Word: EIRE

The word EIRE has appeared in at least 730 clues on different crosswords.

"""My Left Foot"" setting"
"""Ryan's Daughter"" setting"
"""Sing of old ___ and the ancient ways"": Yeats"
"""The Auld Sod"""
"""Waiting for Snow in Havana"" author Carlos"
'The Quiet Man' setting
11A plus 71A
26 of 32 counties of Ireland
Aer Lingus land
Auld sod
Banshee land
Banshee's bailiwick
Banshee's land
Beckett's home
Beckett's home land
Beckett's homeland
Belfast's land
Blarney Stone land
Blarney land
Blarney's locale
Bono's home
Brian Boru's land
Brian Friel's home
Briscoe's land.
"Britain's neighbor, formally"
"Britain's neighbor, to natives"
British Isles member
Celt's Ireland
Celt's land
Celtic land.
Celtic state
Celts' land
Clare's land
Cobh's land
Colleen's country
Colleen's home
Colleen's land
Cork can be found near the bottom of it
Cork is found here
Cork is found there
Cork is near the bottom of it
Cork locale
Cork location
Cork setting
Cork site
Cork's country
"Cork's country, in Gaelic"
Cork's home
Cork's isle
Cork's land
Cork's locale
Cork's location
Cork's place
Cork's site
Cork's spot
Cosgrave's country
Country name derived from a Gaelic goddess
Country name on some euros
Country name pronounced by natives in two syllables
"Country name, 1937-49"
Country since 1949
County Cork's country
County Kerry's isle
Dail's land
Dail's purview
De Valera country
De Valera's country
De Valera's land
De Valera's land.
De Valera's nation
De Valera's realm
De Valera's republic
De Valera's state
Deirdre's fair land
Democracy begun in 1937
Democracy born in 1937
Democracy since 1937
Dev's land.
Dingle Bay locale
Dingle Bay's land
Douglas Hyde was its first president
Douglas Hyde's land
Douglas Hyde's land.
Douglas Hyde's republic
Drogheda's locale
Dublin is there
Dublin's country
"Dublin's country, locally"
"Dublin's country, pre-1949"
"Dublin's country, to residents"
Dublin's domain
Dublin's here
Dublin's home
Dublin's isle
Dublin's land
"Dublin's land, to natives"
"Dublin's land, to residents"
Dublin's nation
Dublin's place
Dubliner's country
Dubliner's homeland
Dubliner's land
Dubliners' land
Eamon De Valera's land
Eamon De Valera's nation
Emerald Isle
"Emerald Isle, once"
"Emerald Isle, to a Gael"
"Emerald Isle, to natives"
Emerald Isle.
Emerald isle
Emerald land
Emerald lsle
"England recognized its independence on May 17, 1949"
England's neighbor.
Enya's homeland
"Enya's land, to her"
Erin s homeland
"Erin, to a Gael"
Erstwhile name of a republic
Europe's third-largest island
"European Union member, to its inhabitants"
"European Union member, to natives"
European country
European island republic
European republic
European state
Fenian's land.
Fianna F
Former Commonwealth member
Former name for Ireland
Former name of a European republic
Former name of a republic
Former official name of Ireland
Former part of the United Kingdom
Free State.
From Donegal to Cork.
Gael's isle
Gael's land
Gael's republic
Gaelic Ireland
Gaelic country
Gaelic ground
Gaelic isle
Gaelic land
Gaelic name for Ireland
Gaelic republic
Gaelic speaker's homeland
"Gaelic speaker's homeland, perhaps"
Gaels' Ireland
Gaels' homeland
Gaels' land
Gaels' republic
Galway Bay country
Galway Bay site
Galway country
Galway land
Galway locale
Galway's land
Galway's locale
Geographical name that's another geographical name backward
"Green country, poetically"
Green country.
Green isle
Green land
Green land.
Green land?
