" novelist"
"""Foucault's Pendulum"" penman"
"""Foucault's Pendulum"" writer"
"""Foucault's Pendulum"" writer Umberto"
"""Friendly"" attachment"
"""Green Police"" pref."
"""Green"" opener"
"""Green"" prefix"
"""Green"": Prefix"
"""How to Travel With a Salmon"" essayist"
"""How to Travel with a Salmon"" essayist Umberto"
"""Il Nome Della Rosa"" writer"
"""Il nome della rosa"" author"
"""Il nome della rose"" author"
"""Kant and the Platypus"" essayist"
"""Misreadings"" author"
"""Serendipities"" author"
"""System"" starter"
"""The Island of the Day Before"" author"
"""The Island of the Day Before"" author Umberto"
"""The Island of the Day Before"" novelist"
"""The Island of the Day Before"" writer"
"""The Limits of Interpretation"" author Umberto"
"""The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana"" author"
"""The Name of the Rose"" author"
"""The Name of the Rose"" author Umberto"
"""The Name of the Rose"" author Umberto ___"
"""The Name of the Rose"" novelist"
"""The Name of the Rose"" novelist Umberto"
"""The Name of the Rose"" novelist Umberto ___"
"""The Name of the Rose"" penner"
"""The Name of the Rose"" writer"
"""The Name of the Rose"" writer Umberto"
"""The Prague Cemetery"" author"
"""The Prague Cemetery"" author, 2010"
"""The Prague Cemetery"" novelist"
"""The thinking man's Dan Brown"""
"""Thinking about the planet"" prefix"
"""Travels in Hyperreality"" author"
"""Travels in Hyperreality"" author Umberto"
"""Travels in Hyperreality"" writer"
"""Turning Back the Clock"" author Umberto"
"""___-Challenge: The Expedition Race"" (former USA show)"
"""___-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable"""
'Baudolino' author
'Foucault's Pendulum' author
'Foucault's Pendulum' author Umberto
'Foucault's Pendulum' novelist
'Green' prefix
'Il nome della rosa' novelist
'Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language' writer
'Serendipities: Language and Lunacy' author
'The Island of the Day Before' author
'The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana' novelist
'The Name of the Rose' author
'The Name of the Rose' author Umberto
'The Name of the Rose' novelist Umberto
-- -conscious
-- -friendly
-- -friendly (green)
-- -warrior
--- -friendly
1989 Premio Bancarella winner
Andes echo
Antipollution prefix
Author Umberto
Author Umberto ___
Author Umberto who died in 2016
"Author of ""Foucault's Pendulum"""
"Author of ""Il nome della rosa"""
"Author of ""Misreadings"""
"Author of ""Misreadings"" and ""Serendipities"""
"Author of ""The Island of the Day Before"""
"Author of ""The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana"""
"Author of ""The Name of the Rose"""
"Author of ""The Prague Cemetery"""
Author of 'Foucault's Pendulum'
Author of 'Travels in Hyperreality'
Beginning of many green words
Best-selling author Umberto
Bio system start
Bionomics: Comb. form
Borges contemporary
"Budget, in brand names"
Car starter?
Cerebral Umberto
Citizen ___-Drive watches
Coll. course
"College course, for short."
College course: Abbr.
Conscious beginning?
Conservation prefix
Conservation-related prefix
Conservational prefix
Creator of the fictional monk William of Baskerville
EPA prefix
Earth Day prefix
Earth First prefix
Earth-friendly beginning
Earth-friendly prefix
Echo: Sp.
Environment (comb. form)
Environment: Comb. form
Environment: Prefix
Environment: Prefix.
Environmental intro
Environmental prefix
Environmental word form
Environmental-related prefix
Environmentalist's favorite author?
Environmentalist's prefix
Environmentally concerned
Environmentally friendly prefix
Environmentally minded
"Environmentally minded, for short"
Euro precursor
Famed Italian writer
Far sound: Sp.
Foucault's Pendulum author
Friendly beginner?
Friendly beginning
Friendly beginning?
Friendly intorduction?
Friendly intro?
Friendly introduction
Friendly introduction?
Friendly lead-in
Friendly leader?
Friendly opener?
Friendly opening
Friendly opening?
Friendly prefix
Friendly prefix?
Friendly start?
Good prefix for Earth Day
Green (prefix)
Green Party's prefix
Green affix
Green beginning
Green beginning?
