Word: EDIT

The word EDIT has appeared in at least 1155 clues on different crosswords.

"Abridge, e.g."
"Abridge, maybe"
"Abridge, perhaps"
Adapt or refine.
Add and dele
"Add or delete, say"
Add vertical line 9 (word 2) and vertical line 7 (word 2) and enter the answer to the resulting clue on this line
"Adjust for space, say"
"Adjust to fit, perhaps"
Alter MSS.
Alter Time?
Alter a 'Life' sentence?
Alter or refine
Alter pieces?
Alter text
"Alter, adapt, etc."
"Alter, as a film"
Amend a draft
"Amend a draft, e.g."
Amend a text
Amend or abridge
Amend sentences
An anagram for diet
"Anger an egotistic author, perhaps"
Assemble a final film print
"Assemble, as film"
Assist a writer
"Assist a writer, in a way"
"Be a ""Health"" professional?"
"Be a ""Money"" changer?"
Be a People person?
"Better Better Homes and Gardens, say"
Better Better Homes and Gardens?
Better People?
Better clues?
Better copy
Better copy?
Better papers?
Better writing
Better writing?
Blue pencil
"Bowdlerize, with ""out"""
Browser function
"Change People, say"
Change People?
Change Shape?
"Change a clue, maybe"
Change a few things
Change a few words
Change a manuscript
"Change a sentence, say"
Change a text
"Change alot, say?"
Change copy
Change for the better
"Change for the better, in a way"
"Change for the better, perhaps"
Change for the better?
Change liquid diet (4)
"Change of ""Time"""
Change of Fortune?
Change one s story?
Change one's story for the better
Change one's story?
Change sentences
Change sirlion to sirloin
Change some words in
Change someone's words around?
Change text
Change the copy
Change the text
Change the wording of
Change this clue
"Change this clue, e.g."
Change words in mid-speech
Change writing for the better
Change your story
Change your story?
"Change, as text"
"Change, in a way"
Check books?
Check copy
Check drafts
Check for errata
Check for errors
Check for publication
Check for style
"Check for typos, etc."
Check prose
Check text
Check texts
Check the prose
"Check the spelling, etc."
Chop copy
"Chop copy, e.g."
"Chop up, as footage"
Clean copy?
Clean rags?
Clean up
Clean up a magazine
Clean up a manuscript
"Clean up a manuscript, e.g."
Clean up an article
Clean up columns
Clean up copy
Clean up text
Clean up the galley?
Clean up your language?
"Clean up, in a way"
"Clean up, maybe"
"Click ""undo,"" e.g."
Common menu heading
Common menu option
Commute a sentence?
Computer menu option
Computer text function
Copydesk change
Correct Mss.
Correct a manuscript
"Correct a sentence, perhaps"
Correct a text
Correct articles
Correct copy
Correct errata
Correct galleys
Correct mistakes in
Correct one's work
Correct proofs
Correct puzzles
Correct reciept
Correct spelling
"Correct spelling, for example"
Correct text
Correct texts
Correct the text
"Correct, as a manuscript"
"Correct, in a way"
"Correct, perhaps"
Creditor's heart
"Crop, as home movies."
Cut (out)
Cut (with out).
"Cut a column, say"
"Cut a line from, say"
"Cut a paragraph, say"
Cut a piece
Cut a scene
Cut and paste
"Cut and paste, e.g."
"Cut and paste, maybe"
"Cut and paste, say"
Cut and rearrange
Cut and splice
Cut and splice film
"Cut and splice, e.g."
Cut copy.
Cut down to size
"Cut down to size, maybe"
"Cut down to size, say"
"Cut down, maybe"
Cut features
"Cut features, e.g."
"Cut film, e.g."
Cut for a column
"Cut for a column, say"
Cut from a film
Cut in a column
Cut movie footage
Cut or stet
Cut out bloopers
Cut out the bloopers
Cut out the boring scenes
"Cut out, e.g."
"Cut out, say"
"Cut text, say"
"Cut to fit, perhaps"
"Cut to fit, say"
Cut words
"Cut, as a film"
"Cut, as film"
"Cut, for example"
"Cut, maybe"
"Cut, paste, or delete, e.g."
"Cut, perhaps"
"Cut, rearrange, etc."
"Cut, say"
Database command
"Deal with one's period, perhaps?"
Dele or rewrite
"Dele, stet, etc."
"Delete (with ""out"")."
Delete a scene
"Delete, with ""out"""
Do Anna Wintour's job
Do Greeley's job
Do Time?
Do a Salon job?