Harp neighbor on some euros
"Hibernia, to a Gael"
Hibernian land
Hibernian's home
Hibernian's land
Hibernian's republic
Home for Samuel Beckett
Home for Yeats
Home for clover lovers
Home for the Creadons and O'Malleys
Home for the Murphys and O'Connors
Home for the O'Malleys
Home of Blarney Castle
Home of County Clare
Home of Michael Collins
Home of hurling
Home of the Blarney stone
Home of the Dail
Home of the Taoiseach
Home to Yeats
Home to hurlers
Home to the sport of hurling
Homeland of Joyce and Yeats
Homeland of the folk-singing Clancy Brothers
Hyde was its first president
Ireland alias
Ireland in Gaelic
Ireland in the 1940.s
Ireland once
Ireland poetically
Ireland to a poet
Ireland to the Gaels
Ireland's Irish name
Ireland's alias
Ireland's erstwhile name
Ireland's former name
"Ireland, affectionately"
"Ireland, another way"
"Ireland, casually"
"Ireland, for short"
"Ireland, formerly"
"Ireland, from 1937 to 1949"
"Ireland, in Ireland"
"Ireland, in Irish"
"Ireland, on coins"
"Ireland, on old coins"
"Ireland, once"
"Ireland, poetically"
"Ireland, romantically"
"Ireland, to Celts"
"Ireland, to Gaels"
"Ireland, to a Celt"
"Ireland, to a Gael"
"Ireland, to a poet"
"Ireland, to its natives"
"Ireland, to locals"
"Ireland, to poets"
"Ireland, to some"
"Ireland, to the Irish"
Irish Free State
Irish Free State successor
Irish Free State.
Irish Republic
"Irish Republic, formerly"
Irish euro word
Irish home
Irish homeland
Irish land
Irish name for Ireland
Irish name of Ireland
Irish republic
Irish stamp word
Island country
Island country.
Island land
Island republic
Island republic.
It goes from Carndonagh to Skibbereen
It replaced the Irish Free State
It's west of England
It's west of Wales
It's west of the Isle of Man
Its first president was Douglas Hyde
"Its flag is green, white and orange"
"Its national anthem is ""Amhr
Its prime minister is the Taoiseach
James Joyce's home
James Joyce's homeland
James Joyce's land
Joyce locale
Joyce's country.
Joyce's homeland
Joyce's land
Joyce's land.
Joyce's nation
Kennedy's ancestral home.
Kerry country
Kerry's country
Kerry's home
Kerry's land
Kerry's place
"Kilroy was here, too!"
Lake bordered by four states
Land embraced by an heiress
Land honored in March
Land o' the green
Land o' the shamrock
Land of Baile Atha Cliath
Land of Blarney
Land of Brian Boru
Land of De Valera
Land of De Valera.
Land of Dublin
Land of Galway
Land of Hyde's presidency
Land of Innisfree
Land of Killarney.
Land of Molly Bloom
Land of Shannon
Land of Tara
Land of Tralee cars?
Land of Yeats
Land of Yeats.
Land of leprechauns
Land of poetry
Land of shamrocks
Land of the Dail
Land of the Dail.
Land of the Fianna Fail.
Land of the Leprechaun
Land of the Sidhe
Land of the banshee
Land of the feis
Land of the green
Land of the leprechaun
Land of the leprechauns
Land of the shamrock
"Land of the so-called ""Troubles"""
Land west of Britain
Land west of England
Land west of Wales
Land with a harp on its coat of arms
Leprechaun country.
Leprechaun land
Leprechaun's land
Leprechauns' home
Leprechauns' land
Liam Cosgrave's land
Liffey's land
Limerick land
Limerick locale
Limerick setting
Limerick site
Limerick's country
Limerick's home
Limerick's land
Limerick's land.
Limerick's location
Limerick's place
MacNamara's land
Mary McAleese's bailiwick
Mary Robinson's land
Mayo is a part of it
Mayo's land
Mayo's locale
Michael Collins' land
Michael Collins's country
Michael Collins's land
Michael Flatley's homeland
Modern Hibernia.
Name beside a harp on euro coins
Name derived from a Gaelic goddess
Name next to a harp on some euros
Name of a republic: 1937
Name on Cork coins
Name on Irish euros
Name on Irish stamps
Name on Irish stamps.
Name on a European postage stamp
Name on a green stamp
Name on a green stamp.