Green kind of tourism
Green living prefix
Green opening
Green opening?
Green piece?
Green pref.
Green prefix
Green prefix?
Green product prefix
Green start
Green start?
Green's prefix
"Green, in a sense"
"Green, in a way"
"Green, in combinations"
Green-conscious prefix
Green: Prefix
Green: pref.
Greenpeace prefix
Greenpeace's favorite prefix
Habitat prefix
Habitat: Comb. form
Habitat: Prefix
Habitat: Prefix.
"He wrote ""The Name of the Rose"""
He wrote 'The Name of the Rose'
Head of tourism
House: Prefix.
Household: Comb. form
Household: Prefix
Household: Prefix.
Intro to system
Island of the Day Before author
"It can mean ""green"""
"It means ""green"""
Italian author Umberto
"Italian author of ""The Prague Cemetery"""
Italian medievalist
Italian novelist
Italian novelist Umberto
Italian philosophical novelist
Italian semiotician
Italian writer Umberto
Kind of freak or system
Kind of friendly?
Lead-in for system or species
Lead-in to friendly
Letters for green jobs
Logical beginning
Logical beginning?
Logical commencement?
Logical intro?
Logical introduction?
Logical start?
Logical starter?
Logy beginner
Marketing prefix often accompanied by a picture of a leaf or something
Misreadings author
Modern prefix with balance
Modern prefix with design
Modern prefix with friendly
Modern prefix with tourism
Modern prefix with village
Modern prefix with warrior
Most famous professor at the University of Bologna
Name of the Rose author
Natural opening?
Natural prefix
Nature lover's prefix
Nature prefix
Nature's prefix
Non-polluter's prefix
Novel-writing semiotician
Novelist Umberto
Novelist who created William of Baskerville
Off-the-wall author?
Piedmont-born author
Planet-friendly prefix
Popular 90's essayist
"Pref. preferred by the ""green police"""
Prefix associated with being green
"Prefix before ""tourism"" or ""terrorism"""
Prefix before friendly
"Prefix for ""freak"" or ""tourist"""
Prefix for Green Party members
Prefix for freak
Prefix for friendly
Prefix for green people
Prefix for green-goers
Prefix for greenies
Prefix for logical or system
Prefix for logy and nomics
Prefix for logy or nomy
Prefix for nomy or logy
Prefix for responsibly sourced products
Prefix for sphere
Prefix for system
Prefix for system or sphere
Prefix for system or type
Prefix for terrorism
Prefix for terrorism or tourism
Prefix for the EPA
Prefix for tourism
Prefix for tourism or terrorism
Prefix for tourist
Prefix in a Whole Foods Market
"Prefix meaning ""green"""
Prefix on tourism
Prefix on tourist
"Prefix seen on seemingly every product out there, nowadays"
"Prefix that can mean ""green"""
"Prefix that means ""environment"""
"Prefix with ""conscious"""
"Prefix with ""conscious"" or ""friendly"""
"Prefix with ""friendly"""
"Prefix with ""friendly"" and ""warrior"""
"Prefix with ""sphere"" or ""friendly"""
"Prefix with ""system"""
"Prefix with ""tourist"""
"Prefix with ""warrior"""
Prefix with -cide
Prefix with balance
Prefix with car
Prefix with car or chic
Prefix with car or law
Prefix with car or tour
Prefix with car or warrior
Prefix with catastrophe
Prefix with climate
Prefix with conscious
Prefix with consumer
Prefix with consumer or catastrophe
Prefix with design
Prefix with efficiency
Prefix with feminist and freak
Prefix with footprint
Prefix with freak
Prefix with freak or friendly
Prefix with friendly
Prefix with friendly or conscious
Prefix with friendly or logical
Prefix with friendly or system
Prefix with friendly or terrorist
Prefix with friendly or tourism
Prefix with friendly or warrior
Prefix with hazard
Prefix with heater or lab
Prefix with law or tourist
Prefix with logical
Prefix with logical and sphere
Prefix with management
Prefix with politics
Prefix with region
Prefix with resort
Prefix with sensitive
Prefix with species
Prefix with sphere
Prefix with sphere and politics
Prefix with sphere and tourism
Prefix with sphere or disaster
Prefix with sphere or system
Prefix with system
Prefix with system or friendly
Prefix with system or logical
Prefix with system or sphere
Prefix with system or tourism
Prefix with system or type
Prefix with terrorism
Prefix with terrorism or tourism
Prefix with terrorist
Prefix with tour
Prefix with tour or type
Prefix with tourism
Prefix with tourism and conscious
Prefix with tourism and terrorism
Prefix with tourism or terrorism
Prefix with tourist
Prefix with toxicology
Prefix with warrior
Prefix with warrior and type
Preifx with balance or system
Preservation prefix
Pro-environment prefix
Pro-wind turbine prefix
Ralph Nader's favorite prefix
Renewable-energy prefix
Rose-naming novelist
Sch. subj.