Do a diaskeuast's job
Do a film job
Do a magazine job
Do a mixer's job
Do a newspaper job.
Do a newsroom job
Do a paper job
Do a redacting job
Do a rush job
Do a tape job
Do book work
Do certain work on a film
Do city-room work
Do copy desk work
Do copy work
Do copy work.
Do copy-desk work
Do copydesk work
Do copyreading
Do cutting room work
Do desk work
Do desk work at a newspaper
Do film cutting
Do film work
Do galley work
Do magazine work
Do news work
Do newspaper work
Do newspaper work.
Do newsroom work
Do paper work
Do paper work of a kind.
Do paper work.
Do paper work?
Do paperwork
Do post-production work
Do rewrites
Do rewrites.
"Do some ""Money"" changing?"
"Do some ""Self"" improvement"
Do some Photoshopping
Do some Wikipedia work
Do some copy work
Do some cutting
Do some cutting and pasting
Do some cutting and splicing
"Do some cutting, maybe"
Do some film work
Do some paper work
Do some paper work?
Do some prepublishing work
Do some redacting
Do some tense work?
Do some tweaking to
Do some video production
Do some word processing
Do some word work
Do word work
"Do work on Wikipedia, e.g."
"Doctor, perhaps"
"Drop a line, maybe"
"Drop some details, perhaps"
"Eliminate, with 'out'"
Emend a manuscript
"Emend a manuscript, e.g."
Emulate Charles Merz
Emulate Edward Bok
Emulate Fadiman
Emulate Greeley
Emulate Harold Ross
Emulate Horace Greeley
Emulate Maxwell Perkins
Emulate Mencken
Emulate Norman Cousins
Emulate Perry White
Emulate Robert Giroux
"Emulate Tina Brown, for example"
Emulate William Allen White
Exchange some words?
Exchange words?
"Expunge, with ""out"""
Facebook post option
Ferret out flubs
Film change
Film cut
"Find the right words, say"
"Fine-tune, as a script"
Fix a draft
"Fix a first draft, perhaps"
Fix a manuscript
Fix articles
Fix copy
Fix errata
"Fix errata, e.g."
Fix on a page
"Fix sentences, e.g."
Fix some paragraphs
Fix stories
Fix text
Fix the soundtrack
"Fix thus clue, say"
"Fix typos, e.g."
Fix up a manuscript
Fix up copy
Fix up text
"Fix up, as prose"
"Fix up, as text"
"Fix, as a post"
"Fix, as copy"
"Fix, in a way"
Get People ready for people
Get Shape into shape
Get a new film into shape
Get copy ready
Get copy right
Get in the last word?
Get ready for print
Get ready for printing
Get ready for publication
Get to work on TIME?
Get to work on Time
Get to work on Time?
Get your story straight?
Give Life support?
Go over MSS.
Go over a manuscript
Go over copy.
Go over proofs
Go to work on Time
Go to work on Time?
Good writers do it often
Handle copy
Handle copy.
Handle text
Improve a draft
Improve for publication
Improve one's writing
Improve text
"Improve, as a manuscript"
"Improve, hopefully"
"Improve, in a way"
"Improve, maybe"
"Insert carets, perhaps"
Insert or delete
Insert or delete text
Iron out a draft
Job for Lou Grant?
Journalists do it
"Kill your darlings, so to speak"
Kind of menu
Launder Money?
"Look for grammatical errors, say"
Look over the story
Lop off a scene
Mad workers do this
Make Self improvements?
Make Shortz work of something?
Make a change
Make a change for the verse?
Make a dele
Make a dele?
Make a few changes
Make a long story short
"Make a long story short, perhaps"
Make a long story short?
Make a movie ready for television
Make amends?
Make change for Money?
Make changes
Make changes in
Make changes in Time?
Make changes in a manuscript
Make changes to
Make changes to a book
Make changes to copy
"Make changes to, as a manuscript"
"Make changes, as to an article"
"Make changes, maybe"
"Make clearer, maybe"
"Make clearer, perhaps"
Make copy changes
Make copy less sloppy
Make corrections
Make corrections to
"Make cuts, say"
Make emendations
Make emendations.
Make film cuts
Make fit to print
"Make less boring, in a way"
"Make less explicit, perhaps?"
"Make less wordy, as an article"
"Make less wordy, say"
Make modifications to
"Make more good/less bad (Ben, fix this clue, ok?)"
"Make more readable, maybe"
Make publishable
Make readable
Make ready for print
Make revisions
Make revisions to
Make revisions.
"Make shorter, say"
Make some changes
"Make spelling corrections to, e.g."
