Word: EGGS

The word EGGS has appeared in at least 663 clues on different crosswords.

"""... ___ in one basket"""
"""... because we need the ___"" (classic punchline)"
"""Grade A"" purchase"
"""Green ___ and Ham"""
"""Over easy"" items"
"""Rocky"" quaff"
"""Sunny-side up"" order"
"A Tribe Called Quest ""Ham 'N' ___"""
A robin's are blue
"Adam and Eve, at Joe's"
"Adam and Eve, at a diner"
"After they're broken, they may be beaten"
Ammo for some protesters
Angry Birds explosives
Bacon associate
Bacon go-with
Bacon partner
Bacon's companion.
Bacon's partner
Bacon's partner.
Bacon's partners
Baker s dozen
Baker's additives
Baker's dozen
Baker's dozen?
Baker's dozens
Baker's ingredients
Baker's stock
Baker's supply
Bakers' supply
Basic omelet ingredients
Basket contents.
Basket items?
Batter need
Bearnaise needs
Benedict preceder?
Benedictine fare?
Birds' outputs
Breakfast choice
Breakfast choices
Breakfast course
Breakfast dish for many
Breakfast fare
Breakfast fare.
Breakfast food
Breakfast food.
Breakfast foods
Breakfast for a poacher?
Breakfast option
Breakfast order
Breakfast staple
Breakfast staples
Brioche ingredients
Brunch bunch
Brunch items
Brunch order
Brunch staples
Brunch stuff
Butter's partner.
Butter's partners.
Cake ingredients
Cake ingredients.
Cake mix additions
Carton contents
Carton fillers
Carton items
"Cartonful, maybe"
"Caviar, basically"
"Caviar, essentially"
Certain cholesterol containers
Certain groceries.
Chicks hatch from them
Cholesterol producers
Clutch components
Clutch contents
Clutch in a coop
Clutch members
Coddled items.
Coddled ones
Coddled things
Companions of bacon
Contents of one basket.
Coop clutch
Coop finds
Coop group
Coop products
Country rockers ___ Over Easy
Coven : witches :: clutch : ___
Crackable dozen
Custard base
Custard ingredient
Custard ingredients
Custard need
DC band that scrambled in '95?
"Dairy aisle offerings, often"
Dairy aisle purchase
Dairy aisle section
Dairy case dozen
Dairy delivery
Dairy dozen
Dairy purchase
Dairy shipment
Darners' aids
Darning ___.
Darning aids
Deviled things
Diner delivery
Diner menu section
Diner staple
Diner supply
"Diner's ""Adam and Eve"""
Dozens are sold every day
Dozens of them are sold every day
Dr. Seuss title word
Drives (on)
Early birds
Early birds?
Easter candies
Easter decorations
Easter fare
Easter features
Easter items
Easter purchases
Easter rollers
"Encourages, with ""on"""
Faberg collectibles
Faberge collectibles
Faberge handiwork
Faberge handiworks
Faberge masterpieces
Faberge output
Faberge products
Farm commodity.
Farm gathering
Farm produce
Farm product.
"Figuratively, delicate ground to walk on."
Flan ingredients
Flan need
Flier's word for bombs
Food for snakes
Food from shells
Food in a Dr. Seuss title
"Food mentioned in Jewel's ""You Were Meant For Me"""
"Food mentioned in Jewel's ""You Were Meant for Me"""
"Food placed in the ""meat and beans"" category"
Food sometimes poached
Food that comes in a dozen
Fowl products
Fragile cartonful
Fridge door items
Fridge-door items
Fried rice ingredients
Frittata base
Frittata ingredients
Frittata need
Frittata needs
Future fledglings
Future fowl
Future hawks or doves
Future phalaropes
Future platypi
"Future snakes, perhaps"
Future turtles
"Goads, with ""on"""
Golden items.
Good and rotten
Goose ___ (zeroes on the scoreboard)
Goose ___ (zeros)
Goose and good followers
Greasy spoon order
"Green dish with ham, in kiddie lit"
Grocery dozen
Grocery item
Grocery item.
Grocery list item
Grocery list items
Grocery staple
Halloween ammo
Halloween projectiles
Halloween purchase
Halloween vandal's projectiles
Ham accompaniment
Ham's companion
Ham's companion.
Ham's companions
Ham's partner.
Hash-house order
Hatchery hoard
Hatchery items
Heckler's projectiles
Heckler's weapons
Hecklers' ammo
Hecklers' missiles
Hen fruit
Hen's clutch
Hen's fruit
Hen's pride
Henhouse products
Henhouse yield
Hennery output
Hens lay them
Hens' deposits
Hollandaise ingredients
Humpty Dumpty and others.
Humpty Dumpty et al.