Name on an Irish stamp
Name on many Irish coins
Name on some European stamps
Name on some Euros
Name on some euro coins
Name on some euros
Name on some neutral WWII ships
Naomh Padraig's country
Nation name on some euro coins
Nation named after a goddess
Nation that built the first commuter rail to the suburbs
National name on some euros
Native sod of G.B.S.
Neighbor of Caledonia
Neighbor of Wales
O'Casey milieu.
O'Casey's land
Old Sod
Old sod
Oscar Wilde's homeland
Ossian's land
Paddy land?
Part of Hibernia.
"Part of the United Kingdom, once"
Pierce Brosnan's homeland
Place for clover lovers
Place to spend euros
Premier Lemass' country.
President Hyde's land
Prime Minister De Valera's land
Proper name on some euros
Republic consisting of 26 counties
Republic near England
Republic of Ireland
Republic of Ireland (formerly)
Republic of Ireland.
Republic proclaimed in 1949
Republic since 1948
Republic since 1949
Republic west of England
Republic west of England.
Republic west of Wales
Republic's name: 1937
Republic: 1937
Revolutionary Michael Collins's country
Saint Patrick's land
Samuel Beckett's homeland
Seamus Heaney's homeland
Sean O'Kelly's land
Sean's old sod
"Setting for ""The Quiet Man"""
"Setting for ""Ulysses"""
"Setting of ""Michael Collins"""
Shamrock country
Shamrock isle
Shamrock land
Shamrock spot
Shannon's land
Shaw's birthplace
Shaw's homeland
Shaw's land.
Shillelagh land
Sinn Fein land
Sinn Fein's land
Sinn F
Siobhan McKenna's home.
Site of Cork
Site of Galway Bay
Site of Killarney.
Site of Tara's Hall.
Sligo's locale
Snakeless country.
Snakeless isle
Sometime name for Ireland
Source of this puzzle's songs
Sovereign state began in 1937
Sovereign state begun in 1937
St. Patrick's home
St. Patrick's isle
St. Patrick's land
St. Patrick's locale
St. Patricks's land
St. Patty's land
State name adopted in '37
Tara's land
The Auld Sod
The Chieftains' home
The Emerald Isle
"The Emerald Isle, to natives"
The Liffey's land
The Old Sod
The Shannon flows here
The ___ Society of Boston: Irish culture group
The auld sod
"The old ""ould sod"""
The old sod
Tipperary s milieu
Tipperary's country
Tipperary's place
Tralee's land
U.N. member.
U2's home
U2's homeland
"U2's land, in the local language"
"U2's land, to its natives"
"U2's land, to natives"
UK country
UK neighbor
Van Morrison's homeland
Van Morrison's motherland
Van Morrison's native land
Wexford locale
What Dubliners call home
What Dubliners call their homeland
Where Baile
Where Cobh is
Where Connemara is.
Where Cork is.
Where Dev is President.
Where Dingle Bay is
Where Donegal Bay is
Where Donnybrook is.
Where Dublin is
Where Gaeilge is spoken
Where Guinness is local
Where Guinness originates
Where Hyde once presided
Where Hyde presided
Where Hyde presided: 1938
Where Jack Lynch has held power
Where Kildare is.
Where Limerick is
Where Limerick is.
Where Londonderry is.
Where March 17 is a holiday
Where Mary Robinson presides
Where Shannon is.
Where Sligo is
Where Sligo is.
Where Slyne Head is
Where St. Patrick's Day is a national holiday
Where Tralee is
Where Waterford is
Where Wicklow is
Where banshees wail
Where hurling originated
"Where it's a short way to Tipperary, relatively speaking"
Where leprechauns roam
Where punts were spent
Where the Boyne River flows.
Where the Boyne flows
Where the Liffey flows
Where the Liffey flows.
Where the River Liffey flows
Where the River Shannon flows
Where the Shannon flows
Where the Shannon flows.