"Make sure there are words missing from a clue, say"
Make text better
Make the copy right
Make the cut
Make the cut?
Make the final cut?
"Make them they, say"
Man the city desk
Man the copy desk
"Manage Money, say"
Mark one's words?
Mark up
Mark up copy
Mark up for revision
"Mark up, perhaps"
Massage a manuscript
Mend manuscripts
Menu bar option
Menu choice
Menu item?
Menu option usually next to File
Menu with cut and paste
Microsoft Word option
Mince words?
Mind another's P's and Q's?
Mind the p's and q's?
Modify in a word processor
Modify manuscripts
Modify text
"Modify, as a manuscript"
Move text around
Not leave alone
Observe Time limits?
"Ocean's ebb, literally"
One way to anger an egotistic author
One way to reduce one's sentence
PC command
PC menu heading
Paper clip?
Paper cut?
"Pare down, as a manuscript"
"Pare, say"
Pass sentences?
Pencil stuff out
"Perfect Time, say"
Perfect copy
Perfect copy?
Perfect grafs
Perfect prose
Perform copy desk work
Piece a film together
Piece together film
Play with scenes?
Play with the tracks
Play with the tracks in the studio
Police stories?
Polish a Time piece
Polish a Time piece?
Polish a column
Polish a manuscript
"Polish a story, e.g."
Polish an article
Polish articles
Polish copy
"Polish film, e.g."
Polish for publication
Polish language
Polish language?
Polish literature
"Polish literature, maybe"
Polish literature?
Polish manuscripts?
Polish prose
Polish prose?
Polish puzzles
"Polish subjects, perhaps"
Polish text
Polish turns of phrase
Polish up paragraphs
Polish up prose
Polish up the copy
"Polish up, as copy"
Polish words?
Polish writing
Polish writing?
Polish your English
"Polish, as a draft"
"Polish, as a manuscript"
"Polish, as an article"
"Polish, as prose"
"Polish, as text"
"Polish, e.g."
"Polish, in a way"
Practice diaskeuasis
Prep for publication
Prepare People for people
Prepare copy
Prepare copy for readers
Prepare copy.
Prepare film for showing.
Prepare for broadcast
Prepare for final viewing
Prepare for print
Prepare for printing
Prepare for publication
Prepare for publishing
Prepare for the press
Prepare for the presses
Prepare for viewing
Prepare to air
Prepare to publish
Prepare to run
"Prepare, as prose"
Prevent errata
Professionally correct
Prune print
Prune text
Punch up
Put in a word or two?
Put in or take out
"Put in or take out, maybe"
Radio ___
Read copy
Read copy.
"Ready for delivery, as a speech"
Ready for press
Ready for print
Ready for printing
Ready for publication
Ready for release
Ready for the press.
Ready to run
"Rearrange, say"
"Redact, as text"
Redo a clue
Redo a column
Redo a crossword clue
"Redo some passages, maybe"
"Redo, as text"
"Reduce a sentence, perhaps"
"Reduce a sentence, say?"
Reduce a sentence?
"Reduce one's sentence, perhaps"
Refine writing
"Refine, as a manuscript"
Refuse to pass a sentence?
Remodel a ms.
Remove errata
Render ready for reading
"Rephrase, say"
"Resolved a tense situation, say?"
Returning tide?
Revamp a text
"Revamp, in a way"
Reverse tide?
"Review a review, say"
Revise a manuscript
Revise a resume
Revise and correct
Revise before printing
Revise copy
Revise for print
Revise mss.
Revise script.
Revise text
Revise texts
Revise writing
Revise writings
"Revise, as an article"
"Revise, as copy"
"Revise, as text"
"Revise, in a way"
"Revise, rewrite, etc."
"Revision, informally"
Rework a document
"Rework, as a story"
"Rework, as an article"
"Rework, as copy"
"Rework, as stories"
Rewrite a bit
Rewrite for style
"Rewrite, in a way"
"Rewrite, maybe"
"Rewrite, perhaps"
"Rewrite, perhaps."
"Salon job, informally"
Serve Time?
Set right
Shape a film
Shape up a script
Sharpen a speech
"Shorten a Life sentence, say"
Shorten a film
Shorten a script
Shorten a sentence
"Shorten a sentence, maybe"
"Shorten a sentence, say"
Shorten a sentence?
Shorten an article
"Shorten manuscripts, e.g."
"Shorten sentences, perhaps"
Shorten short stories
"Shorten the lead, e.g."
"Shorten to fit, perhaps"
"Shorten, in a way"
"Shorten, perhaps"
"Shorten, say"
"Shrink down, maybe"
Smooth out a rough draft
Smooth out copy
Splice after cutting
Splice film
"Splice film, e.g."