"If you break them, they run"
Incipient snakes
"Incites, with ""on"""
"Incites, with 'on'"
Incubator inhabitants
Incubator items
Ingredient of flips
Ingredient of floating island.
Ingredients added at McDonald's in 1972
Ingredients in some Chinese soups
Items bought in dozens
Items colored on Easter
Items in an Easter basket
Items that are incubated
Jeweled Faberg
Layer under a layer
Leghorn's largesse
Leghorns' largess
Lenten food.
Lunch-counter order
Main ingredients in Japanese chawanmushi
"Many were hidden on April 16, 2006"
"Marseille Figs ""Honey How Do You Like Your ___"""
McMuffin ingredients
Menu category.
Menu entry.
Menu item.
Meringue base
Meringue makings
Meringue needs
Meringue-making need
Messy Halloween missiles
Metaphorical basket contents
Metaphorical basket filler
Missiles for ham actors
Missiles of a sort.
"Missiles, at times."
Morning fare
Necessities for a souffl
Necessity for a souffl
Neighborhood vandalism ammo
Nest ___.
Nest contents
Nest fillers
Nest occupants
Nog bases
Nog basics
Nog ingredient.
Nog ingredients
Objects of a seasonal hunt
October 31st ammo
Omelet base
Omelet components
Omelet essential
Omelet essentials
Omelet ingredient
Omelet ingredients
Omelet necessities
Omelet necessity
Omelet needs
Omelet requirements
Omelette ingredients
One-basket contents.
Ones in an annual hunt
Oologist's collection
Oologist's concern.
Order that may be scrambled or sunny-side up
Pancake side dish
Part of a hearty breakfast
Part of a lacto-ovo vegetarian's diet
Parts of westerns?
People: Slang
"Platypi-to-be, perhaps"
Plymouth Rock's output
Poached breakfast items
Poached edibles
Poacher's breakfast?
Poacher's collection?
Poacher's meal?
Poacher's need?
Poacher's needs?
Poacher's potful
Poachers' targets?
Popover ingredients
Potential puffins
Potentially messy juggling props
Poultry output
Poultry products
Pound cake ingredients
Prankster's ammo
Prankster's missiles
Prankster's pre-Halloween buy
Pranksters' ammo
Prepares for Halloween?
"Prods, with ""on"""
Protein food.
Protesters' ammo
Pullet products
Purchases from the dairy aisle
Pysanky needs
Quiche base
Quiche essentials
Quiche ingredient
Quiche ingredients
Quiche needs
Quiche-maker's need
Recipe binders
Recipe items
Refrigerator door items
Reproductive cells
Rhode Island Red yield
Rhode Island Reds lay brown ones
Rhode Island reds' are brown
Robins' are blue
"Roe, e.g."
"Roe, not bucks"
Rollers at Eastertide
Scrambled Urge Overkill song?
Scrambled ___
Scrambled and goose
Scrambled breakfast items
Scrambled dish
Scrambled servings
Seuss title word
Seuss's are green
Shell contents.
Shell food?
Shirred items
Shopping-list item
Short-order order
Silly Putty containers
Silly putty containers
Some are hard-boiled
Some are scrambled
Some carton items
Some future fliers
Something to brood on
Souffl ingredient
Souffl mainstay
Souffle ingredient
Souffle ingredients
Souffle need
Souffle needs
Souffle start
Sponge cake ingredient
Squirrels steal these
Sunnyside up servings
Taboos for vegans
The emu's are green
The yolk's in them
These come by the dozen
These may be coddled
They break for a morning meal
They break for the morning meal
They can be beaten
They can be cracked or coddled
They can be served sunnyside up
They can't fly the coop
They come in dozens
They develop in ovaries
They go with bacon
They may be beaten
They may be cracked
They may be poached
They may be raw
They may be runny
They may be served over
They may get scrambled around
They may run before scrambling
They might be made over hard
They often take a beating
They partner with ham
They really take a beating
They run only when broken
They run only when they're broken
They run when broken
They run when they break
They sit 12 to a box
They'll be hunted in April
They'll run if you break them
They'll run if you drop them
They're added to cake mix
They're all they're cracked up to be
They're beaten in the kitchen
They're beaten somewhere every morning
They're bought by the dozen
They're broken for breakfast
They're broken in order to be fixed
They're colored at Easter
They're cracked and fried
They're deliberately broken so they can be fixed
They're found beneath layers
They're found in layers
They're found under layers
They're frequently beaten
They're hunted for on Easter
"They're hunted in April, often"
They're not for one basket
They're often beaten
They're often beaten in the kitchen
They're often broken in the morning
They're often separated in the kitchen
They're produced in layers
They're routinely cracked
They're sold by the dozen
They're sold in dozens
They're sometimes coddled
They're there for you in the clutch
They're there for you in the clutch?