School subject: Abbr.
Semiotic novelist
Semiotician Umberto
Sierra Club's preferred prefix
Sphere opening
Sphere or system starter
Start for friendly
Start for type or tourism
Start of a Sierra Club tour?
Start to babble?
Start to bag?
Start to freak?
Start to tour?
Starter for system
Sustainability prefix
Sustainable prefix
"Sustainable, briefly"
System intro
System lead-in
System opener
System or type starter
System prefix
System start-up
System start-up?
System starter
System starter?
System startup?
Systems start
Terrorist prefix
"The Island of the Day Before"" author"
The Name of the Rose author
Tour beginning?
Tour starter
Tourism opening
Tourism prefix
Tree hugger's prefix
Tree-hugger's prefix
"Tree-hugger's prefix, and watch out for splinters"
Tree-hugging prefix
Trendy prefix
"Umberto ___, ""The Name of the Rose,"" writer"
"Umberto ___, author of ""The Name of the Rose"""
Umberto of Italy
Umberto the author
"Umberto who wrote ""The Name of the Rose"""
University of Bologna literary lion
Wharton course for short
Wilderness prefix
William Weaver translates his books into English
William of Baskerville's creator
Word form for 'environment'
Writer Umberto
Writer Umberto ___
Writer Umberto or system header
Writer Umberto___
"___ Cooler (""Ghostbusters""-themed Hi-C flavor)"
___ Mode (Prius button)
___-Challenge (Mark Burnett's annual race)
"___-Drive, popular light-powered watch"
___-conscious (green)
___-conscious (showing concern for the environment)
"___-friendly (""green"")"
___-friendly (environment-safe)
___-friendly (environmentally safe)
___-friendly (green)
___-friendly (not harmful to the environment)
___-friendly (safe for the environment)
___-warrior (environmental activist)
‘The Name of the Rose’ author
Earth-friendly prefix
Prefix with chic
”Green” prefix
Prefix with friendly
Starter for travel or tourism
It means ''earth-friendly''
___-friendly (green)
Friendly front?
Prefix for systems and friendly
Prefix with friendly
Author Umberto
Prefix with village
Conservationist's prefix
Green prefix
Author Umberto
Prefix with tourism
Prefix with tourist
Sustainability prefix
Prefix with friendly
Environmentalist's prefix
Prefix with fiction
Prefix with conscious
"Foucault's Pendulum" author
''Green'' prefix
Prefix with freak or friendly
"The Name of the Rose" author
Friendly introduction?
Earth-friendly prefix
"The Name of the Rose" writer
Prefix with tourism
Earth-friendly prefix
"The Name of the Rose" writer
Prefix with friendly
Green prefix
Green prefix
Green prefix
Green prefix
Green prefix
Prefix meaning ''green''
Earth-friendly prefix
Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
Prefix with footprint or friendly
Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
Prefix with law or chic
Prefix with tourism
Prefix with warrior or tourist
Green prefix
Green prefix
Earth-friendly prefix
Green prefix
Start to tour?
"Il nome della rosa" writer
Green prefix
Prefix with tourism
Green prefix
___-friendly ("green")
"Green" prefix
Green prefix
Prefix with "friendly" or "tourism"
''The Name of the Rose'' author
Green: Prefix
Prefix with tourism
Green prefix
— -friendly
Novelist Umberto
''Green'' prefix
Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
Prefix with system
Green prefix
Author Umberto
Prefix with tourism or warrior
Green prefix
Prefix with conscious or freak
Green author
Earth-friendly prefix
Earth-friendly prefix
''Green'' prefix
Green prefix
Umberto —, author of novels The Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum
Green prefix
Green prefix
Prefix with logical
Prefix with tourist
___-friendly ("green")
Green prefix
Prefix for tourism
___-friendly ("green")
Prefix with chic
Green prefix?
Author Umberto
Green prefix
Green prefix
"Foucault's Pendulum" author
Green prefix