Splice movie film
Splice some shots
Splice video tape
"Splice, as film"
"Splice, e.g."
Spreadsheet menu header
Spruce up a manuscript
Spruce up a story
Spruce up text
"Spruce up, as a story"
"Step after ""write"""
Streamline copy
"Strike out, e.g."
"Strike out, say"
Supervise writing.
"Supervise, as a journalist"
"Switch lines, say?"
Tailor a tale
Take (out)
Take a blue pencil to
Take corrective measures?
Take out of context?
"Take out or put in, e.g."
"Take out, maybe"
Take stuff out
Take the word count down
Tamper with text
Tend texts
Tend to some p's and q's
Tend to text
Text massage?
Tidy text
Tidy up
Tidy up text
"Tidy up, in a way"
Tighten prose
Tighten text
Tighten the writin'?
"Tighten up, in a way"
"Tighten up, perhaps"
"Tighten wording, fix typos, etc."
"Tighten, as prose"
"Tighten, as some text"
"Tighten, maybe"
"Tighten, possibly"
Time change?
Time manager's directive?
Times change?
"Tinker with Jet pieces, say"
Tinker with text
Tinker with the text
"Tinker with, in a way"
Toil in the cutting room
Touch up
Touch up text
Touch up the text
"Touch up, as text"
"Touch up, in a way"
Trim articles
Trim copy
"Trim fat from, in a way"
"Trim fat, perhaps"
"Trim lines from, perhaps"
Trim text
Trim the copy
Trim to fit
"Trim to fit, maybe"
"Trim to fit, perhaps"
"Trim, as text"
"Trim, reword, etc."
Tweak some text
Tweak text
Tweak texts
"Tweak, as text"
"Tweak, say"
"Use Photoshop, perhaps"
"Use Pro Tools, say"
Use a blue pencil
Use a red pen
Use a word processor
"Use a word processor, maybe"
Use carets
Use deles and stets
"Use stets, e.g."
Use the blue pencil
Useful DOS function
Vet prose
Vet text
"Volunteer for Wikipedia, say"
Weed out or change words
What Ted and I do
What diaskeuasts do
What many publishers do.
Whittle words
Wield a blue pencil
Wield the blue pencil
Wield the red pencil
Wikipedia option
Word choice
Word command
Word processing function
Word processor menu
Word-processor command
Word-processor menu heading
"Work at ""Billboard,"" maybe"
"Work at ""The Globe and Mail"", e.g."
"Work at The Globe and Mail, e.g."
Work at a magazine
"Work at a newspaper, maybe"
"Work at a paper, perhaps"
Work at the Moviola
Work at the copy desk
Work cutting words
"Work for ""Maxim"", maybe"
"Work for ""People"""
"Work for ""Wired"""
Work for 'Money'
"Work for Hearst, e.g."
"Work for Hearst, in a way"
Work for Money
"Work for Money, e.g."
"Work for Money, maybe"
"Work for Money, perhaps"
"Work for People, perhaps"
"Work for Winnipeg Free Press, e.g."
Work for a mag
Work for a magazine
Work in Microsoft Word
Work in a cutting room
Work in the cutting room
Work in the media
"Work on ""Gourmet"" entries"
Work on MSS.
Work on People
"Work on a column, say"
Work on a draft
Work on a film
Work on a galley
Work on a magazine
Work on a magazine article
Work on a manuscript
Work on a newspaper
"Work on a paper, maybe"
Work on a paper.
Work on a proof
Work on a rough cut
Work on after filming
Work on an article for The Sporting News
Work on articles
Work on copy
Work on copy.
Work on film
Work on galleys
Work on galleys.
Work on manuscripts
Work on movie clips
"Work on movie clips, e.g."
Work on mss.
Work on one's work
Work on papers
Work on papers.
Work on proofs
"Work on proofs, say"
Work on text
Work on the copy desk
Work on the desk
Work on the galleys
Work on words
"Work on your blog, maybe"
"Work on, as a rough cut"
"Work on, in a way"
Work over The Sporting News
Work over Time
Work over Woman's Day?
Work the copy desk
Work to shape a film
Work with a blue pencil
Work with a director
Work with copy
Work with tracks
Work with words
Worry about one's period?
"Yield to a censor, perhaps"
___ menu
___ out (expunge)
Fix in a way
Change as a Wikipedia article
Cut a scene
Remove lines perhaps
Cut a scene
Remove lines perhaps
Make revisions to
Make revisions to
Tweak some text
Revise (text)
Tend texts
Change during meditation
Change during meditation
Revise (text)
Word processor menu
Cut and paste, e.g.