They're usually broken in a kitchen
They're usually white or brown
They're what they're cracked up to be?
They're whipped by cooks
Things dyed for Easter
Things to sit on
Three-minute ___
"Tribe Called Quest ""Ham 'n' ___"""
Type of space
U.K. band The Lovely ___
Unhatched dozen
Urges (on)
Urges on
"Urges, with ""on"""
"Vandalizes, in a way"
Waffle ingredients
Walk on ___ (tread carefully).
Wannabe ducklings
Well-known Benedict
Western ingredient
What cautious people walk on?
What platypuses lay
With spurs on
Word with fried and nest
You don't put them all in one basket
You may have two before noon
You might request them runny
___ Benedict
___ Benedict (breakfast dish)
___ Benedict.
___ benedict
___ on (goads)
___ on (incites)
___ on (urges)
___ over easy
___-and-bacon (toadflax)
Early birds?
Farmer’s gathering
Baker's dozen?
Baker's dozen?
Caviar essentially
Caviar essentially
They're cracked before they're eaten
Diner menu section
Halloween projectiles
They may be poached
White House lawn rollers
Bacon %26 ...
Incites, ... on
Baker's dozen?
Omelet start
Hen products
Omelet ingredients
Custard base
Nest contents
Omelet items
Quiche base
Parts of an ovo-lacto vegetarian's diet
Urges, ... on
Quiche base
Quiche maker's need
Broody Sultan produces them for horse in point-to-point
Bakery supply
They're fixed shortly after being intentionally broken
Shell food
Omelet ingredients
Halloween projectiles
Most of a meringue
Halloween ammo
Faberge collectibles
Baker's ingredients, often
Omelet base
Omelet base
Omelette ingredients
Coop group
Poultry products
Incites, ... on
Nest contents
Nest contents
Poultry products
Easter gifts
Souffle ingredients
Omelet start
Reproductive cells
Meringue base
Diner menu section
Omelet items
Omelet items
Omelet ingredients
Omelet ingredients
Hen products
Hen products
Easter gifts
Delicate dozen
Seuss' green stuff
Diner menu section
Meringue base
Omelet ingredients
Flan ingredients
Grade A items in the dairy aisle
Nest contents
Regularly engages spurs
They're cracked for omelets
McMuffin ingredients
Brunch fare
Omelet ingredients
Things in an Easter basket
Broody Sultan produces them for horse in point-to-point
Urges, ... on
Omelet items
Omelet ingredients
Omelette ingredients
Incites, with ''on''
Quiche base
What nuthatches hatch from
Batter ingredients
Hen products
Omelet ingredients
Common breakfast items
Hen's output
Reproductive cells
Nest contents
Omelet items
Breakfast order
Parts of breakfasts, often
Frittata ingredients
Souffle needs
Gatherings from henhouses
Brunch fare
Bacon & ...
They're often scrambled
Omelet ingredients
Omelet ingredients
Brunch staple
Breakfast fodder
Dairy dozen
Fragile twelve
Omelette ingredients
Quiche ingredients
Morning fare
Easter gifts
See 25-Down
Brunch selection
Easter hunt finds
What some poachers poach
Souffle start
Nest contents
Dozens from dairies
Early birds?
Meringue base
Early birds?
Dish of toast covered with ham, eggs and hollandaise sauce
Omelet items
Omelet ingredients
Poultry products
Hen products
Vegan no-nos
They're of little use unless they're cracked
Main ingredients in a frittata
Omelet ingredients
Omelette ingredients
Dairy-aisle dozen
Zabaglione-making need
Hen's products
Cracked edibles
Meringue base
Caviar, eg
Hens' output
Clutch makeup
Omelet necessities
Nest contents
Hen products
Incites, ... on
Meringue base
Produce of a 5-Down
Urges, ... on
Baker's dozen?
Soufflé ingredients
Bacon and ____
Quiche ingredients
What baby turtles hatch from
Encourages farm produce
Hen productions
Omelet items
Purchases before Easter
Breakfast order
Poultry products
Oologists' concerns
Faberge collectibles
Custard base
Hen products
Roe, e.g.
''Hard-boiled'' breakfast
Omelet ingredients
Breakfast staple
Grocery items bought by the dozen
An altogether singular basketful?
Dairy case cartonful
Nest contents
Omelet items
Dairy case staples
Dr. Seuss' green fare
Scrambled brunch dish
Meringue base
Hen products
Fried rice ingredients
They may be to a poacher's taste
Bacon & ...
Nest nuggets
Omelet needs
Baker's dozen?
Breakfast choice
Brunch order
Baker's supply
"Green ___ and Ham" (Dr. Seuss classic)