Where the taoiseach leads
Where to find counties Clare and Cork
Where to kiss the Blarney Stone
Wilde country
Wilde's home
Wilde's land
Word on Irish coins
Word on Irish currency
Word on Irish euro coins
Word on Irish euros
Word on Irish postage stamps
Word on Irish stamps
Word on a punt
Word on a
Word on an Irish coin
Word on an Irish euro
Word on an Irish postage stamp
Word on an Irish stamp
Word on old Irish coins
Word on some European stamps
Word on some euro coins
Word on some euros
Word on the Irish presidential seal
Ye Auld Sod
Yeats subject
Yeats' country
Yeats' home
Yeats' land
Yeats's country
Yeats's home
Yeats's homeland
Yeats's land
Clare's land
Word on Irish euros
State name per a European constitution
Galway Bay locale to locals
Land of Blarney
Dublin's land
Name on Cork coins
Word on Irish stamps
Irish name for Ireland
Land that anagrams 39-Down
Dublin republic
Word on Kilkenny coins
Land with a harp on its coat of arms
Green land
Eamon de Valera's land
Green land
Cork's place
Green land
Homeland of 9-Across
Green land
Ireland, by another name
Dublin's home
Irish Gaelic name for Ireland
Land of the banshee
Green land
Some demagogue I respect could call all this home
Cork's country
Land of Dublin
Cork's country
Home of Yeats
Ireland, to some
Nickname for Ireland
Nickname for Ireland
Nickname for Ireland
Nickname for Ireland
82 Across' land
Ireland, to natives
Ireland, to natives
Ireland, to natives
Ireland, to natives
Land of Donegal and Dingle Bay
Ireland, affectionately
Ireland, affectionately
Blarney Stone land
Dublin republic
Cork country
Where lakes are loughs
Cymru : Wales :: ___ : Ireland
Dublin's land
St. Pat's isle
Land of leprechauns
Land of Blarney
Yeats's land
Ireland by another name
Ireland, to some
Green land
Irish Gaelic name for Ireland
Where the Shannon flows
Green land
The Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle by another name
Limerick's locale
The Auld Sod
Its legislature is the Oireachtas
The Emerald Isle, i.e.
Dublin's land, poetically
Cork's country
The Old Sod, e.g.
Joyce's homeland
Cork country
Dublin's land
Another name for Ireland
Emerald Isle
Word on Irish euros
Dublin's land
Dublin's country, to some
Ireland alias
Word on Irish euros
Cork country
Ireland, fancifully
County Kerry's isle
Where a brogue is spoken
Dublin republic
The Emerald Isle
Ireland, poetically
Shamrock place
Swift home
Michael Collins' land
Dingle Bay site
Cork's country
Dublin's isle
Ireland another way
Galway's land
The auld sod
Dublin's land
Irish free state
County Kerry's land
Blarney Stone home
Green land
Ring of Kerry's locale
Ireland, romantically
Cork's land
Limerick land
Dublin's setting
Green land
Dubliner's home
Its national anthem is "Amhran na bhFiann"
The Auld Sod
Word on Irish euros
Leprechaun land
The Emerald Isle
Where to find a Cork
Ireland another way
Cork locale
Irish Gaelic name for Ireland
Colleen's land
Word on an Irish stamp
Ireland, to some
De Valera's land
County Kerry's land
Green land
James Joyce country
The Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle
Land near Wales
Ireland, quaintly
Green land
Cork's country
Mayo is held here
Joyce's land
Where to find some Irish heiresses
Cork's country
Gaelic name
Irish Republic
What some call Ireland
Cork's place
Dublin republic
Ireland's Ireland
Collins' country
Ireland's nickname
Cork's place
Word on Irish euros
Dublin's country, formerly
Emerald Isle
Dublin's home
Cork's place
Ireland, another way
Celtic land, once
Irish Republic
Island republic
Dún Laoghaire's land
Word on Irish stamps
Killarney's country, once
River Shannon locale
Cork's country
Dublin's home
Celt's land
Kerry locale
Dublin's home
Bram Stoker's homeland
Ireland, in Ireland
Irish Gaelic name for Ireland
Name on Irish euros
Cork's country
Dublin's land
European republic
Celtic land
Word on an Irish euro
Land of the banshee
Limerick's land
Emerald Isle
Ireland's Ireland
Dublin's land
Dubliner's land
St. Patrick's land
British Isles component
Dublin's land