Fix, as a manuscript
Revise (text)
Cut and splice
Rework proofs
Revise (manuscript)
Tend texts
Cut and paste
Revise text
Censor review of surfer's concern
Shorten a sentence, say
Revise (text)
Proofreader's change
Correct, as a screenplay
Rewrite text
Spruce up an article
Cut and paste, say
Prepare copy
Do cutting-room work
Revise copy
Revise (text)
Ready for publication
Work in a cutting room
Tighten a text
Spruce up an article
Trim and touch up
Time change?
Revise (text)
Rework (text)
Revise (text)
Change during meditation
Tend texts
Abridge or add to
Change during meditation
Revise (text)
Exchange words perhaps?
Change during meditation
Prepare for publication
Change during meditation
Shorten a sentence say
Toolbar heading
Rework proofs
Prepare for publication
Change during meditation
Prepare for the presses
Polish writing
Clear of typos
Revise text
Change during meditation
Change during meditation
Revise text
Revise text
Work in the cutting room
Do copy work
Do copy work
Make some changes to
Rewrite text
Rewrite text
Ready for print
Ready for print
Rewrite text
Rewrite text
Censor review of surfer's concern
Crop, say
Crop, say
Drop a line, say
Bleep out cusswords, say
Trim to fit, perhaps
Change during meditation
Rewrite puzzle clues, say
Prepare copy
Prepare copy
Prepare copy
Prepare copy
Fix text
Fix text
Literally arrange a new diet
Change during meditation
Tend texts
Work at a copy desk
Revise copy
Revise copy
Clean up Time?
Decrease the word count, say
Prepare for publication
Rework (text)
Emend errata
Change during meditation
Correct copy
Correct copy
Change during meditation
Touch up for publication
Prepare for print
Rework proofs
Put in other words, say
Rework proofs
Work on a script
Change during meditation
Tend texts
Revise text
Revise text
Cut and paste, say
Rewrite text
Splice, as film
Tend texts
Tweak a 4 Across
Censor review of surfer's concern
Wound's crust (4)
Smell or touch, eg (5)
Second taxi is for strike-breaker (4)
Feeling that may be common (5)
Shorten a sentence, say
Afflict (3)
Heard beer was trouble (3)
Change, as a crossword diagram
Prepare copy
Word processing menu
Polish, as a paper
Revise copy
Do some copy desk work
Work on a film or a manuscript
Cut and paste, e.g.
Prepare a crossword for publishing
Selection before "Copy" or "Cut"
Polish, in a way
Make a manuscript better
Spruce up, as an essay
Correct copy
Pare prose
Change during meditation
Fix text
Pare a phrase?
Fix sloppy sentences
Menu including Cut and Paste
Change one's story, perhaps
Revise (manuscript)
Polish, as a manuscript
Revise some selected items
Revise, as a manuscript
Work on a script
Correct copy
Reduce a sentence, say
Change during meditation
Revise (text)
Revise (manuscript)
Change during meditation
Touch up, as an article
Rearrange, as text
Cut out bad diet
Rework proofs
Polish a manuscript
Change during meditation
Make more readable, perhaps
Change, as a crossword diagram
Prepare for publication
Polish prose
Revise (text)
Revise text
Change during meditation
Prepare to print a different diet
Polish stories
Work with a word processor
Alter an article
Tweak, as text
Revise (text)
Remove fluff from, perhaps
Rewrite text
Heading under which "Cut" and "Copy" appear
Prepare copy
Revise (text)
Revise copy
Rework script of Spielberg classic to include tragic princess
Change during meditation
Change, as a crossword diagram
Change, as some of these clues
Revise reportage
Change during meditation
Cut out bad diet
Change during meditation
Computer menu heading
Tend texts
Revise and improve
Change during meditation
Polish prose
Cut the boring parts
Complete fragments, perhaps
Rework proofs
Change during meditation
Cut and paste
Change during meditation
Rework (text)
Fix, as a manuscript
Change during meditation
Tend texts
Do some cutting, maybe
Revise text
Tighten manuscripts
Make revisions to
Make more readable, perhaps
Correct errata
Change during meditation
Cut, as film
Trim 10 pages
Tighten up, as text
Rewrite text
In English and French says "Revise it"
Change during meditation
Tend texts
Ready for publication
Reduce the word count of, say
Make more readable, say
Move text here and there
Prepare for publication
Prepare copy
Cut and paste text, e.g
Cut and paste, e.g.
Girl got hour off to check and polish